Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 10 Epilogue

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Afterwards, around two months passed.

—Year 1366 of the A.S.B Calendar, the month of Aquarius. The fifteenth day.

In the northeast of the continent — the Holy Espada Agency was situated on a peninsula commonly known as the ‘Dragon’s Wing’. Not only was the Holy Espada Agency a city-state surrounded by magnificent walls on all sides, it was also the headquarters of the Rosa Maria faith. In this place, the Cathedral of Saint Rosa Maria had gained a reputation for its world-class ceiling frescoes. The main hall of the grand cathedral had a seating capacity of three thousand people, and it was already full at this time. The majority of them were royalty and nobles of the Chevron Kingdom. The adoptive parents of Oscar who gave her the narcotic had been pardoned and sat in the front row. Under Oscar’s orders, former Third Prince Uriel was also allowed to attend. Other royalty and nobility such as Paladin Oswald of the Lautreamont Knight Country, First Princess Veronica, and Fourth Princess Silvia were also invited to attend. As Veronica’s subordinate, Avdocha also attended the gathering. Sitting quietly beside Avdocha as if in embarrassment was a girl with a mask on her face. She was the imperial girl with Pluto for both of her eyes — Kriemhild. Because she was associated with Pluto, Oscar had sent an invitation letter especially for her. In addition, seats were arranged specifically for Avalon’s Holy Dragons’ Emperor Knights, led by Ash and Eco.

The Pope Racquel IV stood by the altar. Placed upon it was a gleaming golden crown and the magnificent treasured sword Tír na nÓg. A figure walked down a red carpet towards the altar, step by step. She was ranked one hundred and eighth in the royal succession — Oscar Brailsford. She had abandoned her cross-dressing habits for a gorgeous-looking dress. Behind her, responsible for holding the hem of the surprisingly long dress was a figure with a serious expression — Oscar’s personal maid Celes.

During the past two months, Oscar had performed feats of incredible resourcefulness, making her seem like a superhuman capable of being in multiple places at one time. After returning home in a whirlwind on Tristan, she swiftly swept through the Second Prince’s army that had taken the initiative, as well as the allied forces of the Fourth and Fifth Princes. They had broken Racquel IV’s strict ruling and started a civil war before the mourning period for Zacharias III was over. As such, they were undeserving of sympathy. After that, Oscar flew all over the kingdom and successfully extinguished any flames that could lead to war. Upon witnessing Oscar’s outstanding abilities, factions supporting Oscar within the palace also began to appear. Eventually, all citizens of the kingdom expressed their full support for Oscar, and even the media began to praise Oscar’s heroic deeds.

Ash and the others also supported Oscar behind the scenes as Avalon’s Holy Dragons’ Emperor Knights. Since they operated covertly from beginning to end, most of the world was unaware of the achievements that Ash and the others had accomplished. However, this was exactly the outcome that Ash and the others desired. After all, the motive of their activities was not the pursuit of fame and status. However, it was also an indisputable fact that Avalon’s Holy Dragons’ Emperor Knights had recently attracted the attention of various foreign and domestic media outlets. Personally, Ash’s only desire was for everything to proceed smoothly and peacefully….

On the other hand, the shock caused by the death of the Mother Dragon still lingered. The traditional activity of the Lautreamont Knight Country known as the <Orphan Ceremony> had become a part of history, and the opportunity to cultivate a new generation of dragon Breeders was now forever lost—. The recent extended silence of Second Princess Cassandra and Dark Dragon King Mordred was also worrying. The Second Princess had allowed the Dark Dragon King to live off her body, and her whereabouts were a mystery. Presumably, this was a matter which would continue to simmer in the Knight Country’s court for a long time.

The whereabouts of Kiira Brava Henriksen were also still unknown. According to the Albion Forest Military Order that was put in charge of the search, Kiira had probably survived and escaped from the forest. A dangerous pharmacist with the ability to concoct various drugs remained on the loose…that was another worrying issue.

The list of troubling problems only continued to grow. However, Ash cleared his mind and reminded himself that his current focus was a major moment of Oscar’s life. Eventually, the voice of Racquel IV solemnly resounded through the quiet cathedral.

“Then, Oscar Brailsford shall henceforth be renewed as Oscaia I, and the coronation ceremony will begin—”

“The Avalon Knight Dragner V” is closed.

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