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Eco’s Bright Dragon Crystal

Part 1

The night that Ash and Eco defeated Rebecca. At the entrance to the boys’ dormitory, Apollo House, Silvia completed her visitors’ registration and then headed straight for the stairs. Cosette followed closely behind her. The destination of these two people was — the third floor that Ash’s room was on.

“Princess-sama, you’re so agressive tonight. You’re nonchalantly launching a night crawl [1] from the main entrance.”

When they had climbed halfway up the stairs, that was what Cosette said.

“N-Night crawl…?”

Silvia was so flustered that even her earlobes were dyed red and she stopped at the corner of the stairs.

“M-My personal maid should not speak so shamelessly! I just had to visit Ash for something! I-It’s definitely not some kind of…night crawl!”

Silvia was ready to continue walking up, but Cosette remained rooted to the spot and did not move.

“…What is it, are you not coming up?”

“If I was there, I might be in the way of you two…it’s better if I stay at the entrance to wait for you. Ufufu.”

Seeing Cosette reveal an elaborate smile, Silvia seemed embarrassed.

“N-Not at all! Even without what you said, t-that…I would lack a sense of security…and what would I do if Eco just happened to be in the bath? Wouldn’t that leave me alone with Ash?”

“Ara ara, isn’t that what you want?”

Cosette revealed an expression that seemed to indicate surprise as she tilted her head at Silvia.

“Y-You idiooot—!”

Silvia rushed up the stairs in one breath with watery eyes. She soon came to the end of the third floor corridor. Just when she had mentally prepared herself and was ready to knock on the door in front of her—

—Dokun, dokun, dokun…

She was so surprised by how intense her heartbeat was that she was at a loss. In the past, Silvia had visited Ash’s room more than just once. By logic, there was no reason for her to be nervous, but Silvia’s heart still continued to beat intensely.

“Princess-sama, what’s wrong?”

Having finally caught up, Cosette asked with puzzlement.

“…No, it’s nothing.”

Silvia feigned calmness. Just when she raised her hand and prepared to knock on the door again—

“Hey…please, Eco.”

“I don’t want to! It’s really embarrassing!”

The voices of the conversation in the room were heard across the door. Ash and Eco seemed to be in the midst of a quarrel.

“There must be something! I’ll help you as well.”

“There’s nothing you can do to help me with this kind of thing, okay!?”

“But if I’m just watching from the side, I don’t think I could bear it.”

“You don’t have to see it! Because it’s really, really embarrassing!”

Silvia blushed.

“Hey, Cosette. What are they doing right now?”

“Ufufu. We may not have come at the right time.”

Cosette appeared as though she was deeply enjoying this dubious situation.

“Hey, Eco. I’ve already been curious for a long time, just how is it so embarrassing? As far as I can see, other dragons don’t seem to feel embarrassed.”

“I-It’s because they have been tainted and domesticated by the stupid and ignorant humans, so that’s why they’ve forgotten about these important moral sentiments!”

“Eco, can you also forget about those moral sentiments then? Even just this once, because I really want to see it with my own eyes.”

“I can’t do something so savage…!”

Silvia’s entire face was flushed red and blood was rushing to her head.

“Did you hear that, Cosette? What does this ‘savage’ act mean!? I really misjudged you, Ash!”

With a burst of anger, Silvia suddenly kicked down the room door.

“You two! Have you no shame…huh?”

After seeing the scene in the room, Silvia froze as if she had been stunned. On one side was Eco, whose head was turned to face the other direction as she wrapped her arms around her herself while sitting on the bed. And on the other side was Ash, who was kneeling down on the floor, as if he was begging Eco. After letting down the fist that she had raised in the air, Silvia asked with a thorny tone

“W-What on earth were the two of you doing just now?”

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Part 2


Even though there was clearly only one hour left until the lights had to switched off, Silvia still barged into the room at this time of night, giving Ash quite a surprise. In any case, Silvia seemed to have a terrible misunderstanding, so Ash decided to explain to her in detail about the request that he made of Eco.

“You see, the last day of the Five Hundred Year’s Festival is the final match of the Dragonar’s Gunnar Bout, right? So I wanted to get a Dragon Crystal from Eco, just in case it’s needed at the time.”

