Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Volume 7 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Beyond the Endless Dream


The ancient city of Lada that the third generation Demon Lord Lezonas ruled.

Within the artificial space that emulated what was once the royal city recorded as a turning point in history, a particular sound continued to ring out unerringly. They were the continuous sharp sounds of clashing blades, and from time to time, intense vibrations from impacts made in the air. These sounds alone were able to describe just how fierce the battle was. The source of the sounds were not set in one place, they didn’t stop moving for even a moment. At the source of the sound — there were two silhouettes leaping between the rooftops of the historic buildings, and like two gales of wind crossing each other, they clashed successively in mid-air. One of them was a human youth who wielded a silver demonic sword, while the other one was a demon youth who swung a jet-black demonic sword — Toujou Basara and the Current Demon Lord Leohart. After the two of them clashed at full-force with their first hit, they then made full use of the entire space for their high-speed battle.

…Truly fast.

Even though Leohart’s speed had similarly increased to such a degree that he seemed to have become one with the wind, he still appeared to be amazed at the speed of his opponent. In terms of pure strength and swordsmanship, Leohart was clearly superior, but Basara who was darting in front of him was significantly faster. Leohart had fought against many Heroes in the previous Great War, and he had also witnessed many of his powerful comrades such as Balthier, Lars, and the Eight Demon Generals; but to be honest, he couldn’t remember if any of them could achieve such speed. In Gardo’s report, he mentioned that Basara was faster than him at his best, but—

…It can’t be wrong.

The current Basara was definitely much faster than when he fought against Gardo. Gardo’s power in that state was indeed amazing, but his speed was still below that of Leohart’s; moreover, Leohart was chasing after Basara’s afterimage at the moment, and he could barely keep up. However, Basara with his speed advantage was no longer keeping his distance from Leohart. Basara was no longer leaping and accelerating from the many rooftops present, while Leohart used his leg strength to maintain his speed, prepared to leap at any time. Basara twisted his body in mid-air, turned his legs to change direction, and faced Leohart who was chasing him from the rooftops behind. After tearing through many red tiles as he skidded, he suddenly charged straight towards Leohart.


Leohart prepared to swing towards the ground in a single strike. The purpose of that was not to defend against Basara’s sword that was aimed towards the upper right, but to repel him with force. Then, just as the sound of their colliding swords rang out, Leohart used the contact point and pressure of their blades as support to jump up directly over Basara’s head; and after a mid-air somersault, he chose to land on an adjacent rooftop…but he didn’t descend immediately, and instead performed a horizontal slash behind himself beforehand. The sound of metal pushing against metal was heard in the next instant. After Basara saw Leohart jump up, he immediately turned around for another strike, and that was why Leohart was forced to react. In the instant that he finally landed, the battle had turned into a close-quarters sword duel in which he had no chance to rest.  Within Leohart’s entire range of movement, Basara began a non-stop high-speed onslaught, while Leohart remained fixed to the spot as he defended. The sound of clashing blades was heard a countless number of times from every direction, and gradually surrounded him. It was not long after the fierce slashing sounds began that a particular phenomenon occurred before Leohart’s eyes. The wielder of the sword, Basara, appeared to multiply.

“This is…”

It was the critical phenomenon that had occurred as a result of high-speed movement at a close distance. Afterimages of Toujou Basara had appeared in front of Leohart’s eyes.

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The decisive battle between Leohart and Basara had finally begun. The stronghold of the Moderates faction was in the far-off Wildart City, but there was also a live broadcast there. Leohart believed that the Moderates faction had a right to watch the battles of their own representatives, and the direction that the war would take the Demon Realm towards, so he allowed the battle’s broadcast to be sent towards Wildart City using magic waves. And through Sheera, who was at that location to adjust the frequencies of both magic projection systems to be the same, they were able to view the situation of the battle in real-time. Klaus and many others paid close attention to the evolution of the battle’s situation in their lounges, rooms or other locations. However, there was one particular person in Wildart city who had hung up a hammock in the midst of several trees, and was taking a leisurely nap on it while a pocket-sized book sat on top of his face as a sleeping mask. It wasn’t just anyone, it was Toujou Jin. After being brought here by him, the young soldier of the Current Demon Lord faction, Fio, walked up to his side and asked in disbelief

“Hey, your son’s battle with Leohart-sama has begun, aren’t you going to watch it?”

