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It’s precisely because we’re in the same generation that I want to be stronger than that guy.

It’s precisely because we’re in the same generation that I’ve always wanted to be stronger than that guy—.

Line.1 The Various Differences From Last Year

Part 1

A few days had passed since the match between Sairaorg-san’s team and Cao Cao’s team—. Rias, Akeno-san, Ravel and I – just the four of us welcomed a guest to the VIP room on the top floor of the Hyoudou residence. The guest placed a set of Blu-ray discs that they had brought along onto the table.

“This is what I told Rias-san about last time. Having said that, I’m sure all of you have already seen the show.”

The guest who pushed her glasses up after saying that was — Seekvaira Agares-san. Indeed, our visitor was Seekvaira Agares-san (her [Queen] Alivian-san also accompanied her). She expressed an interest in watching those Blu-ray discs with me (and my manager Ravel) as well as Rias and Akeno-san to have a discussion on it. Since our match with the Sitri peerage was quickly approaching, Ravel recommended participating in this discussion since it was related to the Sitri peerage. …Rias had also mentioned the topic before, so she had some knowledge of it, and I wanted to properly ask Rias and Seekvaira-san about some things. Alivian-san received a Blu-ray disc from Seekvaira, and then inserted it into the player which had been set up in the VIP room. Shortly afterwards, the contents of the Blu-ray disc were displayed on the television screen.

[Magical ☆ Levia-tan! It’s starting~!]

There was a familiar figure and a familiar voice — indeed, the live-action special effects show that began to play on the television was from the Underworld and starred Serafall Leviathan — [Magical ☆ Levia-tan]. Seekvaira-san had brought along the latest edition of the show.

[Now, General of the Fallen Angels! I cannot allow you to continue your evil ways!]

Just like always, Magical ☆ Levia-tan fought against enemies on screen in a lively manner. The most popular aspect of this special effects program was the fact that Maou Leviathan-sama herself starred in it…. However, the main character, Leviathan-sama, had entered the Isolation Barrier field in order to defeat Trihexa and this meant that she would have a long absence from the Underworld. It was an undeniable truth that she was no longer with us. Naturally, this meant that she was unable to perform her role in the special effects program. Of course, we hadn’t received any reports of Leviathan-sama’s return either, yet [Magical ☆ Levia-tan] did not halt its broadcast and new episodes continued to be released! I was also rather surprised when Rias told me of this recently, and after watching the show’s broadcast in the Underworld, I was truly astonished! …In truth, there was a reason for this — there was an undisclosed secret. And I already knew about this secret…. Seekvaira-san placed her hand against her chin as she asked Rias,

“—What do you think of it? About your childhood friend Sona-san pretending to be Levia-tan.”

I see! Just as Seekvaira-san said, the Magical ☆ Levia-tan shown on screen was being played by Sona-senpai! In other words, Sona-senpai had dressed up as her older sister in order to continue the show! When Rias initially told me about this, I was simply flabbergasted, and when I finally watched the official broadcast, I had to ask Rias several times “Is that really Sona-senpai?”. …Although makeup was certainly a contributing factor, it was plausible that people didn’t notice any abnormalities with this second-generation Magical ☆ Levia-tan because they were sisters. Naturally, even though Sona-senpai’s role as the second-generation Magical ☆ Levia-tan wasn’t officially made public, it was a well-known fact by the Devils that the Maou Leviathan-sama was no longer in the Underworld. ‘Is the character being played by Sona-senpai?’ —Such rumours would have spread about. Due to the current situation in the Underworld, Seekvaira-san indicated that she wanted to exchange views on the matter with the anti-terrorist team [DxD]. She had originally wanted to invite Sairaorg-san over as well, but since he had just finished competing in that match the other day, she did not insist on inviting him since he was, in all likelihood, still recuperating.

In any case, Sona-senpai had inherited Magical ☆ Levia-tan even though she found it to be so bothersome in the past…. She used to look extremely annoyed and embarrassed whenever she had to dress up as a magical girl in the past…but, the second-generation that appeared on the television screen — Sona-senpai didn’t look the slightest bit embarrassed; she actually looked rather enthusiastic and even cute from time to time. The resemblance between her and her sister Leviathan-sama in the role was so uncanny that even I felt surprised. Rias answered Seekvaira-san’s question,

“…Serafall-sama’s decision has certainly caused unbearable heartache for her. Moreover, Sona idolises Serafall-sama more than anyone else. She probably wants to act in a cute and affectionate manner with her sister, but she has always remained calm and kept herself strictly disciplined in order to allow her sister to act as a proper Maou. Of course, there’s a part of her that realises she’s the younger sister of the Maou Leviathan…but, I always remember seeing her chase after Serafall-sama when she was a child. Her feelings of love for her sister are probably stronger than those I have for my brother.”

