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Final Line. The Student Council and Leviathan

After witnessing the intense battle between Ise-kun and Saji-kun, I — Kiba Yuuto, watched the remainder of the Rating Game in the viewing lounge of the stadium. After losing Saji-kun, who was the only team member they had to fight against Ise-kun, the Sitri team’s defeat seemed inevitable, and there wasn’t much point in continuing to hide. Perhaps because of that, the Sitri team members started to move again. The remaining members of the Sitri team began to advance toward Ise-kun’s base, and battles unfolded all over the place.

In the viewing lounge, Rias Gremory’s team and Seekvaira Agares-san’s team were present. Rias-neesan and Seekvaira-san both focused their attention on the methods that Sona-senpai employed to equalise the overwhelming difference in power…. However, the Sitri team’s capabilities in the match had been crippled by the execution of Ravel-san’s combat plan from the very beginning…since her strategy had given their team dominance over the situation, the room became eerily silent as the battle developed into an almost one-sided take down. Both Rias-neesan and Seekvaira-san maintained solemn expressions, and neither of them had uttered a word until now. Whilst waiting for our masters to open a conversation, we continued to watch the battle unfold on the screen.

Fighting on a rocky plateau was — Loup Garou-san who had transformed into a Werewolf, and his opponent was the Vampire Elmenhilde-san! Loup Garou-san was able to use powerful magic attacks, coupled with the strong physical abilities of a Werewolf, making it difficult for Elmenhilde-san to put up significant resistance. Elmenhilde-san used bats and various familiars to neutralise Loup Garou-san’s attacks, but such a method had limitations. Even though she tried to inflict damage upon Loup Garou-san, only an extremely strong Vampire was capable of surpassing the resistance and regenerative abilities of a Werewolf. It appeared as though Loup Garou-san had also used magic to improve his physical abilities further. Thus, it was impossible for Elmenhilde-san to land any effective blows on him. Eventually, Elmenhilde-san was chased into a dead-end cliff from which there was no escape.

[Daughter of the Karnstein House, the power that you have demonstrated exceeded my expectations — but it is time to put an end to this.]

Loup Garou-san raised his arms which had been strengthened by magic, and looked ready to deal the finishing blow. However, even with no chance of escape, Elmenhilde-san revealed a fearless smile.

[…No, the show is just about to begin. I think it’s time I also reveal the ace up my sleeve.]

Elmenhilde-san began to create several small magic circles beside her! What appeared from them were — silver dolls which were about fifteen centimetres tall! Those dolls…their appearance was slightly reminiscent of a robot….


Loup Garou-san was clearly also doubtful of the move that Elmenhilde-san had just made. At that moment, in the midst of watching the game, Seekvaira Agares-san suddenly stood up. Her expression — was coloured by astonishment. With a trembling voice, she said,

“…Elmenhilde-san, you…don’t tell me!”

On the screen, Elmenhilde-san gave orders to the silver dolls!

[Go, my soldiers!]

The silver dolls began to move as if they had wills of their own, and they lifted the sabres and guns in their hands as they began to attack Loup Garou-san! After Loup Garou-san was cut by one of the sabres, he was startled by the fact that smoke began to rise from his wound! And at the same time, his expression shows signs of agony.

[That is — made of silver!]

Loup Garou-san yelled. As the dolls let loose a hail of bullets at Loup Garou-san, they did indeed inflict damage upon him despite their small size. Dolls made of silver! Even I felt surprised by that development. It was unquestionably true that silver could cause damage to Werewolves. Elmenhilde-san evinced her amusement with a smile as she affirmed,

[Indeed, for us non-humans, silver is one of the things that we must avoid. Especially for you beast-men — it is a highly toxic metal to Werewolves. I don’t have any problems when using silver since I can mould it into human forms like this, and I don’t need to directly touch them when I manipulate them with my powers.]

As she watched Elmenhilde-san switch from defence to offence, Seekvaira-san quietly muttered,

“Those silver dolls…they’ve clearly got the appearance of Gundams! Moreover, based on the way that they attack, it seems their design has been influenced by the latest work [Iron-Boned Dolphins]! They don’t use beam weapons in that work, instead, they fight with physical attacks and old-fashioned heavy artillery!”

Seekvaira-san’s mutterings swiftly increased in rapidity. Rias-neesan and Akeno-san were unable to understand Seekvaira-san’s self-mutterings, and simply looked puzzled by her behaviour. Seekvaira-san lifted her head and stared at the ceiling, seemingly in regret.

