HighSchool DxD Volume 21 (Report)

Continues on from Y Ddraig Goch & Albion Gwiber
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The following are the main authorities who have been lost by the various factions.


  • Michael and his Brave Saints (Ace excluded)
  • Raphael and his Brave Saints (Ace excluded)
  • Uriel and his Brave Saints (Ace excluded)


  • Sirzechs Lucifer and his peerage (Queen excluded)
  • Serafall Leviathan and her peerage (Queen excluded)
  • Falbium Asmodeus and his peerage (Queen excluded)
  • Fallen Angel Cadre Azazel

Norse Mythology

  • Chief God of the Norse Mythology, Odin, and six other major gods

Mount Olympus

  • Chief God of the Greek Mythology, Zeus, and ten other major gods

Hindu Mythology

  • Brahma, Vishnu, and seven other major gods

Other factions (Japanese Mythology, Chinese Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Celtic Mythology, and others) also had some of their major gods join the eternal battle against Trihexa.

Despite this, Trihexa is still currently alive.

Afterwards, this historic battle in which various factions participated became known as [The Chaos of Lilin], and [The Evil Dragon Campaign], but also came to an end for the time being—.

Historians have described the campaign as ‘A historic loss of powers from all of the mythologies’. Especially significant is the combat strength of Heaven and the Underworld, which significantly declined; the overall combat strength that The Three Factions worked hard to recover after the War was once again exhausted.

In the human world, Trihexa and the Evil Dragons left behind a tremendous impact, as well as the irregular, supernatural presences which fought against them; all of them were recorded by the media, and it triggered an enormous and controversial debate between humans. And so, this battle left behind an inerasable scar on both the human world, and the supernatural worlds. However, in this campaign, a new hope was also born. Two future Super Devil candidates appeared on the Devil’s side. They were the ones known within the history of the Two Heavenly Dragons as the rare talents [Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star] Vali Lucifer and [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] [1] Hyoudou Issei—.

In addition, several days after the end of this campaign, a certain proposal was passed in the upper echelons of the Underworld.

—Rias Gremory’s servant ‘Hyoudou Issei’ was nominated for a promotion to become a high-class Devil. Being advocated for a promotion to a high-class Devil within less than a year after reincarnation, this was an exception among exceptions that had never occurred in the past.

(Part 1 of 1) (12/8)

[1] Kana reads as Issei.

Continues on to The remaining hopes

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11 Responses to HighSchool DxD Volume 21 (Report)

  1. Anonymous says:



    it can also be said that Rias and Issei could never participate against each other in a rateing game because Issei would effectively be on both teams. this could be gotten around temporally if Rias agrees to allow Issei to compete WITHOUT use of his pawn pieces to even the sides out. note Issei also wants to be the champion some day but he has ages to worry about that. but this promotion will make ravel happy she can finally be traded to Issei and become his bishop alone with asia. this does mean that rias will need to find 2 new servents to replace them (asia and zenovia) as issei will give her unused pieces to gain them. I doubt Rias would refuse to allow asia to be traded with Issei.

    • DragonOsman2 says:



      Rias can also substitute Ise out for someone else in the event that they have to face each other in a Rating Game match, you know.  She apparently does that in the International Rating Game Tournament in Volume 22 because she has a God-class Pawn that’s worth 8 Pawns temporarily taking Ise’s place for the tournament.

      Ise can’t be a Devil without his Evil Pieces inside him.  They give him Demonic Power and reincarnate him into a Devil.  Without them he’s only a mini True Dragon.  And without his Evil Pieces, he also doesn’t have access to the Triaina and True Queen.  And without the True Queen, he also doesn’t have DxD G.

      Allow me to explain: The Triaina and True Queen are represented by the four Mutation Pieces of Pawn that he has that had Mutated prior to Volume 12, if you recall.  Those modes are manifestations of Ddraig’s original power from before he was sealed (once Ise has trained in them to master the Triaina and complete the True Queen, the power the True Queen will be raised to the level of power Ddraig had when he was alive, but right now it’s not at that level; what I mean when I say it’s his original power is that its aura has the same feel that Ddraig’s original power had that was sealed by the God of the Bible, and of course, it has the potential to reach the same level of power as well (though that was also true of the complete Juggernaut Drive – the difference is that Juggernaut Drive’s aura was too different and dangerous compared to Ddraig’s original power)), manifested by the characteristic traits of the Pawn Piece.  And the DxD G form is an extension of the True Queen, which we should know because of what Ddraig called it in Volume 20: Cardinal Crimson Promotion – Diabolos Dragon [DxD].

      I heard that in the Volume 21 Afterword, Ishibumi called Ise’s Diabolos Dragon form Diabolos Dragon G, with the G meaning “God”, and that he called Vali’s one Diabolos Dragon L, with L meaning “Lucifer”.  Hence, DxD G and DxD L.

