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The remaining hopes

The story which follows became the most important, and most confidential conversation.

Several days after the battle known as the [Evil Dragon Campaign] concluded, the figures of two people appeared on a particular beach. The celestial bodies in the night sky illuminated the sandy beach — and the two people there. This was the space that Ajuka Beelzebub created by using a certain place as inspiration. Accompanied by the gentle sound of the waves playing a melody, the two figures — the bewitching Maou Ajuka Beelzebub and the innocent looking youth Shiva sat down at a round table. On the beach at night, while sitting around the round table, the two people began their clandestine meeting. Shiva began first

“The sacrifices have been too great. —However, this is also necessary for the peace before our eyes. The higher ups of the Three Factions, Odin, Zeus and the others have all given me insight into their determination. —Very well. Until they return, I will also try to protect this world.”

Ajuka asked Shiva

“Is that alright? Didn’t you accept the proposal of former Governor Azazel before, when Trihexa was going to invade the other world, you would appear to stop it…”

Indeed, that was the original agreement that had been made between Shiva and Azazel. —But to Shiva, the actions of Azazel and the others stimulated his own aesthetics. As members of the top brass, the actions of Azazel and the others during this incident attracted a lot of condemnation and unease. Irresponsible actions that did not consider the consequences, or what would have happened if the Isolation Barrier Field was unable to contain Trihexa; many comments such as these arose. However, Shiva thought that their actions were worthy of praise.

“Protecting this world — if I didn’t have that resolve, wouldn’t it be quite rude to them? Moreover, Brahma and Vishnu also insisted that I stay and they entrusted me with the task of being the stopping force from now on. —Following this, what is going to happen to the situation in the Underworld?”

“Yes. Currently, the capital of Lilith is—”

They were beginning with the aftermath of the battle, and they were also assisting with the human world.

“The damage to the human world cannot be ignored, but thanks to the power of the gods of each faction, it seems to have already recovered quite significantly.”

Just as Ajuka said, the natural environment that Trihexa and the Evil Dragons had destroyed in the human world were repaired by relying on the power of god-class beings. The lives which were lost…although difficult to deal with, it became a subject that the god-class beings would need to consider in the future. Yet, there was an even more pressing matter. The video recording of the battle had already become a source of widespread attention across the human world. The presence of supernatural beings had undoubtedly been exposed. Shiva said

“In the area that worships my mythology, through the rulers of the humans, we can fabricate or destroy records. However, there is a limit to that…there are simply too many details regarding this incident that we must not allow humans to know. Other mythologies are also in a similar situation. If the balance in the human world is tipped, the influence of mythologies will also be affected. This is something which must be avoided.”

Ajuka also agreed with Shiva’s points.

“The forces on my side have been cooperating with Heaven, and have been doing similar things to your side. But it would be extremely difficult to completely eliminate it…”

From the perspective of an ordinary person, the video would simply seem like a CG produced monster movie. There were many people who thought like that. However, there were also many humans who realised that ‘something big happened’. Although some would think of it as ‘some country’s military experiment’ or ‘the work of terrorists’, the recording of this incident would more or less have an impact on the future of the human world. After Ajuka and Shiva exchanged information from their respective sides, they finally arrived at the core matter of their conversation. With no reservations, Shiva got directly into the matter

“After all, Rizevim and the Evil Dragons…at the very least, Aži Dahāka and Apophis already have some degree of understanding of that other world.”

Ajuka affirmed what Shiva said as he nodded.

“Yes, evidently, they seem to have obtained some kind of information. However, even I could also reproduce a part of that world like this.”

“In your case, you came in contact with it through a Longinus. It won’t be made known to the other side, right?”

“At the very least, I wouldn’t let them find out that I’m doing anything. But because of that, there are too many things that I don’t know about.”

Ajuka solemnly continued

“…However, there will come a day when [they] have the possibility to invade and attack. During the fight between the Two Heavenly Dragons and Loki, they encountered one of the gods on that side. And what’s worse is that over the course of this incident, [they] have already become aware of our existence.”