Silvia straightened her gaze.

“Hold on, Ash. You’re not planning to use Oracles during the match, are you?”

Ash predicted that she would react in such a manner, and so he nonchalantly replied

“There’s no rule to prohibit their use, right?”

After Silvia folded her arms, she sighed somewhat in amazement.

“Certainly, there is no rule banning its use, but these so-called Oracles are basically just simplifications of Dragon Magic such that humans are able to use them. In a competition such as the Dragonar’s Gunnar Bout where the standards are so high, I don’t think they’ll be very useful.”

Not only did this analysis conform to Silvia’s logical thought process, it was also very reasonable. If one wanted to use magic during a match, most would leave it to their Pals. But, Ash decided to use Silvia’s personality to attack at this time.

“Eco is the ‘Princess of Avalon’. Princess-sama, aren’t you curious about what kind of Bright Dragon Crystal she’ll produce? There might even be some kind of amazing result.”

“That is true, I get what you mean.”

At this point, Silvia finally accepted Ash’s proposal.

“If that’s the case, then please allow me to see this with you as well.”

Sure enough, Silvia’s curiosity and thirst for more knowledge was triggered.

“Hey! Silvia, how could you follow along as well!?”

While sitting on the bed, Eco could not help but cry out.

“Also, why did you show up in our room? You should be ashamed for coming over to the boys’ dorm at this time!”

“T-That is because…!”

Having the tables turned on her by Eco, Silvia was momentarily speechless.

“Eco is right here. Princess-sama, was there something of importance?”

Ash tilted his head as he asked.

“U-Uh…I haven’t congratulated you yet, so…”

Seemingly embarrassed, Silvia lowered her head as she replied with some hesitation. Her originally white cheeks were now dyed an adorable cherry colour, and her delicate appearance caused Ash’s heart to beat a little faster. However, he could not figure out if there was any worthy reason for Silvia to come over to congratulate him at such a time.

“You said you wanted to congratulate me…but I can’t think of anything.”

Hearing Ash say that in a quiet voice, Silvia immediately reverted to her usual self.

“Of course, it’s because you defeated President Rebecca in the preliminary round, and you’ve now qualified for the finals! That is the reason!”

Despite understanding where Silvia was coming from, Ash simply couldn’t make himself feel happy about defeating Rebecca.

“To be honest…Rebecca-san didn’t use her full power today, so I can’t be happy it.”

“Is that so?”

“In order to help me to defeat Oscar, she used the match to give me special training. If not for that, I think I definitely would have lost. Rebecca-san is really a great person.”

“Indeed, I did also feel that that kind of fighting style was different from the President’s usual…”

Silvia folded her arms, seemingly trying to recall the match during the daytime. Just at that time—

“Somehow, it looked like she was enjoying it…”

A faint mosquito-like voice was heard from somewhere.


Silvia’s face suddenly turned pale. She probably thought it was the voice of a ghost. As usual, as soon as she encountered any supernatural phenomena, she would reveal an extremely timid side.

“W-Who is it!?”

Ash reflexively straightened his posture, and prepared himself for action.

“I also heard a voice…”

Eco also looked around the room, observing the situation. At that time, a ‘knock knock knock’ sound came from the window. While they hadn’t noticed, the glass window had been half-opened, and the night wind blew into the room.


Ash, Eco and Silvia all cried out in unison. Indeed, the one who showed her face on the other side of the window was the girl riding the Maestro Gawain — Lucca Sarlinen. She was a second year student of the Unios Course, and was also the secretary of the Student Council. With silver hair that fluttered in the night wind as well as pointed ears that only the Eckbald people possessed, she was just like a fairy that appeared under the moonlight.

“Lucca, why are you here?”

When Ash asked, Lucca quietly whispered in response

“Tomorrow…I will fight against Silvia in the preliminary round…I don’t know why…I suddenly wanted to see Ash’s face…so I came here.”

Upon seeing Lucca’s delicate and charming expression, Ash’s heartbeat intensified. Under the illumination of the moonlight, Lucca seemed to have an air of mystery about her.

“Hey, why are you acting so lovey-dovey!?”

“You’re clearly being seduced!”

