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Delusion Magazine Night Material Collection – Akeno


Part 1

The plan to have a date with all members of the Occult Research Club had already entered its latter stage. After beginning with Asia in the morning, it was now evening. My current date partner was Akeno-san! The oneesama with a black ponytail walked beside me! Akeno-san was wearing a halter-top dress, with a short-sleeved sweater on top. She looked so cool! As we walked down a busy street, Akeno-san said

“There’s somewhere that I want to go before we have dinner. Will you accompany me?”

Akeno-san used her finger to point to a tall building — a large furniture shop.

“Ufufu, it’s a furniture shop.”

After stepping into the furniture shop, we began to look for certain items. Akeno-san generally hung around the area which sold bedding.

“Although we’re living together, there’s still something that we’re missing.”

Akeno-san touched a cushion which was on display as she said that. Akeno-san was indeed living in my house. At the time, Xenovia also moved into my house. Although Xenovia didn’t particularly mind when it came to the usage of daily necessities, she brought a lot of things over with her. Akeno-san also went shopping often in order to satisfy her daily needs.

“Speaking of which, Buchou has recently gone to visit a lot of furniture stores and convenience stores. Is there still stuff to buy…? I wonder if our house is big enough…”

I suddenly recalled. Not long after Buchou and the others started living with me, everyone often went out to go shopping. Although they didn’t go shopping every single day, it was certainly true that there were now many more items piling up around the house. …My house was just an ordinary house, so there was limited space for storage. No, it was already filled to the limit. That was because our house was the residence of me and my parents, Asia, Buchou, Akeno-san, and Xenovia. Akeno-san quietly giggled

“Ufufu, if the current situation continues, Rias is certainly buying too much. But, you don’t need to worry though.”


Akeno-san’s words filled me with doubt. What should I do? Should I start to put some things out in the yard as well? While I was immersed in thought, Akeno-san left me behind as she made her way towards the area which had beds for sale. Akeno-san down on a bed as she said

“This bed…it’s pretty good, I could fall asleep right here.”

“Akeno-san, are you sleeping in a futon in Buchou’s room right now?”

At present, Akeno-san and Buchou shared a room. With a small house like ours, having two people sleep in one room was the limit. To be honest, I felt a little guilty about the fact that I could enjoy a room alone.

“Yes, a bed would make it easier for me to fall asleep…”

Akeno-san answered my question. So Akeno-san belongs to the ‘bed faction’ huh. Akeno-san asked me

“But, don’t you also prefer beds, Ise-kun?”

“Y-Yes. I’ve gotten used to sleeping in a bed ever since I was young, so it feels easier to fall asleep in one. I don’t have a problem with sleeping in a futon on the floor either though. Lately, when I get home and feel exhausted, I can sleep on just about anything.”

Because I had constantly been training hard recently, I could fall asleep regardless of whether I lay my exhausted body on my bed, the floor, or even without any blankets. Although it wasn’t good for my body’s health, it didn’t really matter when I was that worn out. Akeno-san nodded in agreement as she cast her eyes towards the beds on display.

“A bed is certainly better…it makes a bedroom feel a bit more inviting.”

She seemed to think of an interesting idea…. —Akeno-san then revealed a seductive smile.

“Hey, Ise-kun, would you like to try sleeping for a while?”

“Huh!? On this bed…the two of us?”

Akeno-san nodded at me, despite my surprised expression.

“Yes, this is a double bed after all.”

I-Indeed, it was a double bed, so it was larger than the average single bed!

“I’ll hop on the bed first and wait for you. Ufufu, the springiness is excellent.”

As she said that, Akeno-san took her shoes off, and gently rolled onto the bed. Akeno-san beckoned me!

“Come on, Ise-kun, hop on.”

My oneesama’s alluring expression and voice tempted me! Won’t other people be here? I looked around us, and coincidentally, no one else was around! Ooh…! Since oneesama is inviting me, I have no reason to refuse!

“I-I’m coming, please excuse me.”

I took my shoes off as I approached the bed. …It felt strange to lie on the same bed with a girl while inside a store. But, my heart was racing! As soon as I turned my face to the side, I could see an incredibly enticing oneesama lying right next to me! Akeno-san slowly brought her face closer to mine, and her slight breath caused my skin to tingle.

“…It’s a nice feeling when we’re lying right next to each other.”

Akeno-san’s eyes became moist as she said so…I-I can’t take any more of this! Akeno-san continued

“Hey, Ise-kun…can you let me lie on your arm?”

—What!? That single phrase caused my entire body to quiver, and it felt as though some kind of unknown sensation travelled across my entire body!

