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Life.1 A Restless Career Consultation

Part 1

Morning, a few days later—
…Although the weather was perfectly fine, my mood still hadn’t gotten better. I had gotten up early, but I hadn’t been able to sleep well since that day because I was worried about Ravel’s safety. It wasn’t just me; it also applied for my nakama. I hadn’t slept well last night, and was rather gloomy during breakfast. …Perhaps because Rias and Asia slept together with me, they also found it difficult to fall asleep as there was no news, so we discussed various pointless things. At breakfast, it was just like usual with my parents at the table, along with Kuroka and Ophis. Because our expressions were different from usual, there was no dialogue across the table… While silently eating breakfast, kaa-san sighed and then said to me

“Ise! Tomorrow is the three-way interview isn’t it? Do you understand?”

…I see, it was that. Tomorrow was the three-way career interview.

“…Yeah, I know.”

—That was the only reply I could give. Kaa-san replied to me with a hint of astonishment.

“Really, you could be more enthusiastic with your answer. Tomorrow is the three-way interview to discuss your future isn’t it? I was just asking whether you actually understand that.”

Kaa-san smiled as she said to Asia

“Asia-chan, I will also go.”

“Yes, thank you, okaa-san. [1]

Asia faced kaa-san as she gently smiled.

“Really, unlike you, Asia-chan is so lovely…I really can’t understand boys of your age.”

Tou-san folded his newspaper and calmly said to me

“Ise, for a man, a career is very important. Tomorrow, you need to be more enthusiastic to discuss this together with kaa-san and your sensei.”

These parents were somewhat long-winded. I nonchalantly responded ‘yes yes’ as I ate. My parents had broken the silence, and Xenovia also began speaking

“Career consultations huh. If it’s from my side, it should be Sister Griselda…although she’s quite busy, that’s to be expected.”

Irina had also turned her head to discuss the career consultations

“For me…both papa and mama are overseas, so I should be the same as Xenovia, also having Sister Griselda come…”

Is Sister Griselda responsible for everyone under the care of the Church? Well, Irina’s parents were in England, so they wouldn’t be able to make it in time. Rossweisse-san followed

“Although I’m not the sensei for your class, I will help you prepare some information. Anyway, a career is very important. Discussing this with your parents while using your own ability to choose your career path is very important.”

Hm, there is weight to what Rossweisse-san said. When she was a Valkyrie, not only did she have talent, she was also a genius when it came to magic. While she was in charge of looking after that jisan Odin, she didn’t have a chance to display her abilities. But now, her talent has finally produced results. Her age wasn’t too far off from mine yet Rossweisse-san had experienced many things… Kaa-san faced Rias and Akeno-san as she said

“Rias-san and Akeno-san are both waiting for their graduation. Their career paths have already been determined, so they can take it easy until spring.”

“That would be great if it were the case, but there is a need for preparation, so we can’t be carefree and relaxed.”

“Ufufu, that’s because we’ll be blossoming female university students.”

Kaa-san smiled in response to Rias and Akeno-san.

“Yes, that is also true. You’ll be university students. It won’t be the same as high school, so preparation is quite important.”

University life huh, I can’t yet imagine it. By this time next year, will I be able to understand?

“What about you Koneko? Who will be coming to the three-way interview?”

Xenovia asked Koneko-chan.

“…For me”

Before she could finish, Kuroka interjected

“I will go ~♪? Because I’m her aneki.”

“…Although I said that you don’t have to come, from the looks of it, you seem enthusiastic.”

Koneko-chan sighed with her eyes half open.

“That’s so cold, really Shirone. Don’t worry and leave it to me. I’ll just tempt them with something like ‘I really appreciate my family’s child which is in your care ~♪’? The records document will be done just like that.”

“…My class homeroom teacher is a woman.”

Koneko-chan stared as she replied.

“Ara ara, this is really a headache nyan.”

Although she said that, Kuroka’s expression seemed troubled as she put a piece of tamagoyaki [2] into her mouth. Rias sighed after seeing the responses from all the current students.

“Although you all have different thoughts, a career consultation is also very important. Why don’t you let Akeno and I who can attend school freely take care of other things; you guys should properly think about your school life and future, do you understand?”


We replied in unison to Rias, who was both our elder and upperclassman. …Career counselling huh. …The figure of Ravel who promised that we would work hard together flashed through my mind…. If I remained like this, my mind wouldn’t be very stable. Now was the time to believe in Sirzechs-sama, Azazel-sensei and Rias. I shook my head and said “another bowl!” as I extended my bowl towards kaa-san.

While I was at the door putting on my shoes as I prepared to leave for school, Kuroka suddenly came over to ask me

“You’re worried about Birdy-chan, right?”

Birdy-chan — that was Ravel. That was what Kuroka called Ravel.

“Of course. I can’t wait to go find her now, but…”

“What the former governor said makes you believe that she’s safe right? Since it’s that former governor, isn’t it better to just honestly believe in him?”

Interrupting me, Kuroka said that. This person, I didn’t think that she’d really believe Azazel-sensei. So that’s why she was acting like she usually does at breakfast. …No, perhaps it was inherent for her to continue living like this without anything changing. Kuroka said to Koneko-chan who had finished putting on her shoes next to me

“Shirone, although you’re worried about Birdy-chan, occasionally trusting adults is fine isn’t it?”

“…Occasionally, I can’t trust onee-sama.”

Kuroka laughed at her imouto’s comment.