      Anyway, yeah, taking Ise’s Evil Pieces out is not an option because not only will he no longer be a Devil then, but he’ll also lose all of his armored forms above Balance Breaker.  Huge no-no.  The only option is to substitute Ise out for another Pawn just for the duration of the match in question.

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  3. Seraph says:



    I hope he stops getting referred to as a servant..having the mc and a heavenly dragon at that continuously being referred to as a mere servant puts me off.

    • ace says:



      he is referred as servant because he is still Rias’s peerage. Soon he won’t be called servant after he gets his own evil pieces and becomes the king after becoming high class devil.

      • DragonOsman2 says:



        He’s still going to be Rias’ “Pawn” after that, though. Her Evil Pieces are the ones inside him, giving him his Demonic Power. If you took them away, he’d lose not only his Demonic Power and cease to be a Devil, but he’d also lose Triaina and True Queen which rely on his four Mutated Pawn Pieces. And he’d also lose DxD mode, which is an expansion of the True Queen form.

        But yeah, anyway, like I said, he’s always going to be Rias’ Servant. That won’t change even after he gets his own Peerage. Rias is his “King”, after all. Just look at Tannin. He’s a King himself now, but they also still call him Mephisto’s Servant because he’s Mephisto’s Queen.

        • Ace says:



          Nope. He won’t be called Rias’s servant after he becomes a king. Even if he will have the evil pieces inside him(which I’m not sure will be there or not after his High Class Devil exams).

          Ps Tannin is still called a servant because he is still the queen of Mephisto. Tannin is not a king. It’s just that Tannin has been given free reign because Mephisto doesn’t participate on the games.

          • DragonOsman says:



            Ise will still be participating as Rias’ Pawn whenever she participates as King.  Ise will have to always keep his Pawn Pieces from Rias inside for the same reasons I just mentioned.  Remember that he won’t be a Devil without them and will also lose most of his power (i.e. Triaina and True Queen  as well as DxD mode).

            Reread the novels.  They’ve mentioned before that even after Ise gets his own Evil Pieces as a High-Class Devil, he’ll still be Rias’ Pawn and will have to participate as her Pawn in matches she’s going to be in.


          • J9162 says:



            As DragonOsman said Ise will always be a servant to Rias and can always be considered as such. He is and always will be her pawn piece. That is how the system works. If you reread the part where Mephisto was introduced, Tanin is referred to in the same light. He has his own peerage too (remember the dragons he used to fly everybody that one time, that was them) so he is the “King” of his own peerage, but also the “Queen” in Mephisto’s peerage. It’s just that Mephisto doesn’t participate in the games and doesn’t do much regarding peerages anymore so he let Tanin do his own thing, but he is still the “King” over Tanin and is still his master.

            Issei may become a “King” but those pawn pieces within him will always be there (otherwise his time as a devil ends) and he will always be the “Pawn” in Rias’ peerage. Becoming a “King” does not end your time as a servant in another peerage. If Kiba and Akeno became “Kings” in the future and received peerages, they would still hold their respective positions in Rias’ peerage. If Asia and Xenovia choose to join Issei’s peerage someday then they will be traded over and become his own servants. Issei will most likely never ever leave Rias’ peerage however so he will always be her “servant.”

            Also remember that part of Issei’s goal is to help Rias take the top spot in the games before he even does anything with his own future peerage. I wouldn’t worry about the word “servant” as much however since it’s not used by Rias like the crueler peerage “Kings” in the past (for example I imagine Kuroka’s old master was terrible and very evil) where they thought of their peerages as slaves and such. Rias has and always will love her servants, especially Issei as the Gremory’s are renowned for the affection and love they have for their servants.

          • Heliosraven says:



            You should read it again Tannin is king, he one of the top ten players in the rg and he is still mephistos queen. The only reason he can act so free is Mephisto doesn’t care much of the rg

          • DragonOsman2 says:



            @Heliosraven: He could also do that if Mephisto cared, as long as he also said he can go and participate in Rating Games on his own as well.  Ise is the same way.  Rias will let him make a name for himself as well, but he’s also her Pawn and when she participates in a Rating Game when he was no matches scheduled at the same time as hers, then he’ll participate as her Pawn in that match.  If they have to fight against each other, Rias will have to temporarily substitute him out for someone else or she’ll have an incomplete set.  

            But one thing, though: In the International Rating Game Tournament, Ise and Rias are in opposing teams, so they’ll have to face against each other at some point.  And she’s substituted him out for someone for the tournament, as well.  But this only for the tournament, since in the official matches, he’ll still be her Pawn.  And it’s also true that he won’t participate in official matches with his own Peerage until Rias retires after taking the Number One spot, which Ise will help her with as her Pawn.  They said something like that in the novels.