“An a-arm pillow!?”

Upon hearing my doubts, Akeno-san asked me again like a spoiled child.

“Mmm. …I can’t?”

T-This is against the rules! The way that Akeno-san acted just like an ordinary girl kept stimulating me!

“N-No, of course you can! I’m honoured! If my arm is okay, then please use it as a pillow!”

I quickly stretched my arm out! Ah, it was no longer an arm, it had become a pillow! It was Akeno-san’s personal pillow!

“Then, I won’t hold back.”

Akeno-san placed her head against my wrist. …Aaaaaahh, it feels so good to have a girl lean on your arm…the weight feels comfortable…so there are girls who would want to be pampered by me! The tempting fragrance of Akeno-san’s body stimulated my nostrils…my brain was beginning to melt! And then, Akeno-san said

“…Ise-kun, Rias…has she also used this arm pillow?”

“…T-There have been times when she slept like this all the way until morning!”

Buchou would often sneak into my bed and lie on my arm to sleep until morning. Sometimes, even Asia would enter my bed and use my arm as a pillow. However, it was certainly a refreshing feeling to have girls use my arm in this way. How do I put it…I can’t help but think that there’s nothing that could make a man happier.

“Is that so? It seems like I’ve stolen another one of Rias’ special privileges. Ufufu, it feels nice to do this, I’m so happy.”

Akeno-san giggled softly as she revealed a very cute smile. Akeno-san lifted her body up and then said to me

“Thank you, Ise-kun. I’m starting to feel hungry, so let’s get something to eat.”

I should be the one thanking her for giving me the wonderful experience of having a girl rest her head on my arm! Akeno-san and I left the furniture store to go in search of dinner.

Part 2

I gave Akeno-san an arm pillow…! It was a precious experience! It was definitely worthwhile! Akeno-san and I walked into an alleyway off the main street. Unlike the noisy street, it was dark and devoid of people here. I looked on the map that had the restaurant marked on it as we walked. I walked with Akeno-san through this narrow alleyway where we could just barely fit when walking single-file. For some reason, it seemed suspicious. It felt as though this was a street that ordinary people would definitely never take. …Although I had lived in this area for seventeen years, it was the first time that I had encountered such a narrow street. After a few minutes, and some distance further, we arrived at our destination. It was a western-style building. The words ‘Wildcat House’ were written on the signboard. There were no windows, so we couldn’t see inside. Not a ray of light escaped from the building, and our surroundings were illuminated only by the street lights. …The store certainly had a unique atmosphere…it seemed like…a restaurant…after all, it did appear to have a menu posted up.

“This store?”

Akeno-san tilted her head as she asked me.

“Yes, to be honest, Kiba recommended this one to me.”

I said. This ‘Wildcat House’ restaurant was the one that Kiba had recommended to me. Since I had trouble finding a good place to have a meal with a girl, I asked Kiba for advice. Since it was Kiba who often received a large number of jobs from women, a place like this must’ve been familiar. Thus, he sent me a map which marked the location of this restaurant. …I wasn’t suspicious of Kiba, but simply judging from the outer appearance of the store, it seemed fairly suspicious. It definitely had a dubious atmosphere. On the contrary, Akeno-san seemed somewhat delighted….

“Yuuto-kun’s…could it be that client?”

Akeno-san said, as she seemed to recall something. …Client? Ah, she was probably referring to one of his clients. When Kiba sent me the map, he did mention “I’ve never actually been there as a customer”. All of a sudden, I noticed several people behind me, and when I turned around—

“Kiba, Gasper, and Koneko-chan.”

Kiba’s group of three appeared before us.

“Why…? Could it be that we’re all eating here?”

I asked. We separated earlier at the bowling alley. Kiba smiled as he replied

“Hmm, it feels like we’re disturbing you two. I introduced this store to Ise-kun, but I actually felt a bit ashamed that I hadn’t tried it myself yet. When we finished bowling and separated, we thought about coming here.”

I see, just as Kiba said, there was nothing to be worried about. Gya-suke and Koneko-chan also added

“I’m just hungry.”

“…I was a bit interested and curious, so I came along when there was mention of food.”

It seemed as though everyone had the same idea to come to this store.

“What about Asia and the others?”

I remembered the other three people that I couldn’t see around.

“Those three were rather interested in playing another game. Xenovia seemed to have found her rhythm and she kept getting high scores in a row. She’s challenging the record score.”

Kiba said. It seemed like Xenovia had taken a liking to bowling. After all, she was quite athletic. If she got into the rhythm, she would probably have no rival…and possibly make a new record.

“Ufufu, it’s not bad for all of us to have dinner together either.”

