Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Volume 8 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – The Loli-Ero Succubus Buys a House?


The mornings of the Loli-Ero Succubus Naruse Maria are busy. Because she is responsible for the housework of the Toujou residence, there are many things that she must do. It didn’t matter even if it was the day right after they had returned from the Demon Realm. For that reason

“Mmm…aah, mmm…hah…♥”

Early in the morning in the Toujou residence, there was a particular place where such sensual moans could be heard. The source of the voice came from Mio and Maria’s room — on top of the bed. In the bedding, Mio’s bountiful breasts had been exposed from her open pyjama top, while she only wore a pair or underwear on her lower half because her trousers had been taken off.

“…No, onii-chan, you can’t…fuan ♥”

She reacted sensitively whenever her breasts, which were her weak point, were touched, and she sweetly contorted her body as she let out a seductive sigh. —However, both of Mio’s eyes were closed. She was asleep. And as she fondled Mio’s breasts whilst she was asleep, the girl said

“Fufufu…Mio-sama, you’ve got a good reaction this morning as well~”

When she saw those beautiful cherry-coloured nipples bulging up like pins, the Loli-Ero Succubus Naruse Maria let out a satisfied laugh. —Previously, she had also witnessed a scene in which Mio dreamt about Basara sneaking into her room at night. Whilst satisfying Mio’s desires, Maria had regularly shown dreams to Mio in which Basara did indecent things to her so as to increase her submission towards Basara. In other words, a dreaming lesson. Then

“Now Mio-sama…please don’t hold back.”

With excitement filling her eyes, Maria squeezed Mio’s nipples


Mio’s body tensed up slightly whilst her eyes remained closed. She had experienced a light climax whilst asleep. This served as proof that her body had been conditioned by Basara. Mio’s reaction to this gradually began to appear at the crotch of her underwear. As Maria confirmed this, she felt bliss in remembering this sense of accomplishment.

“—Now then, where should I go next?”

As there were still others waiting for her, she quietly left Mio’s room. She then entered Yuki and Kurumi’s room to show them dreams of engagement in lustful acts with Basara, just like she did with Mio; a gift of joy for their slumber. She slid her hand down Yuki’s underwear to fondle her butt, and then she undid Kurumi’s pyjama top and licked at both of her armpits.

“Aah…Basaraa ♥”

“No, Basara-onii-cha…fuaan ♥”

In the blink of an eye, the Nonaka sisters had lightly climaxed, and Maria wiped the sweat of her pleasant labour from her forehead with the back of her hand.

“This is good…I’ve done some great work this morning as well.”

She giggled lightly with a refreshed expression. But even so — it had been a while since she last did something like this. In any case

…Everything has been so serious lately.

When they were in the Demon Realm, they were compelled to maintain a strong and vigilant state of mind. To be precise, after the Sports Festival — ever since Lucia had ordered them to go to the Demon Realm, the Toujou residence had been in a constant state of tension. It was because they constantly had to be thinking about the difficulties of releasing Mio from the political motives of the Demon Realm. That included the full-scale battle with the Current Demon Lord faction which was far more difficult than anything that they had encountered thus far in the context of a situation that was in constant flux. As usual, it was Maria’s job to make the worrisome situation of Basara and the others brighter, but it was a tough situation that could not be compared to their past encounters, and so Maria had to refrain from her usual mischief at the time. …Moreover, the matter of Maria’s involvement with Zolgear was still fresh in their minds at the time. When Maria considered the fact that she had to stay by the side of Basara and the others when they returned to the Demon Realm this time, she couldn’t get in the mood to act playfully.

Of course — she still put on a false smile to act brightly, and as usual, she was able lure Mio and the others into doing various lewd acts. …But, if she handled any of that poorly, Basara and the others would only grow to suspect that she was forcing herself, which would have caused everyone to worry even more. Therefore, Maria had to show some self-restraint in her actions. Hence, Maria and the others were only able to take a breather in the true sense when they returned to the human realm — it was just yesterday that they returned to the Toujou residence. However, everyone was suddenly fatigued after being released from the tense situation that they had been in thus far, and so they all went to bed early yesterday evening. Even Maria didn’t think about getting Basara and the others to do anything last night. …However, in just one night, Maria’s Succubus power had already been fully recharged. And so, it was best to liberate this pent-up desire which had accumulated in her reservoir before it filled up and overflowed. Indeed — compensation was necessary, even for professional artisans. Regardless of whether that was the smiles of customers, words of gratitude, or even payment of some form.

…Unfortunately, that is not how it works in my case.

They were actually happy on the inside, but Mio and the others would never admit that. On the contrary, Mio and the others would actually get angry at Maria. Understanding that there was a flipside to their shyness, Maria smiled as though it was fun, and she didn’t necessarily want anything in return. It was because what she did to those girls was out of unconditional love. Indeed, just like the Virgin Mary who shrouded everything in love — but as a Succubus. Having said that, it was also true that she didn’t always want to get hit by lightning magic or fists. So, Maria sometimes gave herself a reward. It was just like how a working office lady would reward herself with sweets and beer after doing some hard work. It was a good thing for herself. That was why she had already gotten into the mood that it was her payday.

“—I’ll give myself a generous serving this morning too.”

As Maria declared that, she left Yuki and Kurumi’s room. And then, as she walked down the corridor barefoot

“Ufufu, please wait, Basara-san.”

Indeed — it was the room of the only male in the house, Basara. Although she had gone to Mio, Kurumi and the others to release her pent-up desires

…It’s been a long time since there was situation where Basara-san and I were alone.

Ever since they began living together with Yuki and Kurumi, there were many more opportunities for lewd acts, but the opportunities for just Maria and Basara had decreased. Of course, it was exceptionally fun to participate in situations where Basara subjugated Mio and the others. It was incredibly fun, but it was definitely different to when they were alone.

…Indeed. I always give those opportunities to Mio-sama and the others.

Under normal circumstances, Maria’s position was that of an extra. Therefore, it was fine for her to enjoy some time alone with Basara once in a while.

…Now then, what should I do?

In front of the door to Basara’s room, Maria began to ponder. Previously, she had slipped herself into Basara’s T-shirt.

“Umm…I guess this time it should be his underwear huh.”

Basara wore boxer shorts, but if she stretched the waistband to the limit, she could probably just fit herself in. Mio and the others wouldn’t have been able to fit into Basara’s T-shirt, so at times like these, Maria was quite proud of her loli body which allowed her to make the impossible possible. Besides, morning was the time at which a boy’s physiological phenomenon was at its peak. Basara was still a first-year high school student. He was at the pinnacle of his puberty. In order not to hurt his delicate heart, she had to wake him up gently. Indeed.

[Basara-san, please open your eyes…look, it seems like your crotch already woke up a while ago.]

Perfect consideration. But there was more to it than just that. If she took off her clothes after entering the room, it was possible that Basara would be awoken by the rustling sound of her clothes, so Maria cheerfully decided to take her clothes off on the spot. However, if she left her clothes out in the corridor, it would be troublesome when someone found out. Whilst holding onto the clothes that she had taken off under her arm


In order to ensure that Mio and the others wouldn’t be able to come immediately, she had left them with quite a pleasant feeling and underwear which was soaked wet. When they awoke, they would feel embarrassed, so they’d get changed and then think of a way to secretly hand-wash their underwear in the dressing room or bathroom. This gave her more than enough time.

“During that gap, I’ll squeeze the most that I can out of Basara-san.”

As the excitement boiled up inside of her, Maria swiftly opened the door to Basara’s room and snuck in.


However, she quickly froze up. Although Basara was still in bed, he was already awake. —But, what surprised Maria wasn’t just the fact that Basara was awake. There was another person on the bed aside from Basara. It was


Maria muttered in astonishment. Indeed — it was Zest who was on the bed together with Basara. In addition, Zest was wearing only her underwear as she sat on top of Basara so that they were face-to-face with each other. And as Basara strongly sucked on her ample breasts, her pupils seemed to melt with pleasure.

“Haah…Basara-sama…aah, Basara-samaa…♥”

With an euphoric expression, Zest moaned gleefully as she shook her hips. She hooked her left hand further around the back of Basara’s neck. And at the same time, her right hand — was inserted into Basara’s boxer shorts.


Zest felt someone enter Basara’s room. But, with her back facing the doorway — she was unable to glance towards the entrance of the room. Although she felt guilty about tasting this happiness with Basara by herself, what overpowered that was her total love for Basara who was in front of her. Whilst drowning in the pleasure that he gave her, she couldn’t stop herself from servicing him either. —There was a reason why Zest was indulging in an obscene act with Basara. Yesterday, Zest came to the Toujou residence along with Basara and the others when they returned from the Demon Realm. However, because all of the rooms were already full, she decided to sleep in the living room last night. As the kind Basara was worried about Zest, he got up early in the morning and went downstairs to the living room to check on her. Although she was happy that Basara showed such concern for her…at the same time, Zest felt guilty about the fact that she had bothered him, and thus she fell into a state of aphrodisia as a result of the Master-Servant contract. Basara held Zest softly whilst she was in that state and brought her up to the bed in his room — and thus, they had reached the present situation. —However, she wasn’t satisfied by being only on the receiving end of the pleasure. Zest was Basara’s maid. It was both her responsibility and raison d’être to serve him. Therefore

“Fuaan…haah, Basara-samaa…”

Whilst Basara sucked on her large breasts, Zest squeezed the part of Basara which had grown long and hard in her own hand. His boxer shorts had fallen down and allowed that part to be exposed, and a sticky liquid overflowed from the tip of his stiff and tense rod. Lewd sounds were generated every time Zest adjusted the motion of her hand. Then, Basara suddenly removed his mouth from Zest’s nipple that he had been sucking on


When he called her like that, his already hardened shaft which Zest squeezed in her hand grew even harder. And so,

“Mmm…please, let it out Basara-sama…”

Zest accelerated the motions of her hand at once and began to plead for it with an alluring voice. Then


In the instant that Basara tensed up even further — a large volume of hot liquid spilled onto Zest’s right hand. This was the reaction which occurred as Basara climaxed. The cloudy-white liquid which was vigorously ejected spurted onto the region which spanned from Zest’s tan-coloured breasts, all the way up to her face.


Even so, Basara’s rod still continued to pulsate within the grip of her hand. His repeated, obscene squirts were an indication of the pleasure that Basara had felt.

—I was able to serve Basara-sama properly.

Zest trembled with joy at having been able to fulfil her duty as a maid.


Unexpectedly, Basara whispered her name into her ears — and in the next moment

“—Fuuaaaaaan ♥”

Zest raised her sweet voice as she let out a moan, and she arched her upper body backwards. Her ears, which were her weak point, had been nibbled on by Basara, which culminated in an enormous climax for her.


Maria stood there in shock as she watched the entire episode unfold before her very eyes.

“—Aah, I accidentally recorded them!?”

When she realised, she had already recorded the acts of Basara and Zest with her video camera. Besides, after stripping off her clothes out in the hallway, the clothes that she had held underneath her arm were now placed neatly on the floor. The instinct of a Succubus was rather fearsome given how her body had moved instinctively so as not to miss out on such an opportunity.

…Hmm, how strange.

Maria felt a sudden urge of discomfort. Even though she had added this new sequence to her treasured movie collection, she didn’t feel excited.

…I’d normally feel happier about this….

—Maria tilted her head as she tried to wonder about why this was happening, while Basara put his boxer shorts back on and placed Zest down on the bed since she had lost consciousness after climaxing from having her ear nibbled.

“I don’t know about the others, but…what are you doing Maria?”

He asked, slightly embarrassed.

“No, I don’t really understand myself either…”

Maria replied.

“As a reward for myself, I tried to slip into Basara-san’s room, but when I snuck into the room, Basara-san and Zest-san were already in the midst of an erotic act. Before I even realised, I was already recording with my video camera. I’d say that I did a good job, but for some reason, I just don’t feel that happy…”

Maria continued to ponder as she tilted her head.