Jin first answered with a simple “No”, before removing the book from his face to say

“It’s already gotten to this stage, so there’s no need to watch it any further…”

“No need? …It’s currently three wins and three losses. The outcome of this decisive battle will decide the future of the Demon Realm, you know? How—”

Fio then continued to say

“To a human like you, the future of demons like us may be unrelated to you…but you can at least worry about your son a bit, can’t you? What other reason do you have not to go?”

“Because I’ve already done what I needed to do.”

The man who was formerly called the God of War said

“All that I can do is give him some special training before the battle, and to clean up for him after the battle. Regardless of whether he wins or loses, the result is the same…of course, there are some changes in what actually has to be done, but this is fine for now. Moreover—”

Jin continued

“If I rushed over there to join in, it would make the situation even more complicated, and then that would just cause trouble. Although it may not seem like it right now, my relationship with the Demon Realm is an endless cycle of reason and chaos.”

“You look like this all the time, not just right now.”

Fio sighed, and then asked again

“Well, what’s your perspective? Can your son win against Leohart-sama?”

“I wonder. As a father, of course I’d hope that my precious son can win…”

Jin shrugged as he said

“If it was that simple, we wouldn’t have to work so hard. Basara’s chances of defeating him — is only twenty percent at most.”

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In front of Leohart’s eyes, Basara was constantly increasing his speed, creating more than ten afterimages. It was a phenomenon caused by instant acceleration and deceleration; it was the result of the difference between visual and cognitive signals in the brain. However, although Basara was indeed faster, Leohart was still able to roughly make out his position. As for why he insisted on creating afterimages — Leohart could somewhat understand why.

…The perfume was for this?

When they initially clashed, Leohart could smell a strong odour on Basara’s body, it was from that bottle of perfume. Originally, that would’ve been a stupid act that would expose his own position, but for someone who used speed as a weapon, that was a different matter. By performing high-speed movements and emergency stops with vast amounts of perfume on, he had become something that was almost like a human incense which caused Leohart to misjudge Basara’s position.

—This perfume also had other effects. To Leohart, it had a provocative and distracting effect on his mind. What Basara had asked the Current Demon Lord faction to prepare was the perfume that had halted production after Zolgear’s death. He originally thought that it was the perfume that Zolgear gave to the women in his erotic playground, and when Belphegor became the playground’s new master, he stopped its production to remove Zolgear’s impression from it.

—He was wrong. After analysing the perfume that Basara had asked Lars to obtain, they discovered that it was the same perfume that Belphegor wore when he met with Leohart the other day. The main reason was so that Belphegor could fully unify the women in the playground by choosing a fragrance that belonged only to him; he prevented it from circulating on the market, most likely so that those women would have a unique fragrance in the Demon Realm. And the day before yesterday, they weren’t sure whether Basara was after Zolgear’s or Belphegor’s perfume. When the two representative sides met at the beginning, he was not able to smell this from Mio’s body, which meant that Basara had put on the perfume for the sole purpose of disrupting Leohart’s judgement.


While enduring Basara’s constant flurry of attacks where even a slight mistake in guarding could prove fatal, Leohart had to perform various defensive measures in an instant, and analyse the combat situation while avoiding the attacks. Up until now, he had crossed blades with Basara a countless number of times, and in the vast majority of those cases, he was on the defensive. His opponent was completely dominating the flow of combat. This happened because his speed fell behind that of his opponent.


Leohart wasn’t anxious or nervous at all. While Basara’s speed was certainly impressive, and the afterimages generated with assistance from the perfume were dangerous, Leohart was currently able to deal with all of that quite comfortably. The reason for that was because each of Basara’s attacks was of low quality — every one of his strikes was rather weak. From the perspective of the viewers who were outside the fighting space, Basara’s continuous attacks at a dizzying speed were putting pressure on Leohart, but that was only a superficial visage. It wasn’t a matter of physical arm strength, rather, it was clear that Basara was unable to utilise his full strength.

…I don’t know where he was before.

