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Artificial Transcendental

In the lowest level of the Netherworld — there was a research institute that belonged to Rizevim Livan Lucifer in Cocytus, and the god of the Netherworld, Hades, had added more facilities to the underground location. Digging even deeper than Cocytus…a large research facility had been built at the very bottom of the lowest level of the Netherworld. Hades and the Grim Reapers who served as guards around him used the mother of Devils — Lilith to continue experimenting. In the centre of the large space that this research laboratory comprised, a large culture tank had been set up, and a piece of flesh was placed within it — Lilith. The culture tank had been transported here from Rizevim’s research institute. A countless number of culture tanks had been set up all around this incessantly large research laboratory. Of course, they weren’t as large as the one that housed Lilith, but of a regular size. Inside the normal-sized culture tanks were organisms that were nearly indistinguishable from humans. There were humanoid creatures with the characteristics of beasts and there were also creatures with the appearance of beasts. A variety of living organisms were immersed in a mysterious liquid. All of these culture tanks were connected to Lilith’s culture tank with thick pipes, and a mysterious liquid flowed into them from Lilith. —The countless number of living organisms inside the culture tanks were all Devils. Hades looked at Lilith, and then looked around at all of the Devils inside their tanks. By the god of the Netherworld’s side, a Grim Reaper serving under him quietly appeared. That Grim Reaper made a report to Hades.

<<Verrine [1] and Balberith [2] have defeated Mahabali’s team.>>

After listening to the report, Hades laughed.

<<Fafafafa. I see. The Hindu gods have fallen. They are truly such amazing monsters.>>

This report was the result of the recent match that had occurred in the Rating Game World Tournament. The Grim Reaper continued

<<Thanks to Thanatos-sama’s commotion, it’s now very hard to come by any research information on the artificial production of Super Devils…>>

<<Fafafafa, in the end, it was a technique that did not come to fruition. There is no point in continuing to pursue such uncertainty.>>

As Hades proclaimed so, he approached another Grim Reaper who held research material in his hands, and that Grim Reaper then began to report.

<<Lilith is continuing to produce a hundred thousand Devils, and at this stage, it is possible to assert that the successful subjects are number 14784, number 36402, number 50019…and number 61616.>>

<<Fafafafa…it’s because of you [61616].>>

Hades muttered to himself as he looked at Lilith. Hades had discovered Lilith in Rizevim’s research facility, and used the [Book of Lucifer] that he had obtained from Apophis to begin experimenting with Lilith. The [Book of Lucifer] which had been hidden away recorded in detail how the first-generation Lucifer and Lilith gave birth to Devils, and even the reason why the mother of Devils had become the current piece of flesh that she was. The first-generation Lucifer created the first Devils — the pure-blooded Devils who were classified as the ‘first-generation’. As the [Book of Lucifer] didn’t have a detailed record of the Four Great Satans aside from Lucifer and also Mephistopheles, it was not known whether the Devils of that generation were born from Lilith, or if they existed with Lucifer from the very beginning…but to the majority of Devils, Lilith seemed to be their original mother. The [Book of Lucifer] was used by the son of Lucifer, Livan — Rizevim translated it into a modern text, and through modern technology, magic and other techniques, he created this product of the Devils. —In spite of this, Rizevim had only written down the methods, and did not have any results to show for it, nor did he perform any actual experiments on his own mother. It was unclear whether this was the final strand of conscience that the evil Devil retained…. Through the book, it was made clear that Lucifer and Lilith originally produced children through various rituals and ceremonies. The only Devil that was born from both Lucifer and Lilith naturally was — Rizevim. Hades followed this book as he began using Lilith to produce Devils. He prepared a large number of culture tanks, and the various creatures now inside them were the results of this experiment. Rather than allowing Lilith to give birth to Devils in an ordinary way, he used a high power input to overload Lilith into forcefully producing Devils. Only in this way was it possible for high-class Devils and above to be born from the very beginning, and the book mentioned the possibility of this method. In the early stages of experimentation, most of the Devils died upon birth, and there were many failures. Hades didn’t feel bothered by this, and from this, he learned the techniques to successfully give birth to Devils. In order to test the strength of the Devils which were safely born, they were sent to cause havoc in the remote areas of various territories. Although most of the Devils that were sent out had been wiped out by the local warriors or the military, it provided excellent results to Hades as an experiment to examine the degree to which they would obey his orders. And then, after there were several hundred of these high-output Devils…the number gradually exceeded the thousands, and tens of thousands, and at last, the goal was achieved. —Artificially created Devils which were greater than Maou-class. The Grim Reapers serving under him continued to report on the experiment.

