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Delusion Magazine Night Material Collection – Rias


Part 1

The incomprehensible plan to have a date with all of the Occult Research Club members in a single day was finally coming to an end. Indeed, the person currently by my side was—.

“It’s really comfortable at night in this season.”

An onee-sama with red hair, Rias-buchooouuuu! My beloved and ideal master, who also happens to be a beautiful woman! The aroma of her red hair fluttering in the night wind stimulated my nostrils! Buchou and I were walking along a bustling street. It feels as though we’ve come here over and over again today. Buchou pointed at a particular building. —It was a department store.

“Let’s go there.”

“The department store, huh.”

“There’s something…that I’d like to do.”

Although I had gone to a furniture store with Akeno-san earlier, I’d gladly accept it so long as it was buchou’s request! So like that, buchou and I walked into the largest department store on the street. This was a place where I came with Matsuda, Motohama, as well as everyone else to buy various things. When my comrades moved in with me, this was where we had come to buy various daily necessities. Of course, I had also come here with just buchou and Asia before. After entering, buchou paused in a peculiar place — in front of the elevator doors.

“…Yes, indeed, an elevator is necessary.”

She nodded as she stood in front of the elevator and spoke in a hushed voice. Rather than waiting to use the elevator, it seemed more like she was just gazing at it. …Elevators surely aren’t such a rarity. However, buchou seemed to notice my surprise and removed her focus from the elevator. Buchou turned to me and simply said “sorry” before walking into the elevator. …Is buchou actually an elevator enthusiast? N-No, that can’t be. I’d never heard of such a thing. Buchou pressed the button for the top floor. As the elevator slowly began to ascend, she said

“Although it was a rare opportunity for me to come out with you today, Ise, I’ve unfortunately received an urgent request. I’ve already made an appointment to meet with the client on the rooftop here.”

Ahh…what unfortunate timing…. Buchou continued to explain

“Ise, the client is someone that you know, though it would be more precise to simply call it a coincidence. So please accompany me for a while.”

Someone I know? Then, who could it be? I ran my mind through the possibilities. I had already seen Morisawa-san, so I didn’t think it’d be him again. Then, could it possibly be Mil-tan? No, I don’t want to meet Mil-tan in a place like this…. Just as those thoughts streamed through my mind, we arrived at the top floor. After we walked up to the rooftop — a strange atmosphere began to spread around us. There was only one spot on the rooftop where customers didn’t remain. As for the reason, it was because there were two strange people standing there, and their presence was so abnormal that no one dared to approach. …As I stared across, I finally saw who it was. —In the centre of my vision, an armoured samurai and knight stood there. Buchou approached the two armoured figures with a slight smile.

“I’m not late, am I?”

And then, the armoured samurai let out a lovely female voice. —She seemed to react in a slightly shy manner.

“N-No! Both of us just got here…”

Buchou explained to me once more

“I would introduce them to you, but I believe you’re already familiar with these people, Ise—”

“Good evening, Devil-san. Long time no see. —It’s Susan.”

—Susan! It’s that woman who’s studying abroad at a university in Japan! She’s a weirdo who was fascinated by Japanese history and samurai, and thus decided to enclose herself in armour! Today, she was once again wearing that sturdy armour. The surrounding customers constantly looked at them with fear. It was absolutely understandable! Susan was one of my former clients, and she was also a memorable one because it was the first job that I successfully completed as a Devil. …Well, I did have buchou’s help that time. And then, the knight in armour greeted us.

“Thank you for your help that time.”

The armoured knight who stood beside Susan was a similar kind of weirdo — Horie-kun, Susan’s boyfriend. Because Susan had a crush on him and wanted to confess, she asked us to help her. After a string of various strange events, the two of them finally began to go out with each other. So, what kind of request does this weird couple have for buchou this time…? I quietly asked buchou

(…U-Umm, buchou. W-What has Susan requested of us this time?)

“Well, actually—”

Just as buchou was about to tell me, Susan went ahead first

“Although it’s a long story…Horie-kun and I have recently been bothered by some people.”

It was something that had recently happened to both of them. Apparently, some people appeared in front of them and said

[Why don’t you come and be friends]

—What? Because the other party seemed rather suspicious, Susan refused…but the day after, and the day after that, the same thing happened. Even today, they had been asked the same thing on the way here.

“…In other words, you’re being targeted by some strange people?”