“Nya haha, really, ‘occasionally’ you can’t trust me.”

Kuroka’s expression was really gentle. Talking with her little sister, day-to-day life, she was completely enjoying it. This person would probably the happiest one among us right now. It was because she was able to live together again like this with her precious imouto that she had separated with.

“Kuroka-san, I’m ready.”

Le Fay stood beside Kuroka as she reported in. Kuroka said

“Le Fay and I will use our own way to look for Birdy-chan. I’m also worried about her right now. So—”

Kuroka hugged Koneko-chan and I as she continued

“You guys should worry about your school life. If you don’t take your career consultation seriously, Birdy-chan will get angry right?”

—Mn. …I never thought that Kuroka would say such thoughtful words. Even Koneko-chan’s eyes were slightly moist. Yes, it was just like Kuroka said. If we don’t take our career consultation seriously, Ravel would definitely be angry when she returns. Although that manager was very cute, she was also very strict.

“Ah, you don’t need to say it for me to know.”

“…Yeah, that’s right.”

Kuroka smiled as she looked at Koneko-chan and I. Even while we were worried about Ravel’s safety, the days went by.

Part 2

The next day after school—
Today was the arranged day for the three-way career consultation. Students took turns according to their student number, and they simply waited at the school before that. The people who had club activities would continue with their club activities until it was time to begin. That was why we were gathered in the club room of the old school building waiting for our turn. For now, the parents of each of the members would gather in the old school building, and wait together with their children until it was their turn. Rias and Akeno-san were graduate students, so they hadn’t come, and were still looking for information about Ravel. …We were also eager to help out, but since we were told to concentrate on our career consultation, we had no choice but to wait. While we were chatting amongst ourselves, the first to appear in front of us was—

“Hello everyone. Yaa, Irina-chan.”

It was actually Irina’s otou-san!? Was this for real!? He actually rushed over all the way from England!? Even as his daughter, Irina was quite surprised.

“Papa!? How did you get here!?”

Irina exclaimed. From the looks of it, he didn’t contact her beforehand and just suddenly came over. …Since you came over, you should explain it to your own daughter. Doesn’t this also surprise you? Irina’s otou-san laughed heartily.

“Isn’t this to be expected? This is my cute daughter’s future career consultation isn’t it? As a father, of course I have to skip work and rush over.”

“Really papa, Michael-sama will get angry you know!?”

Irina puffed out her cheeks as she got angry…but Michael-sama wouldn’t get angry over a little thing like this. Towards his angry daughter, Irina’s otou-san laughed heartily as he pretended not to notice.

“I give up, of course it was a joke. Something just came up in Japan so I rushed over. No, however, my Angel daughter looks so cute when she’s angry.”

Irina’s papa really never changes. We smiled as we looked on at that father and daughter pair. Suddenly, Irina’s otou-san came over to me and whispered

(“By the way, Issei-kun”)

(“Hmm, yes?”)

Irina’s otou-san suddenly asked me with a dirty look

(“That…did you use it? How did it go?”)

—What the hell! That, he’s almost certainly talking about that room! The room that Heaven developed to allow Angels to do ecchi things with other races without worries in it! All that was needed was to mount the special doorknob onto the door, and you would be able to enter this mysterious room. This was the room that Michael-san personally instructed to be made; I really can’t understand what Heaven is thinking!

(“Th-That, I…how should I say it…”)

I didn’t know how to reply! Hold on, in reality, the only ones who used it were Irina and Xenovia which just made me embarrassed…if they normally invited me, it’s the place that I’d want to dive into. But, those two girls replace the doorknob when I plan to use the bathroom, and when I come back exhausted from my devil’s job and want to return to my own room, they run over and pull me in. They simply never consider the situation and keep giving me surprises! At such times I could only say things like ‘let’s just go into that room separately now…’ But I didn’t! Not at all! I really wanted to tell them that their timing was too weird! Well, I even if I said that I wanted to, the other girls would also see it, so I really hope that they don’t come without thinking about the trouble! Basically, for Irina (+ Xenovia) who can’t read the mood at all, they’re too obsessed with that item. Most recently, Akeno-san and Kuroka borrowed it to use. …Anyway, please just let me use the bathroom.

(“I’m looking forward to my grandchildren.”)

What! Irina’s otou-san pat my back as he said so…he actually said ‘grandchildren’ all of a sudden! He’s really similar to my parents. So that’s why he often talks with my parents. Sure enough, like attracts like, and people gather together like that.

“Hold on, papa, what are you saying to Ise-kun?”

Irina seemed rather concerned about the whispered conversation between her otou-san and I. Originally, that should’ve been a secret from daughter, but this ossan triumphantly announced it out loud.

“Hahaha, I was just asking about the situation with that room!”

Hearing him say that, Irina face suddenly blushed!

“—Mmm! R-Really. Papa, please don’t talk about that topic in front of your daughter and her childhood friend!”

Irina became even angrier, but her otou-san —

“Irina-chan is also cute when she gets angry.”

Not caring at all, he continued to laugh cheerfully. …Ah, I really can’t cope with this otou-san every time. —While I was thinking about this, it seemed like Xenovia was enjoying herself as she watched this.

“Fufufu, that side of Irina really never changes.”

Due to the affairs of the Student Council, Xenovia came to the clubroom a lot less often. Because today was the career consultation, she had finished her business with the Student Council early, and waited for her turn in the clubroom.

