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Y Ddraig Goch & Albion Gwiber

I, Hyoudou Issei opened my eyes, and the first thing that I saw was — a white ceiling. I smelt a rather distinctive scent, and then finally understood that I was currently inside a hospital…. These unpleasant experiences have been increasing. When I moved my upper body to sit upright, a voice came from my side. It was actually Vali who was sitting on the chair beside the bed to accompany me.

“It seems you finally woke up, Hyoudou Issei.”

“…No way, I never imagined that the first person I would see after waking up would be you.”

It wasn’t Rias, nor was it Asia, and neither was it any of my other nakama, it was the truly unexpected Vali. Vali smiled to himself bitterly.

“After confirming that your condition was back to normal, the members of Team [DxD], of course that includes my team and the Gremory household, went off to deal with the aftermath of the battle. You and I were confined in here so that we could get some good rest.”

Oh, to allow me and Vali to rest? I remembered that while Vali went to Europe to stop Trihexa, I went to Japan to stop Trihexa….

“Yes, speaking of which, w-why am I okay…? I remember that because of the consequences of Dragon Deification, I should…”

I frantically touched every part of my body! That’s right! At that time, I already prepared myself for Dragon Deification…and I also fought together with Sirzechs-sama against Trihexa’s core!

“Ah, speaking of that—”

Just as Vali was about to begin explaining, someone suddenly sprang out from under the bed and called out

“Ise, you woke up?”

With flowing long hair that was deep black in colour, it was an extraordinary beauty! She was wearing a black outfit, and her o-oppai were staggeringly large! Why was such a beautiful onee-san in this patient room!?

“Are you awake? Are you awake?”

This time it was a relatively smaller girl who appeared from behind Vali. A girl who looked like and was formed from Ophis — Lilith! W-Was it okay for her to be in this patient room…? On that topic, when did she also come over here….


…I then realised the change that had occurred within myself! —I was able to see oppai!

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Originally, due to the aftereffects of Dragon Deification, I couldn’t see oppai, let alone speak about them! Moreover, this was also the second time that I had used Dragon Deification, so it wouldn’t be surprising if I died straight afterwards! Even if I was saved and brought back, I should be suffering from the long-term side effects of it for the rest of my life! Upon seeing the puzzled expression on my face, Vali explained it to me

“You originally suffered from the burden and repercussions of Dragon Deification, but Ophis, who you borrowed that power from adjusted it. So this is what the result is.”

—Vali pointed to the black-haired beauty. The beauty tilted her head and said “I, Ophis? Ise doesn’t recognise?”….



…I temporarily stopped thinking…if I looked closely at this beauty…she did indeed have a resemblance to Ophis, perhaps if she grew up, this is what she would look like. No, having said that, would a Dragon God-sama grow up? No, let’s not talk about that first….


I cried out in surprise! Although it wasn’t good to raise one’s voice in a hospital room, I couldn’t help crying out upon hearing that! Eeeeeeeehhh, Ophis actually became like this!?

“O-O-OOOOOOOOOOOO-Ophis……is that really you?”

I pointed at the beauty with my finger — Ophis nodded her head slightly. It really was a gesture that only Ophis would do. Vali said

“Because you overused the power of Dragon Deification, your existence became ambiguous, and your life was also hanging by a thread — so ultimately, Ophis shouldered all of the aftereffects.  As a result, this is the appearance that she now has. Moreover, it seems like she has almost become fixed into this woman’s body.”

…No way, Ophis took it for me…. Vali continued

“Lodged inside your body was the power of infinity, that is, the power of Dragon Deification, and even with the flesh of Great Red, you were originally a human, so it is impossible for you to withstand it. It was then that Ophis came to adjust it, no, it should be said that she received it on your behalf. She stabilised that power to a level that your body and mind could withstand.”

So that’s how it is. Originally, after suffering from the repercussions of Dragon Deification a second time, even if my body…was destroyed, it would not be surprising.

“Well, I can’t use Dragon Deification again huh.”

“If you’re talking about the power output you had during the time when you fought against Rizevim or Trihexa, you won’t be able to use it again unless you become a god. Even my lifespan has been reduced by a lot. But, I also received a blessing from the Dragon God.”

Blessing? A question mark floated above my head. Ophis, who had turned into a beauty answered that question for me

“At that time, you awakened the armour with my power, and you can continue to use that form. But, its power has been decreased by a great extent. However, there is also room for improvement.”