When I asked that, Susan nodded.

“Yes, I keep getting asked [Why don’t you become a member of our organisation?] by some strangely dressed people…”

I see, since you two dress in such an odd manner, and you think that these other people dress strangely, they surely must be quite the odd group. Because your armoured figures are standing on the rooftop of this department store, the originally easy-going space has become a place where the other customers are afraid to approach. So if we compare that to this group of people, then they sound extremely suspicious. Naturally, we’re also being treated like weirdos just because we’re accompanying you.

…Although buchou was calm, I actually felt rather embarrassed to stand next to them! Buchou nodded as she said

“So you mean to say that there’s a wicked organisation in this town.”

“…Ah, an evil organisation huh…. To think that something like that exists in this town…”

Well, if it’s an organisation of ‘Devils’, then that certainly does exist in this town. After all, I happen to be a member….

“It’s not surprising. Since there are Devils and Angels, it’s not so surprising that an evil organisation exists, right?”

Since even buchou said so…it probably wasn’t strange if an evil organisation existed in this town. Since the supernatural existences of Devils were present, and such Devils themselves said that ‘an evil organisation isn’t surprising’, it sounded pretty convincing.

“…But, it’s quite unfortunate that they’re in this town.”

Buchou held her chin as she peered down from the roof to the street below. This town was buchou’s territory. Buchou was almost certainly depressed about the fact that there was an organisation that she knew nothing about here. Buchou said to me again

“I’m concerned about this evil organisation that Susan mentioned. Since this is the area where the Three Factions signed the alliance, it is a target for malicious factions. This is also my territory, so that’s no good. You’ll accompany me, right?”

Since buchou said so, I couldn’t possibly refuse her!

“I understand! As Rias Gremory’s [Pawn], I, Hyoudou Issei shall follow you to the ends of the earth!”

“Yes, please do.”

Buchou smiled! Although the details of the situation were unclear, I decided to follow her! We had gone out for the day, and although this was an unexpected interruption, I simply decided to go with the flow! I’ll keep her safe until the end!

“Thank you so much!”

Both Susan and Horie-kun were grateful for buchou’s swift response. So just like that, we advanced towards the headquarters of the mysterious organisation that was bothering Susan.

Part 2

It was actually rather easy to track down the headquarters of the mysterious organisation. As for the reason, it was because that group of people plainly told Susan what the location of their base was. It was something along the lines of ‘if you change your mind, you’re welcome to visit at any time’. Their headquarters were located in a small abandoned factory on the outskirts of town. The factory had clearly been abandoned for a long time, as the sheet metal roofing had collapsed in some places, and the entire building looked like it was in shambles. From the outside, it didn’t seem as though any people were inside at all.

“…Is this really the place?”

I asked Susan.

“I-I think so.”

Though she didn’t seem very confident when she replied.

“Anyway, let’s go in first.”

With that, buchou walked into the factory. We followed behind her. It was already dark, and it actually felt a bit frightening as parts of the factory weren’t illuminated by light. Since I was a Devil, I could see despite the darkness which loomed in the factory…but it certainly felt a little haunted and scary, just as one would expect of an abandoned factory.

Gyan gyan gyan….

The sound of metallic friction could be heard within the abandoned factory at night. Following behind me was a katana-wielding armoured samurai, and a spear-wielding armoured knight — Susan and Horie-kun. No matter how I tried to convince myself otherwise, they seemed like monsters who could ambush me from behind at any moment…!

“Uooohh…it’s so scaryyy! It’s a good thing I brought this cursed sword Muramasa along!”

“Kuh! If I knew I was coming to a place like this, I would’ve brought not just my spear, but even a shield!”

The monsters — no, the armoured couple whispered with low voices! Please don’t be like that! It’s already scary enough here as is, so I don’t need you to act like ghosts as well! In the first place, where did they get their sword and spear from!? I couldn’t recall seeing them when we met on the rooftop of the department store!?

“…This is!”

Buchou seemed to notice something, so she drew closer to inspect it — there was a ladder which led underground. After everyone came together, we decided to go underground. I took the lead, while Rias, Susan, and then Horie-kun followed. …If I looked up, I could see buchou’s panties…! While I sneakily glanced upwards, buchou said to me

“I’ll let you look, but please stay calm and be careful on the way down, okay?”