<<The measured rank of Sonneillon [3] and Gressil [4] are above Maou-class — also>>

The figures of a young man and woman appeared on a large screen. They were the pair of young Devils who had previously just defeated Mahabali’s team in the Rating Game World Tournament. The Grim Reaper looked at the two of them as he continued to report.

<<The numbers for Verrine and Balberith are extremely unusual…they are able to release an aura that is different from the Devil race.>>

In other words, they were the so-called ‘Super Devils’. Indeed, Hades’ experiment in using Lilith to artificially create ‘Super Devils’ had finally succeeded.

<<Among a hundred thousand Devils, there are two who are Maou-class, and two Super Devils…. If we include the number of Ultimate-class Devils as well, then I’d say that this is quite substantial. Though, it was only because of Lilith that we had such a high probability rate.>>

<<If certain conditions are met, then a total of five subjects will eventually turn into Maou-class beings after birth.>>

<<Hmm. As far as the data is concerned, Sonneillon and Gressil may also turn into Super Devils if the conditions are correct.>>

Under high load, they had produced over a hundred thousand Devils in a short period of time. There were only four ideal successful subjects—. Coupled with those who could potentially evolve later on, nine had currently been prepared.  With those four in particular, Lilith had sent out a signal. After analysing it, the signals were found to be names. Hades used the signals to give the Maou-class (strong) subjects the names of Sonneillon and Gressil. As for the Super Devils, the female was named Verrine, while the male was named Balberith. Hades looked at the man — Balberith’s image.

<<…Number 61616 Balberith. A monster exceeding all specifications. I never imagined that someone potentially capable of challenging a Dragon God single-handedly would be born…>>

When Balberith was born, even Hades felt a cold chill. The inexplicable, and incomprehensibly tremendous aura which seemed to have no limit radiated out of that Devil’s body. He was clearly an out of the ordinary existence. Hades sent Sonneillon, Gressil, Verrine, and Balberith to a helper (the [King] according to the rules) to participate in the Rating Game World Tournament. The result was — the defeat of the Asura gods’ prince, Mahabali’s team. The Asura gods who were skilled in combat even amongst god-class beings had been defeated, so it was an incredible achievement. On the other hand, the existence of the extraordinary beings known as ‘Super Devils’ among Devils once again made Hades shudder.

<<Can Lilith still continue production right now?>>

Hades asked his subordinate.

<<No, the limit will be reached very soon. If this damaged state continues to deteriorate, then it will die and disappear.>>

Lilith’s flesh had already begun to deteriorate when she was discovered, and necrosis had already begun at the edges. The first-generation Lucifer must have forced an unreasonable demand onto to his own wife, causing her to turn into this piece of flesh. To add onto that, Hades had abused her even further. Hades laughed

<<After all, it was already damaged all over when we discovered it. Fafafafa, it seems like the first-generation Lucifer also terrorised his own wife to so that he could pick out the first Devils.>>

The first-generation Lucifer must have only selected strong Devils, and they were the ones who became the first generation of Devils. But the present was already different from the past — the [God of the Bible] and Lucifer were already dead. After that, the birth of those belonging to the Maou-class and [Super Devils] continued to increase. The existence of Devils like this might have been influenced by the death of the original Lucifer and the [God of the Bible], causing this trend to emerge. Hades thought so to himself. In order to change the topic, Hades asked his subordinates.

<<Are there any movements from Orcus and the others?>>

<<Orcus-sama wishes to maintain neutrality. The second-generation Pluto-sama has also remained neutral.>>

That was a trend with some of the executives. Even if Hades left the Netherworld, that was unlikely to change. Even if it was just a discussion of the situation, it was only natural that some would begin to harbour doubts.