While Rias spoke about her friend, her expression seemed to convey both pride and a hint of sorrow. Rias then continued,

“It’s always been a bad habit of hers to take on an excessive burden. It’s probably because Serafall-sama isn’t here that she’s decided to take over her sister’s duties as much as possible, thus she’s also taken over the role of [Magical ☆ Levia-tan]. Even if it’s something that she doesn’t enjoy doing, she wants to hold onto that position until her dear sister returns. That’s what I think it must be, and it’s an important decision that Sona has made up her mind on.”

…Because Leviathan-sama isn’t here, Sona-senpai decided to inherit that role huh. I never thought about that…but according to Rias, perhaps this was an inevitable result given the circumstances. Seekvaira-san seemed to agree. Aside from Magical ☆ Levia-tan, Sona-san did indeed seem to have received several other tasks that lay beyond the scope of Maou duties. But rather than ‘received’, it would be more correct to say that she had taken the initiative to ‘take on’ those tasks. Seekvaira-san asked,

“Regarding these things, you haven’t asked her directly about them, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And she hasn’t spoken to you about them either?”

“She has simply displayed a determined expression on her face following Serafall-sama’s departure. That is all. She probably thinks that this matter is not important enough that we have to discuss it together. This is the way things are now that the situation has become like this. Since that’s the case, I won’t pursue her on the matter. That’s what my relationship with her is like.”

Even though Rias’ close friend decided to inherit her older sister’s will and take on her role in the special effects program, Rias didn’t seem particularly alarmed that her friend hadn’t spoken to her about it.

“—If I was in the same situation, I would do the same.”

—She simply said. …It was precisely because they were childhood friends that there were certain things that didn’t have to be said to each other for an understanding to be reached. Having quietly listened to their conversation up until now, Akeno-san also said,

“I’ve always been watching her from Rias’ side as well. There is definitely a kind of tacit understanding between them.”

Beside them, Ravel also praised the friendship between Rias and Sona-senpai with “that’s a wonderful thing”. Seekvaira-san nodded and said,

“Yes, it’s a brilliant relationship that makes me want a childhood friend as well.”

Those words caused Rias to make a faint smile.

“Oh, didn’t you and I often meet each other at events ever since we were young? I consider you a friend too, you know?”

Upon hearing Rias say that, Seekvaira-san became visibly spirited.

“You’re right. Ufufu, I really want to hear you call me ‘Seek-chan’ again.”

Just as these Devils of the same generation — these two friends were conversing merrily with each other, someone knocked on the door.

“Please enter.”

After Rias responded, the person who opened the door and entered was — Elmenhilde, carrying a tray with a new pot of tea. After exchanging the teapots, Elmenhilde created a small Vampire-style magic circle with her hand and summoned something from it. —It was a Blu-ray boxset. Moreover, they were from the Gundam series! Speaking of which, Seekvaira-san had previously (semi-forcibly) lent a Gundam Blu-ray box to Elemenhilde…. It reminded me of what had happened when I went to visit my grandma in the countryside.

“Seekvaira-sama. Given this opportunity, I will return this to you.”

“Ah yes, that’s right. I did lend that to you — the Gundam Blu-ray boxset.”

As Seekvaira-san received the Blu-ray boxset, her dignified appearance as a High-Class Devil instantly vanished, and her expression completely morphed into that of a Gundam enthusiast!

“…So that’s the one she lent to you when we met in the countryside.”

When I said that, Elmenhilde shyly and quietly replied,

“N-No, actually—”

As a gleam of light flashed across her glasses, Seekvaira-san said,

“Fufufu, this is the seventh entry from the Gundam series that I’ve lent to Elmenhilde-san.”

—What!? Since when!? How could this be!?

“T-The seventh!? T-That many!?”