After Akeno-san said that, the five of us entered ‘Wildcat House’. Before we went in, I took a quick glance at the menu which was displayed on the outside. …It simply had an A set or a B set. Only two types? Was this a specialty restaurant?

“I’ll have the A set then.”

As I said that, Akeno-san then followed with

“Then I’ll also get the same A set as Ise-kun.”

“I’ll pick the B set.”

“I’ll also choose the B set then.”

Both Kiba and Gasper chose the B set. Koneko-chan revealed a rare, distraught expression.

“Even in restaurants that normally sell these set meals, there are various different definitions of an A set or a B set. The A set might be based on meat, while the B set is based on fish, but the reverse is also possible. If it’s this store…then I’ll choose the B set.”

Koneko-chan was rather particular when it came to dining. When she had days off, she often embarked on ‘gourmet’ journeys by herself, and one of her hobbies was going to restaurants to challenge their eating contests. After deciding on what to order, we opened the large doors at the entrance. As we entered the store, we immediately saw the counter and two doors. The large letters A and B were engraved on the doors, and they seemed to correspond to the previous menu. …Although we waited for a while, there was no sign of any service staff. Suddenly, the fluorescent screen near the counter flashed brightly and displayed some text.

[Welcome. This restaurant is ‘The Restaurant Of Many Orders’. Customers who want the A set meal, please proceed through the door marked A. Customers who want the B set meal, please proceed through the door marked B.]

…There wasn’t any human service, and they simply used a fluorescent screen to deal with customers. It was also split into the A door and B door…hey, the fluorescent screen only showed those words and nothing else.

“…I can’t help but think of Kenji Miyazawa [1].

Isn’t this a copy of Kenji Miyazawa’s <<The Restaurant Of Many Orders>>? Two people hunting in the mountains entered a strange restaurant on the mountain. No wonder this was called the ‘Wildcat House’. Kiba nodded as he said

“Yes, well the shop owner is a fan of Kenji Miyazaki.”

“…Maybe we’re the ingredients, and the wildcats are using us for food.”

I half-closed my eyes and said.

“That won’t happen.”

Kiba smiled wryly as he replied. If it was someone who made a job request to a Devil, they were probably on the weirder spectrum among humans. Well, Kiba’s clients probably weren’t that weird — no, definitely. Afterwards, we went our separate ways through the doors according to the set meals which we had chosen. After we went through the door — there was another fluorescent screen and a conveyer belt? A conveyer belt…? What is it for? Is it used to carry food like in a sushi restaurant? My mind was filled with all sorts of unease and doubts. And then, a few words appeared upon the fluorescent screen.

[Honoured guests, please take a moment to do your hair and clean the mud off of your shoes.]

“Ara ara, this really is the ‘Restaurant Of Many Orders’.”

Akeno-san quietly giggled. It really did follow all of the details. It seemed the owner was truly a fan of Kenji Miyazawa. Akeno-san and I used the combs which were brought along by the conveyer belt to comb our hair, and also used the towels which were brought along by the conveyer belt to wipe off the dirt from our shoes. The fluorescent screen displayed a new message again.

[Please leave your weapons, Devilish equipment and the like here.]

…What weapons? Akeno-san didn’t have anything like a weapon or Devilish equipment, so we didn’t place anything onto the conveyer belt. Speaking of which, they were already treating us like Devils.

[Please leave your hats, coats and shoes here.]

Another request was made. Neither Akeno-san nor I were wearing hats. I was the only one wearing a jacket. So I took my jacket off, and then both Akeno-san and I took our shoes off and placed them onto the conveyer belt.

[Please leave any glasses, wallets, metal, or any sharp objects here.]

…Alright, alright. I put my wallet down. I don’t have any sharp objects! It was beginning to feel a bit troublesome. Was it really necessary to go through all of this just to have a meal? Although Akeno-san was an exception, it definitely wasn’t suitable to bring any girls to this restaurant! Somehow, I couldn’t bring myself to like it at all! I couldn’t help but sigh as a new request was displayed on the signboard.

[Please leave all bras with metal (metal clips) here.]


…Huh? B-Bra!? What a wonderful request! W-What kind of request is removing a bra!?

“This store is too rude! It’s just a lustful owner, isn’t it!? Akeno-san, you don’t need to take—”

The store was rather disappointing for me, and just as I looked to my side, Akeno-san had already started to follow through! She had taken her bra off without taking her top off! A bra with an incredibly large size was placed on top of the conveyer belt!

“Ufufu, how fun, I guess I’ll take it off first then. The owner of this store is Yuuto-kun’s client, and also a woman, so I don’t mind if she sees.”