I’ll let you look—. To think that such a beautiful sentence could exist in the Japanese language! Tears filled my eyes as I looked up at buchou’s panties while continuing the descent. After climbing down the steps, we arrived at the factory’s basement. It was completely different from the surface, and the presence of other people could instantly be felt. It was possible to hear the faint sounds of conversation from afar. It seemed as though the mysterious organisation and its members were truly here. While we walked through the underground passageway, buchou suddenly whispered

“…Indeed, it’s nice to have a basement. It could be a training space, or a swimming pool…”

…For some reason, buchou drifted into deep thought as she stared at the structure of the basement. It was the same as when she kept staring at the elevator in the department store. What is buchou thinking?

While my curiosity entertained such thoughts, we finally arrived at an open space. What appeared before us was a large double-door which was slightly ajar, allowing a crack of light to escape. In order to avoid detection, we tried to reduce the sound of our footsteps as much as possible while we moved towards the entrance. From that small crack between the doors, we were able to see what it was like inside — and then there was a burst of laughter.

[Fuhahahahahahahahahaha! How is the plan going? Any progress?]

…A vast open space lay beyond the doors. For some reason, there was a wresting ring in the centre of the room. As I searched for the source of the laughter, I saw a cloaked and masked man sitting atop a luxurious-looking chair which seemed to resemble a throne. Several people kneeled down in front of the man. All of the people kneeling before him wore face masks, and they also wore articulately decorated trench coats or light armour. The masks seemed to either resemble the face of a tiger or an eagle. They totally looked like an evil organisation! So it turns out that there is an organisation like this in town. …The Four Heavenly Kings of Kuoh Academy, the game shop which sold games for Devils, and the fujoshi [1] café — today had been filled with strange encounters. What is going on in this town that I live in…? One of the people kneeling on the floor spoke.

“Yes! The plan is progressing very smoothly. But—”

The masked and cloaked man narrowed his eyes at his subordinate.


“…There are currently some people who do not wish to listen to our calls.”

“We’ve tried every possible means to recruit them, but they keep refusing.”

The subordinate’s report caused the mysterious man — the boss-like figure to let out a deep sigh.

[How heartless…. That makes the basics of restarting business here impossible.]

[N-No! Please let us try one more time!]

[If we convey our emotions, we’ll get through to them one day!]

The subordinates said such things as they pleaded. …Hmm—. As I listened to their conversation, I seemed to think of something. If I had to put my finger on it, the sound of that boss-like figure’s voice seemed familiar. Beside me, buchou let out a long sigh of relief. She stood up and pushed the large doors open, and then slowly walked right into the room! This onee-sama is simply fearless! All of the masked people reacted with exaggeration as they said things like



They retreated backwards with shock in response to the appearance of the red-haired girl. I also mustered up my courage as I walked in with the armoured couple in tow. Buchou walked straight up to the boss-like man, and stripped his mask off in an instant. The true identity of the masked man was — Azazel-sensei! It was him after all! No wonder his voice sounded so familiar!

“…Azazel, what are you doing?”

Buchou narrowed her eyes as she asked that. Azazel-sensei simply smiled as if he had nothing to hide.

“Well, if it isn’t Rias Gremory and Ise? What a coincidence to meet you here. It seems you’ve also come to my secret base.”

I-It really was a secret base…. —And then, the other masked members surrounded Susan and Horie-kun and reported

“Leader! T-This is the armoured female samurai and armoured male knight! They’re the two people who constantly turned down our invitations!”

Hearing this report from his subordinate, Azazel-sensei approached those two and looked at them as if eyeing a valuable specimen.

“Hoho, they certainly are quite the potential candidates.”


Out of fear, both of them pointed their blade and spear at Azazel-sensei…. Regardless of the situation, I decided to ask sensei

“…Azazel-sensei, could you explain what’s going on here?”

“Oh? Ah, I became the manager of the women’s professional wrestling team in this town. So then I wanted to recruit all the talent that I could. In fact—”

Sensei began to explain. When sensei moved into this town, he noticed that the local professional wrestling team was struggling. Somehow, sensei became deeply interested in them, and he found out that they were suffering from serious financial problems. They were primarily masked wrestlers, and although they had gathered a team together, no one bought any tickets to see them. After struggling to gather members, people began to leave one after the other as their dreams fell apart. I already began to feel sorry once I found out that they were just masked female wrestlers…. And so, just as they fell into despair, Azazel-sensei made contact with them.