I was in pure awe! Afterwards, it seems she continued to lend out Blu-ray boxsets!? Even for a gifted and talented class on Gundam, isn’t seven works from that series going too far!? Elmenhilde bashfully continued,

“L-Later on…after watching all of it, I returned it to Seekvaira-san, so she lent me a sequel and a spin-off series…”

…She acted like a complete devil with a Vampire princess!? Well, she is a Devil to begin with, so I guess it’s only natural…. Seekvaira-san let out a fear-provoking laugh “Nufufufu…” and then said,

“Elmenhilde-san’s favourite seems to be the [War in the Backpack] OVA. She seems to have quite the eye for such things.”

—That’s too much information. …No, isn’t it better that I know more about one of my team members? No, it’s still unnecessary information…. Seriously, things turn out like this almost every time Seekvaira-san visits! Can you please stop infecting my team members and bringing out unwanted qualities in them!? Although Elmenhilde’s attitude was so haughty and condescending when we first met, it feels as though her personality is starting to change in a weird direction….

—It had become difficult to bring up any topics of conversation in the room since the mood had been affected by Sona-senpai becoming the second-generation Magical ☆ Levia-tan and also that Gundam tirade, but someone suddenly burst through the door. The person who entered — was a man in a black coat. His hair was a mixture of black and gold. Out of shock, I immediately rose to my feet!

“—! Y-You’re…!”

“Long time no see, present Sekiryuutei.”

—It was the Evil Dragon, Crom Cruach! I knew that he was a new member of Rias’ team, but…! However, I didn’t expect him to waltz into my house in such a carefree manner! I was almost given a fright by him! I didn’t even notice his presence!

[He has not been in contact with the human world for a long time, so this is normal to expect from him.]

—Ddraig said…but aren’t all of the people around me way too good at concealing their presence? That’s strange. Perhaps I’m the only one who hasn’t mastered that skill yet?

“W-What are you doing here!? Or, do you have some business with Rias?”

I asked, but he seemed disinterested in me on this occasion, and he turned to Rias as he said,

“Bananas have run out. That was one of the conditions of the contract. I came to get bananas.”


…B-Bananas…? Speaking of which, I hadn’t asked about the details of Crom Cruach’s participation in Rias’ team. C-Could it be that bananas were one of the conditions of their contract…? Ravel and I could only ponder about such things from the sidelines….

“Bananas are kept in the basement pantry. Akeno, please guide him there. Ophis may be there too. Ah, Crom, you can’t take Ophis outside.”

Crom Cruach responded earnestly to Rias’ instructions.

“I understand. I only wish to speak to her — dragon to dragon. That is also one of the conditions of the contract.”

With Akeno-san leading the way, the Evil Dragon left the room. …So the strongest Evil Dragon was baited by a promise of bananas huh….

[…It feels like a lot of dragons are greedy when it comes to food.]

You’re right, Ddraig. …When it comes to the creatures known as dragons, it seems like the proportion of weirdos is higher as rank increases…. With a cheerful smile, Rias said,

“After having a proper conversation with Crom Cruach, you’ll realise that he isn’t a bad person. He may drop by here occasionally, so please get along with him.”

G-Get along with him huh…. Well, I do know a lot of dragons, so it’s not a big deal to get along with an Evil Dragon. Even though various things had happened, our discussion about the change in Sona-senpai ended with a tentative wait-and-see approach. And of course, if Sona-senpai took the initiative to discuss things with us, then we would all be willing to listen to her. All members of Team [DxD] were really reliable people, including myself, so everyone was willing to help each other in case a member was in need. …However, Ravel silently delved into deep thought beside me. Having obtained this information ahead of our next match — what should we do against Sona Sitri’s peerage in the Rating Game? That’s probably what she’s thinking about. …In which case, we should start by holding a formal strategy meeting for taking on the Sitri peerage soon.

Part 2

All members of the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team came to the Hyoudou residence and gathered in my room for the strategy meeting. This time, even our [Queen] Bina-shi came. In order to re-confirm the capabilities shown by our opponent in the games thus far, we watched recorded videos of their matches. In the videos, the familiar Sitri peerage acted in accordance with Sona-senpai’s combat plan to precisely cut down their opponents’ combat strength. We watched them perform under various different rulesets…yet they didn’t seem to have any wasteful movements at all.

Their current team was built around the original Sitri peerage, so they were extremely well-balanced and coordinated. The members responsible for offense were led by Saji wearing Vritra’s armour, followed by the Werewolf [Rook] — Loup Garou-san, the [Knight] duo — Meguri-san and Grim Reaper Bennia, and also the [Pawn] Nimura-san. The defensive members were the [Rook] Yura and [Bishop] Hanakai-san. The support members were the [Bishop] Kusaka-san, the new member and Sona-senpai. Sona-senpai was able to vary her role according to the needs, manipulate water with extreme magical precision, and also launch wide-ranging or large-scale attacks from time to time.