“Basara-san…do you know what this means?”

“After listening to your explanation, I don’t know what to say.”

He responded with a fed-up expression.

“Is that so…that may be so.”

Maria said as she tried to recollect herself.

“Then, Basara-san — could you go back to sleep for a while?”

“What? Why?”

“Yes, I just want to invade your underwear a little bit…”


He cried out with a loud voice.

“Shh~, you’ll wake Mio-sama and the others up.”

She rushed over to the bed and put her index finger over Basara’s lips to silence him. And then

“Ah geez, there’s no time to explain…!”

Maria used her Succubus sleeping magic on Basara.

“Wh…you, wha…t—…”

The element of surprise made it work. The eyes of Basara which had widened in surprise instantly became drowsy, and as Basara reclined onto the bed as if the thread holding him up had snapped, he began to breathe calmly.

“Fufufu, good night Basara-san — even though it’s morning.”

Maria giggled as she grinned, and moved on to the execution of her original plan at once. Her plan to infiltrate Basara’s underwear. She pulled on the elastic waistband to make a gap between the underwear and Basara’s body so that she could first slide her right leg in — and then slide in her left leg through the holes where Basara’s legs already were. Following that, she would tuck her bottom in.

“Okay…I guess I’ll try doing my left leg first huh.”

It was more cramped than she imagined. The level of difficulty was much higher than compared to when she had entered his T-shirt. And so, after putting her left leg in first, Maria reached backwards to grab the front of his underwear so that she could pull it up.

“Phew…mmm, it looks like it’ll work somehow…ooh, it does!”

Maria had succeeded in tucking her bottom in, and she began to feel overjoyed at the fact that her mission was somewhat successful, even though it should’ve been quite impossible. Then

“Wow…this is an unprecedented level of contact.”

Within the boxer shorts, the space between Maria and Basara’s crotch areas was completely non-existent.


Maria suddenly noticed that Basara’s dick was gradually becoming stiffer. It was possible that the phenomenon was caused by the Succubus Maria’s nude skin rubbing across his sensitive regions. Maria giggled to herself.

“—Even though he just came, he’s like this again already…I guess it can’t be helped, Basara-san.”

The instant she said so — something suddenly fell onto Maria’s head.

“…It looks like you’re having quite a lot of fun in the morning, Maria.”

The voice which was accompanied by a cold smile from behind her caused Maria to begin sweating coldly.

“No way…how did you get here so quickly under those circumstances?”

Maria asked as her body trembled.

“That was pretty careless…certainly, I did want to wash my wet underwear, but Yuki is in the dressing room, and Kurumi-chan went into the bathroom first, so that means I have to go after the two of them.”

She said with a cold voice.

“Now way…why didn’t you wash yours together with them? If you don’t clean it up quickly, it’ll leave a dirty stain there you know? Is that okay with you!?”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll throw it away!”

As she yelled that, Maria was dragged out from Basara’s underwear in an instant. Although Mio had such a cute and erotic sleeping face just earlier, a vein popped out from her temple as she stood there and she shook Maria from side to side in the air whilst holding onto her head.

“Mio-sama…your grip strength has increased so much.”

“—Yeah, it’s all thanks to you.”

As she said that, she looked at Basara and Zest on the bed.

“Seriously, it seems like you involved Zest as well just because you wanted to make an erotic movie…I’d feel bad about waking Basara and her up, so we’ll continue your punishment slowly in our room.”

As she said that, she tightened her grip even further on Maria’s head as she began to drag her away with her heightened grip strength.

“Aah, it’s a terrible misunderstanding! Hey you two, stop sleeping and explain this properly to Mio-sama please! All I did was use magic to put Basara-san to sleep so that I could slip into his underwear!”

However, Maria’s pleas did not reach Zest whose consciousness had drifted far away as a result of her intense climax, nor Basara who was lost in a dream from the sleeping magic. And after returning to their room — Maria was thoroughly chastised by Mio. —Although this was only natural, it was also the first time that it had happened in a long while.


“Ugh…that was a terrible false domestic charge.”

After recovering from Mio’s punishment, Maria complained to herself as she walked down the stairs. And then, as she opened the living room door so that she could head towards the kitchen


She widened her eyes in surprise when she saw that breakfast had already been prepared on the dining table. A colourful salad, freshly baked bread with a fragrant smell, and omelette which had been fluffily pan-fried to perfection. Although the menu consisted of basic western-style dishes, the quality of each dish was exceptionally high. It already looked delicious even before she had savoured the taste of it. It was also served beautifully, such that the arrangement and balance of each seemed perfect. As Maria stood there in awe of what seemed like a totally professional job

“Oh, this is amazing…”

“It’s like breakfast at a luxury hotel.”

The voices of Basara and the others came from behind her one after the other as they expressed their admiration.

…Whose cooking is this?

The answer that Maria wanted was in the kitchen.

“—Sorry to have kept you waiting. The soup will be ready in just a little longer.”

The person who said that with a gracious tone was Zest, who was wearing a pretty apron as she stood in front of the gas stove to finish off the soup.

“No way…since when did you know how to use the kitchen in this house?”

Despite having arrived just yesterday, Zest had been able to make full use of the Toujou residence’s kitchen. She replied to the stunned Maria

“Before I was entrusted to the Moderates faction under Sheera-sama, I stayed here for a while until I was picked up. Though, I was only watching at that time…so that I could properly serve when the day came.”

She had learnt how to be a maid from Sheera and Lucia in the Demon Realm, and she had probably wanted to make use of her skills in the Toujou residence — no, she probably dreamed about serving Basara.

“I see…thank you.”

In response to Zest’s words, Basara revealed a gentle smile.


Maria made a complicated expression.

…B-But, how…?

The first question arose. And that was the matter of ingredients. —Since they were away from the house for such a long time when they went to the Demon Realm, Maria had planned out the meals so that she used almost all of the ingredients in the refrigerator. Therefore, this morning, a combination of foods which were easy to preserve such as ochazuke [1] and grilled rice balls would have been all that were possible before she went out to the supermarket in the morning to go shopping. But, the breakfast that Zest made clearly couldn’t have been possible with the ingredients which were remaining in the Toujou residence. In other words

“No way, you went shopping…?”

“Yes. The supermarket in this world sure is convenient. It’s wonderful how ingredients can be normally purchased even so early in the morning.”

After being asked that, Zest frankly replied. Calculating the time it would take to prepare such an elaborate menu, it seemed impossible unless some preparation had already been completed before she went to wake Basara up. Given the late sunrise in winter, it probably meant that Zest had gone shopping alone before the sun even rose.

“But, what about the money…?”

Yuki suddenly asked the simple question which had also been on Maria’s mind.

“T-That’s right! Zest-san shouldn’t have any money in this world. Don’t tell me you threatened the people in the store for ingredients—”

“—There weren’t any problems in that regard.”

Zest then took out a single card and placed it down on the table.

“A b-black card [2]!?”

It was the ultimate credit card which was only supposed to be given to individuals who passed strict criteria, and Maria shuddered in astonishment upon seeing it.

“Aside from taking care of Basara-sama in this world, I am also indebted to Mio-sama. So Lucia-sama gave this to me.”

Zest explained without hesitation.

“Hey…this couldn’t possibly be a counterfeit card, right?”

Kurumi also seemed to be in disbelief.

“There is no need to worry. If someone were to do something so conspicuous, and with a large impact on the human world such as obtaining a vast sum of money through counterfeiting or magic, it is possible that it would attract the ire of the Hero clan who could take action. That would also further complicate the position of Yuki-san and Kurumi-san.”

Zest smiled as she continued

“This is due to your achievements in the battle against the Current Demon Lord faction. Ramsas-sama and Klaus-sama transported the highest purity gold which was mined from the Valiant Gold Mine in the Demon Realm to this world, and had it exchanged into currency so that they could prepare an account for this card.”

That was — the same method that Wilbert had used when those two people had been entrusted with the task of becoming Mio’s adoptive parents. It was the same way that they had been given funds to live in the human world. However, it was because Wilbert took safety measures like this to reduce the risk to Mio that the demons and Hero clan never noticed. But this time, Mio had chosen to live as a human, which meant that the reward was for Basara. Considering the positions of Yuki and Kurumi that Zest mentioned just earlier, this difficult method was probably chosen as it was the least likely to draw attention. Maria understood and believed that it was the correct choice. But

“W-Why did onee-sama give it to Zest-san…if they’re meant to be living expenses, shouldn’t it have been me?”

Maria puffed out her cheeks as she didn’t seem convinced.

“Lucia-sama said that if she gave it to you, then it was possible that you would buy many indecent items and would needlessly waste money.”


“W-What’s with that convinced look on your face, Basara-san! I’m trustworthy as well. I buy fancy eroge and adult goods in order to enhance the subjugation training of Basara-san and the others. I verify reviews on the net beforehand, and I only choose them after playing through the trial version first. I’ve never done anything that’s wasteful!”

Maria fumed in outrage.

“Okay okay, I get it. Anyways, let’s have breakfast…okay?”

After Basara said that, everyone sat down at their respective seats and Zest placed a bowl of soup down in front of everyone.

“…I hope it is to your liking.”

Zest said lightly, seeming slightly anxious. —But, everyone aside from Zest understood that such worries were completely groundless. The taste of Zest’s dishes were even better than they looked.


“This is really amazing…”

Voices of praise were sung. Maria also placed some of the omelette into her mouth, and

“T-This is…!”

It was frustrating to her, but it was truly tasty — it was fluffy, and the surface was smooth and moist. It wasn’t just the heat. This kind of result would be impossible without a full understanding of the frypan’s material.


Feeling defeated, and just as the depression began to sink in to Maria—

“What is it Zest? Hurry up and sit down too—…”

Basara began to speak before he suddenly stopped as he realised. Just as there weren’t enough beds, there weren’t enough chairs either. At the beginning — the chairs placed at the dining table of the Toujou residence were only enough to seat four people. That was intended for when Jin, Basara, Mio and Maria were living together. However, because Jin was frequently away from the house, Yuki was able to make use of Jin’s spot when she began to live together with them, and when Kurumi came to live with them as well, they had gone out to buy more furniture.


…That was careless.

Toujou Basara realised his own blunder. He should have realised when Zest was missing a bed last night. Since Zest would be living in this house from now on, furniture for her such as a bed would be essential. Of course, it wasn’t a problem that had to be completely solved the day after returning from the Demon Realm, but if he had known, it would’ve given them the option of eating in the living room this morning, or having breakfast outside.

“Please don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

Zest said as she smiled.

“It’s because it would also be rude for a maid to have a meal at the same time as her master…”

As soon as he heard that, Basara shook his head.

“That’s no good Zest. Although that may be correct for a maid, you will eat together with us from now on.”


Although Zest was concerned by that

“You think of me as your master, but I’ll treat you as a family member just like everyone else…if you’re going to live together with us from now on, then you’ll have to follow the rules of this house.”

With that, he clearly conveyed his thoughts.

“I understand…if that is what you command, Basara-sama.”

“This is slightly different from an order. This is just normal for a family…well, I think you’ll get used to it little by little.”


Hearing this, Zest showed a bright smile.

“We’ll need furniture for Zest, but this house has certainly become a bit more cramped now…”

This house was rented in mind for four people to live in it. In other words, Jin, Basara, Mio and Maria. In addition to the four rooms for each person, Jin’s camera equipment, files and work materials were kept in a study room as the house had a 4LDK+S layout [3]. —But when Yuki and Kurumi began to live together with them, the room allocation was changed again. While the rooms that Basara and Jin used were left as is, the remaining two rooms were divided up so that one was for Mio and Maria, and the other was for Yuki and Kurumi. But even in that state, they were full. Last night, he had told Zest that she could use Jin’s room, but she had firmly refused because she seemed afraid of intruding into that room. However, it was no good for her to sleep in Basara’s room either, as they were of opposite genders. Basara was mindful of imposing on the other girls as well, and Zest had also said that she couldn’t possibly make things inconvenient for Basara. In the first place, sleeping in the same room as Basara would be…would certainly have been rejected. —However, there wasn’t any other room. Just as Basara contemplated over what to do

“So Basara-san, how about looking for a new house right now?”