T-That’s not the problem! Ah, the conveyer belt mercilessly carried her bra away! Give it to me! Give me the bra! No, you absolutely must return it! Even if the store owner was a woman, I couldn’t put up with Akeno-san’s bra being taken away! —Suddenly, a shrill scream was heard from the room next door.

[Huh? W-W-Why? Why do I have to take it off!?]

Gasper cried out. And then I also heard Koneko-chan’s voice.

[…It can’t be helped, you have to take off your girl’s clothing. Gya-kun, take it off, and hurry up, or I’ll do it for you.]

[Nooooooo! Koneko-chan is going to strip me!!![

[Where there’s a will, there’s a way.]

…Just what is going on over there…clearly that side had different requests to us…so that was the difference between the A set meal and the B set meal…! There was no point in worrying about that now, since there was a new request again. The conveyer belt brought across two jars.

[Please use the cream in the jar to cover your hands and feet. This is also good for your skincare.]

…It was the same as the story huh. In Kenji Miyazawa’s story, this cream was used to make humans taste even more delicious, though that was definitely impossible here…. Although it was good for our skincare, did we really have to apply the cream? Both Akeno-san and I applied the cream to our hands and feet. I slightly glanced towards Akeno-san, and felt entranced by her pretty legs underneath her halter-top/dress! Ah, those tender white thighs! They’re extraordinary…they have such elasticity!

“Ise-kun, I don’t want to get my clothes dirty with the cream, so could you please help me apply the cream onto my legs?”

—What! The stimulating request caused my entire body to freeze! To think a wonderful phrase like ‘please help me apply cream’ existed in the Japanese language!

“I-I understand! It would be my pleasure.”

I immediately answered Akeno-san. I tipped a bit of the cream from the jar onto my hands and rubbed it together. After I said ‘excuse me’, I moved my hands toward her white skin. I could barely withstand the soft and incomparable sensation from her skin! With a somewhat slippery sensation, my hands completely captivated by Akeno-san! Akeno-san’s thighs were so soft…they were slightly different from Buchou’s…but the comfortable sensation was causing my brain to melt! No, I’m going to pass out! But that wouldn’t be a bad feeling either! Just as my mind was lost in a state of euphoria, I heard Gasper’s cries from next door.

[Eeeehh!? W-W-What!? Why is it me again!? Rubbing cream on!? And on the b-b-b-b-breasts!]

[…Gya-kun, you don’t have to worry since you don’t have breasts. Hurry up and apply the cream, Gya-kun.]

[Nooooo! Koneko-chan is going to make me bare!]

…I had no idea what was going on next door. I could even hear Kiba’s laughter, so it seemed to be quite the humorous situation…. After I rubbed the cream on, I placed the jar back onto the conveyer belt. Akeno-san glanced towards the room next door.

“Ara ara, they seem to be having fun.”

They did indeed seem to be playing around next door. Well, I got to enjoy Akeno-san’s thighs, so I’m happy! Mmmhmm! I began to have a good impression about the store! Please bring on more of these erotic requests! Just as such thoughts crossed my mind, new words appeared upon the fluorescent screen.

“I quite like the cross-dressing boy.”

…W-What? It sounded more like a message for Gasper….

[Ah, but I personally do prefer Issei-kun X Kiba-kyun though.]

Don’t suddenly lump me together with Kiba! Just what is the issue with this store owner!?

[Now, the questions. How many questions?]

“How should I know!?”

I retorted! I took back my previous statement! This store was indeed way too strange! However, all of the questions raised were rather ordinary.

[Do you like meat, or do you prefer fish?]

It finally started to feel more like a restaurant.

“…If I had to say, then I prefer meat.”

I said. I really liked eating grilled meat, beef hot pot, and hamburger steak.

[Oh dear, so you’re a meat-eating man (laughs).]

Heeeey! What’s with that ‘(laughs)’!? You sound irritated!?

“I’ll choose fish.”

Akeno-san belonged to the fish faction. After all, when everyone gathered for meals, Akeno-san usually chose fish dishes. Upon hearing this, the store owner replied

[I see. Though please let me first say, compared to Issei-kun X Kiba-kyun, more people support Kiba-kyun X Issei-kun…. After all, an aggressive Kiba-kyun is definitely better!]

“That’s enough! It’s getting old now! Hurry up with your next request!”

[What a pity.]

This is the real pity! Why do I have to get paired up with Kiba when I just want to go to a restaurant and eat!? The room next door seemed to be having a similar conversation.

[…Indeed, Gya-kun’s advances are too weak. Truly too weak.]