“Having said that, silver Gundams huh…how could I have not thought of such a possibility? It’s not entirely unreasonable. After all, Gundam figures made of metal alloy are—”

As she covered her face with both hands, it seemed as though even she had gotten lost in her own words…. Under such circumstances, the [Queen] of the Agares peerage, Alivian-san, weakly smiled as he said,

“I’m sorry. Seekvaira-sama’s mind is already in the clouds…so please don’t mind her and continue to enjoy the match.”

That was one of the interludes which occurred in the viewing room…. Rias-neesan expressed with seriousness,

“…It’s not just Ise and Seekvaira, but even Elmenhilde has become so passionate…[Gundam] huh, I feel like I’m starting to get interested in it.”

“…I like the [First Generation], [M] and [QQ].”

Koneko-chan calmly replied as if everything was normal.

“In order to get closer to my husband, I suppose I should also look into it…”

Even Akeno-san placed her hand on her chin as she gave the matter some serious thought. …Ah, has Seekvaira-san’s influence affected even Rias-neesan and the others? I had a hunch that this would soon spread to all members of [DxD].

Whilst that happened in the viewing room, the other screens broadcast a stream of the other battles. The Sitri team’s [Knight] Bennia-san was engaged in battle with Bova-san from Ise-kun’s team. With the swift and light movements of a Grim Reaper, Bennia-san completely out-dodged Bova-san’s fiery breath. 

[Fufufu, such crude attacks won’t be able to hit me.]

[Grrr! You impudent little girl!]

Bennia-san’s agile movements only served to annoy and frustrate Bova-san. It seemed that Bennia-san had good compatibility against her opponent.

On another screen, the Sitri team’s new member — (a crying) Hoderi-kun fought against Irina-san.

[Angel-oneesan! Since you’re an Angel, can’t you hold back a bit!?]

[I won’t! This is a trial for you! I will guide you in place of Heaven! Amen!]

Hoderi-kun looked a bit unreceptive, but since he was able to fight head-on with Irina-san even though he was still just in middle school, he had promising potential as a swordsman.

I looked at the battle on another screen — Ravel-san and Asia-san had been chased and cornered by Shinra-senpai! They had already retreated to a forest near their base, and Ravel-san spread her fiery wings to protect Asia-san as she confronted Shinra-senpai. Shinra-senpai held a blade in her hand as she prepared to activate her Balance Breaker [Nostalgia Mad Tea Party] to produce a large mirror. The fact that it had become possible meant that she had already satisfied the conditions to activate her Balance Breaker. If demons appeared from her mirror, the chances of Ravel-san or Asia-san prevailing would become immeasurably slim. After all, those demons had powerful special abilities and they also had a large area of effect. However, Ravel-san tried to stay calm as she produced an item from her pocket — it was a thin object. It appeared to be a thin book that had a colour illustration on its cover. Ravel-san presented the thin book in her hand by holding it up in front of Shinra-senpai as she said,

[—You should be quite familiar with this, right?]

Shinra-senpai adjusted her glasses as she cast a doubtful glance at the item…. However, she was instantly shocked and overwhelmed!

[—What!? T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-That can’t possibly be, that’s…! It’s not possible…!]

She pointed at the book and her body shuddered as if she had seen something far beyond the realm of her belief. Ravel flashed a victorious smile as she explained,

[This is your masterpiece, Shinra Tsubaki-sama — the super rare doujinshi novel that is privately circulated throughout Kuoh Academy. Only five were ever printed, and it’s a work that only insiders know about — ‘Kuoh-style Shinra Universe — Ki x Iss (Read as: High School KxI)’.]

Shinra-senpai — quivered with such intensity that even her face grew pale! Upon hearing Ravel-san say that, I was reminded that a short while ago, she directly apologised to both me and Ise-kun.

[I have to apologise to both of you beforehand, Ise-sama and Kiba-sama.]

After saying that, Ravel-san bowed to both me and Ise-kun. She looked so apologetic that Ise-kun and I just stared at each other, unsure of what to say or do.

[Apologise? To me…and Kiba?]

[Could this perhaps be related to your match against the Sitri team?]

Ise-kun and I had asked. She nodded.

[Yes, if anything goes wrong, it may hurt the friendship between the two of you…]

Facing Ravel-san whose voice had become soft, Ise-kun smiled and said,

[Well, no matter what happens, the friendship between Kiba and I should be unbreakable…we may belong to different teams in the Tournament, but I don’t think that’ll cause us to stop getting along with each other.]