“Speaking of you Xenovia, is Griselda-san coming?”

After hearing my question, Xenovia nodded.

“Ah, originally that was the case, but she’s rather busy, so today it’s just one person today—”

“One person? What are you talking about? Hello, Xenovia.”

Eh, the person who opened the door and walked in was Griselda-san! Xenovia, who thought that she wasn’t coming was astounded.

“S-S-Si-Sister Griselda! …Y-You came.”

Hearing Xenovia’s surprised tone of voice, Griselda-san sighed as she said

“Of course. Your guardian is me. So, we can finally confirm the content of the three-way interview when we go over there.”

She said that as she grabbed Xenovia’s hand and pulled her over to one side.

“I-I don’t need any confirmation. My future career path has already been confirmed.”

“That future that you’ve decided on is ‘most likely sketchy’ and rough. Listen to me, and come with me to go over it again.”

With this kind of oppressive force, even if it’s Xenovia—

“Uh, I’m no match for Sister…”

She gave in. The two of them sat on the sofa as they reconfirmed the things which would be discussed with the teacher. In front of their guardians, Irina and Xenovia both showed expressions which were rarely seen, it was rather refreshing. For the other members… It was kaa-san for Asia and I, Koneko-chan had Kuroka as her guardian, so who would be coming for Kiba and Gasper?

“Hey, Kiba, Gasper, who’s coming for you guys?”

“The Gremory family sends someone over every year for me, there are servants who would look somewhat related to me. I think Gasper is the same as me?s”

Kiba asked Gasper, and Gya-suke answered with ‘yes’. Ah — so that’s how it is. The Gremory family has a lot of servants, so if they looked closely, there should be people who look similar in appearance to Kiba or Gya-suke.

“By the way, how is Tosca-san?”

Recently, Kiba had reunited with his former comrade who had survived — Tosca-san, so I asked about her current condition. Tosca-san would occasionally come over to the Hyoudou household to learn about Japan from Rias, Asia, as well as Koneko-chan. “Mn, thanks for taking care of her. Although she was someone related to the Church, for day-to-day life, she’s been taken care of by Rias, Koneko-chan, Xenovia and Irina-san. Surprisingly, Kiba and Asia introduced her to Kiryuu, who also became good friends with her. I heard that she taught Tosca-san a lot of things but…so that Tosca-san doesn’t become a perverted girl, I’ll have to keep an eye on her.

“For Valerie and Tosca-san to get along with each other, that also makes me feel at ease.”

Gya-suke added. I see, she’s also able to get along well with Valerie, so that’s good; it was better than anything that she was able to live peacefully in this town together with her new nakama. Knock knock, someone knocked on the door.

“…Umm, is this the right place?”

The person who appeared in the club room was kaa-san. Asia and I became a little uneasy—. During the time that they were waiting, kaa-san and Irina’s otou-san began a conversation between parents with a congenial atmosphere; Irina and I were both embarrassed about them!

It was finally my turn for the three-way interview.
Asia had already finished her interview before me. Sitting inside the classroom were just three people, my homeroom teacher, kaa-san and I. Since high school started, I always felt that such interviews were difficult. I was the type of student that didn’t want to be present at these interviews. After all, the two adults who were usually the most complicated (parent and homeroom teacher) were facing each other as I sat in between them—. Even kaa-san had done up her makeup to come to school. At a time when boys my age couldn’t stand it, I definitely didn’t want my classmates or friends to see this! Within the silent classroom, kaa-san and I sat side by side, and after we greeted sensei who was sitting opposite us, we began to discuss my attitude at school and academic performance. Then, five minutes later, it finally came to the main topic of the interview, as we began to discuss my career. My homeroom teacher said

“Hyoudou-kun’s desired progression is to study at Kuoh Academy University after graduation.”


I replied. That’s right, first I have to go to university, and since I could enter the Kuoh Academy University, I’d naturally want to continue on with the escalator system [3] into university. …There were also students who wanted to enter other universities, but there wasn’t a particular university that I was aiming for. Kuoh Academy University’s evaluation was very good, so I planned to continue my education there. Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Kiba ( + Kiryuu, Matsuda, Motohama) also had a similar opinion to me. In other words, even if we did go to university, we would be together. Those younger than me were also thinking of the same thing; they hoped to be together again in university after two years with Rias and Akeno-san who would graduate before us. It would be nice to set up an [Occult Research Club] at the university. After the teacher thought that there were no problems with my plans for progression, she asked me again

“Hyoudou-kun, have you decided about what comes afterwards? Have you discussed with your okaa-san?”

Hearing this question, kaa-san placed her hand on her cheek as she looked slightly perplexed.

“…No, my husband and I have not—”

Ah — yes…. Although I said that I had to go to university, I didn’t talk about what came afterwards. I said to sensei and kaa-san as I scratched my cheek with a finger

“Oh, that…at the moment I plan to work under Rias…buchou, senpai, no, Rias Gremory-senpai’s otou-san…”

What should I say on this occasion? I couldn’t say that it was a Devil job, so it should be fine to say one of the Gremory family’s companies, right? After all, not only in the Underworld, but even in the human world the Gremory family had a lot of companies.

“Senpai’s otou-san owns a lot of companies, and I plan to find work there after graduating from university.”

As I said this, sensei seemed to become more interested.

“Gremory-san’s? Ah, Hyoudou-kun is indeed a member of the Occult Research Club.”

