Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 11 Afterword

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Happy New Year. I’m Shiki Mizuchi.

The third arc entitled [The Ancient Bloodline] has finally been unveiled. As you may have guessed from this, the subsequent narrative will focus on ‘bloodline’. As this volume enters a new school term, Ash has also been promoted. Moreover, Ash’s little sister — Linda, has finally appeared. Will the future become even more turbulent!? Making her gorgeous debut on the front over of this volume is Linda. Emphasis should be on the twin ponytails which differentiate her from Raquel.

Next, I’d like to express my acknowledgements. To my first editor-in-charge — Shoji-san, my gratitude for you is beyond words. If I didn’t meet you, the [Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi] work would not have been born. I wish you success in your new endeavours, and I look forward to the day when we can work together again.

My second editor-in-charge, Ikemoto-san, you gave me many meaningful advice from a logical perspective. I think I’ll definitely cause you a lot of trouble in the future but let us work together to make <Seikoku> more entertaining!

Shimesaba Kohada-sensei. In addition to Linda on the cover, you also drew many god-tier illustrations for this volume. I expect many new characters to appear in the future, so they’ll be in your care.

RAN-sensei. Thank you for your serialisation of the manga version of [Seikoku] in the monthly magazine. I also happily read your ‘Dubbing Report’ in Comic Alive (December 2012 issue). I look forward to seeing you again.

Lastly, to all of my readers. Every time I re-read the emails and letters that you send me, I profoundly feel how wonderful it is to be a writer. Please continue to watch over the activities of Ash and the others in the future.

Well then, let us meet again next time! In the next volume — Ash and the others head to the Labrock Trade Union!?

January 2013, Shiki Mizuchi


(All 1 of 1 parts) (17/9/21)

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