…The most amazing person was Saji though. The high attack power of his black flames coupled with his use of multiple lines to provide support allowed him tackle various rules and field types and made his general performance simply outstanding. By attaching his lines to an opponent, he could use black flames to cause damage to them or absorb their energy. Moreover, he also attached lines to his comrades in order to strengthen their various abilities and contributed greatly to the entire team. For example, when a team member’s demonic energy was depleted, he could share with them demonic energy from another team member who had a surplus via his lines. On one particular occasion, the video showed an opponent notice this and attempt to cut off the line, but they were unable to do so because black flames ignited across the line making it difficult to approach.

“Things become difficult to deal with once the lines are connected.”

Ravel also paid close attention to the capabilities of Saji’s lines. Naturally, Saji wasn’t the only strong person in the team. After observing the other members of the Sitri peerage in action, Xenovia said,

“…Ruruko, Meguri, Yura and Hanakai’s Artificial Sacred Gears have already reached a Balance Breaker state. Ruruko has a somewhat boastful personality…but it seems that she’s learned to become more cautious under Former President Sona’s guidance.”

Just as Xenovia said, the Artificial Sacred Gear possessors comprised of Yura, Meguri-san, Hanakai-san and Nimura-san were capable of using abilities that appeared more advanced than they had previously demonstrated.  In fact, they seemed no different from authentic Sacred Gear Balance Breakers. Even the moment that it reached a Balance Breaker level appeared similar to a true awakening. In the case of Nimura-san, her Artificial Sacred Gear [Procellarum Phantom] changed form, greatly increasing the speed and strength of her legs. Meguri-san also had the infamous sword that Azazel-sensei created — [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Samurai Sword], but the shape of the blade changed and four armoured samurai also appeared alongside her. Although they weren’t on the same level as Kiba’s Dragon Knights, it was still quite troublesome to have armoured samurai running about across the field. Ravel watched the display of Balance Breakers from the Artificial Sacred Gears as she said,

“Phantom Move — Counter Balance. I’ve heard that’s what Balance Breakers are called in Artificial Sacred Gears.”

—Counter Balance huh. …So that’s the Balance Breaker of an Artificial Sacred Gear! It finally happened. The abilities of Azazel-sensei’s Fafnir armour were supposedly in an out-of-control state, but the members of the Sitri peerage were probably using the ‘proper’ Balance Breakers for Artificial Sacred Gears. Irina said,

“I heard that the Balance Breakers of Artificial Sacred Gears are still being researched, and work on them isn’t complete yet…”

Hmm, I also heard about that. At the very least, it was still supposed to have taken more time. Dispelling our doubts, Ravel replied,

“Supposedly, Former Governor Azazel put all of the relevant theories together before going into the Isolation Barrier Field. It’s said that the construction of his theories make it seem as though he somehow foresaw their future development, and the cadres of the Grigori were also quite surprised…. In short, the research on Artificial Sacred Gears has advanced by leaps and bounds.”

…Yeah, I don’t know what happened, but it seems like Azazel-sensei found some kind of answer before joining the fight against Trihexa. —At that moment, I voiced the one thing on my mind that bothered me the most.

“That should mean Kusaka-san has already reached the level of Counter Balance.”

Kusaka-san was also an Artificial Sacred Gear user, but in the videos that we watched, she didn’t appear to display significant changes unlike Nimura-san and the others, making me more mindful of her.

“It’s likely that she has already attained it.”

Ravel seemed sure of it. Well, Kusaka-san’s main role is to use a large number of masks to perform espionage on the opponent. In fact, she also projected masks across the entire field in the recorded Rating Game matches, allowing her to provide superb support by observing the opponents’ moves and attracting their attention.

“All of the Artificial Sacred Gear users in the Sitri peerage have already reached that level. Moreover, it feels as though they’ve gained some rather troublesome abilities…”

I voiced my thoughts. They were originally a team with a lot of technique-type members. Now that their Sacred Gears had advanced to such an extent, it was likely that they could transform into subspecies with terrifying additional abilities. Ravel also nodded as she replied,

“Of course, it’ll be dangerous to confront them directly. There’s no way of knowing what kind of negative effects they might be able to inflict upon us.”

