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Dear fans of the President, I’m sure I have kept you waiting long enough. Just as mentioned previously ‘Rebecca will show off her full power in the sixth volume’, the development of this volume focuses on Rebecca. As for how exactly she uses her full power, please read through the volume to understand!

Hello everyone, I’m Shiki Mizuchi — sorry for only greeting you now. Thanks to the support of readers, the [Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi] series has finally reached its sixth volume. ‘I really didn’t expect it to get this far’ — this is my current state of mind.  

As I mentioned in the afterword of the previous volume, the second arc has begun. In order to create a grand prelude, the [Ansarivan Five Hundred Years Festival] is a large-scale competitive tournament to commemorate the five hundredth anniversary of the Academy’s founding. The grand figure of five hundred is by no means a thoughtless decision. As someone who has always gone with intuition, it was difficult for me this time to follow a set chronology. I look forward to the day when I can publish the chronology and other undisclosed setting information.

A new character has debuted in this volume. Someone who has been vaguely described ever since the first volume, but has never appeared — the vice-president of the student council finally appears before Ash. This character is by no means a pushover, and is definitely noteworthy, so please be sure to pay attention!

I have a major news announcement to make! The highly anticipated first volume of RAN-san’s version of [Seikoku] has finally been released to coincide with this volume. I sincerely hope that through the manga version, even more people will come to understand the world of [Seikoku]. I can’t say enough about my enthusiasm for the manga version, but—

“The content goes beyond the original work!”

If I had to sum everything up with one sentence, then that would be it. RAN-san, thank you very much!

Next are my acknowledgements. Editor Shoji-san, I feel truly ashamed beyond words for having asked you to significantly extend the deadline for my manuscript. In order to make up for all the trouble that I’ve given you, I will try my best to achieve the goal of handing in the manuscript for volume seven early.

Shimesaba Kohada-san, I’m sure I must have caused trouble for you too with the delay in my manuscript. Thank you for continuing to draw such stunning illustrations despite your busy schedule. Every time a new character debuts, I look forward to seeing what kind of design you come up with.

RAN-san, congratulations on publishing the first volume. I eagerly look forward to the latest chapter of the manga version every month.

In addition, MF Bunko J and Comic Alive — [Seikoku] was successfully able to reach its second arc thanks to the staff from both sides of the editorial departments,  business departments, proof readers, art designers, book distributors and all of the countless others who have assisted. 

To all of my readers who have supported me until now, an even more thrilling story awaits, so please stay tuned! I welcome any thoughts or comments you may have for me! Well, let us meet again next time! In the next volume — the victor of Ansarivan’s Five Hundred Years festival!

October 2011, Shiki Mizuchi

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