My teacher then went ‘Oh, I see’ as they nodded. Originally, Rias was one of the school’s celebrities, the school itself had a connection to the Gremory family. The Gremory name simply had to be mentioned, and the class teachers would then agree.

“Come to think of it, Gremory-san and Argento-san are both living with Hyoudou-kun’s family. So, Gremory-san’s parents have spoken to you, Hyoudou-kun, and have discussed this matter with you?”

Kaa-san answered

“Eh, that’s right. Gremory-san has visited a few times, and has even helped us renovate our house…our family is really indebted to Gremory-san.”

That’s true, our family really has been taken care of by them. That kind of a large-scale transformation, as well as the work following it; we were truly grateful for it… Sensei asked further

“So to say, that’s the reason why Hyoudou-kun plans to work at one of Gremory-san’s companies? Have you spoken with Gremory-san about that before?”

“Ah, yes. Presumably, oyago-san [4] knows about it.”

I replied…he should probably be aware of it. As a member of Rias’s peerage, he should more or less accept me. Also, when we went to the Underworld during our summer vacation, he did mention that peerage members could obtain their own territory. Kaa-san asked beside me

“Certainly, I remember that they operate travel agencies and hotels in various countries right? In Japan; Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other large cities have hotel chains owned by them. Ah yes, they’re also involved in the film industry. That’s just what I’ve heard from Rias-san.”

“Ka-Kaa-san, that’s rather detailed.”

They do indeed have a hotel in Kyoto…and their business in the film industry is related to me. After kaa-san listened to me, she continued

“Remember, in the first trimester, wasn’t there a classroom observation? At that time, didn’t her otou-san and onii-san come over to our house?”

Ah — such a thing did happen. It was at the end of the first trimester. The classroom topic became clay moulding. After the classroom observation, Rias’s otou-san and Sirzechs-sama met with my parents and began talking, coming over to my house afterwards.

“Well, at that time, did Rias…senpai’s oyago-san say anything?”

“Eh, he did. ‘I hope that in the future you’ll be able to entrust your son to us’ he said. For us, that was an impossible request…well, what do you really plan to do? We haven’t properly asked you what you think, but we do hope that you’ll have a good think about it.”

Kaa-san asked me, as if trying to confirm my reply. I see, so that’s what the Gremory side said. It’s a given that I’ll continue as a member of the Rias’s peerage, and I do also want to thank the Gremory family for their care. The House of Gremory truly are the best high-class Devils! Although we’re grateful for the kindness of the Gremory family, my parents still wanted to confirm what my intentions were and respect me, I really am thankful to them…. Tou-san and kaa-san both thought that I might choose another path. …I really don’t want to let my parents worry. Besides, I’m still — still hiding my true identity from them. I nodded, and said to kaa-san and sensei

“Well, that’s right. After graduation from university, I’ll work at senpai’s otou-san’s company. But, I have other dreams…I want to become independent from the Gremory’s companies in the future…and set up a company on my own.”

Yes, my further dreams are — to become independent from Rias, have my own peerage, and have my own career as a Devil while I participate in the Rating Games! Besides, I’ll almost live forever, so if my dreams and ambitions aren’t achieved, then it won’t be worth the effort; that’s what the older Devils said to me before! With higher aims, even more dreams and desires could be achieved! I revealed my thoughts to them on the spot. …Of course, I disguised everything that was related to Devils.

“It might be a subsidiary company of the Gremory family, but even so, I want to start a company by relying on myself. I want to establish a company following my own ideas. Establishing it in this town would be nice, or establishing it in senpai’s home country would also be fine.”

Using Kuoh Town as a starting point would be alright. At that time, I don’t know what I’d do if my territory overlapped with Rias’s territory. At that time, it would probably be best if we clearly discuss it. Just then, I revealed all of my thoughts and ideas…kaa-san beside me was a somewhat surprised.

“You actually considered that much?”

Although I said that, she didn’t seem to believe me, and her expression showed that it was completely unexpected.

“Ah, well, I suppose. After all, it is my own future, so I should at least have thought about it to this degree.”

Although that was what I said…. About that, I haven’t spoken to my parents about that matter, so they would be surprised. Even if they didn’t look at me that way, I still had dreams. Although being a harem king is my top dream, I couldn’t possibly have said that! Kaa-san would definitely have hit my head, and that would’ve given my sensei quite a shock. My homeroom teacher said with a smile to kaa-san

“Okaa-san, your son, Issei-kun is unexpectedly popular in class you know? Especially with transfer students from overseas; Argento-san, Shidou-san, and Quarta-san are often under his care. I also see that all the time. This isn’t an easy thing. If you want to know more about the popular foreign cultures in the school, then you can just ask Issei-kun; that’s what we say even between teachers.”

…My reputation within the school was never very good, there was basically never any praise. Recently, my reputation with the girls seems to have improved. Kiba…has also been telling the girls good things about me. They way that they’ve been looking at me has changed little by little. Indeed, people should have friends like these! If it was Matsuda and Motohama, they wouldn’t be able to do such things! That handsome guy really is amazing. Kiba! Thank you so much! —While I was thinking about that, sensei, who just praised me, sighed helplessly.

“It’s just that, a little too much perversion has become a problem. There have been complaints by female students…”

“I’m really sorry! I’m really sorry! Come on, Ise! You also need to apologise!”

Really kaa-san, she immediately pressed my head down and apologised as soon as she heard this. Uh — since she said that, I had no choice but to apologise!