In short, his current injuries were not minor. Known for his swiftness, he was currently able to maintain his maximum speed, but under such circumstances, it seemed unlikely that it would last very long. Using Belphegor’s perfume for disruption or provocation was the most desperate struggle that he could put up right now. —He was deliberately stalling for time, at least until he fell. However, this kind of behaviour meant that Basara was simply using a petty trick. It was the day before yesterday when Basara asked for the perfume, and he disappeared late last night. In other words, Basara had planned to put this plan into action from the beginning, and decided to use the perfume against Leohart. Leohart didn’t want to stoop as low as Basara. He wasn’t opposed to using tricks, but he simply insisted on fighting until the end in a manner befitting that of a Demon Lord.

“—Roar, Loki.”

At the same time as Leohart’s call, the demonic sword in his hand responded by whipping up a wild tempest, dispersing the scent of the perfume in the surrounding area.


In the moment that Basara paused out of surprise because his afterimages had dissipated, Leohart unleashed a single pure strike. A slash of pure power.


Basara lifted Brynhildr up to block it, but that was a poor decision. Leohart slashed down with Loki with no hesitation, causing both Basara and Brynhildr to be forcibly swept aside. Leohart’s ruthless strike had instantly sent the opponent in front of him flying through the air. He was sent flying towards the tall and distant twin towers.



Leohart’s powerful strike immediately sent Basara flying backwards.

…This is bad, if I don’t think of a way…!

In the scope of Basara’s upside-down vision while his upper body had been knocked into the air, he noticed the large building along his route.


As he saw the large twin towers quickly approaching, Basara struggled as he swung Brynhildr with all the strength that he could muster. Using the sharp gale of wind that was generated from his swing, Basara pierced through the wall and flew inside the tower; he attempted to stab Brynhildr into the ground in order to slow down, but the stone floor was too hard and all he left on it were scratches.

“Gah…help me…stop—!”

Basara did not give up on using the full weight of his body, and the tip of his blade finally pierced the floor, resulting in a sharp screech which echoed out, as well as an eruption of sparks across the floor — after sliding over a distance of a dozen metres, he finally succeeded in stalling his momentum amidst the wreck of a countless number of tables and chairs. In the space that appeared to resemble a parliament hall, he stood up on the dark floor.

“!…Hah, hah…kuh—!”

The sudden pain in his abdomen caused the expression on Basara’s already breathless face to tighten. It seemed that he had overexerted himself in trying to brake, causing his abdominal wound to reopen.

…He’s definitely found out that my condition isn’t optimal.

Although he had used the perfume to mask the smell of his blood; given how many times he was in close-quarters combat with Leohart, it was clear that someone of Leohart’s level could detect that something was wrong with Basara’s condition. —This was something that couldn’t be helped. Basara’s abdominal wound was received when he alone performed a ‘preparation’ for this decisive battle. It was an absolutely necessary preparation, something that had to be done. Hence, Toujou Basara didn’t regret his own injury, moreover—

…I have to deal with this quickly.

He was racking his brains on how to deal with Leohart at the moment. Belphegor’s perfume didn’t cause Leohart to lose his cool, and using the afterimages which were amplified by the odour was unable to disrupt him. In this situation, he was also no longer able to fight at maximum speed as he did before. When Basara hastily tried to think of his next strategy, he heard a loud and blunt metallic noise, which then lingered in the air.

“!…What is that..?”

Basara could not help but frown as he felt the entire tower shake from the ground in synchronisation with that sound. The word ‘earthquake’ entered his mind, but when he saw the adjacent tower outside the window—


He realised what had happened to the place that he was in — the cause of the large tower’s tremors. The scenery outside the window was turning on an oblique angle…which meant that the metallic sound from earlier was the sound of the tower’s walls being cut apart. It seemed to be a position several storeys below that had collapsed, and the section above which had lost its support had begun to slide. There was no need to mention who’s doing this was. The battle was not over yet. Basara immediately tried to leave the area — but he was unable to do so. It was because the young man clad in black jumped in through the hole in the wall that Basara had made when he was sent flying.


As soon as Leohart spotted Basara, he rushed towards him in great strides.

“!…Damn it!”

