HighSchool DxD SS (Fantasia Heroine 2019)

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Fantasia Heroine 2019 Calendar Book

[Club Room Tea Stories – Summary Version]

※ This story takes place before High School DxD Volume 10 – Lion Heart of the School Festival.

♥ Koneko’s Situation

Ise: “Now that I think about it, you were originally a Nekomata, but you don’t seem to be afraid of hot food, Koneko-chan.”

Koneko: “…I’ve been practising.”

Rias: “I would say that it’s all thanks to practice. When she initially became my servant, she couldn’t eat hot food at all.”

Koneko: “…Not being able to eat hot food is a matter of life and death. Taiyaki, takoyaki, sukiyaki, yakiniku…I worked desperately to train my tongue (lick lick).”

Rias: “On that topic, because she’s a Nekomata, there’s something that works very well, right? Here you go, Koneko.”

Koneko: “Nya…nyan ♪”

Ise: “Ooh, Koneko-chan instantly exposed her cat ears and tail! Buchou, what was the powder in that bag?”

Rias: “Ufufu, it’s matatabi.”

Ise: “Ah, matatabi! I see, it’s because she’s a cat.”

Rias: “This is the only thing that she hasn’t gotten over yet. She seems to enjoy it though, so it’s not a bad thing.”

Ise: (…If I use that, then I can do that with Koneko-chan…)

Rias: You can’t use it for bad things, okay?

Ise: Y-Yes! (I can never sneak anything past you, can I?)

Koneko: “Nyan ♪ nyan ♪”


♥ Xenovia’s Situation

Xenovia: “Hmm, so this is written as [iron] huh. And this is in katakana so it can be read as [calcium].

Ise: “Hey, Xenovia. What are you trying to look up in the dictionary?”

Xenovia: “Ah, Ise. Well, I’ve been struggling to try and read this book.”

Ise: “What!? Special magazine for pregnancy and childcare…[Egg Club]!? What kind of book are you reading!?”

Xenovia: “Since I’ve decided to give birth to your children in the future, it’s vital for me to know what nutrients are necessary for a mother. By the way, the music for prenatal education will be Christian hymns.”

Ise: “Both the mother and child will be hurt by that! Besides, reading such books can cause misunderstandings!”

Asia: “Good day, Ise-san, Xenovia-san. Xenovia-san, what magazine are you looking at?”

Xenovia: “Hmm, a magazine on parenting. It’s a great partner to have for peace of mind for my first time making one.”

Asia: “P-Parenting, and your first time making one…? M-Moreover, you’re reading it together with Ise-san…!”

Ise: “No, it’s a misunderstanding, Asia!”

Rias, Akeno, Koneko: “““Ise, why don’t you come over and tell us more about this?”””

Ise: “When did all of you come over here!? It’s over — I’m going to be killed!”

Xenovia: “Hmm, it’s tough being a father too.”


♥ Sona’s Situation

Ise: “Ummm…wait a second!”

Sona: “Is this the twentieth time? You asked me to teach you how to play chess. Please just give up and resign.”

Ise: “Y-Yes…. Hmm, I feel like I could win in games other than chess…!”

Sona: “I see, an interesting proposition. Then let’s have a match in the game that you think you’re best at. If you can win against me, then I’ll listen to anything you say.”

Ise: “Really!? Alright! Then, let’s play shogi next!”

Sona: “—Checkmate.”

Ise: “Damn it! I got cornered! Next…let’s go with cards!”

Sona: “—Royal Straight Flush.”

Ise: “How on earth!? Hmm, then let’s try a fighting game next!”

Sona: “—Hundred Combo Finish.”

Ise: “Your button mashing is at a professional level! Since it’s come to this, I’ll just have to go with a card game!”

Sona: “I special summon the Light-element Dragon God, Neo-Shining Dragon ZX, and perform a direct attack on my opponent’s Life Points.”

Ise: “No! …T-This can’t be! I can’t win at all.”

Sona: “Okay, what’s next? The puzzle games over here?”

Ise: “Of course! I’m definitely going to win at least once!”

Rias: (Every time Sona comes over to the Hyoudou residence, she looks so happy when she gets addicted to playing games with Ise.)

Sona: “Fufufu, I’ll accompany you until the end with anything today.”


(Part 1 of 1) (2/4)

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  1. Grayfia_Fanboy says:



    These short stories fill in a lot of backstory. Are they considered “Canon” or is that only the LN?

    • zxzxzx says:



      I don’t know if there’s a proper answer to this. I personally consider everything written by Ishi to be canon, but I’m sure there are others who think otherwise. DX stories occasionally get a mention from the main series so I think it’s safe to say that they’re canon. And if these short stories might eventually be compiled into a new DX volume, they could well be canon as well.

  2. mpz28 says:



    Short but well worth the read, & thanks for the latest update 🙂

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    Oh Xenovia…. Still hung up on having Ise’s child

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    Thanks for the translation!

    Didn’t expect Sona to have a playful side ..

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    Thanks for the update

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    Alright wasn’t expecting this!!! As always thanks for the hard work!!

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    That’s came as surprise anyways thanks for your work.