“Well, I also wanted to try and experience what it would be like to act as the manager of a women’s professional wrestling team.”

The Governor of the Fallen Angels totally just did whatever he felt like doing. He then said

“I could prepare the reward, but I needed competitors first.”

That was why he made that request to the masked men — no, they were actually masked female wrestlers who had immensely toned bodies. So the reason why they approached Susan was to have her join as a player. …Well, I suppose the armoured couple certainly do look like they’d be awesome players for the local wrestling team. As I thought to confirm it, I walked back towards the entrance and looked up — above the door was a sign which read [Hyper-Dimensional Women’s Professional Wrestling]. …It really was just a professional wrestling team. It was certainly also true that there was nothing in the room but a wrestling ring, and other training equipment…. So this was just the underground training space for the professional wrestling team. But, even as someone who had grown up here, I had no idea that we had a wrestling team. To be honest, it was the first time that I had heard of a wrestling team in this town. Of course, I had never heard about any competitions either. The popularity was simply too low. Buchou naturally sighed.

“…Seriously, we may be allies, but it’s quite troublesome when you do things like this in someone else’s town. Also, you’re scaring the residents of this town — what are you going to do about Susan and Horie-kun?”

“Ah—. My bad, I’m sorry.”

Upon being scolded by buchou, Azazel gave a superficial apology. …Please properly reflect on what you’ve done. From Susan and Horie-kun’s perspective, the wrestling team never gave their names when they tried to extend the invitation. That naturally scared them. Even an armoured samurai would feel suspicious if someone wearing the mask of a tiger or a lion said “Come and join us!”.

“But you know, if you don’t do something like that, how can a weak team like this call out to a potential player? If these two join, then we should be able to gain even more viewers than before, right?”

…Hmm, if the armoured couple did register, the viewers would probably just be attracted due to their interesting appearance.

“Well, we also managed to convince a few of your comrades to join earlier…”

Azazel-sensei said that as he directed his gaze towards a corner of the room. Sitting there were — two masked girls! They were hungrily feasting on the variety of mixed dishes which had been set on the table.

“I am Lucia Durandal.”

“…I want to become the world’s strongest. Hello, I am Lynx Mask.”


Sitting at the table was a familiar-looking girl who wore a freestyle-wrestling mask, and another familiar-looking girl who wore a cat mask. …Judging by their voices, the one wearing a wrestling mask was probably Xenovia, and the one wearing the cat mask was probably Koneko-chan?

“…W-What are you two doing? It’s Xenovia and Koneko-chan, right?”

In response to my question, both of them calmly replied

“It’s Mysterious Swordsman Wrestler.”

“It’s Mysterious Cat Wrestler.”

No no no, it’s clearly Xenovia and Koneko-chan! Their clothing was exactly the same as when we separated! They had just put a mask on! After Lucia Durandal (self-proclaimed) downed an entire steak, she said

“It’s said that if you come here with a mask, you can have as much meat as you want. That’s why I came.”

And then Lynx Mask (self-proclaimed) plunged her fork into a piece of cake as she said

“Me too. I heard that if you come here with a mask, you can have as much cake or anything you like. That’s why I came.”

…It hasn’t been that long since we separated, right!? In that short span of time, you were somehow persuaded to come here!? It was a first for me to see my comrades act with such motivation! Wasn’t Xenovia just playing bowling, and wasn’t Koneko-chan together with Gasper and Kiba earlier!?

“……Geez, how troublesome.”

Facing the reality that even her own peerage members had been recruited, Rias-buchou seemed unsure of how to react.

“Captain Azazel! Someone else has been brought over, but they seem a bit doubtful, so they’re waiting on the surface! They said to bring the boss up!”

A masked female wrestler said as she walked in! Waiting on the surface? Who?

“Alright, I’ll go up to take a look with Ise then. Wait here, Rias.”


“Well. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? I just want to take a look.”

Buchou reluctantly agreed. Like that, I followed sensei above ground, and waiting there was—.

“I’m Mil-tan. I came because I heard that I could become a magical girl nyo.”


Even this muscular pseudo-maiden has appeared!? No, although if she (?) joins, the team will instantly become strong! That’s totally the physique of a professional wrestler! Her arms, and even fingers were very thick, no, incredibly thick! The wrestling techniques of this heaven-sent body must surely be powerful! But, Mil-tan is a man! She isn’t a true maiden! She can’t be a magical girl like that! She’s more suitable to be a wrestler who faces villains! Mil-tan fiddled with the cute-looking toy wand in her hand.