Maria clapped her hands together as she asked.

“With the current number of rooms that we have, we might just be able to make enough room to have a living space for Zest-san. However, if Jin-san finds the mother of Basara-san who has gone missing at the moment, then the capacity of this house will eventually be exceeded once that couple comes home together.”


“Compared to the time when Jin-san stayed with us in this house, our relationship has changed greatly. In my view, if Jin-san was in the house, you might be able to enjoy a little thrill, but you would have to be mindful of keeping your voices and any noises down. However, doing so all the time would be somewhat inconvenient.”

Maria continued

“Since Jin-san already knows about the special Succubus-type Master-Servant contract that Basara-san has with Mio-sama and everyone else, I imagine that he is aware of what we’re doing, but…the story is somewhat different when he could be seeing or hearing such things in the first person. Mio-sama and everyone else may not be able to submit to Basara-san with peace of mind either.”

“With ‘peace of mind’ you say…”

Although she didn’t affirm it with absolute positivity, Mio’s cheeks still turned bright red at the thought.

“Besides, Basara-san, you’d probably feel embarrassed to dominate Mio-sama and the others if your father Jin-san was present.”

“Of course I would…”

Rather than embarrassing, it would just be plain awkward.

“Well, if you want the love affairs with your own girls to be seen by your father, say if you have a fetish for such things, then that’s a different story.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any such fetishes.”

Basara immediately asserted.

“But…there’s definitely some truth in that.”

“Indeed! Being watched makes you feel turned on, right?”

“Stop with the fetishes. I’m talking about the house.”

Even though the problems with the Demon Realm had settled down, it was not possible for Basara-sama and the others to dissolve their Master-Servant contracts immediately because there was still a risk that there would be trouble in the Demon Realm. They had to carefully determine whether peace had been established between the Moderates faction and the Current Demon Lord faction, as well as observe any changes in the situation with the other factions. Therefore, taking into consideration that Jin would return, it was undeniable that the amount of space and the structure of the house were unsuitable.

“—Having said that, as minors, it’s not something we can really do on our own…”

There was also the issue of finances. In that regard, it was possible to manipulate the minds of real estate agents with magic, but since they had just begun to live with Zest, it was best to avoid such things so as not to alert the Hero clan. Then

“—How about using the money in the account that I keep?”

Zest uttered her proposal rather reservedly.

“This money was given as remuneration for the achievements of Basara-sama and the others, as well as living expenses for Mio-sama. If you don’t want to go ahead without Jin-dono’s permission first, then you could tell him about the current situation and then check with him if there are any issues with finding a new house.”

“That’s…well, that might work.”

It was certainly possible since he was in possession of a mobile phone which had a special magic chip, so Jin could be contacted even if he was in the Demon Realm.

“What do you think? Do you think it’s okay?”

Basara asked Yuki and Kurumi about Zest’s suggestion. About whether the <<Village>> would have a problem with that — when asked about that possibility, Yuki thought about it briefly before replying

“It’s probably okay…there isn’t any direct harm to other people.”

“It’s not something that will have a significant impact on society either.”

Kurumi also shared the view that there wouldn’t be a problem.

“I see…”

In that case, it was probably worth considering. As Basara looked around at everyone, the eyes of Mio, Yuki, Kurumi and Zest all seemed to indicate that they had ‘no objection’ to it. Only one person — Maria seemed to have a somewhat dissatisfied face.

“What’s wrong Maria…weren’t you the one who suggested we start house hunting? Are you opposed to it after all?”

“No, not really~? The thought never crossed my mind to object to this, okay?”

In response to the question, Maria seemed to put up a façade.

“It doesn’t look like that at all though…but, I guess we’ll start taking a look for some good properties after this.”

Toujou Basara said as he let out a deep breath.

“Leaving aside what we’ll actually do for now — I guess it’s not a problem if we just start doing some research.”


On top of being late to wake Basara up in the morning, she had also been outdone with a perfectly made breakfast. Although she had raised the idea of renting a new house, she had been told not to worry about the finances, and topics had been discussed with calm and collected opinions.

“Ugh…this is as if I’m just a clown~”

Therefore, after breakfast — Maria voiced her complaints in Yuki and Kurumi’s room.

“Hey! Are you listening properly, Kurumi-san?”

“Well…w-when you said that you had something to say, I…yet, w-why are we…doing this in the morning…fuaan.”

Being embraced from behind, Kurumi was gasping lewdly. —Maria was currently comforting her own injured heart on top of Kurumi’s bed. Because the clothes that she was wearing as well as her bra had been stripped off, Kurumi’s figure was essentially nude aside from her underwear.

“But that’s because there’s nothing else for me to do…Zest-san cleaned up the entire house in the middle of the night, and even the laundry got done whilst we were having breakfast, right?”

Rather than a clown, it was more correct to say that she was like a lost dog. The only way for Maria to stave off her boredom and pass the time now was to fondle Kurumi’s breasts, and occasionally lick her sensitive armpits. Maria also slid her hands into Kurumi’s underwear as she continued to lick at her armpits. At the same time

“Yaa — fuaaaaaaaaan ♥”

Kurumi’s entire body trembled as she let loose a sweet moan. In an instant, the inside of her underwear grew wet as Maria’s hand slid in. It was a special reaction that women showed when they were in a state of climax. As she rode atop the wave of pleasure, tears formed in Kurumi’s eyes which had already been moistened by the gradual foreplay. In response to such a reaction, Maria went around in front of Kurumi and gleefully embraced Kurumi’s body.

“Kurumi-san…did you cry for me?”

“…Haah, that’s not it…Mari…aa…mmm”

As Kurumi exhaled heat-filled moans…Maria silenced her by fondling her ass within the now hot and soaking wet underwear which she was wearing.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take responsibility and wash up the underwear and bedsheets that you get wet, Kurumi-san! That’s a bit better, isn’t’ it? Thanks to my mother, Kurumi-san seems to have become rather close to Zest-san, isn’t that right? But I won’t lose either.”

With aroused eyes, Maria licked off Kurumi’s tears as well. Then

“—How about you join us, Yuki-san?”

On the bed that lay opposite to them — she half-jokingly asked Yuki, who was sitting on the bed while she leaned her back against the wall on the other side of the room to read a book. Indeed — Yuki had been in the room ever since Maria started coming on to Kurumi. However, she had left them alone all this time. It was just as if she was watching Maria deepen her friendship with Kurumi — though in reality, she had been reading her book the entire time and wasn’t paying attention to them.

“Me too…?”

Yuki then raised her face from the book, and alternated her gaze between Maria and Kurumi.

“……I understand.”

She said so as she promptly closed her book, and then stood up and approached them.


She never would’ve imagined Yuki joining in. Kurumi let out a puzzled voice as she looked toward Yuki behind her. However, Maria was just as surprised. Yuki hadn’t even batted an eyelid at them prior to this, so they thought that she would not get involved. But what surprised Maria the most was how Yuki nonchalantly came up to their bed and then quietly stripped off her clothes. And once she had gotten down to just a pair of underwear

“But Maria…will there be enough time for us to go out?”

Yuki asked as she crawled onto the bed.

“We’ll be fine…we’re going in the afternoon.”

Maria replied as she nodded. After breakfast — Basara had confirmed things with Jin over a mobile message, and the reply that he received was ‘do as you wish’. With that obstacle cleared, Basara and the others were currently making a list of well-known real estate agencies which were nearest to the station. Although they had tried to look up property listings on the net, they were unable to find anything that matched their preferences. So they decided to go out after having lunch — their afternoon activity. However,

“Zest-san will be making lunch anyway. So I’ve decided to feast on the delicious Kurumi-san until noon. Yep, I like to have my sweet dessert anytime!”

“I see…then that’s fine.”

After Yuki said that, she made her way behind Kurumi so as to sandwich her between Maria and herself.

“Yaa, o…onee..?”

“It’s alright…because I’m Kurumi’s onee-chan.”

From behind, Yuki — placed both of her hands over Kurumi’s shoulders as she began to gently caress the breasts of her embarrassed younger sister.

“…Maria, you too.”

In response to Yuki’s prompt,

“—Got it!”

Maria nodded with a delighted look as she brought her lips close to Kurumi’s armpits. Although Kurumi anxiously tried to resist, it was impossible when she was being pinned down by two people at once.  

“Yaa…you two, noooo…aaah, waaaaaaaaaah ♥”

Kurumi climaxed again as she let out a high-pitched moan while Maria had fun licking her armpits.


After that — Kurumi was thoroughly pleasured by Maria and Yuki until it was close to noon. Because it would’ve been a shame if she was the only one being pampered, Kurumi teamed up with Maria halfway through so that they could attack Yuki together. Maria restrained both of her hands, while Kurumi fondled her bottom endlessly, causing Yuki to climax. From there, both the older and younger sister attacked each other’s weaknesses as they obstinately tried to pit their pride against each other. The repercussions of the pleasure was so intense that Kurumi was unable to move from her bed, meaning that she was unable to have lunch together with everyone else, and she also declined to go out and look for property with everyone else. Thinking that she might have gone overboard, Maria was rather apologetic, but Kurumi sent Maria off without getting angry so that she could tag along with Basara and the others. The emotions that Maria was currently going through were something that Kurumi had also felt in the past. When she came to visit Basara at the Toujou residence along with Takashi and Shiba, she was confronted a similar situation. And — when she went to the Demon Realm, she embraced Zest’s feelings. It was something that couldn’t be resolved unless they faced the person directly. That was why

…It’s okay.

Kurumi thought about Maria. She was able to overcome that on her own…so Maria too had to do the same. She was proof of it.

…Basara is here.

When Kurumi was going through those painful emotions, Basara came to Kurumi’s rescue every time. That was why Maria would surely be fine. And now — having chosen to stay home, Kurumi was currently soaking in the bathtub. Thanks to Maria and Yuki, her body had been covered in sweat. —However, Kurumi wasn’t alone in the bathroom. Yuki stayed home as well, and she sat on top of a stool in front of the shower as she silently washed her body down with a sponge. Upon seeing Yuki like this

“Onee…why didn’t you go together with Basara and the others?”

Kurumi asked as she glanced at the side of her face. If it was the usual Yuki, she would do anything so long as she could remain together with Basara. That was even truer if Mio was involved. …Moreover, it was strange that she chose to go along with Maria’s mischievous ploy. —Needless to say, she had always followed Yuki. When Kurumi came to the Toujou residence as Yuki’s support, though she didn’t enter into a Master-Servant contract with Basara, she was still pleasured together with everyone else at the guest house before their battle against the Current Demon Lord faction in the Demon Realm. However, aside from the times when Maria unleashed her Succubus instincts, Yuki only acted like that with Kurumi when Basara was also in the equation. Why — as that question circled around in Kurumi’s mind…

“—Kurumi, what are you planning to from now on?”

Yuki asked.

“What…I thought I’d just take it easy for a while.”

Because they had spent a long time in the Demon Realm, Kurumi still had remnants of the heavy magical energy that she had been exposed to over there. This was an effect of her low resistance to magic, unlike Yuki who had formed a Master-Servant contract with Basara through Maria’s magic. Of course, Kurumi had also received training as a member of the Hero clan to resist magic, so there weren’t any major problems in terms of day-to-day life. But having returned to this world, a little more time was still needed for the magic to be fully detoxed from her body. In addition to cleansing her sweat, this bath was also meant as a purification ritual. But, Yuki’s question was slightly different to the way that Kurumi interpreted it.