[M-My moves, Ise-senpai trained me…]

Kiba comfortingly said to Gasper

[That is also a form of love.]

Wait, I’m already a couple with Kiba? Don’t tell me this store owner is into BL!? Are they a fujoshi [2]!? Please don’t count me in! This store has too many BL requests! I couldn’t help but complain to myself. The items which were taken away by the conveyer belt earlier came back around. My shoes and wallet seemed a bit shinier compared to when I had handed them over. Akeno-san’s bra also seemed unwrinkled. And then, I saw the final phrase that was displayed on the fluorescent screen.

“Thank you very much. I’ve been inspired. Please come in.”

Once I opened the door, we finally arrived at a room with tables and chairs—. We met up at the table. Akeno-san and I had chosen the A set meal, while Kiba’s group of three had chosen the B set meal. The food was also sent over via the conveyer belt. It seemed like it was connected to the kitchen. The appetisers, pasta, meat and fish dishes, salad, and snacks were delivered one after the other via the conveyer belt.

“…The food is actually quite ordinary. It’s delicious though.”

Just as I said, all of the dishes which came along the conveyer belt were decent. There were a variety of colourful salads in Italian style. There were various small dishes made with lots of cream and shrimp. They were accompanied by meat dishes, fish dishes, and an aromatic soup; it was truly quite mouth-watering. There didn’t actually seem to be much difference between the A set and the B set, though? Maybe just the soup was different? Kiba said

“The owner here is a shy otaku. She basically uses a screen to interact with all people.”

[Sorry for being a shy otaku.]

Those words were displayed on a fluorescent screen. I couldn’t help but feel curious about what kind of woman she was.

“What is the difference between A and B?”

I asked the screen.

“The software for A is a bit more exciting than B, hehe.”

What!? How was the software more exciting!? Weren’t Gasper’s cries much more intense than ours…? …This wasn’t ‘The Restaurant Of Many Orders’, it was clearly just a strange restaurant.

Although I was already tired of staying rational, the words on the screen continued

[It was great to see Hyoudou Issei-kun and Gasper-kun whom Kiba-kun mentioned before.]

Oh, well it’s my pleasure. —The store owner then continued

[My dream is now complete. This time, I’ll make a book for the Comiket [3], so please come and support me.”

“I won’t come back to this restaurant with BL requests again!”

Seriously, please spare me! All of the people who make requests to Devils are weirdos! Like this, our dinner which was filled with fierce BL desires concluded—. After we exited the restaurant, Kiba’s group of three separated from Akeno-san and I. When we returned to the station, I began to feel a little tired.

“It just feels like that meal was really tiresome.”

…I’m never going back there again! I got stared at with a strange look as soon as I stepped in, and I’ve had enough!

“Ufufu, it was rather fun though.”

Throughout the date, Akeno-san maintained a smile. …Hmm, I was also happy. After all, I got to give Akeno-san an arm pillow and I also got to rub cream onto her thighs! I’ll never forget! —Akeno-san’s face turned slightly red, and she whispered to me

“…It’d be nice if we came back one day though, just the two of us…”

…The way she spoke, it was as though—. Just as I was about to say something, Akeno-san seemed to notice someone nearby as she glanced in a certain direction.

“It seems like your final partner has already arrived.”

I followed the direction of Akeno-san’s gaze and saw Rias-buchou.

“Ah, Buchou.”

“Ara, so it’s my turn now. I feel like I’m a bit early…”

Part 3

Buchou seemed slightly perplexed. After all, she had arrived a few minutes earlier than planned. Akeno-san bowed, and then took a step back.

“Okay, I’ll leave the rest to you, Buchou.”

Akeno-san then looked at me and said

“That was fun, Ise-kun. Let’s have another date.”

“Yes, for sure!”

There were still a lot of places that I wanted to visit with Akeno-san. While I waved as I saw Akeno-san off, my mind was filled with ideas and delusions of the next date with my oneesama. My other oneesama — Rias-buchou took a deep breath as she smiled and said.

“Let’s go then.”


Like this, the great plan to have a date with all members of the Occult Research Club approached its final stage — with Rias-buchou!

(All 3 of 3 parts) (15/9)

[1] A 20th century Japanese poet and author. In his narrative ‘The Restaurant of Many Orders’, two arrogant hunters stumble into a restaurant in the mountains and follow the numerous requests that they face only to find out that they are the intended meal, and the instructions that they followed were to make them tastier.
[2] fujoshi: term for female fans of manga/novels/media which feature romantic relationships between men.
[3] Comiket: Shortening of ‘Comic Market’. A biannual fair primarily held for fans to buy and sell self-made manga and other media.

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