Oh, so I can still change into that red and black streaked armour. However, it won’t have abilities of infinity, and its immense strength has also been decreased. But that is still enough. Even if that power has been reduced, it’s still incredibly strong. At the very least, it’s far above that of my [True Queen] form. And there’s also room for improvement. So it’ll be fine if I just do more training.

“Pseudo Dragon Deification?”

Ophis shook her head from side to side and then nodded as she said that term…. [Pseudo Dragon Deification] huh, there was an indescribable subtlety in that, but I guess it did actually have that kind of a feeling. Vali said

“However, it hasn’t even been a full year since you awakened your Sacred Gear, became a reincarnated Devil and reached a near god-class state; under these circumstances, not only was your body, but also your mind and soul were unable to withstand these changes. —Your growth has been too sudden.”

…It was just as that guy said. In this past year, my power has been continually growing. Although part of the reason was due to facing off against fierce enemies, it wasn’t surprising that my body would collapse from such an erratic growth in power. That’s roughly how things were right now. A Devil that can live for ten thousand years has become like this in the span of just one short year…. My career as a Devil is really quite worrying…. I don’t want every year to be like this during the ten thousand years of my life to come…. I couldn’t help clutching my head. Perhaps tired of our conversation now, Lilith untied the hair on one side of her head and said

“Together with the other Lilith, together with the other Lilith.”

while playing with her hair. Lilith and Ophis did indeed look alike when she unravelled her hair like that…. Ophis pat Lilith’s head. Although a lot of things have happened, it could be said that all of Ophis’ power had once again returned to one place. Vali’s facial expression suddenly became somewhat strange.

“Hyoudou Issei…this is a message for you. —Starting with Sirzechs Lucifer, the current Leviathan, and current Asmodeus, these three Maous as well as the leaders of various factions have accompanied Trihexa to another dimension.”


Vali’s words greatly surprised me. In order to truly keep the damage from Trihexa, which had split itself apart to a minimum, it was transported into a dedicated isolation barrier. And in order to contain it, warriors were elected from each of the various factions to fight against it. Those people were the higher ups of each faction. Among them were the Maous like Sirzechs-sama, Serafall-sama, Michael-sama, and that old man Odin. After that, Vali explained to me the last actions that the higher ups took. …I finally remembered the scene from that time. Because I was paralysed and had collapsed on the floor as a result of Dragon Deification, Sirzechs-sama spoke with a parting tone while beside me. So that…wasn’t a dream. …W-Why is it like this, Sirzechs-sama…. Seeing my immense shock, Vali continued

“Azazel also went in.”

“—What!! Sensei too? T-That…”

“…Right now, we can no longer see him.”


…I looked up at the ceiling. …I couldn’t say anything. I could not utter a single word. Even if I wanted to complain to him, he’s no longer here now…? I covered my face with my hand, and asked Vali

“How long is it at the moment? Half a year or a few years?”

“…According to the Valkyrie on your side…it’ll be a few thousand years at the least, or perhaps ten thousand years. That’s how difficult it is to bring down that strengthened Trihexa. Even the God of the Bible expended all of his power to seal it away.”

…Ten thousand years…. …We might not even be able to see each other for a year…! There were still so many things that I wanted to talk about with sensei. I also wanted to hear more of his advice…! It’ll actually take ten thousand years…how can that be!?

“……All of that, how, how can it be. It’ll actually need…s-several thousand years, or even ten thousand years…”

In my heart, I wanted to release all of that anger, grief, and sadness, but I was unable to, and a variety of emotions swirled around in my chest and mind. How was Vali able to remain so calm whilst I was thinking of all of these things — which is when I realised that something was very strange. His voice was also trembling.

“……Yeah. I really can’t stand him. …He always says and does whatever he wants selfishly. …He’s obviously taught us so much, so going off on his own…”

Seeing this unexpected reaction from my rival — I involuntarily began to shed tears. …Damn you, don’t let me see you with a reaction like that right now…! It’s too horrible…! Normally, when we were in situations such as these, sensei would call out as he arrived, and then start making jokes. But — no matter how long we waited, sensei still didn’t show up in the patient room. Vali said to me

“…Azazel said you that you were his last, and his best student…”


……You’re too mean, sensei…. I couldn’t hold back the tears which were welling up, and began to sob. I recalled all sorts of encounters, training sessions, times when I fought against powerful enemies, the times when we were in Kyoto and the Vampire’s country; all of the places that we travelled to together emerged within my mind, as if coming through a set of revolving doors…. …I defeated Apophis…. What would sensei say to me normally…? Ophis held my hand.

“…I’m still here. I, regardless of whether it’s one thousand years, or ten thousand years, I will stay by Ise’s and Vali’s side.”