“—Mio has given an answer on how she wants to live.”

Yuki’s voice resounded quietly within the bathroom.


“When we went to the Demon Realm, Mio decided how she would live differently from the other demons…so, it’s our turn next.”

Yuki continued as she looked at her

“As a member of the Hero clan, and as human beings — this is about how we get involved with Basara from now on, and how we decide to live our lives.”


Kurumi held her breath involuntarily. —She felt as though Yuki was quietly staring into the depths of her heart. Basara was important to her. And she also thought of Mio, Maria and Zest as friends now. …But, she was a member of the Hero clan. She couldn’t run away from that forever. Mio was beginning to master the power that she had inherited from Wilbert, Zest had joined them as someone who would be classified as having S-class strength, and the <<Village>> would not remain silent forever. At the moment, even Maria would be classified as having a strength of A-class or higher. To live together with Basara meant the same as living together with Mio and the others. Mio and the others had already chosen how they would live together with Basara from now on. They did not hesitate. —That was basically their current situation. Basara had gone off in search of a new house to live in along with Mio, Maria and Zest — and thus, Kurumi and Yuki were left in this place without them.

“…Most likely, Basara will also soon determine how he lives from now on. So, we should make our decision before that.”

Yuki continued

“Depending on our decision, there is a possibility that this will affect that path that Basara takes. At the very least, I don’t intend on actualising what Sheera-san worried about.”

“But…depending on our decision, we may also cause Basara to go down that other path.”

Kurumi mentioned another concern. If Kurumi and her sister chose to live with Basara, this would inevitably cause trouble to their parents who were still in the Village. Because of that, Kurumi and Yuki were still unable to fully decide on what to do yet. However, Basara cared for Kurumi and the others, and they had to think about how to keep him away from that possibility.  

“That may be so…but, I don’t want to regret anything anymore.”

Yuki emphatically said.

“At the time of the tragedy five years ago, I couldn’t do a thing…Basara saved my life, and all I could do was watch on in silence as Basara was exiled. I want to protect what Basara wants to protect…and for that reason, I decided to become strong after being separated from him. I was chosen by [Sakuya], and put in charge of Mio’s surveillance, and then somehow managed to see Basara again…”


“One mistake, and it may be too late…and that can mean that both you and I will never be able to see Basara again.”

“That is—…”

Kurumi was unable to retort to the possibility that Yuki had brought up.

“That’s why I’ll decide on my way of life before Basara this time…because I absolutely don’t want to be too late and have to regret something.”

And then

“Kurumi, I don’t want you to repeat that same regret either…so”

A decision on how to live — for both Nonaka Yuki and Nonaka Kurumi. In response to Yuki’s words

“……I understand.”

Kurumi returned a firm nod.

…That’s right.

That tragedy five years ago wasn’t just a loss of their clan members and their friends. They were only able to silently look at Basara’s back as he left the Village — it was also an unbearable amount of suffering for themselves. Such regrets — they didn’t want a repeat of that.


The aim — to search for a new dream house in which lewd acts and training can be done without worry. However,

“I’m sorry, at present we do not have any properties which satisfy your desired requirements…”

The conditions that Basara and the others wanted primarily was a house similar to the one they had now, but with a larger size as they wanted to reduce the risk of other people getting involved in case anything happened. And Maria wished for a house where one room could be allocated to each person, and a bathroom and bathtub that was big enough for everyone to be in. But

“Because you have already taken a look at the property listings on the net, you should probably understand…it will probably be difficult to find even for the other agencies.”


Maria let out a disappointed voice in response to the agent’s reasoning. —Currently, the Toujou family was a large household. Even if they didn’t consider Jin for the moment, and they looked for another house in which they could allocate individual rooms to each of the six people, a 6LDK layout was necessary. But — there were none within walking distance of Hijirigasaka Academy, and even if they extended the range to the area where a bus journey would be feasible, there were no rental houses which had a 6LDK layout. For houses in this area, a general layout of 4LDK was most common, followed by 3LDK and 5LDK. However, once they went up to 6LDK, the number of properties available drastically decreased.

…Surely, this must be the influence of the declining birth-rate in this place….

Apparently the situation in this country was more serious than had been imagined. Being confronted by reality, Maria began to wonder just how severe the issue was.

“Now now, there’s no need to feel so down, Maria…”

Basara said as he put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Beside him, Mio

“Is that so…5LDK is fine, if you want your own room that much then you can have your own room, and with the bath you just have to be patient—”

“That’s no good then!”

Mio misunderstood her intentions — no, Maria misunderstood as she cried out unexpectedly


In response to the exaggerated response that she had shown, both Basara and Mio looked at her strangely.

“…Sorry, I raised my voice.”

Maria apologised for having become emotional. —She herself didn’t care about anything like privacy. When Maria spoke about the necessity of individual rooms, she had Mio and the others in mind.


In order for Basara to advance even further with Mio and the others, it was definitely better if they could spend time alone in a single room. If such an environment was created, there was a possibility that corresponding feelings could be forged, and beyond that…they would be able to do things that would otherwise be impossible in a shared room. Things that they could not do because they were currently too embarrassed to without a room of their own. Now that Basara had allowed all of them to recall the taste of intense pleasure, Mio and the others had begun developing sexually and they now knew what the pleasure of being a woman was. Therefore…sooner or later, if they didn’t have some ‘alone time’, Mio and the others would begin to feel frustrated! Feeling hot and flushed as they quietly thought to themselves about Basara…there would be some nights like that. And — if they had the environment which could make it possible, Mio and the others would grow to become even lewder adults.

…With something like this, unless I carefully ….

Naruse Maria thought of it as a mission for herself in a sense. She was the only one who could help them in that regard. Delicious food came from the sum of its ingredients, and was a path to the heart. The situation Maria faced was that the ‘alone time’ of Mio and the others was meant for masturbation. Nonetheless, this wasn’t just to satisfy the instincts and aspirations of Maria as a succubus. Of course, it wasn’t as though she had absolutely no desires at all either

…I’m not at the point where I can stop yet.

Indeed — even though the immediate problem in the Demon Realm had been solved, not all of the risks were mitigated. Besides the Moderates faction and the Current Demon Lord faction, there were still various other forces in the Demon Realm. Some of them might not be comfortable with the alliance between the Moderates faction and the Current Demon Lord faction which was currently progressing. Ramsas and Leohart had said that they would be discussing things with the other factions quietly as well.

…To settle all of the issues, we still need more time.

Since the battle with the Current Demon Lord faction was over, Mio had finally been released from the political reaches and fate of the Demon Realm, but it was still possible that the other factions would aim at the key positions of the Moderates faction and Current Demon Lord faction, as well as those related to them. Given such circumstances, there was still a limit to how far they could take things since it was necessary to avoid the risks that could arise from crossing over the final line. But even so — if they weren’t satisfied with the amount of strength that they had now, there was still room for them to grow. If they were unsatisfied with the current situation, they simply have to seek a more greedy approach.

…Even if Zest-san is superior to me in overall housework.

Basara as well as Mio and the others — everyone in the Toujou residence shared the feeling of not wanting to lose. Therefore, Naruse Maria didn’t want to simply move to a house with more rooms. Aside from the number of rooms, a large bath that was big enough for all six of them was also essential so that they could further enrich their naked relationships from now on. Just as Maria held this secret ambition within her mind

“—In that case, what about the property that we can purchase?”

Zest, who had kept quiet up until now quietly made such a proposal.


“Purchase…you mean to buy a house?”

Mio questioned the meaning of what Zest had said

“T-That is also an option…”

Maria’s expression brightened up again — however,

“Yes. If we disregard those for lease, we may be able to expand the range of properties available…and I have a considerable margin in terms of funding.”

Zest said.


Soon after that, Maria’s expression clouded and she hung her head down.


Not only Mio, but also Basara and Zest seemed to notice the strange way in which Maria was acting. As all three of them began to look at her with worried expressions

“—If that is the case, our agency can also provide some advice!”

 The agent seemed to pick that up and sprung onto the business opportunity without reading the atmosphere.

“If you don’t have a budget to worry about, there are certainly some properties which are 6LDK or more…for example, how about this place?”

After saying that, they presented them with a tablet PC.

“Huh…umm — err?”

Mio froze up as he shifted her gaze from Mio to the tablet screen. It was because she saw the property which was being displayed on it. However, the person in charge ignored Mio’s expression as they continued

“The site area is 100 tsubo [4], and the living space is 120 tsubo with a 9LDK layout. If it’s here, then I think it’ll be more than enough room even for six people.”

“The price is a hundred million yen…that’s quite affordable.”

In response to the agents words, Zest began to nod, and thus

“No no no, wait a second Zest.”

Basara quickly waved his hands in a panic as he tried to stop her.

“Hmm? I’ve already told you how much money is in the account. If it’s this much, then I don’t think it’s a problem.”

“No, that may be the case, but…”

“…That’s not the issue.”

Although Zest simply stood there with a vacant expression, Mio and Basara were both lost for words. Certainly, the amount of money in Zest’s account that she had received from the Moderates faction had three more digits than the property that Mio and the others were looking it. That money was meant to be remuneration for Mio and the others, so it was actually meant to be divided up between six people, but even so, it was a ridiculous sum of money. It would be easy to purchase a vast block of land and build a mansion upon it with that much. …But, if they started to live with such a large amount of money, that would make them diverge away from the ordinary daily life that they wanted. Zest was not to blame given that she had been through Zolgear’s mansion, Wildart Castle and Lundvall Castle in the Demon Realm. She was probably just thinking about Basara, and about serving Mio who had been born as a member of the royal family, so that they could live in a house without any inconveniences.

…We’ll have to teach her about the common sense of monetary values here.

Since they would be living together, it was only natural that they should teach Zest about common knowledge in this world. Therefore

“Umm, excuse us…”

Mio and the others left the real estate agency after letting the agent know that they would consider it after returning home for the time being.


After leaving the real estate agency, Basara was somewhat lost in terms of what to do afterwards. There were a few other real estate agencies that they had listed down, so if they went to take a look, it was possible that they could be lucky to find a 6LDK property. …But, as he stood in front of the crosswalk at an intersection, Basara glimpsed to his side as he waited for the signal to change. Standing next to Basara, Maria clearly seemed to be deprived of her usual energy. Mio and Zest who were standing side-by-side behind them had stopped talking a while ago after reading the odd atmosphere that surrounded Maria. An awkward silence hung around Basara and the others. —Maria was the most enthusiastic of them all when she the proposal for a new place of residence had come up. And even though it wasn’t a rental property, they had still found a place where they could allocate one room to each person, something that Maria had been eager for. Basara, Mio and Zest all stopped to think. Considering Maria’s personality, she was usually the one who would advocate ‘we should buy it’.

…Dear me.

Basara wondered to himself about what had happened. The strange thing about Maria that he had noticed was that she had withdrawn to Yuki and Kurumi’s room along with them after breakfast, though the reason for that was somewhat obvious. Mio probably had an inkling about it as well. Zest had also noticed that Maria was acting strange, but she didn’t seem to understand the cause of it all. Although they could tell her, it wasn’t something that they could openly speak about in front of Maria. And even if they told Zest about it, given her personality, it could become even more troublesome than Kurumi’s time if the matter wasn’t handled well. And so, as they stood amidst the crowd, Toujou Basara thought. Maria and Zest — what was the best solution for both of them? It was right at that moment. On the other side of the crosswalk — standing amidst the crowd waiting for the signal to change was the face of a young man that Basara was familiar with.


As Basara uttered his name, Mio and the others also seemed to take note of Takigawa’s presence. Then


Standing on the other side, Takigawa showed a smile as he directed his eyes at them. When the signal changed, a flow of people walking in opposite directions was initiated. As Basara and his group advanced forward, Takigawa simply stood on the spot and waited for their arrival.

“—Yo Basacchi, are you on a group date? As expected of the star of the Moderates faction, it’s great for you.”