Seeing Eco and Silvia vent their accusations at him, Ash timidly shrunk backwards. After Lucca climbed in through the window, she directed her gaze towards Silvia.

“It’s almost time for the curfew. But…why are you here…Silvia?”

Lucca spoke faintly, but her tone was sharp and thorny.

“I-I came here just to congratulate him for coming out on top!”

“…You don’t need to lie. The real reason why you came here at night…should be the same as mine, right?”

Her amethyst-like eyes remained fixed on Silvia.


After a contest of stares between the two—

“Fine, yes! You’re right! Tomorrow is an important preliminary round, so I’m also nervous…that’s why I came to see Ash! Can’t I do that?”

Silvia finally let loose, and revealed the true thoughts in her mind. Ever since she confessed to Ash, Silvia’s actions towards Ash seemed to have become more and more daring.

“That’s enough! I’m going to crush all of you!”

Eco suddenly stood on top of the bed in a threatening position. Both hands were on her hips while she intimidatingly stared at Silvia and Lucca, her bright red eyes filled with anger. Those brutal eyes were almost no different from that of a dragon’s.

“No one gave you permission to push me off to the side! Ash belongs to me!”

Eco misspoke due to the sudden impulse, causing her face to become a shade of hot red, and it seemed almost as if steam would puff out of her head.

“Ah, that…it’s only as a knight, t-there’s no other meaning! Ash is the Avalon Knight, and I’m Avalon’s Holy Dragons’ Emperor Family’s Imperial Princess! T-That’s all it is!”

“Hmm. Based on what you just said, it seems the two of us have a fairly good chance. Also, as the Lautreamont family motto goes, one must strike while the iron is hot.”

Seeing as Eco wanted to avoid the topic, Silvia instead explained her words for their literal meaning, and then proudly nodded her head.

“I also…won’t lose.”

With a passionate look, Lucca clenched her fists in front of her chest.

“Nggh! That’s why I said you humans are so stupid and ignorant…!”

Eco’s anger elevated once again, and it seemed as though hot magma was going to erupt from her head.

“Listen okay? I kissed Ash!”

“Come on! You don’t need to—”

Ash hastily tried to stop them from continuing.

“So what, I’ve also kissed Ash! You also saw that, didn’t you, Eco?”

This time, a strange sense of competition was stirred up in Silvia.

“Ash…has kissed my important parts.”

Then, a shy Lucca also revealed an experience that aroused everyone’s attention.

“No no, what are you even talking about?”

“When we were cleaning Julius Hall, Ash put his head inside my skirt…”

After hearing that, Ash finally remembered. Although that was an unexpected accident, it was an indisputable fact that Lucca had sat over Ash’s face.

“According to the traditions of the Eckbald people, women can only allow the groom to do such things to them…”

Upon hearing Lucca’s words, the pallor in Eco’s and Silvia’s faces instantly faded.

“E-Even I have not allowed Ash to touch there!”

“Don’t panic, Eco! When it comes to love, physical contact does not represent everything!”

“T-That’s right! How rare it is for Silvia to also agree!”

Eco suddenly appeared to be on the same wavelength as Silvia.

“Eco! The ‘rare’ is unnecessary!”

…Ash felt that this would never come to an end if it continued, so he decided to interrupt them.

“Okay okay, you three don’t need to argue any further. It’ll be time for the curfew in just another thirty minutes, and I would like to see Eco’s Bright Dragon Crystal before the lights go off…”

“If you didn’t say that, I would have forgotten as well.”

After Silvia cleared her throat with a dry cough, she steadied her emotions.

“…Eco’s Bright Dragon Crystal?”

Having joined in halfway, Lucca closely watched the interaction between Ash and Eco.

“Why did you mention this thing again…”

Eco turned her face to one side, and she sighed because the topic of conversation had once again returned to this. Having finally gotten the three girls to halt their war of words, Ash suddenly directed his gaze towards Lucca. After all, the Eckbald people were a race that was good at dealing with Dragons. So perhaps she knew some way to persuade the resistant Eco, and perhaps even convince Eco to produce a Bright Dragon Crystal.

“Hey, Lucca. Does the Eckbald village have a method to encourage Dragons to produce Bright Dragon Crystals?”


Lucca answered without any hesitation.