It was impossible to escape at his current speed, it would be equivalent to death. Thus, Basara stood up to attack and charged towards Leohart — when their blades crossed, the phenomenon that was to happen sooner or later occurred. The upper section of the large tower that the two people were in finally slid off the edge — and began its descent towards the ground. While the floor rotated, the walls became the ceiling, and the wreck of tables and chairs began to fall—



Amidst the chaos, Basara and Leohart continued to fight as they searched for secure footing in the ever-changing space, cut apart the rubble, and continued to clash with their demonic swords. Every time sparks flickered from their clashes, it briefly illuminated the two figures within the dark space. The ceiling, floor, and walls were all footholds as their battlefield shifted from a flat plane to a three-dimensional space.


During this, Basara was the first to try breaking out of the current situation; he suddenly dispelled Brynhildr halfway through a clash and then summoned it again, using a quick-draw sword technique as he distorted dimensional boundaries — [Dimensional Slash]. His aim was to destroy the weapon — to destroy Leohart’s demonic sword Loki. However—

“Using a high-speed slash the moment the demonic sword is summoned increases its power and sharpness, I’ve heard—”

Saying that faintly, Leohart blocked Basara’s [Dimensional Slash]. After quickly restricting the movement of Basara’s arm before he started to use the technique, Leohart similarly released and re-summoned his demonic sword to cause a dimensional disruption to interfere with Basara’s technique — blocking it so that the [Dimensional Slash] became an ordinary slash.


“Although I cannot imitate it, it’s more than enough to stop your technique.”

After saying that to the surprised Basara, Leohart dragged the tip of his demonic sword across the ground as the resulting shockwave moved along the ground towards Basara.


Basara hastily jumped towards one side to evade it, but that caused him to lose sight of Leohart’s figure, and it was already too late by the time that he realised he had appeared beside him.


Upon seeing Leohart swing down the sword that was above his head, Basara was able to lift Brynhildr to block it in time, but his legs — crashed through the wall as a result of the impact. By the end of Leohart’s swing, Basara’s entire body had been knocked down towards the bottom of the falling tower.


He was still roughly a hundred metres from the ground — so if he fell from this height, it would surely mean death, but Basara was fortunate enough to be able to find a foothold. In between the tower that Basara was in, and the other adjacent tower, there was a passageway between them that was still hanging in the air. Although he could safely reach the ground through that passage, Basara wasn’t out of danger’s way yet, as the tower he was in continued to fall. As for Leohart who had jumped out of the tower from another window, he wasn’t at risk of dying unlike Basara.


A countless number of black particles manifested in mid-air above Leohart’s back — in the next instant, two enormous black wings spread open, allowing Leohart to effortlessly float in mid-air. For Basara who didn’t have this kind of ability, there was only one way for him to stay alive — so Basara decided to use that move. It was one of the two trump cards that Jin had entrusted to Basara. Toujou Basara gripped Brynhildr with both hands to unleash a full-powered attack, turning the power of [Banishing Shift] into a destructive force.

“! —Ooooooooooohh!”

The destructive wave that Basra unleashed spread out in the shape of a fan, instantly turning the upper section of the tower that was falling down on him into rubble. A vast amount of smoke and dust gushed past Basara like a sandstorm, but it was nothing more than that.

…I succeeded…!

Having just escaped with his life, Basara lifted his head with a solid sense of confidence, only to see Leohart holding Loki at his waistline as it was wrapped in a dark luminance.

“Your destructive power is certainly strong…but it’s my turn now.”

After a single breath—

“—Devour him, Loki!”

In the instant that Leohart swung his jet-black demonic sword — the black torrent that could even distort space swept through the air as it rushed towards Basara.


Even though the pain from his abdomen caused his face to distort in pain, Basara still gritted his teeth to unleash [Banishing Shift]. Of course, it was not to fully eliminate Leohart’s black torrent, he aimed to just barely stop it, an attempt to disperse it, however—

…S-So heavy…!

The force of Leohart’s black torrent was so incredibly powerful that it almost knocked away Brynhildr while it was being gripped with both hands, forcing Basara to double the strength he was putting into his arms. Even though the bleeding from his abdomen was so severe that it seemed as though a blood vessel had burst — he still swung with all his might.


Accompanied by Basara’s beastly roar, he unleashed [Banishing Shift]. And then — after he had painstakingly dispersed Leohart’s black torrent, a voice suddenly came from in front.