“I’m sorry for being too perverted!”

I’m really sorry about being of this age! In this way, with shame, hot-blooded passion, and finally an apology, the three-way interview concluded. But, my dreams of the future — also included processing ahead together with Asia, Xenovia and Ravel. So, Ravel…. You definitely need to be safe.

At dinner that night—

“Kakakaka! It’s been a long time since I could drink like this!”

At the dinner table, tou-san was gleefully drinking sake. Tou-san, who heard from kaa-san about the contents of the three-way interview, was impressed by the future that I spoke of. He was delighted, yet at the same time, he was also crying.

“Oh! That Ise, that son of mine who only has a strong libido! I didn’t expect that he’d actually considered that kind of a future…”

Tou-san’s sakana [5] was actually me.  It was really quite shameful. All the girls smiled slightly from the side as they watched tou-san… After kaa-san heard what tou-san said, she also fervently said

“Really, I was also quite surprised by it. When I heard that Gremory-san planned to let Ise work at one of his companies after graduation from university, I was over the moon. But Ise, you actually considered so much…right now, I’m so moved that I want to cry.”

Aahhh, she really began to wipe tears from the corner of her eyes! With these two people in my family, I’m going to die of embarrassment. Please quickly stop!

“…It’s really not such a big deal, nowadays, high school students can consider their own future early on.”

—Although I said that in order to cover up my embarrassment, tou-san and kaa-san were even happier. Tou-san then raised his cup up as he said to kaa-san

“No matter what, today is a day to celebrate with sake! Kaa-san, bring me that expensive bottle of sake that Sirzechs-san gave me just a while ago!”

“Yes, yes, I know. Really, you’re not like an adult at all.”

Kaa-san got up to get the sake from the kitchen. Ah — ah, really, those two people. My situation doesn’t have to keep getting repeated. I know the reason…it’s just something that I said at the time. Sitting beside me, Rias said

“Ise, you need to tell your parents about the future.”

“Eh? Well, just let it be. I want to say it at the most suitable time.”

Ever since I had reincarnated as a Devil, I’d encountered all sorts of situations, so I could never find the right time to tell them. But this future goal was only because I had reincarnated as a Devil, and was completely different from what I had in mind last year. Last year, I just vaguely thought ‘For the time being, I’ll just go to university first’. My parents were also aware of that. Rossweisse-san also said to me with a serious look

“This cannot do. You need to properly speak to your family about your future. If you don’t properly explain it to them, they might not be able to understand, and it may even get out of hand. You didn’t clearly talk about your future in second year with your family, so your family and teachers at school went through a lot of trouble, Ise-kun.”

Those were words which really suited a teacher…. But I had nothing to say. What Rossweisse-san was correct. Although I constantly encountered things after I reincarnated, I talked to my family less than I did before…. After hearing what Rossweisse-san said, led by Xenovia, everyone else agreed.

“As expected of a teacher of Kuoh Academy.”

Koneko-chan also nodded

“…Although she sometimes forgets her position, she really is a teacher.”

Yeah, truly, she is a teacher. After her cheeks were gradually dyed red, Rossweisse-san lightly coughed to clear her throat and then continued

“Everyone present here will be working in one of the Gremory family’s companies after their graduation from university, right? Even among us teaching staff, we refer to you guys as the [Gremory prospective members].”

Eh — so that’s what we’re called. [Gremory prospective members] huh. The majority of people here belonged to that, and it was just Irina who was associated with the Church that wasn’t.

“By the way, are there also [Sitri prospective members]?”

—Rias asked. Ah, the members of the Sitri peerage. Sona-zenkaichou is also the daughter of a wealthy person, and the teachers also knew that. While we were discussing information about the school, otou-san cried as he held Rias’s hand, while he bowed his head and said

“Not only Ise, even Asia-chan has received an invitation from your family’s company, Gremory-san. The future of my family’s two children is really bright! I really can’t thank the Gremory family enough. Thank you so much, Rias-san!”

Aaaahhh, he put his arm around Rias after he got drunk. Ah, I really couldn’t stop him in time! Although Rias was startled, she immediately calmed down and smiled as she said

“No, for us, we just want to ensure that we these have valuable human resources early. On this basis, whether it’s Ise or Asia, my chichi and ani both think that will be valuable in the future.”

“Uooh, I’m really so grateful, for you to say this, I’m even more relieved!”

“For Ise to be picked up by Rias-san, our family’s future is really too fortunate.”

Rias’s words caused my parents to shed tears of joy. Asia who was part of that seemed to be at a loss for words, and I could only embarrassingly cover my face with my hands. … Well, if the next time I tell them about the future is something like this, their reaction would certainly be much greater. Next time, I definitely need to talk to them periodically, otherwise I really won’t be able to stand outbursts like this. We children have our own thoughts. After I briefly said that, I continued having dinner with everyone.

After the dinner that was full of embarrassment, everyone went back to doing their own things at night. There was still no update on Ravel; after I killed some time in the living room after taking a shower, I went up to the second floor. …In the corridor of the second floor was an extremely large cardboard box.

“…What’s going on with this cardboard box? Who was it, and why is it here?”

I moved a little bit closer to it…could it be that Gasper was inside? Only he would go in there. But why was he hiding near my room then? I felt that it was rather odd, so I opened the box to take a look —


Inside I saw a girl with blonde hair. Sitting inside in a triangular shape was — Valerie! After her red eyes noticed me, she laughed lightly.

