HighSchool DxD Volume DX5 (Infinity Underwear.2)

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Infinity Underwear.2

—Something like that happened huh.

It was surprising that it had already been a year since that shopping trip. Gazing at mum and the Dragon God sisters hanging up the laundry while I reminisced about the past, I then noticed Kunou come up to the rooftop. Kunou had also brought a laundry basket with her.

“I’ve also come to hang things up to dry, Phis-dono, Lith-dono!”

Saying that, she used a stepping stool to hang her own laundry up onto the clothesline.

“Laundry, hang up.”

“Hang up.”

“Hang dry.”

The sight of Ophis, Lilith and Kunou hanging up the laundry while they chatted amongst themselves was soothing. It was only at times like these that I strongly felt peace. Just as I smiled and gazed at the three girls, a laundry basket was suddenly placed in front of me. Mum stood in front of me and said,

“Your clothes are in here as well, so help me out with them.”

“Sure thing.”

I stood up, took the laundry basket with my clothes in it and walked over to the clothesline. And this was an event which took place during a peaceful moment—.

(All 1 of 1 parts) (4/9/20)

Continues on to Afterword

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