[Well, the fact that we’re both part of the Gremory peerage won’t change either. But despite knowing this, you still want to apologise to us, is that right?]

In response to my question—


She replied and nodded….

Ravel-san faced Shinra-senpai and opened the book. Shinra-senpai’s unease was so apparent and plain that it looked like she was on the verge of tears.

[What!? What are you planning to do by opening that book!? N-No, you wouldn’t! You! You’re not the kind of person who would do something like that, right…?]

While Shinra-senpai’s entire body trembled, Ravel-san took a deep breath and then gazed down at the book to begin reading it out.

[…“It was a moment of reversal. The boy who was often called a Beast made a lustful expression in front of the number one Prince of the Academy — Kiba Yuuto. The Beast — Hyoudou Issei’s pleading eyes stimulated the Prince’s sadistic heart. ‘It looks you need me to give you some punishment’…Kiba Yuuto lifted the corner of his mouth”…]


It was as if something had snapped within Shinra-senpai. She dropped the blade down on the spot, and even the mirrors that she had manifested with her Sacred Gear disappeared.

[Stoooooooooppppp ittttt!]

And then, she cried as she lunged toward Ravel-san in an attempt to snatch the book away. Ravel-san evaded simply by shifting her body to one side, and she continued to read out the contents of the book.

[“Come hither, my adorable Beast-san. You’re a wild one, but you’re like a spoilt bitch now”. “Saying that, the Prince traced his slender fingers down Hyoudou Issei’s body, undoing his shirt buttons one by one”.]

Shinra-senpai instantly fell to the ground and covered her reddened face with both hands due to her immense embarrassment.

[I’m going to die! My heart! My—…uwaahhh!]

Yet, Ravel-san mercilessly continued to read from the book.

[“Oh, my wild Beast-san. Cry out with that cute voice of yours. Tonight, I’m going to infuse my holy-demonic essence into your body”. “Ahh, Gram…!”]


A harsh screech echoed and rebounded through the forest from Shinra-senpai, who had lost the will to fight—. The content of that book seemed to be about me and Ise-kun…a-about this and that….

Hahaha, I’m really not sure how I should react. But, creativity is a personal freedom, so I don’t feel that I have the right to make say anything about Shinra-senpai’s creation. However, if Ise-kun doesn’t like it, then I may have to think about it….

Ravel-san’s attack (?) stunned even Rias-neesan.

“How terrifying. Ravel Phoenix’s method of defeating her opponents is very thorough…”

Beads of cold sweat also slid down Koneko-chan’s cheek.

“…When that girl Ravel becomes an enemy, she’ll be more terrifying than anyone else.”

Even though they had lost Saji-kun, the Sitri team struggled desperately to turn the situation around, but Ise-kun’s team fought extremely well with their unique ability to deal with their opponents without actually attacking them. Well, since their unfavourable situation hasn’t changed, what will the Sitri team’s next move be?

Just as I continued to watch the battles, one particular screen suddenly emitted a dazzling flash that caught my attention. Looking closer, Bina Lessthan-san who had been on standby in the sky gathered an enormous amount of demonic energy in her hands. Bina-san enveloped herself in a vast swathe of aura that seemed to defy all logic—.

Such a tremendous volume of aura…that quality and quantity definitely belonged to an Ultimate-class Devil…no, it was even further beyond that level. Just as everyone focused on Bina-san who was in mid-air to see how she would utilise that vast amount of aura…a pillar of light shot up from a corner of the field. As soon as Bina-san confirmed that column of light — she unleashed a massive demonic energy attack there! After a momentary flash — in the next scene, the corner of the field from which a column of light originally appeared had been eradicated! Although it wasn’t on the same level as Ise-kun’s Dragon Deification, it was still enough power to completely annihilate a vast region of the field…!

<<One [Rook] of the [Sona Sitri] team has retired.>>

An announcement reporting the retirement of a player was made. A retiree other than Saji-kun from the Sitri side had finally occurred. On the screen, a replay of Bina-san’s elimination of her opponent was shown. The Sitri team’s [Rook] Yura-san was originally fighting against Nakiri-kun, when all of a sudden, a blinding luminescence radiated from the ring of light around her neck. Upon seeing that, Nakiri-kun retreated, and Bina-san’s powerful blast of demonic energy crashed down on that spot to eliminate Yura-san who was unable to do a thing. Rias-neesan said,

“It’s begun…what comes next will be one-sided devastation.”

