First off, thanks to everyone who has contributed to and has helped to maintain the Inside Scanlation site. It was extremely helpful in starting off on learning the basics of how to scan, typeset, edit and so on. I found Kalendel’s “the idiot’s guide to editing manga” most useful. I’m still trying to learn and practice more as I go, so let me know if anything doesn’t seem right.

A real big thanks to MistaL! MistaL was the person behind chapter 22’s editing, cleaning, typsetting, and redraws. I started off doing all that myself and it took me a really long time to get used to things. I sometimes spent more time in Photoshop than I did translating on some parts simply because I can’t draw 🙁
MistaL’s work has really taken this to the next level, so I’m grateful that he’s on board with me and I look forward to our future work.

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