Denpachi Volume 1 Last Chapter 3

Continues on from Chapter 2 – event.
Continues on to Chapter 3 – epilogue.

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Last Chapter 3 – upset

It rained heavily on that day as well. The rain unrelentingly poured down and showed not even the slightest sign of stopping. There was a river that had become a raging torrent, and at the riverbank stood Dullahan and the two others.

They had killed a person. Nearby, there was a man in a yellow raincoat who lay on the ground. Blood spurted out from his abdomen and was swept away by the rain’s current. Standing beside Dullahan and William who both appeared to be in shock, Tathlum quietly laughed.

“…What’s wrong? Why are you guys feeling guilty? Didn’t we swear that we would do anything for the sake of our dreams and goals?”

Tathlum clutched a knife that had been stained red in his hand. William dropped to his knees and threw up on the spot. Dullahan berated Tathlum.

“Why…just why? There was no need to kill!”

“Well if I didn’t, then we would’ve been killed! Can you believe it? That guy! That man used his powers outside of the game!”

When Tathlum said that, he clutched his head between his hands as a mad smile emerged on his face.

“Loosen up, what if this is also part of the ‘game’…? You know, like an [Event]. Since we’re on the verge of clearing, the game must have prepared this for us…. Yeah, that’s what I’ve decided. Haha.”

Amidst the heavy rain, Tathlum’s voice was shrouded by the falling raindrops and was barely audible. No, perhaps Dullahan and William just pretended unconsciously not to hear what he had said. The heavy rain did not erase the man in the raincoat. Even though he died, he didn’t disappear into a pale light. The blood that flowed from his body was part of ‘reality’, and then knife in Tathlum’s hand was ‘real’.

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Continues on to Chapter 3 – epilogue.

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