The Maou placed a summarised report on top of the table. The cover of the report read ‘Top Secret’. Ajuka continued

“This report is something that the former Governor Azazel gave me and some other trusted VIPs before he departed. Described within it are the results of a particular investigation.”

Shiva reached out to pick up the report, and skimmed through it quickly. His expression then became complicated. While Shiva’s attention was still focused on the report, Ajuka said

“—Rizevim has sent the transportation techniques of the various factions over to that side. On top of Agreas, which has been returned, residual traces of several transfers have been found.”

“I see, rather than objects, information has been transferred over to that side. Of all things, it had to be information about teleportation. If that side is able to decipher it, they’ll be able to bypass Great Red, and come straight to us. That incarnation of terrorism left behind a diversity of malice before he died. At this point, I can only express my amazement at him.”

Rizevim, Aži Dahāka and Apophis attempted to communicate with the other world. And they succeeded. On top of that, not only did they send a full declaration of war, they also sent over a wide variety of information on teleportation techniques to that side. Simply put, it was a crazy idea which involved pouring verbal abuse and malice at them, and then telling them everything about how to invade one’s own home. Someone who could think of something like that was absolutely stupid. It was no different from the young people of the human world who flooded social networking services with abuse, but the problem was that this was on a planetary scale. That son of the former Lucifer was a bastard who would celebrate by drawing not only himself, but all living things into a war. Rizevim was the crystallisation of malice in the truest sense. The scars that he left behind after death were still deeply, deeply carved—. With a complex expression on his face, Ajuka said

“If the techniques that Rizevim sent over are deciphered, the time required to break through the Dimensional Gap…going by the calculations of former Governor Azazel and my Beelzebub side, it would be — approximately thirty years from now. At that time, the messengers from [the other world] will arrive here.”

In response to this information, Shiva could only laugh.

“That’s rather early. To supernatural existences like us, that could be described as a mere blink of the eye.”

“Yes, Sirzechs and former Governor Azazel were also concerned about this matter before they left. It has also been made clear that the Malevolent God on that side is an evil existence…”

“A fight against the god of another world — huh. …However, this is, after all, still to come. Compared to that, what I would pay more attention to right now is—”

“—Indra, The Heavenly Emperor, right?”

Even if they could foresee the invasion from another world, the estrangement between the various factions still had not been eliminated. In particular were those who had dangerous ideas, such as Hades of the Greek Mythology, and The Heavenly Emperor — Indra.

“With the disappearance of the higher ups of the various factions, this is an excellent opportunity, that’s probably what that God of War is thinking. After all, no matter when and where, he is a God of [War] that only thinks of battle. Having thirty years is enough for him to prepare.”

Whilst saying that, the God of Destruction had such thoughts while laughing. This youth God was also a supernatural existence who enjoyed battle. As if to urge some restraint, Ajuka said

“…If a large-scale war also occurred under such circumstances, thinking of the future, it will only result in destruction.”

Shiva shrugged his shoulders.

“My side has also bid farewell to Brahma, Vishnu, and several other major gods. If it develops into a war with Indra, it will also have a tremendous impact on the human world. After all, Indra already predicted that such a day would come, so he has constantly been expanding his own forces.”

Indeed, the Hindu Mythology was renowned as the strongest among all the various factions of the world, and two of its three major gods had already gone to participate in the eternal battle against Trihexa. The only remaining major god of the Hindu Mythology now was Shiva. It was also precisely because of this, that upon seeing that the God of War didn’t butt into the battle, it could be assumed that he had finished his preparations. Because that Indra was more hostile to Shiva than anyone else—.

“Really, it’s quite troublesome.”

Although he muttered that, there didn’t appear to be any trace of concern on Shiva’s face. Shiva changed the subject and said to Ajuka

“It would be best if you made preparations for your ‘replacement’. After all, Emperor Belial’s declaration has created chaos within the upper echelons of the Underworld, right? This is also a good opportunity. It could make for a good reform. —It could lead to the [Seven Great Maou] system that was previously proposed. I heard that you were the one who proposed this to be modelled after the seven deadly sins, right?”

