Denpachi Volume 1 Last Chapter 2

Continues on from Chapter 1 – Innovate.
Continues on to Chapter 2 – event.

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Last Chapter 2 – raincoat

I just can’t bring myself to go and battle on the streets during the rainy season. When it rains during a battle, there are times when the tides turn and our position slips even though we had an advantage.

William thought to himself as he drank a can of coffee at the undercover rest area of a park. Heavy rain hammered down beyond the rest area. Sharp and painful-looking spears of rain crashed down before his eyes.

“It sure must be nice for the guys that treat this like a dedicated battlefield.”

William said as he breathed out a sigh.

“There are places where people shut themselves away to escape from reality. I just can’t bring myself to like that.”

Sitting behind William, Tathlum complained.

“It’s fine isn’t it? To each their own — not everyone is strong. Even if places like that exist, isn’t that fine?”

Tathlum didn’t respond to William’s words. Everyone was afraid of ‘death’. Even William and the others were scared. However, since they formed a friendly group of three and got a bit stronger, they had been able to fight until now. It didn’t change the fact that each person was fighting on their own battlefield. Perhaps it was a coincidence that these three people met. But, the friendship that the three of them shared had been made possible by overcoming various difficulties together. It was something that William was proud of.

Dullahan then came into view. While holding up a plastic umbrella, he made his way towards them. After a heavy bout of rain suddenly began to fall during their previous battle, Dullahan had lost their post-victory rock-paper-scissors contest and went to buy plastic umbrellas for a hundred yen each for the three of them. As he returned, Dullahan’s expression seemed troubled. William asked as he peered at Dullahan’s face

“What’s wrong?”

“—Yeah. On the way back, I met someone wearing a raincoat, and they said to me [It’s best if you get away from the game. It’s for your own good].”

“It’s probably just the drivel of some dude trying to preach about justice. Someone who doesn’t have the courage to fight.”

Tathlum said.

“Well, whatever. Should we head home? It’s cold here.”

William said as he pat Dullahan’s shoulder. After opening the umbrella that he had received, he began to walk under the heavy rain along with Dullahan and Tathlum. As they walked back, Dullahan recalled the conversation that he had with the figure in a raincoat. While Dullahan’s expression conveyed his deep thoughts, Tathlum raised his voice.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet now? We’ve come this far to clear it. You should forget about nonsense like that.”

Saying that, Tathlum continued to trudge through the heavy rain.

“…Yeah, you’re right.”

Dullahan followed the two of them in the rain. Dullahan had said the same thing that Tathlum just did to the figure in the raincoat. And—

[You’ve already gone mad.]

In a sorrowful tone, that was the reply he had received.

This happened one week before they went to the ruins.

(Part 1 of 1) (13/11)

Continues on to Chapter 2 – event.

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