Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 7 Afterword

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—It’s the Year of the Dragon! Although it’s already been some time since the year’s end, I’d still like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Perhaps due to the zodiac’s influence, I’m Shiki Mizuchi and currently in high spirits. Although the ‘dragon’ often seen on New Year’s postcards is depicted as an oriental dragon, it’s not something to think too much about (laughs). My hope for this year is to have [Seikoku] ride the wave of the Year of the Dragon and make new breakthroughs.

Getting back on topic, let us have a discussion of the seventh volume of [Seikoku]. The finals of the Dragonars’ Gunnar Bout unfolds at last! …Although I really want to say that, there are many difficulties and obstacles that stand in the way of Ash and the others. Will Ash and Eco be able to find victory on the stage of the finals…? In the previous volume which kicked off the second arc, the plot has gradually become clearer. Readers who have yet to read this volume, please look forward to it.

Next are my acknowledgements. First is editor Shoji-san. You give me good suggestions every time, and it is always a great help. I will probably continue to give you a lot of trouble this year, so please continue to give me your support and encouragement!

Shimesaba Kohada-san — the moment I saw Oscar and Celes on the cover, I almost fell off the seat of my chair. The appearance of Mirabel holding a rapier is truly so imposing yet charming.

RAN-san — thank you for your hard work with the serialisation of [Seikoku]. I felt very moved a few days ago when I received a message from RAN-san. This year’s Comic Alive is equally worthy of attention.

There are also others from the editorial department, business department, art designers, proof readers, book distributors, translation staff and so on. The number of people whom I wish to thank is more than I can count — thanks to all of your support, the seventh volume of [Seikoku] could be published. I am deeply grateful. Of course, my biggest thanks it still dedicated to all of my readers!

Well, let us meet again in the future. In the next volume — the Knight Country faces its greatest crisis?

January 2012, Shiki Mizuchi

(Part 1 of 1) (12/1)

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    noones posted here so I just wanted to say I really hope you keep this going