“—I’ve also heard about your elimination ability.”

As he turned to look, he saw in the right corner of his vision — Leohart was in a low stance, as if he was ready to swing his demonic sword Loki at any time.


[Banishing Shift] could only be used when holding Brynhildr with both hands in a full swing. Leohart had spotted this subtle flaw in the technique. Leohart’s slash closed in towards the right side of Basara’s abdomen which was unguarded because Basara had just swung Brynhildr—


Since he was holding the sword with both hands, Basara immediately removed his armoured right hand from the sword, and used his arm to block Loki’s strike directly. —That armour was a derivative of Brynhildr’s manifestation. The strength of the material was naturally the same as Brynhildr’s blade — but, there was one clear difference. And that was its thickness. If the armour was as thick as the blade, Basara’s right arm would become too heavy to wield Brynhildr; so since it had to be light, the armour was correspondingly thin. As a harsh metallic sound rang out, the armour on Basara’s lower right arm — its exterior had been broken, revealing the inner section that even Basara was only seeing for the first time. However — now was not the time to be surprised or to delve into thought. Leohart’s strike seemed to have hit a major blood vessel, and so his armour shattered and bright red blood suddenly began to spray out. Even so, Basara had taken the opportunity of that strike to find a clear path to the passageway, and he jumped into the air.


When he felt stunned — Toujou Basara had begun falling to the ground. As Leohart looked down at him from the edge of the passageway, his consciousness began to fade.


What he then saw was the figure of Leohart’s back as he turned around to leave at the far end of his vision. It was as if the outcome had been decided.


As seconds seemed like minutes as they passed in this critical situation, a thought emerged in Toujou Basara’s mind — if he died like this, how would the situation change? Firstly, the Moderates Faction would lose this decisive battle. —But, Mio and the others would probably be fine. Because Jin had once said that if Basara was defeated, that he would disregard the agreements of the past Great War and step forward to deal with it. Jin was the father that Basara was proud of, and it was possible that he could solve the various problems in the Demon Realm in a way that Basara couldn’t even begin to imagine in order to guarantee Mio’s freedom and safety and also so that Yuki, Kurumi, Maria, and Zest wouldn’t need to worry either. Although he was unwilling, Jin did have such a capacity. Right now, Basara’s body would no longer listen to himself…perhaps it was better to leave the rest to Jin, and to honestly accept his own defeat and death, it would be so easy to do.


But Toujou Basara simply couldn’t give up. He still had people that he cherished waiting for him, and he still had promises to keep; he couldn’t turn himself into a liar and a traitor, that was one thing that he couldn’t concede on. He absolutely couldn’t give up! So — Toujou Basara played his last card in that moment. —Before he left Wildart, Basara had asked Sheera to prepare some medicine for him. One of those was an aphrodisiac to deepen the master-servant bond between Mio and the others, while the other — after that life-threatening special training where he learned from Jin that he possessed the blood of two mothers, he asked Sheera to make — a stimulant that could strongly awaken one particular side. In Toujou Basara’s mind, there were some things that he just couldn’t back down from. In order to protect them, even if both of his hands became tainted with blood, as long as it was something that he had to do, then Basara was willing to do it. It didn’t matter even if he was no longer himself of the past. So with the tablet that had been hidden behind his molars, Basara used the tip of his tongue—


And swallowed it. The tablet containing magic was immediately decomposed after going through his oesophagus, and was fully absorbed by his body.

“…—Rampage, Brynhildr.”

When Basara uttered that — he was only ten or so metres from the ground.

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In this manner, the decisive battle was won by the Current Demon Lord Faction. That was what Leohart thought.

…But, there are still some obstacles that must be eliminated.

Until those old bastards in the Council had been eradicated, this battle wasn’t over yet. Just as Leohart began to focus on the next battle in his mind—


The violent shockwave and sudden attack that came from below caused him to take a deep breath. Since the beginning of their confrontation until now, Leohart thought that Basara was a respectable opponent, and even if he was an enemy, he didn’t want to see him fall to his death or be reduced to a figure that no longer seemed human. However—


Leohart looked down from the connecting passageway towards the ground, and could not help but feel surprised. Not only did Basara survive a fall from that height, he was standing tall as he stared back while his entire body was enveloped in a burning red aura.