“Then, Lilith also wants to be together.”

Lilith also took hold of my hand and Ophis’ hand. …So these are the so-called people that we gain when others are lost huh. Vali sighed

“…It will be a very long time. —But, both you and I have bodies which will somehow be able to survive that length of time. For when he returns.”

Vali suddenly looked out the window, and his voice trembled even more.

“At the very least, we need to complain to him one more time.”


What awaited me from here on was a world without Sirzechs-sama and Azazel-sensei. It will be a terribly long time in comparison to the time that was spent together with them, in this world that was now without them—. If we had the power and the determination to defeat the ‘enemy’ sooner, perhaps we would not have arrived at such an outcome…. For the seventeen year old I, it was the first time in my life that I experienced such intense tragedy and regret. With this battle as a turning point, a decisive change occurred in the minds of the Two Heavenly Dragons. The thought of protecting something was born within Vali, and as for I — the determination to always destroy the ‘enemy’ was born within me. Indeed, if I didn’t possess that resolve, then someone would definitely disappear. If that’s the case, then I should—.

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  1. viktor says:



    Ophis has almost become fixed into this woman’s body.”

    A method for differentiate Ophis from Lilith in appearance and personality? Except the clothes both are the same in all senses..

    But with Ophis with an adult body everything change, Ophis is an adult woman and Lilith is a girl.. and Ophis is like “The mother” of Lilith..

    Maybe an excuse to add her in the harem as Kunou.. Friends Forever..

    • adris says:



      In the Vol 22 exist one image of Ophis and Lilith, they are like sisters again. This can be something like Shirone Mode Or maybe is ANOTHER CASE(for not repeat this) for this phrase:


      Maybe now his body is unstable(changing between adult and girl). But over time the change will be permanent. Is the only meaning that I see in those words.

  2. Kemm says:



    So, I was thinking. Now that (O)Phis has suddenly grown up and they have a second kid (O)Phis on roster, how will they explainh it to Kunou when she comes to stay at the Hyoudou residence some weeks from now?

    • zxzxzx says:



      Well, maybe they’ll trust her enough to tell her the truth…or she may have already figured it out by herself.

  3. Anonymous says:



    Ophis should definitely be in issei’s harem they would make the perfect couple

  4. Eonor says:



    Wait, so not only Ise’s DxD power decreased but also Vali’s?

    • zxzxzx says:



      I don’t think that was mentioned. Vali said that he also had his lifespan reduced and that he received a “blessing”.

  5. Nematoda says:




    Lilith with Vali

    Ophis with Issei


    i wonder what kind of Child from Ophis and Issei…. Father with Body of Great Red and Infinite Dragon as the Mother…..

    • J9162 says:



      As interesting as that would be, I think Lilith will also be with Issei haha. She seems like she wants to stay with Ophis and Issei. Remember one of the reasons she changed sides was to be not only with Ophis but also with Issei. She thought he was funny if you recall and the opportunity of meeting Issei again was one of the things that changed her mind and caused her to help Vali and Azazel right before Trihexa was released. Plus, Vali as of yet does not seem like he will be going the Harem route, although I do think it is very possible in his future. I guess we will see. I would certainly think it would be interesting for him to have his own harem for sure, but right now it seems that Lavinia is the only love interest he has. Maybe others will emerge in the future.

      • Nematoda says:



        yeah… azazel bribe her with Sweet, cookies and issei xD

        also with Issei got Nerfed while Vali always got Buffed….maybe he need the Perfect Infinite Dragon to teach him about infinite power and Great Red Power….. (but Lilith Knowledge is far behind than original Ophis….)

        i think Vali is more Loyal to one Person only… while Issei would love all of his girls…. example Kuroka… she has tried many times to make love with Vali… but Vali didn’t even bat an eye…. and from EX… Kuroka choose Issei….

        lets wait Tiamat make Her debut in front of two Pervert Heavenly Dragons…. who she choose….it is Issei (who she hate to death because of Ddraig) or Vali (who has Albion…. unknown relationship with her)

        because the Harem not complete without Dragon Girl….

      • Heika says:



        Not sure if I should reply to you or the guy you replied to but considering Lilith’s looks (Ophis’s body with Ise’s eyes) I always considered her their daughter. Her reaction to them just strengthened that feeling/thought to me.

        • RedDragonDxd says:



          considering this is four years later… Ophis is practically Ise mom… She helped revive him.

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    Thanks for the update

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    didn’t see that coming…
    Definatly didn’t see that coming

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    Thanks for the update sir!

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