Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica

Author: Tetsuto Uesu
Illustrator: Tamago no Kimi

Volume 6

Illustrations (B-T)
Prologue – Early Morning Company (B-T)
Chapter 1 – The Young Girl’s Holiday
Chapter 2 – Melancholy of the Lonely Wild Dog
Chapter 3 – The Late Night Express Train of Youth
Epilogue – The Dawn Before the Storm

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6 Responses to Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica

  1. Kausai says:



    There doesn’t exist Volume 2-3 so will you be translating it.

  2. Marcus says:



    please pick this up.. It looks like an exciting story.

  3. Mppants says:



    Hey hey, thanks I’ve always wanted to read these novels but seems not a lot of other people do due to the lack of translators. Nobody knows where I’d find translations of Vol 2-3 do they?

  4. Thousand Nights says:



    I hope that this novel gets translated. I’m already years too late but still hoping that it gets translated.

  5. TheReaperD says:



    Thank you for picking this up!  The previous translators must have been sadists [M] and/or on crack [drugs] to leave those huge gaps in the story.  I really love this one and with no hope of the anime getting continued, I would really love to be able to at least read the rest of the story.