HighSchool DxD Volume DX5 (Salamander Tomita)

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Salamander Tomita

This is an event which occurred just after the preliminary stage of the International Rating Game Tournament [Azazel Cup] had concluded. All members of the [Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star] team had gathered around their leader, Vali. Once everyone was present, Vali announced,

“This is our new team member…or perhaps it would be better to call them a reserve member who has now joined our team.”

The person that Vali introduced as such was—

“I’m Salamander Tomita. I’m a kappa. Nice to meet you.”

It was the rapper kappa Salamander Tomita. Because some members of the Vali team had met this kappa before due to a certain incident, they were rather startled. Bikou said,

“Are you serious, Vali!? T-This kappa is…?”

“Yeah, Tomita-shi was recently promoted to [kappa among kappa] and [Ultimate-Class Kappa]. In terms of combat strength, he’s impeccable.”

“What the heck is an Ultimate-Class Kappa…?”

Bikou’s eyes trembled, but Kuroka said in a low voice,

“There aren’t many kappa among kappa. I’ve heard that they’re worth a hundred million cucumbers.”

“You’ve completely lost me! Besides, I’ve heard that they belong to the Grigori, so what’s up with this kappa!?”

Bikou comically clutched his head.

“Ah! That’s it!”

As if she had suddenly struck upon an idea, Kuroka urged Bikou, Zhu Bajie and Salamander Tomita to stand side by side. With fascination and interest, Kuroka looked at the three people who stood in a line and said,

“…A monkey Youkai, a pig Youkai and a kappa. As a Japanese Youkai, this feels way more familiar to me nyan.”

In response, the JC current generation Sha Wujing with silky vermillion hair puffed out her cheeks in a moody manner.

“K-Kuroka-san! Did you just say that those three have more likeness to Journey to the West!?”

Being of the age when she loathed being mistaken for a kappa, Sha Wujing pouted as she became enraged. Kuroka scratched her cheek as she responded,

“Well, it’s more famous in Japan like this.”

“Youkai sage! [Sha Wujing] is a Youkai sage!”

“That aside, we’ve got way too many Youkai in this team…. We’ve even got a real pig yo.”

Bikou mumbled as he heaved a sigh. Once he felt that his team members had begun to interact a bit more positively, Vali nodded and said,

“In any case, Salamander Tomita-shi will be helping us out in case of any emergencies.”

After saying so and glancing over the members of his team, Vali suddenly recalled something that Lavinia Reni had once said.

—Among Va-kun’s friends, Kuroka-san is like Natsume, Bikou-kun is like Shark, and Fenrir-chan is like Jin-chan…in a way, it’s a bit like the [Slash Dog] team.

When she initially said that to him, he’d immediately asserted ‘that’s not true at all’—.

“Well, I can’t say that there was zero influence.”

That was how he currently felt about it—.

(All 1 of 1 parts) (31/8/20)

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