“Ah, hello.”

V20 P48

V20 P48


The corridor echoed with my wail of surprise. Of course! A cardboard box stood there in the corridor quite naturally. I thought that Gasper was inside, and didn’t expect to see Valerie as soon as I looked inside!

“Yes, it’s me.”

After saying that, she immediately stood up and steeped out of the cardboard box. Some time ago, as a reward for suppressing the uprising of the Church’s warriors, we obtained a fragment of the genuine Holy Grail from a powerful figure within the Church. After turning it into a necklace, Azazel-sensei gave it to her. That way, it could be said that we successfully helped her to regain consciousness. Perhaps because she was a half-vampire, after regaining her consciousness, she was immediately able to get out of bed and walk around…but no matter what, she still needed to be careful, so her actions were limited. …But, I really didn’t expect that she’d come to my house, and also that she’d show up in the form of a cardboard box.

“W-Why were you in that cardboard box…”

She had just regained consciousness, so her movement wasn’t very good, which is why I asked her. I was worried about Valerie, but she replied back with a smile

“I was imitating Gasper. Gasper only needs to get into a cardboard box to calm down, so I also wanted to try it.”

…I-I see. Just what kind of cultural knowledge did she learn after awakening to Japanese culture for the first time! No, it can’t be certain that Valerie asked Gasper about this herself.

“…Ah, whatever. So, how is your body?”

I sighed as I asked her. Valerie monotonously replied to me with a lazy tone

“It’s okay, thanks to the care. Thanks to transportation magic circles, I can come over to your house for a bit. Today, I came over together with Gasper.”

Also, it would be quite strenuous for her if she came directly over by walking. Getting around using transportation magic circles was somewhat better. Speaking of which, Gya-suke also came over.

“Gasper is currently together with Koneko-san preparing notes for Ravel-san. I didn’t want to disturb them so I came out to visit here.”

Valerie said. So Gasper was actually with Koneko-chan writing notes for Ravel-san who was absent from school… He really was a good kohai who did things for the sake of his friends. Suddenly, Valerie stared in a certain direction of the corridor, with her head turned sideways as she said

“Come to think of it, I can’t hear the voices of ‘everyone’…. It’s really strange.”

—Hm….‘Everyone’ referred to the side effect that came with the Holy Grail that dwelled within her. She could see the people wandering about in the otherworld. She was even able to communicate with them. Sensei originally said that this was impossible. And if she continued to do so, her mind would be damaged. When we saw Valerie before, because she had too much contact with people from the other side, it had caused her mind to become damaged. But the current Valerie no longer used the Holy Grail which dwelled within her body, and she also had a necklace which was made from the real Holy Grail, so she looked much better than she did when we saw her in Romania. I didn’t want to pursue the topic further, so I changed the topic as I asked her with a smile

“If there’s anything inconvenient for you in your everyday life, just say so, and everyone will help you.”

“…Eh, if you say so.”

Valerie raised a finger and pressed it against her chin as she began thinking—.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything. —If I’m able to be together with Gasper, then I won’t be lonely.”

…I see, as long as she has Gya-suke she won’t be lonely. Those two people were finally able to live together in peace. It wasn’t easy for her to awaken from her deep sleep, so it simply wouldn’t do if they didn’t live together happily. Valerie placed both her hands together as if praying and said to me

“Also, for everyone to stay by my side, I’m really happy, it’s almost as if it’s a dream…”

To say that, it made me really happy. Precisely because we had gone to the country of the Tepes’ faction to fight before. Yeah, it wouldn’t do if we didn’t spend each day happily together with Valerie! We also hoped for a friendly and peaceful life— Suddenly, the thought of Ravel’s unknown safety flashed across my mind again. I felt a bit lonely. Noticing this, Valerie said to me

“Ravel Phoenix-san”

Valerie looked up at the ceiling and continued

“Ravel-san and her onii-sama Raiser-san, probably, are still alive. I think you will meet them again soon.”

Where did she see that, and how did she notice it? Valerie seemed to have felt something as she said that.

“…Why do you think so?”

Valerie, having heard my question, made a puzzled expression.

“…Although I can’t really find the words to say it, I just know…”

…I see, if someone else said that, there wouldn’t be much credibility, but since it was Valerie who had the Holy Grail that her life depended on within her body, it was a lot more credible.

“Thank you. How should I say it, I feel like you’ve saved me a little.”

I thanked Valerie. To be honest, I was still worried. But these words of Valerie gave me the feeling of being saved. Valerie continued to smile.

“In fact…I should be the one thanking you. —For Gasper and me to be together again, I’m really grateful, thank you.”

Valerie Tepes showed me a bright smile.

“Ah — Valerie! This is where you were! You can’t run out of Koneko-chan’s room! Your body hasn’t fully recovered!”

Frantically running down the stairs was Gasper. From the looks of it, when he noticed that Valerie had disappeared from the room he anxiously went to search for her. For Gasper, as long as it had something to do with Valerie, he would become panic-stricken, he didn’t have the temperament of a boy at all.

“It’s not a good time to move around, you need to stay close to me.”

“Ufufu, Gasper is really strict.”

Look at that. Gasper was quite reliable. After getting a girl that they need to protect, boys will continue to grow stronger. Looking at these two, my heart felt like it was healed. Then, as Valerie said, her prediction came true.

Part 3

At noon the next day—
The members of [DxD] were urgently called to the clubroom of the Occult Research Club. Azazel-sensei looked at all of us as he said

“There is definite news.”