…That is…

Deep down, Leohart knew what the colour of that aura represented…or perhaps it was better to say that it was impossible for him not to know. It was because that aura was the same colour as the previous Demon Lord Wilbert who was regarded as the strongest in history; it was also the power that Leohart had always desired so that he could dominate and unify the Demon Realm. This reproduction of the ancient capital of Lada was a space that only descendants of the Demon Lord could enter, and it was now clear that Basara was able to enter not because he used the power of [Banishing Shift] to break through the barrier.

…It can’t be.

After being stunned by the colour of Basara’s aura, Leohart finally returned to his and noticed the other changes in Basara’s body. His entire body was covered in a black battle armour that resembled Leohart’s, and Brynhildr in his hand had also changed shape like a Valkyrie that had spread its wings; the length of the sword had almost doubled, and as if its self-defence instincts had been fully liberated, it had changed into an awakened form.


Basara lifted Brynhildr up, then swung it down, and in an instant—

“Guh — aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

Heavy crimson waves assaulted Leohart from directly above, causing him and the passageway — to be forced down to the ground that Basara was standing on in an instant. Leohart lay on the ground in front of Basara, using all the strength that he had to endure the immense pressure that made him feel as though he would be crushed to death if he relaxed for even a bit.

…G-Gravitational magic? …N-No…!

Perhaps it came from the same origin, but this was not magic. Basara had swung Brynhildr down towards Leohart — this action may have been the trigger for the magic’s activation, but a more natural possibility was that this was the same as when Leohart poured his full power into the magical circuit within Loki to release that black torrent. Basara swung Brynhildr to unleash a red aura towards Leohart that resembled gravitational magic. That would also explain why Brynhildr had transformed into such a strange form. While Leohart speculated about such things, the powerful gravitational surge that pushed down his entire body showed no mercy, and before he realised, it had carved out an enormous crater in the ground surrounding him.

…! I was too careless…!

Although he hadn’t underestimated Basara, he became too focused on his ultimate goal of defeating the Council and dropped his guard. While Leohart’s entire body remained paralysed, he cursed at his own hasty move which had caused a reversal in the situation. A single moment of negligence or regret was enough to lose one’s life on the battlefield.


Leohart clenched his teeth as he attempted to lift his head, only to see Basara looking down at him with a cold and merciless stare while he once again swung Brynhildr down with his right hand.

“Gah! …Ah…ngh…!”

The muscles in his entire body distorted unnaturally, and his bones made creaking sounds as if they were wailing in pain. Even though Leohart could no longer bear the pain, Basara didn’t seem willing to loosen up with just that.


He gripped Brynhildr in silence, and made an action to further increase the pressure. He was going to completely crush Leohart.


As that sword was swung down, the wish that he had embraced for so long, his dream for the Demon Realm’s future, as well as Riara’s smile and warmth — all of it would turn to naught. The system known as the Council that was secretly dominating the Demon Realm at the moment would also continue on forever. However, although Leohart at present had the attitude that something had to be done no matter what, he couldn’t think of any way to escape from his peril. And so, Basara swung Brynhildr down like that, completely crushing Leohart’s body and soul — but an instant before that could happen


There was a sudden voice and a girl who had arrived stopped Basara. —It was not Riara. If Riara had come to save Leohart, she definitely would have stood between Basara and him to protect him from Basara’s attack. The girl — hugged Basara from behind to stop him. The girl whose arms reached around to Basara’s chest as she hugged him while her face remained close to his back was—


Indeed. The girl who saved him was born as the Demon Lord’s daughter, but chose to live as a human. The girl’s sudden interruption caused Leohart to say her name in surprise, and he inadvertently noticed something. He could speak…the powerful gravity waves that attacked Leohart had weakened. —The reason was in front of Leohart, who had chosen the path of the Demon Lord. Mio’s red aura gently covered Basara’s aura of the same colour.