Akeno-san followed with

“…So the reason why Bina-sama concentrated her demonic energy in the sky was for this very purpose. The moment that Irina-chan’s rings of light were attached to the Sitri team members, this was already—”

…The reason why Bina-san waited up in the sky wasn’t just to obtain aerial superiority; it was also so that she could concentrate her demonic energy for this purpose…. Once the time was ripe, Irina-san could activate her technique to cause the rings to emit strong light, and Bina-san would attack. Given the intensity of that light, their locations would instantly be given away to anyone monitoring from the sky.

<<One [Pawn] of the [Sona Sitri] team has retired.>>

Another retirement announcement was made. Just like Yura-san, Nimura Ruruko-san who also had a ring of light around her neck was blown away by Bina-san. …To even think of such a tactic, Ravel-san’s planning is phenomenal…! Rias-neesan said,

“Before the game began, Ravel privately declared to me ‘I think that we probably won’t lose to the Sitri team’.”

“Probably? Won’t lose?”

Rias-neesan answered my doubts.

“I think the reason why she added a ‘probably’ is because if the chosen ruleset was the similar to the [Rampage Ball] that they participated in last time, it’d be harder to assure themselves of victory. But, that girl felt from the start that they would win. A part of it is because she had prepared such a combat plan, but she also said this with conviction…”

—As long as Ise-sama and Bina-sama are in this team, it is impossible for us to lose unless we make a careless mistake.

Ravel-san had apparently said. Rias-neesan narrowed her eyes and said,

“…Ise and Bina Lessthan both have power that could be categorised as Maou-class or even better. In order to face them, the Sitri team can’t compete with raw power, so they’ll use various tactics and Saji to suppress Ise. But such methods still won’t work. Although Ise is indeed strong, the entire roster of the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team is like a gathering of strong fighters. With Ise and Rossweisse who are both capable of strengthening their team members, they’re even more formidable. Most importantly, the person directing the team is—”

—Ravel Phoenix.

…As she was almost able to achieve victory against a team that was supervised by Rudiger Rosenkreutz-shi, she had gained recognition not only in the Underworld, but also in other factions. Moreover, in this match, she had fully utilised Ise-kun’s power.

“The moment that a general ruleset like this was chosen, Ravel has calmly continued to execute a strategy to checkmate her opponent.”

After listening to Rias-neesan’s view, Seekvaira-san nodded in agreement.

“Based on the over-the-top first move and the methods that followed, it’s quite clear to see.”

Rias-neesan then declared,

[—Sona was checkmated a long time ago. Especially after Saji, the only one who could defeat Ise was taken down; the defeat of their team has almost been guaranteed. As things are now, it’s just a matter of seeing who will be the one to finish her off.]

Just as Rias-neesan said, one of the screens showed a scene in which Sona-senpai already had nowhere left to escape. The area of the field on-screen had a pond that was different from the one that Ise-kun and the others fought at earlier. Sona-senpai was there — in a confrontation with Xenovia. Xenovia gripped the swords Durandal and Excalibur in her hands. Sona-senpai said to Xenovia,

[This match is your victory.]

Sona-senpai herself clearly acknowledged their defeat.

[…Do you admit defeat?]

Pressed by Xenovia’s question, Sona-senpai replied,

[Yes, we will continue fighting until the end in principle, but we have already been defeated. With the field destroyed, your team was easily able to locate us and attack from above. Given that, the only thing we could do was bet everything on the duel between Saji and Ise-kun.]

Even when talking about her own defeat, Sona-senpai remained calm.

[We adopted a variety of strategies…but even those strategies were blocked off by Ravel-san. And then, Saji lost to Ise-kun…even though Ise-kun’s power has been exhausted, Bina Lessthan-san is still present — that’s why it’s checkmate for us.]

[So the Sitri team changed its strategy early on and decided to bet everything on Saji’s one-on-one challenge?]

[Yes. After we learned of Ise-kun’s powerful cannon blast, as well as the cooperation between Elmenhilde-san and Nakiri-kun, the situation already became difficult for us. And after seeing Bina Lessthan-san up in the sky, it came down to a matter of how many moves it would take before we were cornered.]

Sona-senpai narrowed her eyes and sighed.

[—Ravel-san checkmated us without even fighting against me. She truly is a terrifying girl.]

Despite the negative tone in her words, Sona-senpai still enhanced her own demonic energy. An aqua blue aura began to cover Sona-senpai’s entire body.