As they approached him, Takigawa spoke in a light-hearted manner.

“Takigawa…the fact that you’re here means…”

Basara asked as he guessed about his current situation.

“Yeah…let’s head in somewhere and talk for a bit. I don’t really want to be stuck here talking under this freezing cold winter sky.”

Takigawa Yahiro revealed a wry smile as he shrugged. And so, Basara and the others went into a nearby café. It was the same shop that Yuki had brought Basara to on that day that he transferred to Hijirigasaka Academy. It was afternoon during the holiday period, so the inside of the store was quite crowded, and there was a queue at the ordering counter.

“—We’ll order, so you three can find a table first.”

As Basara told them that they’d handle the payment and bring the items back to the table, Mio chose blended coffee, while Maria chose a café latte and went into the back of the store to search for a vacant table where the five of them could sit down. Zest was the only one who didn’t seem to want Basara to handle the chore since he was her master, but she continued to follow Mio after convincing herself to accept Basara’s words as an order ‘Well, it’s the same as an order from Basara’. And so when Basara and Takigawa were left alone,

“I suppose the Moderates faction and Current Maou faction have made a decision on how to deal with you…”

“Yeah, I’ll be continuing with my surveillance role with agreement from both sides…however, this time, all of you are included, not just Naruse.”

They began to talk to each other without a care for the other customers around them. People — wouldn’t be interested in what others around them were talking about.


Things like overhearing a vital conversation only happened in movies, games and the like. It was something that didn’t really exist outside of fiction. There wasn’t anyone who would actually believe that Takigawa was a demon.

“Given that it was only yesterday…that was a very quick conclusion.”

It was just yesterday that the Moderates faction and Current Demon Lord faction had their first high-level talks regarding peace in Wildart. It was the same day that Basara and the others had returned from the Demon Realm  — just yesterday. Then, as Takigawa advanced a spot in the queue while they waited to order

“What are you saying…it’s your fault that it turned out like this, Basacchi.”


Being told such a thing, Basara frowned. —He was unsure about whether to feel wary or not. When Basara fought against Leohart and unleashed his power, it was revealed to both the Moderates faction and the Current Demon Lord faction that the blood of a Demon Lord flowed through him. —However, he didn’t think that it was a problem for both sides. Even if the Current Demon Lord faction believed that it was a problem, the Moderates faction — Basara knew that Ramsas would move to suppress it. Then — why were both the Moderates faction and Current Demon Lord faction cautious of Basara? As their turn came, Basara ordered drinks together with Takigawa from the store clerk. After finalising the payment together with Takigawa , they moved along to the collection counter.

“Could it be — during the talks, did they think that I was the one who did that to Belphegor?”

While waiting for their drinks to be ready, they continued their conversation. Before the decisive battle between the Moderates faction and the Current Demon Lord faction, Basara had secretly assassinated Belphegor. The only person who actually knew how Basara did it was — Takigawa, who had lent him a hand with arranging the perfume and telling him the location of Belphegor’s playground. Of course, it was impossible to stop people from speculating about it. He had a feeling that Jin knew about it, as well as Leohart, based on how he had acted when they last met in Wildart. But — Basara didn’t leave behind any evidence that it was something that he did. As for Mio and the others, he had acted separately from them during the battle against Leohart’s group, but he explained that to them by saying that he had been testing the medicine that Sheera formulated. …Anyway, it was actually true that Basara tried Sheera’s medicine whilst he was acting on his own. The activation of his demon blood that he had inherited from his mother Sapphire was the trump card that he would’ve liked not to use if possible, considering the risks of its aftereffects. He had thus decided only to use it in a situation where he had been absolutely cornered. Given how close things would be, Basara chose not to recklessly proceed unless he had tested to confirm whether or not it worked. He had received several of the medication to activate his demonic blood from Sheera, as well as the drug to suppress it — since he had received the drug that could return him to his original form, Basara  tried it out beforehand. He had ensured that he would definitely be able to use it as a trump card, and then explained the circumstances to Mio and the others afterwards. The explanation was also effective with the Moderates faction and the Current Demon Lord faction. So even if he was suspected, it was something that could only remain as speculation. No matter how much Basara tried to confront Ramsas, he had no choice but to withdraw.

…Moreover, Jin wouldn’t go out of his way to put his own son Basara at risk by revealing such details, and as for Leohart, even if Basara was the one who eliminated Belphegor — he wouldn’t publicly admit that a member of the Moderates faction had done so. In order for the Moderates faction and Current Demon Lord faction to advance their relations from a temporary truce to a military alliance, it was best for the truth to remain shrouded in darkness. It wasn’t just for Basara — for the Moderates faction and the Current Demon Lord faction, the truth behind Belphegor’s death was an inconvenient truth. It would be a different story if someone were to testify that it was Basara who did it, but Basara didn’t think Takigawa would do it, even though he was the only one who knew about the circumstances. If he outed that information, it could come to light that he himself had assisted Basara. Then

“Don’t worry…it doesn’t seem like the topic of Belphegor came up during the meeting, and I’m not so careless that I’d let it slip from my mouth.”

Takigawa said as he sent a chuckle towards Basara.

“It’s just — after that battle, I couldn’t escape from the suspicion of Leohart’s sister. She was rather insistent on getting me to tell her about the relationship between you and I.”


Basara took a deep breath as he listened to what Takigawa said. Basara had met Leohart’s older sister just once — he came face-to-face in the room where she had massacred all of the other Council members aside from Belphegor. He only learned that she was called Riara and that she was Leohart’s sister afterwards. Certainly — if it was her, then it wouldn’t be surprising if she was able to arrive at the truth behind Belphegor’s death. It was also a possible explanation as to how Leohart had suspected it being Basara’s work when he went to Wildart for the meeting. What he didn’t understand was

“Hey — what on earth is she?”

In the room after that horrific slaughter had been carried out, the tremendous aura that she exuded when she confronted Jin was superior even to that of the Demon God Chaos. That was already — no longer in the realm of a mere person. Then

“Who knows, I’m not sure about the details either…I wonder when she appeared.  In any case, because of the problem with her appearance, Riara-sama was unable to succeed the duke, and it seems Leohart was an orphan who was taken in and raised to be the successor.”

Takigawa added.

“It seems as though his parents gave a lot of their blood to Leohart via transfusions so that no suspicions were raised. Leohart was chosen from among many orphans, and they had also checked beforehand to confirm if the blood of his parents would cause any kind of rejection response. Even though those bastard parents of his only cared about maintaining their status, Leohart seemed happy when told this…because ‘it is as though me and my sister have truly become family’.”

And then

“Riara-sama dotes on Leohart as well…she demonstrated her full-powered aura, just like she did when she got rid of the Council members when she questioned me ‘Would you happen to the boy who killed Belphegor?’. I seriously thought I was going to die then.”

“And…what did you say, Takigawa?”

“That’s obvious…I dodged the matter about Belphegor, and I just confessed to her about my relationship with you to some extent, Basacchi. Stuff like you’re the son of Jin Toujou, you can use a special elimination technique, we had grilled meat together, and that we teamed up to get rid of Zolgear.”

“Huh? Was she convinced with your story? If it’s just information like that, then the Current Demon Lord faction would’ve already known about it.”

“Yeah. I think she probably already heard about it all from Leohart…but somehow, she seemed quite amused to hear about all of it.”

Takigawa continued.

“But I seriously felt scared when she said that she would’ve wanted to participate in the decisive battle if she knew that someone like you was going to be there, Basacchi.”

“…I agree. I’m glad that wasn’t the case.”

If it came down to fighting against Riara, Basara was unable to imagine himself being able to come out on top with his current strength. Even if he was able to effectively use the Gravity Slash which he had used against Leohart, he was completely unable to imagine himself defeating Riara. Just as Basara thought about how lucky he was to escape with his life intact

“Anyway, I wanted to get away from the Current Demon Lord faction, and Leohart offered me a mission to monitor you guys…so here I am after fleeing from there.”

Takigawa spoke in a seemingly honest manner as he received his own American coffee from the store clerk. And then Basara said with a bitter smile

“I see…I’m sorry for giving you all that trouble, Takigawa.”

After receiving his own drink, and the drinks for Mio and the others, he and Takigawa walked back over to the girls who had gone ahead to find seats first. Takigawa Yahiro went along with Basara to the table where Mio and the others were seated. As Basara handed the drinks over to them, Mio and the other girls thanked Basara as they received their cups. And then, when Takigawa and Basara eventually sat down next to each other, facing opposite the girls

“So — Lars, why are you here?”

Zest instantly gave him a cold glare as she asked him that. With a troubled look, Takigawa replied

“I’ve already told Bassachi the reason why…I don’t want to repeat the same thing twice, so you can just hear it from him at your leisure later.”

Even though Basara had been told, Mio and the others made up their minds that it was up to them to decide.

“…Is it something bad that you can’t tell us directly, or is there some kind of inconvenient secret that you’re hiding?”

Although Mio stared directly at him with a clear resolution, Takigawa simply shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey come on…can you not just hear it from Basacchi? I’m surprised that you can’t trust the words of your master even though you’re a servant under a Master-Servant contract.”

As he returned the provocation

“—Stop it, Takigawa.”

Basara quickly stopped Takigawa. If Mio thought that her own remark was an act of betrayal, then the aphrodisiac curse would activate. But

“Oh, well unfortunately…it’s not that I don’t trust Basara, I’m just worried.”

“Is that so…well that’s fine by me.”

In response to Mio’s question, Takigawa simply smiled as he answered.

…I see.

As expected, her attitude and thoughts only grew even more impudent than before. Given how she had difficulty acting honestly, she had made great progress compared to the time when she was originally overcome by the Master-Servant contract and collapsed at school.

“Having said that…even though it’s cute when girls worry in moderation, it’s just a heavy burden for men when women get too greedy and want to know everything.”


As soon as he said that, Mio’s face became bright red in an instant, and Zest revealed a visibly discomforted expression. Seeing the girls like that, Takigawa sneered as he said

“And if you mistake the meaning of the word ‘worry’ for ‘shackling down’, then things will truly be over…you’d best be careful if you don’t want Basacchi to abandon you.”


Upon hearing Takigawa’s advice, Mio and the others finally fell into silence as frustrated expressions painted their faces.


All of a sudden, Takigawa noticed that Maria, who was sitting on the end, had remained silent the whole time. Takigawa and Maria had fought against each other as representatives for the Moderates faction and Current Demon Lord faction during the decisive battle in Lundvall. And at that time, Takigawa had defeated Maria. He had thought that she remained silent because she felt frustrated with herself and was overcome with regret that she had let down Basara and the others, but he was unable to feel any kind of hostility from her even though he was right in front of her. And so when he inquired about what they had been doing before, it was Basara who spoke up instead of Mio and the others this time.

“Hmmm…house hunting huh?”

Having heard about the situation, Takigawa snorted as he said

“So, in order to allocate one room per person, you want a house with a layout of 6LDK or more…as expected of a sixteen year old male, the way you surround yourself with five girls is certainly different.”

“No, the floor plan wasn’t exactly my decision…”

Basara said with a bitter expression.

“Having said that, you’ll probably find something if those are your conditions…but if you’re after something absurd like a bath that you can fit everyone in, then it’s a completely different story.”

And as he said that


Maria perked up slightly in response.


Basara and Mio also turned their faces away in embarrassment as an awkward silence drifted in the air. And so, Takigawa said with surprise

“Hey guys, it’s all well and good to be lively…but if you do it too much, then Basacchi might end up exhausting his balls, you know?”


As Mio let out a high-pitched voice with her bright red face, Basara calmed her down by quietly calling her name.

“Thank you, but I’ll be careful not to do so.”

As he said so, a wry smile floated onto his face. The way that Basara acted and expressed himself showed how he was different from Zolgear and Belphegor who only treated women like objects to be possessed. It was a glimpse of the quiet preparedness that he had to shoulder the existences and relationships of Mio and the others upon himself.

