HighSchool DxD Volume DX4 (New Line)

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New Line

A few days after the battle against the Sitri team—.

Saji and I made our way toward a certain place after school, and we began to chat along the way.

“Shinra-senpai is going to make an official debut as a writer!?”

I was totally surprised! Out of the blue, I had learnt that she was going to officially debut as an author!

“Yeah, it’s probably the biggest surprise that came out of that match.”

Saji noted. According to him, after that match, several publishers from the Underworld contacted Shinra-senpai, and it seemed likely that she would officially become a writer. Apparently, many women in the Underworld are highly interested in the contents of that doujinshi….

…But, I am absolutely opposed to being written about like that in a novel with Kiba! Having said that, it’s really hard to predict what might happen in our lives.

Whilst we conversed with each other, we got off the train at a station near Saji’s house and then went directly to his house. After the match, I decided to make a proper visit to Saji’s house. As soon as the door was opened, Saji’s younger brother Gengo-kun rushed through the hallway and appeared.

“Welcome home, onii-san! Ah, it’s Castella-oniisan!”

“Hey, you’re pretty energetic, Gengo-kun.”

He also seemed to remember me…but, I guess I’m ‘Castella-oniisan’. Ah well. After entering his house, and on the way into his living room, I said to Gengo-kun

“So, I heard that you won a fight, Gengo-kun?”

When I said that, Gengo-kun looked extremely proud as he recounted the story to me.

“Well, I did this and this and then that, and that made Ryo-kun cry first!”

After hearing that, Saji reluctantly said,

“I see, that’s amazing. Your brother…fought and lost.”

Saji rubbed his little brother Gengo-kun’s head as he looked at me and said,

“—But, your brother made his opponent see just how strong he was.”

…Yeah, you’re strong. You’re really strong…and I think I want to have a rematch with you someday. But, I don’t want another face-only punch-out anytime soon. Upon seeing my completely swollen face after the match, Xenovia immediately laughed, Asia immediately cried, and I was too tired to say anything else.

After a while, the intercom rang, and Saji went to answer the door—.

“Good day.”

“Sorry for being late, Saji. I’ll help you prepare.”

Rias and Sona-senpai arrived. That’s right! We actually decided to gather all of the new and old members of the Occult Research Club as well as the Sitri team at Saji’s place to liven things up! Since the match was over, we could have a meeting as fellow comrades. After hearing Sona-senpai say that, Saji replied in a panic,

“It’s fine! My sister and I will do it, so please sit down President!”

Although Saji said that, Rias and Sona-senpai still occupied the kitchen and began to cook with the ingredients that they had brought along. Sona-senpai’s culinary skills were devastatingly bad, so most of the work was actually done by Rias. While assisting both of them, Saji’s little sister Kaho-chan took out some kind of package.

“By the way, Gen-nii. Sona-san’s friend sent this over, it’s meant to be for Gengo.”

Everyone confirmed that the sender appeared to be from the Agares territory.

“…It’s from Seekvaira.”

Sona-senpai said. We opened the parcel — inside was a box with a plastic model, and a Blu-ray boxset.

“…A Gundam figure…and a Blu-Ray boxset?”

…I muttered…. But, as the recipient of the present, Gengo-kun lifted the plastic model’s box up above his head and happily said,

“It’s a toy robot! Onii-chan, let’s make it, help me build it!”

“…A plastic model huh, I haven’t touched any of those since the tanks I had in elementary school…”

Rias looked at the box and then said,

“Oh, there’s no need to worry, Saji-kun. This should be the latest model which is easy to assemble.”

“…Rias, how do you know?”

Rias suddenly said something that made it sound as though she was very familiar with Gundam figures, and it piqued my curiosity.

“It’s because you, Koneko, and even Seekvaira and Elmenhilde are so familiar with Gundam. As someone involved, I decided to look into it a bit. I started by watching all of the first generation.”

Seriously!? Even Rias watched Gundam!? It feels as though Seekvaira-san’s devilish influence is affecting us bit by bit! In order to avoid over-promoting it, she disguised her intent by pushing it softly, and she secretly preached about it so that Gundam infiltrated the midst of our ranks…. Eventually, even the Tournament was affected by it, so it became impossible to ignore! …Perhaps Seekvaira-san’s terrifying combat plan has only just begun.

—After that interlude, the other members continued to gather at Saji’s house.

“Please excuse the intrusion.”

Kiba arrived.

“I bought a lot of things.”

Xenovia also brought various gifts over.

“Ah, let me help with cooking.”

Asia went into the kitchen. The Sitri peerage members also arrived one after another. After everyone sat down around the table, Nimura-san said

“Today is the celebratory party for Tsubaki-san’s debut as a writer!”

“…I feel happy yet also conflicted about this at the same time.”

Shinra-senpai certainly did have a rather complicated expression on her face. Saji’s little sister, Kaho-chan, revealed a sly smile as she said to Ravel,

“Ravel-san, please read Tsubaki-san’s book out loud again.”

As soon as she heard that, perhaps because she was actually in front of both me and Kiba, Shinra-senpai looked even more panicked than that time, and she loudly protested!

“P-Please stoooop—!”

Like that, the party began…and Saji casually asked his little brother Gengo-kun,

“Gengo, are you happy today?”

As Gengo-kun looked at all of his brother’s friends and comrades who had gathered in the living room, he grinned from ear to ear and said,

“Yup! Everyone is so much fun, I’m so happy! Onii-chan, it’s great that you have so many friends!”

Indeed, Saji has a lot of friends, doesn’t he?

Hey, Saji. I’m going to come over to your house in future as well. Although the situation was different during the match, under normal circumstances, you and I have a true ‘line’ that connects us — as friends. I hope we can continue to get along with each other for a long time to come—.

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Continues on to: Afterword

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