“Well, well then, sensei!” I stepped forward to ask, and sensei replied

“—Both Raiser Phoenix and Ravel are safe. They also have no serious issues.”

—What …I was speechless. Silently, tears flowed out from my eyes. The uneasiness in my heart had finally settled down. My mood finally lightened up. Looking around, my nakama who were also worried about Ravel sighed, feeling at ease.

“Koneko-chan, Ravel, she’s safe! That’s wonderful!”

“Mn! That’s great! Gya-kun! Thank goodness! —It really had us worried to death, baka Ravel! Big idiot…!”

Koneko-chan and Gasper who were together with her in first year both cried. After waiting for us to settle down a bit, sensei added

“The one who ensured their safety was — Maou Ajuka Beelzebub.”

It’s just been one thing after the other.

[1] Okaa-san & Otou-san are more formal whereas Kaa-san & Tou-san are less formal for addressing your own parents.
[2] Tamagoyaki: Japanese omelette rolls.
[3] Escalator system: Escalator schools in Japan are those which offer education from primary or middle school to university. This means that students enrolled at the school can advance to the next grade without having to take difficult or competitive entrance exams.
[4] Oyago-san basically means parent. Here it is used to refer to Gremory-san.
[5] Sakana refers to the food which is eaten as an accompaniment to alcohol, as is customary in Japan. These are usually side dishes.



That night—
After hearing Azazel-sensei’s report, the members of [DxD] dispersed first. The day after tomorrow, in order to bring back the siblings Raiser and Ravel Phoenix, they would meet the previously mentioned Maou Ajuka Beelzebub first. After bathing in the large underground bath with Asia, Rias began talking as they walked back up the stairs.

“It really is great that Ravel-san and Raiser-san are safe.”

Asia felt at ease as she placed her hand over her chest. Asia, who was worried not just about Ravel, but Raiser as well, said that for Rias, she was a cute imouto. Rias smiled as she replied

“Eh, it truly is good. Although I really trust onii-sama and Azazel, I still felt that something may have happened to them, but my fears actually turned out to be false.”

Yes, if by chance that it was true…. There was no such thing as certainty in this world. Rias also understood this principle. In the fight against the Hero faction, Rias’s most beloved person — Hyoudou Issei had lost his body. If she recalled the events at the time, it could be considered a miracle that he survived. Originally, even if he died, that would have been understandable. However, something like that happened again. It could have been possible for Raiser and Ravel to have ended up in the worst possible outcome. So when they found out that they were safe, they truly felt happy from the bottom of their hearts. After all, in regards to Raiser, she wanted to defeat him in a professional Rating Game. As for Ravel, as Ise’s excellent manager, she had complete faith in her. If he didn’t have Ravel, Ise also wouldn’t be able forge ahead smoothly to realise his dreams and ambitions.

Just how did those two people end up with Maou Ajuka Beelzebub? This news was currently confidential, and only a small number of people knew about it, not even all of the high-class Devils knew about it. And there was one thing that prompted further attention. —The whereabouts of Champion Diehauser Belial. Emperor Belial had obviously disappeared along with the Phoenix siblings. Why was there only news about the Phoenix siblings? Exactly where did Emperor Belial go? …The mystery still had not been solved. There still remained a shadow of unrest in Rias’s heart. She understood that this unrest probably pointed in a bad direction. When Cao Cao of the Hero Faction summoned Samael, when they went over to the Tepes Faction, there was always a feeling which couldn’t be expressed with words; in the end, the outcome was tragic every time. Precisely because of this, she had an ominous premonition.

After walking up the stairs, in order to get some drinks from the refrigerator, Rias and Asia walked towards the living room.

“Ara, if it isn’t Asia-chan and Rias-san.”

Ise’s haha-ue was fiddling with something on the table of the living room.

“We just came out of the bath. If I may ask, what are you doing, haha-ue-sama?”

Rias and Asia moved closer to take a look out of curiosity —

“Well, the albums.”

Ise’s haha-ue then picked up and opened a book for Rias and Asia to see.

“Wow, it’s a photo album.”

Ise’s haha-ue had actually laid the living room’s table full of photo albums, and displayed within them were Ise’s childhood photos.

“Ah, that was Ise. I’ve also shown these to you before.”

They had seen them before in Ise’s room, before the incident where they were attacked by Kokabiel. At that time, they accidentally got too excited looking at them. Rias and Asia were both sitting down on the sofa, having each picked up an album to appreciate Ise’s childhood photos. Previously, they were too excited about it, and they didn’t even notice that each of the photo albums had different titles. They said things like [Issei, First OO] [1].

“You’ve really recorded every little step of Ise growing up into these.”

Rias quietly said as she smiled softly.

“…This is our only son. No matter what, for us, Ise is our cute child. Which is why I occasionally look at these childhood photos, at that time, he really was cute.”

The words of Ise’s haha-ue made both Rias and Asia feel it. —Ise is deeply loved by his parents. It could be felt not only from how his haha-ue was smiling right now and not only from the many photo albums she had; they could truly feel how deeply she loved and cared for Ise. Suddenly, Ise’s haha-ue’s hand stopped when she saw a certain photo.

“Ah — this one.”

Both Rias and Asia’s gaze focused onto the photo that Ise’s haha-ue was pointing at. It was Ise in primary school. He was holding a fishing rod that was much bigger than himself as he stood there proudly.