…I guess it’s related to the girls after all huh.

If he was going to continue cooperating with Basara in secret, since he was helpful to have around in case of an emergency, it was probably best for him to remain an ally of Basara. What they had between them wasn’t just some cheap friendship. It was a trust that had been born as collaborators where a single misstep at any moment could’ve jeopardised the other’s position. —Surely from now on, Takigawa and Basara would share secrets which no one else would know, and they would share secrets that no one else could know of. It was different from the Master-Servant relationship that Mio and the others had, it was more like the shared sins that they had would lead them to a common destiny. Therefore, Takigawa Yahiro spoke to Basara — his accomplice. With another wry smile on his face, he said

“In that case — I guess it’s good news that you have me keeping you company right now. As thanks for taking care of me, let me tell you the way to find a new residence.”


After leaving the café and parting with Takigawa — Basara and the others went to visit a particular store. Situated in front of the station, it was a large remodelling store with a showroom. —Takigawa’s solution was to extend the existing Toujou residence. Their current house was a rental property, but Zest was good at earth-based magic. So by using her magic, they could restructure the soil and set up a basement. The problem of having an insufficient number of rooms would be resolved, and there wouldn’t even be any additional cost involved. When they asked Zest if it would be possible, she said that she could drill through any concrete and turn it into marble. It also seemed possible for her to build the floor and walls suitable for housing without any problems. Since that was the case, they could simply purchase some wood and wallpaper at a home centre for a DIY job to create the inner walls. Since the water pipes would be made of metal, which was also a mineral, it was still within Zest’s ability. With this kind of approach, there would be no need to move out of their current house, and by using their own hands, they could also create rooms which were closer to their ideals.

Since it was also impossible to notice any changes from the outside, there was almost no possibility of it being a problem. Even if they did move houses in the future, they could simply revert it back to how it originally was without causing any trouble for the owner. For Basara and the others right now, Takigawa’s plan was the best solution. Therefore, they told Yuki and Kurumi about it after returning home so that they could have a group discussion about what kind of basement it would be, before heading off to the renovation store to pick up the necessary materials. Although Zest was a specialist of earth-based magic, she wasn’t a professional designer. Even Basara and the others believed that seeking advice with a more accurate image in mind such as a renovation store would be more beneficial than looking at superficial designs on the net and discussing it. After receiving some information on the designs of basement expansions, Basara and the others decided to take a look around the store since they had gone to the trouble of coming here anyway. There were various exhibits throughout the showroom to demonstrate how an ideal lifestyle could be obtained through remodelling. With a two storey shop space, the layout consisted of various model rooms like those which could normally be found at a large furniture store. Just like the renovation shows on television, it seemed as though it was possible to change everything from the exterior to the interior. A total makeover could be done to make something seem like an entirely different house. There were also guests of various ages roaming the store, from young couples to entire families.

“Wow…it’s amazing.”

As expected, when the girls came to a place like this, they all seemed to enjoy themselves. Mio and the others looked at various kitchens, washbasins, and the like and their eyes glimmered as they imagined themselves in each of the situations. On the other hand, Zest seemed to feel rather happy about the fact that she had been entrusted with the expansion of the basement, and she began to look through various designs with a serious expression. Seeing the two of them act so pleasantly like that, Basara said


He suddenly noticed that the young Succubus who had come along with them was missing. As he looked around, he spotted her figure a slight distance away from the washbasin area where Basara and the others were located. Occupying the wall on the west and southwest side was a display area for houses which made an L-shape.

…That does remind me, I haven’t thought about the bath yet.

Thanks to Takigawa’s advice, the issue with the number of rooms had somewhat been resolved, but the bathroom that Maria wanted — especially the large bathtub that everyone could fit in, that still remained an issue. Nonetheless, modern bathrooms often had various different functions now, such as laundry drying. Such mechanical items were truly outside of the scope of Zest’s earth-based magic. Since they were planning to secretly expand into the basement without touching anything else, the bathroom would essentially remain the same as it was now. Since it was a rental property, there would eventually come a time when they would have to return it to the owner…therefore, they couldn’t modify the structure of the house itself. Of course, it was also possible to negotiate with the owner though.


As Basara called the name of the young Succubus, he began walking towards her.



What Maria was looking at with craving eyes was an exhibit of leisure and resort facilities made by famous high-end manufacturers that were normally installed in luxury hotels and the like. They were enormous ones with jet-bath functions similar to those often seen in Hollywood movies whenever celebrities hosted a party. Considering the average size of houses in Japan, it was rather impossible for such things to be installed indoors. They had gone out of their way to demonstrate them as they were filled with hot water, most likely for the purpose of surprising customers and generating interest with the customers who would consider purchasing them. Aside from Basara and his group, there were several other customers who had stopped to take a look. Although the jet-bath functions were not switched on in order to save electricity, the sheer presence of the tub was rather powerful.

“It’s quite amazing, this thing…”

Whilst surprised by its overwhelming size, Basara stood next to Maria as he read the specification table that was posted on a stand to the side. He was even more surprised that it had close to fifty jet heads.

…A capacity of up to seven people huh…I see.

It completely satisfied Maria’s expectations. So

“—Did you want this?”

When Basara asked that


The young Succubus nodded and remained silent.


Naruse Maria knew that what she was asking for was unreasonable. After all, Basara and Mio both shared the idea that they wanted to rely on the reward from the Moderates faction as little as possible, and the bath tub that Maria wanted was like the difference between a cheap and simple car versus a shiny brand new one that cost four times as much. Besides, the size was also around 2m per side, so it would be necessary to expand the bathroom itself if they were to install it in the Toujou residence. And if that happened, their costs would only increase further. …Moreover, the Toujou residence was currently being rented. Although it was still possible to negotiate with the owner about changing the current bath tub, an expansion of the bathroom itself was much more difficult. Such a proposal would also affect the adjacent rooms. That was why — it was impossible. And so, just as Maria was about to give up

“—Then let’s buy it then.”

However, Basara bluntly said that.


Surprised, Maria looked up at Basara with a puzzled expression.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want it?”

He asked curiously.

“N-No…of course I want it.”

But, Maria continued

“A big bath like this in our house would be…”

“It’s impossible with our current bathroom, but with the structure of the basement that Zest is planning to construct, we’ll be able to do whatever we want.”


What he had said was true. She stood there stunned by the idea Basara mentioned, which she had not come up with.

“Although there are toilets on the first floor and second floor, it’s no good if there’s only one bath in the entire house…it’s not uncommon for a house to have two bathrooms, , especially given the number of people we have now. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to build another bathroom just to reduce the waiting time.”

“B-But…there’s the issue of money.”

Maria’s expression clouded as she said that.

“Even if Zest does make a basement, it doesn’t mean we can just use it as is. We’ll have to buy a new bed, bedding, and other new furniture anyway, so it will cost money…we’ll have no choice but to use the reward money that we received from the Moderates faction.”

Basara continued

“I also have the savings that my old man earned, but unlike when we started living together with you and Mio, I was the one who made the decision to bring Zest along. Even though I got his permission for her to live with us, I can’t rely on him so much that I’d even spend his money.”

He continued

“It’s just…I try not to touch that money as much as possible.”

He then asked Maria

“Well, as with anything that’s a luxury, it’d not good to go overboard, but is this tub something that you absolutely want? I don’t think any of the others really disliked the idea…at the very least, I won’t oppose it.”

As he said that, Basara called Mio and Zest over.

“—What do you two think about it?”

Maria believed that Mio and Zest absolutely wouldn’t allow such selfishness on her part, but

“—If that’s what Maria wants, and Basara-sama allows it, then it should definitely be purchased.”

Zest immediately expressed her strong agreement to the proposal.


Contrary to Maria’s surprised look, Zest revealed a calm smile.

“It’s fine…Yuki-san and Kurumi-san probably wouldn’t be opposed to it either.”

“—What do you think, Mio?”


Following Basara’s prompt, Mio only returned silence as she tried to delay her response


As Maria looked at Mio’s face, she became afraid that the silence had arisen out of anger.

“I believe that it’s an expensive bathtub, but when I think about it, our house isn’t exactly normal either…if everyone is in favour of buying it, then I won’t oppose it either. Also, if we have another bath, that could be helpful.”

As she said that, Mio smiled and exhaled.

“In the first place…if Maria absolutely wants it, we can’t afford not to buy it. After all, Maria has been the one who has worked the hardest in the house for us up until now.”


Maria had no words for Mio’s gentle tone. And then

“—See, didn’t I tell you it would be fine?”

Basara placed his hand on Maria’s shoulder to reassure her as he said that.

“Really…it’s not a waste of money?”

In response to her question

“It’s not just for you, it’s something that all of us will share.”

Basara said as he chuckled

“If it’ll make you happy — then it won’t be a waste of money.”


Although Basara had smiled at Maria, she instantly got upset about it. The young Succubus suddenly began to cry.

“What’s wrong, Maria?”

Surprised at her sudden tears, Basara was compelled to ask her why that was


Maria sobbed in between her tears as she tried to speak.

“I’ve been able to stay together with everyone because I’ve been taking care of all of the housework up until now…but Zest-san did all of the cooking, cleaning and laundry. And even the problem of having insufficient rooms, Zest-san can solve it by building a basement…”


“I was afraid…that if everyone continues to rely more and more on Zest-san, then I’ll become useless to everyone.”

Maria was in tears as she said that.



Basara and Mio simply looked at each other, and then revealed bitter smiles.


As Basara sighed, he placed his hand on top of Maria’s head as Mio also smiled and said

“Really, you’re such an idiot…”

As she softly embraced Maria’s small body


Maria continued to shed tears as she held on tightly to Mio. At the same time, Basara continued to gently stroke Maria’s small head.

“I was able to stay together with everyone because I was useful, just like how it’s always been my mission to protect Mio…but that’s already long over now. That problem and mission ended when we went the Demon Realm.”


“From now on, it’s not about missions or responsibilities. We — we’re together because we want to be with each other.”

And then, Basara continued

“Even if Zest is doing the housework, it doesn’t mean that she’s trying to steal your position from you — that’s not the case, and she’s just doing her part to help out.”

That was the same thing that Basara had told Zest earlier this morning. As Zest revealed a bitter smile, she looked down as she said

“Yes…just as Basara-sama said, it’s because I’m at the bottom of this household.”

“No, I already told you Zest…you shouldn’t think like that.”

It was exactly the same as how Maria thought that she would be useless if she didn’t do any work. Basara didn’t hold back with his words.

“I’m sorry, Basara-sama…—nngh”

As soon as she apologised, Zest trembled and her body became limp. And then, just as she was about to collapse


Basara quickly grabbed onto her waist to support her. A collar became visible on her neck.

“H-Hold on…no way?”

Mio was well aware of the meaning of that collar’s appearance.

“I-I’m sorry…I…the curse again…”

As she remained there, Zest’s eyes became moist as she spoke apologetically.

… I was weak huh.

It was a bad habit of Zest because she was too serious. Even when they formed the Master-Servant contract, and when she visited Basara’s room over her relationship with Kurumi, Zest had blamed herself in the same way to cause the curse to activate. Nonetheless, if this was pointed out to her, Zest would only feel guiltier, causing the aphrodisiac curse to become stronger. Therefore

“Zest, we’re going to live together from now on…there’s no need to panic, so let’s fix your habit of blaming yourself little by little, starting now.”

Basara gently admonished her.

“Maria, I want to relieve Zest…will you help me?”


From within Mio’s arms, Maria suddenly popped her face out.

“—At times like these, you’re the most reliable one, aren’t you?”

After he said that to her


Despite the surprised look in her eyes, Maria rubbed both of her eyes with the back of her hands to wipe away her tears.

“Yes, please leave it to me, Basara-san!”

