Gurren Lagann Chapter 22

There are 41 pages in total for this chapter. These scans are ultra high-quality, and the full-size images are 9-15Mb each. The following is a preview:

c22p1 c22p2 c22p3 c22p4 c22p5c22p6c22p7c22p8-9c22p9-10c22p12c22p11

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2 Responses to Gurren Lagann Chapter 22

  1. Maurice says:



    Nice Job So Far and Will you be doing a Batch PDF for each Volume when Complete instead of Chapter by Chapter witch is more then fair to wait for it. Just came by to Check it out and Looking Well Translated for the First Chapter.

    • zxzxzx says:



      I plan to do PDFs for each chapter and each volume. I’m going at this fairly slowly and I don’t know how long it’ll take me to finish a whole volume. This chapter is still incomplete, but it’s taken me around ~2 hours for translation so far, and about ~15 minutes per page to clean the Japanese scan, and reposition the new English text.