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Fantasia Heroine 2014 Calendar Book

On that day, the first-year and second-year students of the Occult Research Club executed a certain plan. We welcomed Rias, Akeno-san, and Rossweisse-san into my bedroom in the Hyoudou Residence and made an announcement to our onee-samas as underclassmen.

“Since today is Labour Thanksgiving Day [1], please allow us to help you relax.”

I loudly declared. Indeed, it was Labour Thanksgiving Day. I had discussed it and made a decision with the others that it was a ‘way to express gratitude to our seniors who have taken care of us’. Faced with the unexpected encounter, Rias, Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san exchanged glances with each other as their eyes widened in surprise.

The Church Trio comprised of Asia, Xenovia and Irina then offered cake and tea to them.

“We prepared this hospitality just for our onee-samas today.”

Asia said as she poured black tea into teacups for them. As Xenovia cut the cake into slices, she also added,

“Yes, it’s because I always cause trouble for all of you. I baked this cake together with Asia and Irina.”

It was a handmade cake that the three of them had baked. It had a neat shape, and it was a product that they could be proud of as amateurs. Irina placed the slices of cake onto plates and handed it to Rias and the others.

“Fufu, you three always stand in front to guide us, so today is an opportunity for us to return the favour.”

After finishing her slice of cake and her tea, a smile formed on Rias’ face.

“You didn’t have to do this, you know?”

Akeno-san revealed a slight smile.

“Ara ara, I do feel very happy though.”

“It feels a little embarrassing.”

Rossweisse-san seemed somewhat shy about it. While the Church Trio handled the cake, Kiba cooked a few dishes in the kitchen on the first floor. The trio of first-year students comprised of Koneko-chan, Gasper, and Ravel prepared a colourful preserved flower arrangement. In fact, I had also prepared a red preserved flower arrangement, and it was given to them together with the rest.

—All of a sudden, Akeno-san said to me,

“Ufufu, since this is a rare opportunity, I’d like Ise-kun to massage my shoulders.”

Since Akeno-san had requested it of me, I had no choice but to make it a reality!

“I understand! I’d be honoured to do so.”

I immediately began to give Akeno-san a shoulder massage. Even I had been asked by some people to give them shoulder massages in the past, so I had some experience and also had a grasp of the essentials. Shortly afterwards, Akeno-san’s expression changed.

“…Ahfu…Ise-kun’s shoulder massage…I can really feel it.”

—Huh!? She can really feel what now!? Indeed, Akeno-san’s face had become a bright shade of red! Was my shoulder massage really that good!?

“Then, please do it to me too.”

After Rias said that, she was the next person to receive a shoulder massage from me. Just a moment later, a moan escaped from Rias’ lips.

“…Ahmm…i-it really is amazing. It’s really…effective.”

Seriously!? Even Rias agreed!

“You’ve piqued my interest. Please also do me.”

Rossweisse-san was the last one to receive a shoulder massage from me. Just as I expected, Rossweisse-san’s expression also changed when I massaged her. With rosy cheeks and moist eyes, she had an expression unlike anything she normally showed as she said,

“…Ah…it really is a ‘bad’ massage…. It’s indecent…”

Indecent!? Umm, are my shoulder massages really that incredible? I didn’t really understand, but all of them seemed to be very satisfied.

“Ise-kun, would you please do it for me again?”

Akeno-san asked with reddened cheeks. Rias then followed,

“No, I’m next again. He’s my boyfriend, so it’s only natural.”

“Oh please, it’s just for today. Ise-kun belongs to everyone.”

Rias and Akeno-san immediately began to glare at each other! Hey hey hey, there’s no need to argue over a shoulder massage from me, is there!?

“Then, can I also ask for another?”

Even Rossweisse-san chimed in!? Please stop fighting over my shoulder massages!

“I’m also a senior person, so I want you to give me a good shoulder rub too.”

If you’re going to compete, the most senior person in this house is Ophis! I began to feel frightened as even Kuroka joined the fray! Upon seeing this, Koneko-chan simply said,

“…Ise-senpai is temporarily banned from giving shoulder massages.”

Aww! How did it turn out like this!?

(All 1 of 1 parts) (15/6)

[1] Labour Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in Japan in November every year. Children often prepare cards or gifts for community workers such as police, firefighters, hospital workers and defence force personnel to show their appreciation.

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