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Daniel Yang’s blog has moved!

So, it’s now my turn to be hit with exams and etcetera which means I’ll probably slow down immensely or stop with translations very soon, but the good news is that daniel Yang, our DX translator will soon be translating … Continue reading

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The guiding hand of fate?

So I was on my way to meet up with my high school mates tonight, and just happened to pass by this Japanese bookstore that I rarely visit. Perhaps it was coincidence, or maybe not. I was going to get … Continue reading

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High School DxD Volume 21

Yo, The translation of volume 21 starts today! I’ll be doing the SS and Seikoku at the same time, at least until I’ve finished the short story and a chapter of Seikoku. I’ll start off slow for now and will … Continue reading

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Vote for terms to use in High School DxD v20

If you’ve read the chapter titles, you’ll know that there’s an upcoming one called ‘Parents’ but also Life.1 before that. So far, there are a lot of references to parents so I’d like to know what you’d prefer. Let me … Continue reading

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A certain Valkyrie would love this deal

So a friend tipped me off about a certain post on a site called OzBargain about cheap custom phone cases. They’re currently running a promotion where your first item is $0.99USD including standard postage to anywhere in the world! I … Continue reading

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JeruTz has started translating Ishibumi’s other work, SLASH/DOG. His translation is here:

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Site suggestions?

Looking to improve my site. Let me know where this site can be improved, suggest some features, I’m open to anything. Here’s a list of suggestions already made or ones I’ve thought of: Email updates (Sign up in the sidebar.) … Continue reading

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Umm, Oppai! I have returned…

We all know where that line is from and I hope we get to see it in the anime. With exams over for now, I’ll be back to translating. Next up is is Life.1, however I’ve made plans for various … Continue reading

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HighSchool DxD Volume 18 complete!

So volume 18 of DxD is finally done. Looking back, it actually wasn’t too long ago that I had just started translating it but it feels like it’s been much longer. Anyway, it’s also up on Baka-Tsuki now so you … Continue reading

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My thoughts on BorN Ep 7 & BorN Ep 3 (Dub)

Hi there, So after watching this week’s episodes of BorN, here are my thoughts. In regards to episode 7, I feel like this episode would please the LN lovers the most out of the season so far as it’s almost … Continue reading

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