Naturally, it was necessary to pay close attention to them during the match. We then shifted our focus to the new member of the Sitri team. He wielded an ancient Japanese sacred sword — Hoderi Yukihiko, an elementary school boy who wielded Totsuka-no-Tsurugi! We had met this elementary school boy in the sensory game that Azazel-sensei created, [Azazel Quest]. I never imagined that he would join the Sitri team as a [Pawn]…

“In any case, I didn’t expect that Hoderi would become one of their members.”

When I said that, Rossweisse-san replied,

“I’ve heard that it’s part of his training in order to broaden his horizons for middle school.”

“…That guy is surprisingly active. He was pretty brave even when facing off against a Dragon King.”

Given that he had the courage to face Tannin-ossan, he has the potential for great achievements. In the Tournament, he seemed to rush forward without hesitation even in the face of stronger opponents.

In this manner, we were able to confirm the status of the Sitri team through the television display. Throughout the Tournament, although the Sitri team won most of the time, they also experienced several losses. And in terms of the ranking, we sat above them. Ravel bluntly said,

“—I think that Sona-sama is not inferior to a professional player when it comes to strategy. In this regard, she is superior to me.”

Ravel also acknowledged that. Sona-san was able to fully utilise the rules and fields in the Tournament, forcing her opposing teams to play according to her tactics…. This prompted the rare occasion of Bina-shi speaking up.

“…The organised aspect of ‘strategy’ is a separate matter, isn’t it?”

In response to Bina-shi’s view, Ravel opined,

“Their team is unable to execute strategies which affect broad situations in a Rating Game.”

That was how she evaluated the Sitri team. …The Sitri team cannot utilise tactics which affect a broad situation…. Rossweisse-san also seemed to figure something out as she expressed her view.

“Overwhelming power…in other words, they lack the power of Maou-class and God-class beings to destroy the field entirely.”

Ravel nodded in agreement.

“Yes. On the other hand, we have Ise-sama — and Bina-sama, two people capable of significant impact on the field.”

The Sitri team was certainly a rather balanced team…but, they didn’t have offensive power that could match the cannon blast that I could produce under Dragon Deification. Although there weren’t many, there were indeed a number of players capable of destroying the entire field. Most of them were God-class beings, but there were also others such as Vali and Crom Cruach who could rival God-class beings. …I see, so the Sitri team are unable to reverse a situation — they are unable to execute strategies which involve the destruction of the field to render most rules ineffective. In contrast, so long as I can fire my cannon blast while under Dragon Deification, I can inflict a major blow upon the field and opponent at a critical junction. Ravel said to Nakiri,

“In terms of technique, Nakiri-san also has strategic talent.”

“Well, that depends on the type of field. Also, the effect of my abilities is still lower in a simulated space when compared to the real ground. That’s something I recognised during our previous battle.”

Thanks to Nakiri’s techniques, he simply needed to stand on the ground in order to receive various benefits from the earth’s veins. He could increase his own combat power, control the ground surface, and had the flexibility to switch between defence and support. Ravel then inquired of Irina,

“Irina-sama, what about that move?”

“Hmm — it works in principle. But, there might be a deficiency in terms of time.”

Irina had constantly been using her fingers to trace a circle in the air. In fact, she was attempting to develop a new move that Ravel had come up with.

“It’ll be a huge help if you can improve the accuracy as much as possible before the match.”

After hearing Ravel say that…

“Got it. Leave it to me.”

Irina answered energetically. Ravel then questioned Elemenhilde,

“Elmenhilde-sama, how are things on your side?”

“Like Nakiri-san, it depends on the field. As the field changes, the conditions for what I prepare will also change.”

Elmenhilde’s Vampire abilities were quite suitable for support. In this regard, she was similar to Gasper prior to the awakening of his Sacred Gear’s power. A combat-type Vampire could be sent to the frontlines, but aside from being able to use someone’s abilities by sucking their blood, she was just an ordinary female Vampire. Essentially, she could only be assigned a supporting role, and once the opponent had their backs against the wall, she could suck blood and fight.

“…Even so, in order to counter Kusaka-sama’s ability, Elmenhilde-sama’s power is indispensable.”

It sounded like Ravel wanted Elmenhilde to deal with Kusaka-san’s masks.

“Asia-sama, Fafnir-sama…will probably be difficult to summon.”

