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HighSchool DxD Volume 18 complete!

So volume 18 of DxD is finally done. Looking back, it actually wasn’t too long ago that I had just started translating it but it feels like it’s been much longer. Anyway, it’s also up on Baka-Tsuki now so you … Continue reading

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My thoughts on BorN Ep 7 & BorN Ep 3 (Dub)

Hi there, So after watching this week’s episodes of BorN, here are my thoughts. In regards to episode 7, I feel like this episode would please the LN lovers the most out of the season so far as it’s almost … Continue reading

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Red Dragon Emperor or Sekiryuutei

So someone mentioned this in a comment and I’d like to know what most of you think. If Sekiryuutei is preferred then I’ll use that, otherwise I’ll stick to Red Dragon Emperor. Edit: Updated Fake Hero, Joker and Life.4 to … Continue reading

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This is some hot stuff

Wow! When I checked my blog today, I sure was surprised to see it got another 5k hits. I didn’t get around to any translation yesterday but you can expect a few more parts today. Thank god I have cloudflare … Continue reading

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So sorry

I’m very sorry about my other sites being down. I’ve been using some pretty poor hosts but this site: should be much better.

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