[But, losing like this would be unfair to all of those who have been eliminated — at the very least, I’ll take you down.]

Sona-senpai’s eyes radiated a strange light, and a change began to occur in the nearby pond. The water in the pond swelled and floated up into the air. Under the control of Sona-senpai’s demonic energy, the water from the pond gradually morphed into a certain form. What appeared there was an enormous — serpent-dragon composed of water which was nearly ten metres long! Aside from that, Sona-senpai also used her demonic energy to create more than ten hawks, several colossal lions, and an endless pack of wolves from water. Although Xenovia was surprised by this, she still raised her swords and said to Sona-senpai,

[I really wanted to converse with you through battle, and now the stage has been set for this confrontation.]

Sona-senpai asked,

[You want to fight against me? And have a conversation as well? Is this…about the position of Student Council President?]

Xenovia immediately shook her head.

[It’s precisely because I’ve become the Student Council President that I want to learn the path that the Former Student Council President travelled based on your fighting style, way of life, and so on.]

Xenovia’s frank and direct words instantly left Sona-senpai stunned for a moment…but she then smiled with joy.

[Ufufufu…geez, that certainly is very characteristic of you, Xenovia. Rather than have a conversation, you want to learn through a battle…I see, so this is the current Student Council President.]

Sona-senpai halted her laughter and her expression immediately turned cold as she glared at Xenovia. After deploying her water dragon and an army of beasts, Sona-senpai said,

[Very well. If that’s the case, then I’ll tell you what being the Student Council President is all about — through this water dragon, Leviathan, and these beasts…I’ve also been training, you know?]

Sona-senpai raised her hand to give instructions, and the water dragon — Leviathan and the beasts hurtled toward Xenovia! Xenovia dodged to the side and swung one of her swords to fire off a holy wave at Leviathan and the beasts, but her wave passed straight through their bodies. The water dragon opened its mouth and spat out a countless number of compressed needle-like objects! They were probably water needles which had been compressed and hardened with demonic energy. Xenovia used her holy swords to deflect the attacks, but she was not able to completely defend against all of them, and many water needles pierced through her body. She tried to eliminate the water needles, but since they were originally water, they splattered onto the ground as soon as the demonic energy in them dissipated. Xenovia enhanced Durandal’s aggressive holy aura and unleashed it as a massive holy wave. The dragon and beasts that had been formed from water were not able to withstand the attack, and they returned to the ground as water when the demonic energy that powered them was lost. However, Sona-senpai immediately channelled demonic energy into the pond, re-creating Leviathan and the army of beasts. Sona-senpai said,

[Let us have a contest then. Will you run out of stamina first? Or will I exhaust my demonic energy first?]

What came next was a drawn-out battle between Sona-senpai who skilfully manipulated water and Xenovia who was unable to land a decisive blow. Amidst their battle, there were also frequent announcements of the other members of the Sitri team retiring. But even so, Sona-senpai continued to use her demonic energy to direct water attacks at Xenovia. So long as the pond of water existed, it was not too taxing on Sona-senpai to use it for offence. On the other hand, the more Xenovia continued to fight and defend, the more she exhausted both her physical strength and stamina. Xenovia had already consumed a significant amount of stamina, and she began to breathe heavily as her shoulders heaved up and down. Sona-senpai gradually increased the number of beasts that she created, and Xenovia’s ability to respond gradually slipped. It seemed as though Sona-senpai planned to defeat Xenovia purely with numbers.

Eventually, a countless number of water beasts completely surrounded Xenovia. The beasts which Sona-senpai controlled were not limited to simple movements such as charging ahead — each and every one of them were products of intricate demonic energy control which could alter their movements according to Xenovia’s attacks. Since some of the beasts even used feints, Xenovia was constantly at her wits’ end. The water dragon — Leviathan also expelled powerful stakes of compressed water from its mouth, and the vast number of those sharp water stakes stabbed into the area where they were fighting. The trees, ground and rocks were all pierced through by them with ease. Without any armour, Xenovia would not last long if she took a direct hit.

…So Sona-senpai is also capable of using such powerful attacks to cover a wide area. Moreover, since the only constituent required is water, so long as her demonic energy isn’t exhausted and there’s water present, she’s capable of doing almost anything. Even if her water forms are destroyed by Xenovia’s holy sword, she can easily give shape to the water and attack again. Sona-senpai’s level of demonic energy control with water was so precise that everyone in the viewing room was left speechless. But even under such circumstances, Xenovia panted as she asked Sona-senpai,

[What is the Student Council to you…?]