Hearing Ravel’s remark, Asia shyly replied,

“…Yes, it seems that he can only produce the kind of power that he displayed when he defeated Vali-san’s grandfather if I strongly believe that the opponent is a ‘bad person’…of course, if I summon him, he’ll do his best to help me…”

When we faced off against Dulio’s team, Fafnir was in the broadcast gallery. His unexpected recovery surprised us…but as Asia said, that guy can only show off his power in extreme situations. And normally, he’s just a Panty Dragon who likes underwear…. Not to mention that there are also restrictions on familiars in the Tournament. Whilst deliberating over various things, Ravel said,

“According to the rules, a familiar on the level of Fafnir-sama can only be used one time at most. If he can demonstrate the same level of power that he used against Rizevim Livan Lucifer, the match would become much easier…”

A wicked person of that level wouldn’t make such a casual appearance…but if someone like that really was participating in the Tournament, then I’d definitely feel nervous. Ravel then added,

“Also, both Asia-sama who is responsible for recovery and I as the tactician are easy targets for the opponent. This doesn’t only apply to the next match, it’s a possibility in all future matches, so we need to keep our guard up against this.”

Asia gave a firm nod. Indeed, it would only be natural for our precious healer and Ravel to be targeted, and given the opportunity, Sona-senpai would probably aim for that as well. You can never be too careful after all.

Afterwards, each of my team members gave a status update to Ravel and exchanged opinions on how to prepare for the battle. After giving an update to Ravel, Xenovia made a thoughtful expression as she demanded without hesitation,

“Ravel, can I make a selfish request?”

Ravel already seemed to have an inkling of what was coming, so she counter-questioned,

“—You wish to have a battle against Sona-sama, correct?”

Xenovia appeared rather surprised by that…and everyone seemed to feel the same way as well.

“Ah, so you understand. As expected of our tactician. Yeah, I do want to have a one-on-one against Former President Sona.”


“Is it because you’re the current Student Council President of Kuoh Academy?”

When I asked that, Xenovia affirmed it.

“Yeah, the reason’s simple. I just want to have a heart-to-heart between the new and the old president.”

…By heart-to-heart, you mean a fight…. I didn’t think she was that fixated on the Former President….

“Using a fight to share your feelings huh. I guess that really suits you as a swordsman, Xenovia.”

When I said that, Bova followed with,

“I can also understand. Some things can only be exchanged in the heat of battle.”

Indeed, there were some things that could only be communicated through battle…there were times when an opponent’s feelings could be understood through a collision of fists. Precisely because of that, I started to endlessly ponder over the swirling emotions in my heart.

“That’s how it is, so I wanted to ask if there is any way to achieve that with our strategic plan.”

Xenovia asked Ravel…but Ravel turned toward me instead.

“Before I answer you, I need to confirm something — Ise-sama.”

“Hmm? Are you asking me about Saji?”

I immediately blurted out Saji’s name because he happened to be on my mind. In other words, just like how Xenovia was fixated on Sona-san, I felt strangely focused on Saji.

“Yes. I imagine that you also want to fight against him, right?”

I…voiced my honest feelings with a sincere expression.

“—Of course. That guy deliberately came over after the matchup was announced, and when we watched the battle together in Agreas, we also talked about such things. He and I need to have a good punch-out with each other in order to move on. That much is certain.”

That guy’s feelings couldn’t be any clearer. Moreover, I also want to have a rematch with him. Ever since that Rating Game last summer, there’s been something akin to a grudge between us. That grudge…I need to fight him one more time in order to clarify and eliminate the haze that clouds my heart.

“…Will it be difficult for you to accommodate both Xenovia’s and my own selfish request in the plan, Ravel?”

“…After all, if we lose the match because of Ise’s and my selfishness, then it won’t be worth it.”

Xenovia also understood that winning the game was the most important thing, so she would probably give up if Ravel opposed the idea. Xenovia and I waited patiently for Ravel’s answer…and after a short while, Ravel began to speak with a vigour-filled expression.

“…I understand both of your feelings. So in this regard, I hope that both of you will listen to my combat plan first.”

…Both Xenovia and I clearly knew that Ravel wouldn’t discard our ideas without giving it any thought. So, both Xenovia and I nodded as we waited for Ravel to continue. After confirming our reactions, Ravel made a soft expression.

“You’re sure? Now, there are various ways to deal with the Sitri team depending on the rules—”

Like this, we began to discuss the details of our strategic plan for the battle against the Sitri team—. Indeed, everything was for the sake of defeating the Sitri team.

(All 2 of 2 parts) (26/3)

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