<<Pluto’s successor is more familiar with Orcus than me, so that is understandable.>>

Hades was well aware of everything that Orcus and the others were up to. There wouldn’t be a problem even if they became his enemy. When that time came, they could simply go to war. At that moment, a Grim Reaper arrived to bring in an urgent report.

<<Hades-sama. —Tartarus-sama, along with Erebus-sama and Nyx-sama will soon arrive at the meeting place.>>

Upon hearing this report, the expressions of all of the Grim Reapers present immediately changed, and they seemed to become elated.

<<—What! Oh, even Tartarus, one of the primordial gods agrees!?>>

<<Likewise also primordial gods, the God of Darkness Erebus-sama and the Goddess of the Night Nyx are also making a move!?>>

Tartarus—. One of the primordial gods in the Greek mythology, whose name meant ‘hell’ itself. Hades had invited him over. The God of Darkness Erebus and the Goddess of the Night Nyx were also primordial gods of Greek mythology, the sibling gods responsible for darkness. They had also given birth to numerous other gods who watched over death, and even Thanatos was born from Erebus and Nyx, thus those two gods were considered to be powerful existences.

<<I’ve also received word from Tartarus-sama that he has summoned Angra Mainyu-sama over.>>

The uproar intensified even further. Some Grim Reapers continued to tremble without rest.

<<…The greatest evil spirit of Zoroastrianism…!>>

<<The source of the evil that gave rise to the Evil Dragon Aži Dahāka…!>>

Hades simply — let out a muffled laugh.

<<That is how it should be. —There will always exist gods who feel pain because of the peace that [DxD] protects.>>

Therefore, as a precursor, the Evil God Loki lit the smoke signal for a rebellion last year. It was a premature rebellion though…there were many gods who sympathised with Loki. However, there was more than just good news to report.

<<There is also another report. It is said that it was extremely difficult to contact Hel-sama of the Norse mythology, and Great King Enma-sama who is associated with Hindu mythology.>>

Hel of the Norse mythology was in charge of Niflheim, and she was also the daughter of the Evil God Loki. She had been put under strict surveillance due to her father’s previous actions. Even in the past, Hel seemed to oppose Odin and [DxD], so the various factions were becoming even stricter with her surveillance. As for the Great King Enma and Śakra — or Indra, they belonged to both Buddhism and Hindu mythology. They were gods who held a certain influence on both sides…among the gods who ruled over the afterlife, they were very strict gods, so cooperation would have been unlikely in the first place. Hades didn’t seem to care too much as he calmly said

<<They are simply the kinds of existences who do not wish to ride this great wave. Just having Tartarus as one of the primordial gods and Angra Mainyuu is already more than enough.>>

Their combat strength was sufficient. The meeting location would immediately be set up, and they would prepare to talk. However, because of the actions of Tartarus and the others, it was possible that a primordial god would respond to the Sekiryuutei — the Oppai Dragon. Hades was also concerned about the primordial god who was responsible for sex and love — contact between Eros and Hyoudou Issei. But that was only a small impediment, and by counting in Balberith, victory could almost be guaranteed. Hades glanced at the large displays, and a group of people appeared on them. They were the VIPs of all of the factions that made up the anti-terrorist [DxD] team. Hades glared at Hyoudou Issei’s portrait as he said

<<That’s right. The ultimate goal is the chief god of each mythology. —And then, all of the Longinus possessors. The Maou Beelzebub will also be eliminated.>>

With those words, all of the Grim Reapers present responded to their master.


This was all in order to fight against the organisation that had been born from various different factions — [DxD]. Gods who ruled over evil, darkness, and death. —They would never be able to understand. That was because the peace that they sought could not coexist with the other—.

(Part 1 of 1) (24/5)

[1] Alternate reading is ‘number 36402’.
[2] Alternate reading is ‘number 61616’.
[3] Alternate reading is ‘number 14784’. Known as the demon who tempts men to hatred.
[4] Alternate reading is ‘number 50019’. Known as the demon who tempts men with impurity.

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