“Yes, this time it won’t just be the Devil’s side; it has been predetermined that the higher ups of other allied factions will vote to elect candidates. The range will be from Lucifer, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Belial, as well as Mammon and Belphegor, which have been elected from the Extra Demons.”

“Until then, you’ll be the one and only Maou. Iyahaha, you certainly will be busy.”

“That’s why I stayed behind. Until Sirzechs returns, I will continue to remain on the stage.”

Sirzechs also understood that. So long as Ajuka held that will, regardless of whether it was Sirzechs’ duties, or Falbium’s duties, he would bear the responsibility for all of it—. Although he didn’t possess the idol-like charisma of Serafall, Ajuka would perform the duties of the Four Great Satans to the end. The other current Maous also understood this, which is why they set off for the Isolation Barrier Field. Having been left behind, Ajuka listened to the wishes of his close friends, and swore to them that he would protect the seat of Beelzebub forever. Shiva said

“—However, before the issues with the higher ups are tackled, a [piece] is necessary to act. As long as there are good [pieces], ‘war’ will not be triggered. Rizevim’s plan will eventually fail as a result of the peace that will be maintained between the factions. That’s what the gods of the various factions also think. —It is necessary to nurture the strong people of their own faction to ensure that there are capable people in the future. Otherwise, let alone a terrorist attack, they may have to succumb to other factions. Ajuka, you also foresaw this, so you formulated a plan with Sirzechs Lucifer and Azazel. —A plan for every faction. It doesn’t sound too bad.”

It was unknown where Shiva obtained it, but he took out a new report from his inner pocket. It was — the [International Rating Game Tournament] proposal.

“This plan will allow everyone to unite together. In order prepare for future attacks — it will cultivate strong people. And more than anything, it will allow everyone to rejoice together.”

Ajuka was able to speculate the true intention behind Shiva’s words. The convening of such a large-scale tournament might result in some opposition, and this God of Destruction would suppress them. Acting as a proxy war between the various factions of the world, this would be able to dampen the ambitions and hostilities between the various factions…that was the original purpose of the plan that Sirzechs and Azazel thought of. If this was ignored and a war was instigated, it would garner condemnation from the various factions. The factions that participated in it would receive the aid of other factions. This kind of situation was absolutely undesirable to the Heavenly Emperor. For this reason, Sirzechs and Azazel designed a large-scale project that would promote peace and calm any restlessness. But because of Rizevim’s malice, this plan was delayed and wasn’t able to be realised…. Having said that, it was also unclear how much trust this God of Destruction inherited from them; Shiva’s true intentions and whether Heavenly Emperor would accept this, there were many disturbing elements at play. However, if it could function as a proxy war between the various factions—.

—Why don’t you organise a [Game] that anyone can enjoy?

As if he could hear the voice of Sirzechs say that, Ajuka smiled slightly. In fact, before the internationalisation of the Rating Games could be opened, there were many current issues that had to be dealt with first, and a total restructure was necessary. The Rating Games were no longer just something that belonged to the Devils, if they became a competition that all faction could enjoy, it would need to undergo rigorous monitoring by the various factions. In that case, it would become a better competition than what it currently was. This was — the future that Sirzechs, Azazel, and Champion Belial desired. In fact, since the last year, Sirzechs and Azazel had begun managing various companies in the Devils’ and Fallen Angels’ territory, and even in Heaven — the other forces which were led by the Christian religion, including its related companies; they had been secretly supporting a proposed contract for internationalisation.

—Hey, Sirzechs. Honestly, you really just wanted to see your imouto and brother-in-law as representatives for the Devils, so that you could watch them defeat the teams of other factions and be proud of them, right?

In order to allow his friend to witness this scene, Ajuka Beelzebub began to act. Thus, the banquet finally began—.

The curtains have finally risen on the greatest and final event of Hyoudou Issei’s high school life.

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