Although her eyes were still red from crying, she nodded as she showed a wide smile.


“…—Then, I’ll set up the barrier.”

As Naruse Mio said that, she began to set erect a barrier within the store. As they could not afford to move Zest to another place while the curse was active, they decided to make it easier to do so in their current location. Even though the eyes of other customers could be tricked through the use of magic, the security cameras would still be able to record their actions. —In order to avoid this, Mio set up a magical barrier. This was the same kind of barrier as the one that had been used when they fought against the Hero clan in an urban area before. It duplicated the entire space and its conditions — the type which copied space. At the time, they had been able to copy an area that was several kilometres in width by using the spirit spear [Byakko] that belonged to Hayase Takashi as a medium, but this time they weren’t capable of that since it was just Mio. Nonetheless, Mio’s current strength had grown since that time, and it had become possible for her to replicate the entire surrounding area. Thus, when the barrier was erected, the figures of all of the other customers disappeared from their surroundings — to be precise, it was just the four of them who had been pulled into the barrier. And so, once when preparations were complete

“Thank you, Mio-sama…let’s begin then.”

As Maria said that, she took the initiative and they began the act of having Zest submit to Basara. It was certainly possible just to have Zest submit to Basara, but Mio also participated this time — of course, these were Maria’s instructions.

…It can’t be helped.

If she didn’t help, it would seem as though she didn’t agree that Zest was a comrade that they could live together with, and she didn’t simply want to watch as Basara made his move on Zest either. Moreover, even if she did move to another place that was some distance away from them, she would still be concerned about what Basara and Zest might be doing, and that would only serve to make her more worried. Mio herself even gave a reason for her participation in such a naughty act

“—Since we’re here, let’s use this tub.”

With Maria’s unhesitant instructions, Mio and the others were urged to undress. To set an example, Maria herself swiftly and joyfully took off her clothes.


Even while Mio’s cheeks turned rosy red, the young Succubus continued to strip off her clothing. Once she had unhooked her bra and all that her figure was left with was her underwear, she looked towards Zest, whose body had been drained of its energy as a result of the curse, which meant that she was unable to remove her own clothing.

“…Don’t force yourself. I’ll take it off for you.”

“…Yes, please…Mio-sama.”

Her eyes filled with arousal, Zest became obedient to Mio. As Zest’s one-piece knit was taken off, it was clear that her body, which was under the influence of the aphrodisiac curse, was already aroused. The tips of her bountiful breasts had perked up, and her underwear was drenched in womanly honey. Droplets of that even streamed down from her crotch to her inner thigh, and when Mio saw the reaction of the woman who was exposed in front of her

“Fufu, Zest-san gets easily aroused huh…”

Having regained her usual energy, and after stripping down to just her underwear before anyone else, Maria had already taken out a video camera to start filming.


Having her lewd figure exposed, Zest rubbed her thighs together shyly as her face turned red with embarrassment and shame. When Zest acted like this, she actually seemed rather cute while her bra was removed.

“Come on Zest…let’s go to Basara together.”

As Basara invited them to take off his clothing, Zest returned a firm nod.

“…Yes…please excuse us, Basara-sama…”

“—Yeah, please go ahead.”

With Basara’s approval, Mio and Zest began to take Basara’s clothes off together. They took off the shirt on his upper body, followed by the T-shirt that he wore underneath it to reveal his toned chest — and after removing his belt and trousers, they were able to see that the shape of his body part which was already bulging with excitement underneath his black boxer shorts.

“……I’m taking it off okay.”

As Mio gulped, she and Zest both reached out

“You two — if you don’t mind, I’d like to capture an image of you using just your mouth to take it off, and not your hands.”

They received such an instruction from Maria.

“If we only use our mouths, then it’s like…”

If they followed through with something like that, it’d be as if they had become true sex slaves. If they did something like that, they wouldn’t be able to look Basara straight in the eyes.

…No, that’s not true…Basara is…

No matter how dirty Mio and the others became, Basara would surely still accept them. —When she was together with Yuki before, they had already once welcomed Basara home whilst acting like female dogs. At the time, Mio and Yuki licked Basara’s feet together whilst wearing lewd underwear. And now — the relationship between Mio and Basara had already progressed much further than it was at that time.


Mio glanced at the figure beside her. And then

“…Yes, I understand.”

With an intoxicated look in her eyes, Zest swiftly accepted Maria’s orders. As a maid, Zest had already made a pledge of absolutely obedience to Basara. As for Mio, she lagged behind Zest and Yuki in terms of obedience due to how she had difficulty in being honest. This had been the case since before the decisive battle with the Current Demon Lord faction due to her rigidness. —It was still incredibly embarrassing for her to do anything lewd. However, it was a fact that her feelings for Basara wouldn’t lose to anyone else — that was the truth of Naruse Mio. Yet, she couldn’t place her trust in him…the very instant that thought passed through her mind, she began to feel guilty about Basara.


This time, it was Mio who fell into a state of sexual desire due to the curse of the Master-Servant contract.


As Mio collapsed onto her right thigh, Basara cried out in surprise.

“Oh dear me, it seems like Mio-sama was overthinking things…”

Maria giggled as if she was having fun.

“That’s no good though…having your curse activate all the time and then making Basara-san relieve you. Since this is a good opportunity, if you would like to be indulged by Basara-san, then you’ll need to pay the price — please remember to properly serve him first.”


Whilst her entire body was affected by the sweet fever of arousal, Mio nodded with fervour. —The truth was that she wanted Basara to mess her up first. Her chest throbbed as it began to grow hot, and she was in the exact same state as Zest who was melting in her underwear. However, having her curse activate like that and then having Basara relieve her was something that Maria thought was even more amusing. Naruse Mio — had already decided to become Toujou Basara’s possession.

“Please excuse me, Basara-sama…”

As she said that, Zest drew her mouth closer to the waistband of Basara’s underwear.

…It’s my job to help relieve Zest….

She was not allowed to fall behind. Therefore


As if it was a necessity, Mio also brought her lips closer to Basara’s waist. And so the two of them lined up side by side in front of the waist of Basara’s underwear — they pinched the inner part of the waistband with their upper lips, and then gently used their teeth to hold it in their mouths as they began to slowly pull Basara’s underwear down. It was more difficult that they had imagined — since Basara’s shaft had already become so hard, it inevitably got stuck along the way. Whilst it wasn’t impossible for them to pull it off, it was more difficult for Mio and Zest because they were in a state of aphrodisia with reduced strength, and they slipped off Basara’s underwear. —But even so, Mio and Zest used only their mouths until the very end. Something that couldn’t be done alone could be accomplished by two people. Mio and Zest acted in coordination to gradually lower Basara’s underwear from his waist. And once it finally came down to his ankles, Basara moved his left leg and then his right leg through the holes to fully remove it.


They were able to follow through with it until the end…filled with a sense of accomplishment, Mio trembled as she raised her face together with Zest. There — reality greeted them.


A rigid object of unimaginable size looked down upon them with an absolute presence — as Mio and Zest looked up at it while on their knees, they were once again reminded of who they belonged to. And then

“—You did a good job.”

Basara expressed his acceptance of Mio and Zest’s act of removing his underwear with their mouths — and just as he petted their heads while praising them


Sitting on the floor of the shop like little girls, Mio and Zest both shuddered. At the same time — from their crotches, a slightly wet sound was heard.


Whilst they were momentarily stunned, a small puddle of water had quickly spread underneath Mio and Zest’s crotches. No…it was a hot fluid that had wet the shop floor, not water. Just because Basara petted their heads, both Mio and Zest had secreted their womanly fluids. The sound that had been heard just earlier was the sound of Mio and Zest’s love juices vigorously pouring out through their wet underwear to reach the floor — before this realisation could touch their minds, Mio and Zest had already lost all reason. When they regained an awareness of themselves, Mio was in the giant bathtub that was filled with hot water, and together with Zest, they sandwiched Basara in between.

“Aahn…onii-chan…chuu, onii-chan…chu ♥”

As Mio stood in front of Basara, he used his left hand to grope her ass while he used his right hand to fondle her breasts and cause her to writhe in pleasure. But even still, she knotted her arms around his neck, and dreamily shared a deep kiss with him as they entwined their tongues around each other’s. Behind him, Zest said

“Basara-sama…mmm, how does that feel Basara-sama…♥”

Whilst pressing her large breasts against Basara’s back, she also reached towards the front with her hands to stroke Basara’s rod and make lewd noises. And then


Just as Basara leaked out a groan, a vigorous hot liquid was splashed onto the area from Mio’s breasts, all the way down to her stomach. The sticky liquid that had been released on her was Basara’s semen. The cloudy-white liquid slowly trickled down and tickled her belly button. Rather than bask in that pleasure, Mio chose to serve the aroused Basara even further.

“Mmm…it’s my turn next ♥”

As she released her lips from Basara’s mouth, she let her tongue slide down his body — as she welcomed Basara’s shaft that was still hard into her mouth, she naturally began to suck on it and perform fellatio. She opened her mouth as far as she could to fully enclose Basara’s rod, and even with the residue of his pleasant ejaculation still on it, Basara’s hardened rod trembled on Mio’s tongue as a sign of his excitement.

…It feels good for Basara….

As she rolled her tongue to lick the underside of Basara’s shaft, she tried to look up so that she could gaze at the expression in his eyes. She wanted him to pat her head while she performed fellatio on him. However

“Basara-sama…chuu, fuu…chuu, haah…fuaaan ♥”

Zest had already closed Basara’s mouth with her own lips once Mio let him go, while Basara used both his left and right hands to caress Zest’s breasts and buttocks without restraint. Since both of his hands were already in use, he was unable to pet Mio’s head. Since that was the case…Mio decided to go back to sucking on Basara’s rod wholeheartedly. Using the saliva in her mouth as a lubricant, she narrowed her cheeks as she sucked on him and even began to deep throat him by moving her head back and forth. She intentionally made lewd noises as she serviced him with her mouth in order to emphasise her existence to him. Basara’s hips soon began to tremble as his cock gradually grew in size and became harder within Mio’s mouth. Mio knew that this was a precursor to a man’s climax. And so, Mio continued to give head as she prepared herself to receive everything that Basara would release in her mouth.

“—Mio-sama, it’s no good to enjoy things alone, you know?”

All of a sudden, she was rebuked by Maria who was filming her act of fellatio from the side. While she continued to suck on Basara’s rod, she glanced at her. And then

“I understand that you can’t bear to hold back on your love for Basara-san…but you should also try to share that happiness together with your fellow erotic servant, Zest-san.”

She said as she admonished her.

…Together with Zest….

As she contemplated over Maria’s words, Mio was able to vaguely remember, despite the pleasure affecting her mind that — although her own Master-Servant contract had activated on the way and caused her mind to become hazy, the original purpose of all of this was to relieve Zest. And Mio was here to help…Mio’s role was to assist Basara in relieving Zest. That was different from the ‘service’ that Mio had been so focused on giving Basara up until now. Especially — due to Zest’s involvement with Zolgear, her serious personality made it easy for her to feel indebted to Mio. As comrades who had entered into a Master-Servant contract with Basara, it was Mio’s role to help relieve Zest since she was technically the senior in the order.


That was why Mio slowly removed her mouth from Basara’s dick.

“—Maria, what is a way for me to do it together with Zest?”

Although she was still in a state of aphrodisia herself, Mio supressed herself and asked Maria.

“Please leave it to me — I’ll definitely teach you a way where you can also participate properly, Mio-sama.”

As she said so, the young Succubus gently taught Mio what the ‘correct answer’ was. —The proposal that she whispered sweetly into Mio’s ear was like a devil’s whisper. Following that, Mio faithfully followed Maria’s instructions — which was why

“…Onii-chan, let me help you relieve Zest as well.”

After pleading like that, Naruse Mio told him about the method that Maria had taught her.

“Inside Zest’s underwear…can you insert it there, onii-chan?”