“I’ll use this magic wand that I just bought to kill all the bad guys nyo.”

A special weapon against villains—. No no, this person’s entire body was a weapon, and she was now even more dangerous with that extra weapon! Sensei also smiled wryly as he said

“No—. Although we invited you, this is basically a women’s team, so we can’t have males. But please do your best to help us with other things…”

“Mil-tan will become a magical girl nyo.”

Even so, sensei eventually got Mil-tan to go back. It’s best that my comrades don’t see this pseudo-maiden…fortunately it was just me who accompanied Azazel-sensei up. —And then, just as we made our way back underground, sensei revealed a sly expression as he asked me

“By the way, Ise. How did your date go?”

Sensei is also worried huh. Well, he was the one who encouraged me to carry out today’s one-day dating plan. Was it possible that he isolated us just so that he could ask me that?

“It’s going well. I’m finally up to buchou, who’s last.”

Sensei seemed rather touched by my answer.

“Oh, that’s good. You really dated everyone in a single day. You can do it when you put your mind to it.”

Although time was always tight, I was able to arrange it. But, there was now something that everyone could be happy about. Just as I began to go over what had happened today in my mind—. The sound of a sudden explosion was heard from below, and we even felt the tremors beneath our feet.

“W-What’s wrong!?”

Despite my panic, Azazel-sensei stood beside me as he calmly said

“Ah, those masks have an effect.”

W-What!? Isn’t that even more disturbing!? I worriedly rushed back to the room. The room was the very image of hell.



“The light beam is coming!”

The masked female wrestlers — some of the spouted fire, and some of them fired light beams from their eyes. It had turned into such a confusing and chaotic scene! A strange phenomenon had suddenly erupted within the room!

“Uwaah! My hand is just like a crab’s!”

Xenovia’s hand had transformed into the shape of a crab’s claw!

“…This is the worst.”

For some reason, Koneko-chan’s bust had expanded to a size where even a pumpkin would be able to fit into her cleavage!

“…How did I grow Angel wings!?”

—! Buchou’s figure instantly drew my attention! The pure-white wings of an Angel had sprouted on her back! A red-haired Angel had descended! Although a Devils’ wings weren’t bad, buchou looked great with an Angel’s wings as well! Speaking of which, buchou had also put a mask on! Buchou was actually quite curious, so I guess it was only natural that she tried it on!

“Horie-kun! Horie-kun!”

Upon hearing Susan’s cries, I turned to look — and saw an armoured Horie-kun turned to stone! It seemed as though he had been petrified! Azazel-sensei smiled as he explained

“Ah, the masks that they’re wearing were made by me, so naturally, there’s an additional effect. The effect is that the wearer gains a special ability, though it’s necessary to wear it for some period of time before it takes effect, which is what I found strange at the beginning…it’s finally producing results though.”

“Please don’t give dangerous items like that to ordinary people!”

Although I immediately retorted, sensei simply smiled.

“Well, professional wrestling definitely needs something like this. I previously studied mask-type Sacred Gears, so I clearly had to test my production method with this! I can guarantee that they’re non-toxic, harmless and have no side effects! It’s just that you won’t know which ability you’ll get!”

Don’t say something like that with such confidence! How does this person always do such unnecessary things!? He’s literally a trouble-making machine! Xenovia and Koneko-chan desperately tried to pull their masks off, but it seemed impossible for them.

“I can’t take it off, this thing.”

“…Maybe it’s cursed.”

No! Didn’t you say that they’re non-toxic, harmless and have no side effects!?

“How do I get those masks off!?”

When I asked that, Azazel-sensei gave me a big thumbs-up.

“Can’t you just use your Dress Break?”

—Leave it to me! Things can’t go on like this! I immediately summoned my gauntlet and began to gather power in it! I enhanced my demonic energy, and then tagged everyone who was present! Fortunately, aside from sensei and the petrified Horie-kun, everyone was female! My ability could shine! I got into a pose, and then snapped my fingers.

“—Dress Break!”