“This one…what about it?”

Rias asked Ise’s haha-ue.

“This fishing rod was my husband’s favourite fishing rod back then. He was really interested in fishing. He also taught Ise. Although he hasn’t gone fishing recently, he would often go fishing with Ise by the river or sea when he was younger.”

…This was the first time that they had heard of this story. Ise actually went fishing. Although they knew that he ate the fish that he caught when he was training… Ise’s haha-ue continued

“When he was young, Ise was influenced by his chichi and went fishing. But one day, he suddenly stopped fishing.”

“What happened?”

Towards Asia’s question, Ise’s haha-ue gave a wry smile.

“The fishing rod in the photo was broken by Ise.”

What Ise’s haha-ue said was — a bad memory of Ise’s childhood.

“While they were fishing by the sea, Ise took advantage of the fact that his otou-san was taking a break, so he took his otou-san’s fishing rod to go fishing without permission. Ise, he really looked forward to using otou-san’s fishing rod, he wanted to use that fishing rod to catch a large fish so that he would be praised…but in the end, he didn’t use it the right way and broke it. His otou-san was upset, and Ise apologised as he was crying, and at that time it was quite troublesome.”

…Every child would have had this kind of experience when they were young. Rias herself caused trouble when she was young so that she could obtain her parent’s praise, but eventually got in big trouble. Her childhood memories suddenly flashed by, and she couldn’t believe that she used to be like that. Ise’s haha-ue had a slightly lonely expression as she said

“Otou-san simply told him to be careful so as not to let it happen again and forgave him. But Ise, he…never wanted to go fishing again after that time. Perhaps he never forgave himself. That’s what that child is like. If he made the other person sad, he himself would also feel sad, and he won’t let things go even after an apology.”

“…Ise-san being like that, how should I say it? I can more or less understand.”

Asia earnestly replied. …Indeed, Rias also agreed. He, Ise, was that kind of a person. Every time a tragedy occurred, even if it wasn’t his fault, he would still take responsibility for it. —At such times, if he’s able to do it himself, then he’ll do it; everyone else would feel sad to see it, but he would still insist on reflecting. Ise still hadn’t let go of what happened to Asia. If he was stronger, Asia wouldn’t have died. But because of that, he’s become as strong as he is now.

“…That child, did he do anything to make Asia-chan sad? No, that child definitely wouldn’t have done anything that would make Asia-chan cry. On the contrary, he would feel sad if he couldn’t help Asia-chan.”

—Well …Rias couldn’t say anything. Ise’s haha-ue had always been looking at Ise, and understood Ise very well. She felt that her feelings were no match against Ise’s haha-ue, perhaps it was more fitting to say that his haha-ue was watching Ise far more carefully than she was.

“…You knew that?”

Hearing Asia’s question, Ise’s haha-ue smiled.

“Of course I knew, after all, I am one of his parents. Ise, he’s very overprotective of Asia-chan. Definitely, in that child’s heart, he hasn’t forgiven himself, and still holds a grudge.”

Although Ise’s haha-ue doesn’t know their true identity, she was still able to feel the daily changes. This was probably her instinct as his haha-ue. …When there finally came a day when it couldn’t be concealed any longer, Rias had already prepared herself for that. Ise’s haha-ue continued

“It’s the same as Ise no longer fishing. It’s certain that at this time, Ise still hasn’t forgiven himself.”

Ise’s haha-ue raised a finger.

“There’s only one bad habit that Ise hasn’t changed since he was young.”

“What bad habit is it?”

Hearing Rias ask that, Ise’s haha-ue lowered her head and looked at Ise in a photo of when he was younger.

“If he does something wrong, he definitely won’t forgive himself. Simply mentioning that thing will cause him to apologise deeply. And his expression is always the same (pain and regret). You’ll know immediately if you look. Ise’s otou-san also knows that he has this bad habit. That child will always have that expression.”

…Indeed, he was always apologising ‘I was wrong’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘sorry’ as he was in remorse. Rias recalled that his expression was always the same each time (pain and regret).

“…Rias-san, Asia-chan. Although this isn’t the time to be saying it, let me say it. —Ise, I’m entrusting him to you. He may be perverted and stupid, but he’s an honest person.”

“Yes, ogibo-sama [2].”

“Yes, okaa-san.”

—Okaa-san tightly held the two girl’s hands, as she deeply nodded.

[1] The OO is basically a blank to say that there were many photo albums of “First ____”.
[2] gibo (義母) is basically mother-in-law. Rias says this.


Continues on to Life.2 The Truth of the Feast

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      I can relate. It’s just more satisfying to see life.1 than life.0. Imagine when you are halfway done with your homework, and you take a short break. You look at the pile of homework you’ve just finished and you are really proud of yourself. You put the pile of homework in the corner of your room so you don’t have to see it again. It’s like a mental checkpoint. *part 1/2 completed*. Now you can start with part 2 and forget about part 1.

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    This is my first time posting here and I’m extremely excited for the next chapter (Life.1 & Parents)… Awe Yeah!

    Stupidity is fine! If I can’t win with ability, I’ll excel through stupidity! 
     – Issei Hyoudou in Volume 4 Life.5

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    HOLY!! That was intense! I can’t wait for the next chap.! (-__-)

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      Edit: Never mind.

      . . . .Wait, is it done yet or not? I got an email notification saying it is, but it really doesn’t seem to be?

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    I saw “Life 1” and I got excited.