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From the beginning of her duel until the very end, Naruse Mio never used the power of the former Demon Lord Wilbert. Now, she was using it to stop Basara. —Mio didn’t understand why Basara was able to use the power of gravity. In any case, Mio’s intuition told her that aside from the interference of her own gravity magic to supress Basara’s gravitational power, there was no other way to stop Basara in his current state. —Last night, before Basara left the guest house, he confessed to Mio and the others about something. Although the possibility was very low, in the off-chance that Basara attempted to kill Leohart — they had to do everything possible to stop him. Mio and the others didn’t understand why, but they knew that Basara had his own reasons, and so they immediately agreed to Basara’s request. Seeing Basara act so seriously, it was only natural that they were unable to refuse. At least for Mio, Basara was her absolute master — and an important family member. Moreover — of all the people present, Mio was the only one who was able to enter this space. And that was why the burden of fulfilling this request was entirely on Mio’s shoulders right now. It wasn’t for the sake of helping Leohart, but to stop Basara from losing control, and at the same time, she also had to maintain control of her own power and stay conscious. After all, her target was Basara, so all she had to do was prevent his movement. So, Mio carefully adjusted the Demon Lord’s power in her body. —In the past, Takigawa had advised her to get stronger, to the point of being able to kill Basara in the very unlikely event that she had to. However, Mio was still not at that level yet.


This was enough. Because everyone had forged a deeper bond with each other, they had powerful feelings that would not break no matter what came at them. Everyone believed in those feelings and decided to treasure each other, and live together. Hence — she had to stop Basara no matter what.

“Basara…it’s enough already.”

Mio softly called his name, and she pressed her chest against Basara’s back — as if to move their heartbeats closer together. The most important thing was to tell him that she was here. Just as Naruse Mio accompanied Toujou Basara in the past, that would not change from here on either. Then — Mio straightened her back, and spoke in a whisper that was only audible to Basara

“—Please, onii-chan.”

The curse of the master-servant contract had not activated — but Naruse Mio still addressed Basara in that way. She knew that when she called him like that, that Basara would definitely respond.


Because Basara was that kind of person, Mio was that kind of sister, a loyal submissive girl who loved him. This strong emotion that filled the heart would never abandon her.


Brynhildr was slowly lowered…it was not swung, Basara had loosened the grip of his arm, and he slowly lowered it. After letting out a heavy and long sigh, he put his left hand on top of Mio’s hand that was on his chest.


It was the normal Basara who turned around to call her name. Different from when they had first met — the current Basara saw Mio as someone much more precious to him now. So—


Naruse Mio could no longer supress the overflowing emotions in her heart, regardless of the number of people watching them from outside the fighting space. She tightly embraced Basara once more. —An important fact was conveyed to everyone who watched this scene. She did not belong to the Moderates faction or the Current Demon Lord faction, and neither did she belong to the Council. For a long time now, Naruse Mio — belonged to Toujou Basara. Outside of the fighting space that Basara and the others were in, was silence. The audience members who were watching the broadcast of the inside were all speechless. —Mio’s interference had interrupted the duel between Basara and Leohart. But no one dared to clamour or say that Basara should be disqualified unlike the time when Zest had done the same. Because, no matter what the reason or intention, she had saved Leohart from Basara.


In the broadcast, Basara stretched his hand out to Leohart, who was trying to stand up.


After a long silence — Leohart slowly grabbed his hand. The Current Demon Lord, the previous Demon Lord’s daughter, and the son of the man known as the God of War all stood together in this moment. No one could have imagined that something like this would happen in the decisive battle between the Current Demon Lord faction and the Moderates faction. This scene — caused every single person in the arena to envision a future in which the Demon Realm was no longer at war. However — there were some people who held differing thoughts, and were waiting for this development and the arrival of such a situation.

The son of the God of War Jin Toujou, the wielder of [Banishing Shift], Toujou Basara. The only daughter of the strongest former Demon Lord in history, Naruse Mio. The striking young hero who had become the new Demon Lord after Wilbert’s death, Leohart. What those people were waiting for — was a situation in which they could take down all three of these people.

“—The sacrifices are in full attendance. Eat to your heart’s content, Chaos .”

At the same time, when Mardones said that while in the Council’s special viewing gallery as he looked on, ‘that thing’ began to take action.


In the next instant — a burst of white light flashed through the fighting space that Basara and the others were in. It was immediately followed by vigorous tremors and explosions on the ground.

(Part 5 of 13) (17/9)

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