The masks and clothing that all of the girls were wearing was instantly torn apart! Ooh, I quickly saved the sight of Xenovia, Koneko-chan’s and buchou’s nude bodies into my mental archive! The bouncing chests of buchou and Xenovia were simply indescribable! It worked! After the masks were destroyed, buchou’s Angel wings, Xenovia’s hand, Koneko-chan’s chest, and the oddities of all of the wrestlers stopped!


—! It was Susan’s voice! As I turned around to check, I saw Susan’s nude body! Although she had covered up the important parts of her body using her arms, I was grateful that I could catch a glimpse of her bare skin! I never imagined that she had been hiding such an incredible body underneath that armour! Her pure-white skin was dazzling! It was a feast for my eyes! Tears formed in my eyes as I indulged myself!

“…You big pervert!”

Koneko-chan shouted a loud complaint towards me! But, the source of all this was Azazel-sensei! I instinctively turned towards sensei — but he was nowhere to be seen! Sensei escaped!

“…We’ll have to a have a nice long chat about this.”

Buchou’s anger was causing aura to seep out of her! Uh-oh, a red aura began to envelop buchou’s entire body! After buchou calmed down the underground chaos, she took out her mobile phone and announced

“All members of the Occult Research Club are to gather! Capture Azazel for me!”

Buchou was furious. But, the angelic Rias was exceptionally cute. Buchou, Koneko-chan, Xenovia and I arrived back at the surface. Buchou had used her magic to make new uniforms for all of the girls, and they were wearing their usual outfits again. A transportation magic circle had been used to send Susan and Horie-kun (petrification released) back home. Since Susan’s request was synonymous with capturing Azazel-sensei, she could therefore leave the matter in our hands while she waited at home as the client. After waiting for a while, Asia, Akeno-san, Kiba and Gasper arrived. Buchou glanced around at everyone briefly, and then said

“Everyone, I need to capture Azazel, so please help me with this. I absolutely need to have a talk with him.”

Upon hearing buchou’s request, Akeno-san made a sadistic smile as she licked her lips.

“Ufufu, how interesting. I’ve always wanted to bully that person.”

Ah, Akeno-san’s S side has taken over!

“Since even buchou says so.”


Kiba and Koneko-chan both agreed as well. And then the sight of Xenovia and Asia conversing appeared in my vision.

“I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it was pretty annoying how my hand turned into a crab’s claw.”

“Eh!? Xenovia-san, you hand turned into one like Mr. Crab!?”

“Yeah. I couldn’t wield my sword, so it was kind of sad. Ah, that’s right. If we catch Azazel-sensei, we should get him to treat us to some crab. Asia, do you like eating crab?”

“Yes! I love them!”

The two of them looked rather happy as they decided to set off.

“I-I just want to follow buchou and everyone else!”

Gya-suke was also full of energy! Buchou then asked me

“Ise, are you also coming?”

I laughed.

“Of course! Although today’s events were rather ridiculous, I think it’s interesting to chase Azazel-sensei down along with everyone else!”

To capture the Governor of the Fallen Angels—. Isn’t that a satisfying final event?

Buchou gave an order

“Send out your familiars to locate Azazel’s position. —Let’s go, everyone!”

“““““““Yes, buchou!”””””””

The entire Occult Research Club moved out! Our objective was to capture the advisor of the Occult Research Club, Azazel-sensei! As we raced across the streets, buchou seemed rather happy as she smiled beside me.

“…Although it was nice to be with you, it’s fun to be with everyone at the end today.”


I replied. Ah, although I wanted to have a private date with buchou, today was a ‘date with everyone’. Well, it’s not a bad ending for everyone to participate in a big search together. So like that, we searched the entire town—.

All of this happened just a little while before the Hyoudou residence transformed into a luxury house with six storeys above ground, three storeys below ground, and became equipped with an elevator and underground pool. Come to think of it, the reason why Akeno-san bought bedding in the furniture store, and the reason why buchou stared at the elevator in the department store was because of that. On another note, because Sona-kaichou expressed her interest in the women’s professional wrestling team, the management rights were transferred over to her, and their training space was moved to kaichou’s site. Based on rumours which I heard about afterwards, they seemed to gain popularity in the local area after they resumed operation.

In this way, we ended our excitement-filled first trimester, and dived into the holidays. What kinds of things would await us during this holiday? I simply hoped to get along even better with Rias-buchou and all of my companions.

(All 2 of 2 parts) (27/8)

[1] fujoshi: term for female fans of manga/novels/media which feature romantic relationships between men.

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