What Maria taught Mio was the same as what she and Basara had coincidentally done in the guest house bathroom in the Current Demon Lord faction’s Lundvall Castle to secretly deepen their relationship while everyone else was asleep that night. To Mio, it was a privilege that she actually wanted to keep all to herself.


She decided to share the joy that she alone felt at that time with Zest…in a sense, only that would allow Zest to truly share the same position as her. In response to the feelings that she harboured as she made that request, Basara responded with a single motion.


While he continued to kiss Zest — and even though he still used his left hand to fondle her bottom, he gently stroked Mio’s head with his other hand. Being praised by Basara — she felt happy. Trembling in joy from that, Mio moved her left hand towards Zest’s ass, and then slipped her index and middle finger obliquely into an opening near her crotch. In that instant


Whilst still kissing Basara, Zest’s hips quivered. The inside of Zest’s underwear was much hotter and wetter than the hot water in the bathtub — and as Mio spread her two fingers apart to make a gap, she used her right hand to gently usher along Basara’s shaft, leading it into the entrance to Zest’s underwear that she had made. And then

“—Put it in, onii-chan.”

As Mio said that, Basara pushed his waist forward at the same time.

“Ah…hah…fuuuuuuuuaaah ♥”

Before Mio’s eyes, Basara’s enormous and erect rod pushed into Zest’s underwear further and further. Invading from diagonally below — he didn’t push inside Zest herself, but it was Mio’s job to correct the angle so that the pleasure Zest received was maximised. And so, she controlled the position of their waists with both of her hands so that she could shift each of their body parts to rub each other. They sat at the edge of the bathtub face-to-face with each other as Zest and Basara’s crotches joined together.

“Take care with the angle…that’s good, I’ll make you feel good.”

As Mio said that, Basara began to thrust his rigid shaft like a piston. On top of that, he bit down on Zest’s weak point, her ears — and because of that

“~~~~~~Aaahh ——— ♥”

While having her ears bitten down on, Zest also felt the friction against the entrance to the mucous membrane that women were most sensitive to, which inevitably caused her to reach a grand climax as she shook her hips against Basara’s thighs even harder. However — even in this state, Mio still had something to do. Since Zest’s underwear was low-rise, every time Basara pierced forward with his waist, the tip of his enormous rod rose up from the top of her underwear. And with each successive thrust, Zest’s underwear began to slip down a little. So going behind Zest, she inserted her right hand into the same place where Basara’s rod was inserted…she slid her hand in through the opening to Zest’s underwear at her thigh. Mio then squeezed Basara’s rod within Zest’s underwear, and moved her other hand to stretch the waistband as far as she could — she had turned it into a pseudo-feminine hole to ensure that Basara could thrust as deep as he could to obtain the ultimate pleasure. This was also Maria’s idea. And then — interestingly, every time Basara thrust his hips in that state, Zest also climaxed at the same time. As Zest’s reactions increased Basara’s arousal even further, Basara’s rod began to grow even larger as it swelled up within Mio’s hand. And then, synchronising with Basara’s climax

“It’s alright Zest — be happy.”

On the opposite side to where Basara bit down on, Mio…chomped down sweetly on Zest’s right ear. In that instant


Zest reached an extreme climax — all while being embraced by Basara and Mio.


Zest was then made to cum a countless number of times by Basara and Mio.


While her entire body burned with intense pleasure, she felt the back of her chest fill with comfortable warmth. As for the name of that sweet sensation, it was surely happiness. And feeling bad that she was the only one to receive it

“Please…Maria, please teach me as well.”

She pleaded.

“Of course…please be sure to return the favour to Mio-sama in full, Zest-san.”

As the young Succubus said that, she taught Zest how to share the happiness. Since Mio’s weak point were her breasts, Basara inserted his rod into her underwear from behind whilst she remained in a seated position, and at the same time, Zest inserted her right hand into Mio’s underwear to caress Basara’s cock. As Basara brought Mio’s face towards his so that they could entwine their tongues together, he also moved both his hands from Mio’s back to her breasts to fondle them.

“Mio-sama…chu…haah, chuu…”

Zest sucked on Mio’s erect nipples alternately to serve her.

“Fuaah haah…chuu, mmm…both of you, wait…that’s…aahn fu…chuu, rero…haah…chuu

Mio was the subject of much love, and showed a sensitive reaction as she climaxed several times. While Mio was in such an aroused state, Zest beckoned

“Maria…Maria, you too…”

She appealed to the young Succubus with whom she also wanted to share the happiness.

“Alright — the four of us will have fun together ♪ ”

Maria put the video camera down at the edge of the bathtub, and joined them unguarded. However — since Mio had already climaxed multiple times, and Zest was also sensually fired up


It was too late when Maria realised and let out a yelp.

“Fufu, caught you…

“It’s your turn now…”

Having lost her sense of reason, Mio and Zest captured Maria, and then repaid the young Succubus for teaching them how to share the happiness. The source of her power — they gave her a present of pleasure and arousal. And then

“H-Hold on just a moment everyone…c-c-calm down!”

Maria panicked as she flailed her arms about.

“Come…please go ahead, Basara-sama.”

“Onii-chan, insert it into Maria’s underwear.”

As Zest and Mio said that to him, they pulled Maria towards his thighs.

“…Then, just a little.”

After Basara revealed a slight, wry smile — he responded steadfastly to Zest and Mio’s requests.


And then, the three of them all gave Maria plenty of pleasure. After everything that she had done up until now, they were able to witness an embarrassed side of her, and at the same time, since they had an opportunity to counterattack, Mio and the others caressed Maria’s entire body. Although Maria had a young figure, she belonged to the species known as Succubus, which meant that her body was even more sensitive than Mio and Zest’s. Even though she wasn’t in a state of aphrodisia unlike them, she still reached immense climaxes as Basara’s shaft rubbed against her opening. In that state, Mio fondled her small breasts from behind, causing the young Succubus’ nipples to become erect. And just as those nipples were rubbed by her fingertips

“…Aah, mmm…haah…yaah, ah — aaaaaahhh

She looked above Basara into the empty space as the euphoria in her eyes deepened. While she sat on top of Basara’s sturdy thighs, her entire lower body quivered lewdly as she secreted womanly fluids like a waterfall. The climax of the young Maria made Mio and the others feel immorally aroused.

…Maria, she’s so cute….

Mio gulped. Perhaps this was also a characteristic of the Succubus race….Zest didn’t seem like she could hold back either as she slipped her hand into Maria’s underwear to fondle her small ass, while the young Succubus with a girl-like figure arched her back as she repeatedly climaxed. So — with the intense pleasuring from Mio and the others, it was not long before Maria’s consciousness faded. They might have gone a bit overboard…but they themselves were always pleasured until they passed out as well, so they simply lay Maria down over the wide edge of the bathtub. —In truth, that should have been the end. Mio and Zest had both completely submitted to Basara. But — for some reason, the curse mark of the Master-Servant contract remained, and their aroused state didn’t subside. Rather, a more painful sensation than usual swelled up within their bodies.

“N-No…onii-chan, I…it’s too hot…haah”

“I’m sorry…me too, this is amazing…it’s my first time, aaah.”

Mio and Zest were attacked by a sensual eruption that they could not hold back. Their breasts had become enlarged because of how Basara conquered them so many times, and yet they still continued to have desires of Basara using both of his bands to assail their breasts even further. And so, they used their deep valleys to sandwich his hard rod on both the left and right sides.

“Haah…aah, amazing…yaaan

As they rubbed each other’s areolas and nipples together, the pleasure that Basara felt from that sensation caused his stiff object to grow even harder. Both of them were able to gain satisfaction from serving Basara at the same time, causing their reason to melt, and they became completely absorbed in their roles. Similarly, Basara’s arousal didn’t seem to dissipate either, and from that point on both Mio and Zest climaxed several times. Under such circumstances, Basara’s rod pulsated with an incredible amount of pent-up excitement

“…Ah, I’m coming!”

As he groaned out loud, Basara’s rod trembled with excitement in between Mio and Zest’s breasts — and in that instant

“…Onii-chan, kyaa

A vast amount of semen rocketed up like a fountain, and completely covered both Mio and Zest’s faces and chests obscenely with the cloudy-white liquid of desire. The cloudy-white liquid continued to overflow from the tip of Basara’s cock as it throbbed, and at the bottom of the valley that had been shaped by Zest and Mio’s breasts, a pool of cloudy-white liquid was formed.

“Ah…aah…amazing, it keeps getting hotter and hotter…

“D-Don’t move…Zest, n-noo…

No longer able to put up any resistance, Zest’s brown breasts bounced up and down whilst still covered in the juices of pleasure, and similarly, Mio also began to move in the same way.

“…Fufufufufu, that’s your punishment for getting caught up in the moment ♪ ”

Accompanied by a mischievous laugh, someone’s voice was heard. The young Succubus who was supposed to have fainted earlier propped her elbows on the edge of the bathtub and used her hands to support her chin as she looked at them with amusement and said

“A Succubus’ love juices are one of the strongest aphrodisiacs…it raises the level of arousal, while the desire to seek out pleasure increases proportionally, making it even more difficult to relieve the curse.”

As she said that, Maria used her right hand to reach over to a certain place. It was a switch to activate certain functions of the bathtub. As Mio saw and understood what Maria was about to do, she winced. Although the power hadn’t been switched on in the original space, the barrier that Mio had created was able to replicate the conditions of the original space. Naturally, electricity flowed from the electrical outlet. That was why — everything became inevitable from that point onwards.

“—Make sure to soak all the way up to your shoulders. I’ll turn this up this to a hundred.”

Whilst saying so with a smile, Maria switched on the jet-bath function of the tub.


Immediately — all fifty of the jet outlets injected a large amount of foam and bubbles into the tub. Both Mio and Zest’s entire bodies were still heavily affected by the aphrodisiac, and they had soaked in the bathtub in order to serve Basara with their breasts while he sat at the edge of the bathtub. There was nowhere for them to escape — so


Together, Mio and Zest were instantly drawn into a vortex of pleasure that transcended their fantasies. And then, just as Maria said, they climaxed numerous times as the water soaked all the way up to their shoulders.


—And then. They waited for Mio and Zest’s consciousness to recover before dismantling the barrier and bringing their outing for the day to an end. After returning home, and having successfully gained the approval of Yuki and Kurumi to extend the house, Zest began to collect a variety of information from the net and the library by going there to read various things. Sometime after that…a basement had been constructed in the Toujou residence. —They had gained five new rooms as a result of utilising the space underneath the garden. There were two rooms for Maria and Zest, and also two for Jin. One of those rooms was used to store all of the camera equipment and materials that he used for work. Instead of sharing, the four rooms which were part of the original house now belonged to Basara, Mio, Yuki and Kurumi. And — the last room in the basement which had the largest size of them all was a master bedroom and bathroom. Since a promise was a promise, Basara and the others had bought the large jet-bath tub that Maria wanted from the remodelling store, on the condition that it would be used with care. The moving and installation work was scheduled to begin a few days after the payment was made, and once that was over, two double beds which had been purchased from another furniture store would be placed in there side-by-side. After everyone bathed, they could simply walk right over to the bed as they were. Naturally, this was also at the request of the Loli-Ero Succubus.

(All 11 of 11 parts) (23/8)

[1] Ochazuke: A dish consisting of rice with some toppings, and then green tea poured on top.
[2] Black Card: Known informally by this name due to its appearance, this is most likely a reference to the American Express Centurion Card – an invitation-only card for the extremely wealthy.
[3] This comes up a few times in the chapter. Japan uses abbreviations to describe housing layouts. The number prefix represents the number of bedrooms, while the L stands for Living, D for Dining, K for Kitchen, and S for Study.
[4] Tsubo: A traditional Japanese unit of measurement that would be roughly equivalent to 3.3 sqm or 36 sqft.

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