Sona-senpai used the water beasts to encircle Xenovia as she answered,

[It’s a place for realising my dreams and the dreams of my servants, and it’s also a place for me to learn more about schools and students. At the same time, it’s a place for me to deepen my bonds with the people who are there every day — as the Student Council President, I’ve gained a deeper insight into what a ‘school’ is.]

After listening to Sona-senpai’s response, Xenovia looked deeply touched.

[…I see, you certainly are remarkable. You’re far better than me. But, I also want you to listen to my thoughts.]

[Yes, do tell.]

Xenovia bluntly said,

[To me, the Student Council — no, Kuoh Academy itself is filled with things that bring joy and fun. Everything that I’ve experienced there is like a dream, and it’s the best place! And because it’s the best place to me, I want to make it so that all of its students think it’s the best place as well — I want to protect the smiles of everyone who is enrolled at Kuoh Academy! That is why the Student Council exists, and that is why I became the Student Council President!]

Xenovia yelled towards the sky!

[—I want to turn Kuoh Academy into a place that will make everyone happy!]

Although Sona-senpai was initially taken by surprise by Xenovia’s words, she immediately exposed a soft smile. The way that Xenovia conveyed her thoughts and feelings to Sona-senpai was a show of her determination.

[Former President Sona, compared to you, I might only have the intelligence of a small animal. But, I have my own way of doing things!]

Xenovia heightened the auras of Durandal and Excalibur to their maximum, and then prepared her stance to unleash that ultimate move! It was Xenovia’s ultimate technique which involved using two holy swords to form a cross.

Is she planning to use that move to get rid of Sona-senpai’s water dragon and beasts? But, even if she can temporarily eliminate them, Sona-senpai can use a small amount of demonic energy to re-create Leviathan and those beasts.

Xenovia raised the crossed holy swords up into the air — and actually targeted the pond!

[Cross x Crisis—!]

Durandal and Excalibur — the immense holy wave generated by crossing those two legendary swords against each other surged towards the pond of water! After the holy wave subsided — what appeared on screen was the scene in which the entire body of water had disappeared without a trace! A vast crater remained in the location, and not a single drop of water! At the same time, the water dragon and all of the beasts which had surrounded Xenovia disappeared!

[…What!? You directly destroyed the water source…!]

Sona-senpai was at a loss for words following the release of Xenovia’s technique. Sona-senpai had lost the water dragon, the beasts, and even her water source — Xenovia used that opportunity to close their distance and launch an attack! Even without water, Sona-senpai used her innate demonic energy to attack, but Xenovia deflected those attacks with her holy swords! When it came down to physical ability, Sona-senpai was not a match for Xenovia.

[I’m going to defeat you, Former President Sona!]

After effortlessly shattering the defensive magic circle that Sona-senpai had erected in front of her, Xenovia used that opportunity to land a direct front slash on Sona-senpai! Having received a fatal injury, Sona-senpai — began to fade into the light of retirement.

[…So this is the Student Council President of the new generation…]

Leaving behind those words, the [King] of the Sitri team looked satisfied as she disappeared into the light of retirement—. Not long after, an announcement was made.

<<The [King] of the [Sona Sitri] team has retired.>>

Having witnessed the scene, Rias-neesan closed her eyes and whispered,

“…It was a good match, Saji, Sona.”

An announcement of the victor was then broadcast throughout the field and the venue.

<<The winner is — the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team!>>

—Ise-kun and the others had grasped victory.


After the match concluded, our Gremory team left the viewing room. We began to converse as we walked through the corridor.

“…Koneko, that girl from your generation is quite the outrageous one.”

“…Rias-oneesama, I already know that. That girl, Ravel always sees things from a different perspective.”

Koneko-chan spoke with a deeply serious expression.

“Ravel is a monster. As far as combat is concerned, when she’s paired up with Ise-senpai, she has a different kind of combat strength compared to when Rias-oneesama is paired up with Ise-senpai.”

Listening to Koneko-chan who didn’t usually make such remarks, Rias-neesan revealed a fearless smile.

“Fufufu, that’s very forthcoming of you. In that case — as expected, we must prepare a monster even more fearsome than her.”

Not long after this, Rias-neesan successfully persuaded His Eminence Vasco Strada, the man known as [The Violence of Heaven], to join our team.

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