Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

I’m triplezerox or zxzxzx. I’m a uni student who likes programming, is a computing enthusiast and among other things also enjoys anime. I’ve set up this blog so that I can post things which will most likely be anime related.

I really admire the work and effort of code-zero who has been doing translations for LNs and just want to say thank you. I’ve decided to start translating some of V18 myself as I’ve gotten impatient after Season 3 of HighSchool DxD (BorN) started to air and couldn’t wait any longer to find out what happens next in the LNs, especially with the upcoming V20 as well.

I’ll be doing this as much as I can in my spare time but if code-zero updates his blog or continues then I’ll stop as he is by far much better than me at this.