“Eh, really?”

Instead, it was Ash who felt surprised despite being the one who asked. As if she had suddenly thought of something, Lucca undid the ribbon on her chest. She then took off her coat without any further hesitation. One by one, her clothing fell to the floor, forming a circle around her small feet.

“Wait! Why are you taking your clothes off!?”

Ash’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. Lucca was currently in a semi-naked state. The beauty of her delicate body was like an angel’s, and it felt like a sin to even look at it directly.

“Hey, Ash! Stop staring!”

After Silvia jumped in front of Lucca, she reprimanded Lucca who was behind her.

“And Lucca, you’re also in the wrong! To take off your clothes without warning in front of a boy, do you have no shame!?”

“Because…if you want a Dragon to produce a lively Bright Dragon Crystal…you can only rely on intimate skin contact.”

While this ‘lively Bright Dragon Crystal’ sounded completely puzzling, perhaps it was a unique description that the Eckbald people used. Because this description was similar to a ‘lively baby’, Ash couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Lucca suddenly made Eco her target.

“Eco also needs to take her clothes off.”

“Hah? What are you saying!?”

Although Eco previously walked around nude without a care, she had slowly attained the sense of embarrassment that ordinary people had. Upon hearing Lucca’s request, she subconsciously lost her temper.

“What kind of joke is this!? Undressing in front of others is so embarrassing — ahmm!”

Eco was interrupted halfway through her sentence. In contrast to her appearance, Lucca had moved her body with agility and began to nibble on the horn atop Eco’s head.

“Ah…you can’t bite there…!”

In an instant, Eco’s entire body became flaccid, and she collapsed into Lucca’s arms. Ash had almost forgotten that it was a Dragon’s weakness. As soon as that part was lightly nibbled on, their entire bodies would become limp and weak.

“Y-You can’t…n-not there…!”

Eco was stripped of her clothes without any resistance. As expected of an Eckbald person that was good at dealing with Dragons, Lucca’s actions seemed skilful, and the people watching could only stare dumbfounded. So long as their target was a Dragon, even if their outward appearance was that of a human girl, it didn’t seem to make any difference. Eco’s completely limp and bare body was placed onto the bed. Her skin was white and crystal clear, as if it was emitting a sacred glow.

“Cover Ash’s eyes! Now!”

Silvia sternly gave an order to Cosette, who had been waiting by the door.

“Certainly, Princess-sama.”

In an instant, Ash was dragged away by a vigorous force from behind, while his body was turned around in the process. Followed by a ‘poof!’ sound, there seemed to be something incredibly soft wrapped around his cheeks. A floral scent entered his nostrils.

“Mufu! Moffumm…!”

Because his mouth had been blocked, Ash was unable to speak properlu. After struggling for a moment, Ash finally realised — that his face was currently buried in between Cosette’s well-endowed bosom. Through her maid uniform, he could feel Cosette’s body warmth and the full sensation of her body.

—She usually acts like an approachable elder sister, so I didn’t particularly pay attention…I never imagined that Cosette was so immensely large…and so incredibly soft was well…

While thinking about such things, Ash’s body gradually began to grow hot.

“Hey, Cosette! I only told you to cover his eyes! I didn’t tell you to use such a method!”

The sound of Silvia’s protest came from behind Ash.

“Calm down, Princess-sama. This is a maid’s welfare.”

“It has nothing to do with being a maid!”

“So you don’t care if you don’t see the moment when Eco produces the Bright Dragon Crystal, Princess-sama?”

“Well, that’s true. I can’t miss such a precious moment!”

Silvia’s presence seemed to dissipate. She probably moved over to the bedside.


Soon after, the sound of Eco’s seductive breathing entered Ash’s ears. He was truly curious about just what kind of thing was happening on top of that bed. Because Cosette was tightly holding him down, Ash was unable to see anything.

“Eco’s hair is so soft…”

“Wah! If you stroke it like that…!”

The atmosphere was becoming stranger by the second.

“Lucca-sama and Eco are cuddling together like puppies.”

Perhaps out of generosity, or simply for amusement, Cosette began to describe the current situation into Ash’s ears.

“Ara ara, now Lucca-sama is rubbing an Ansal fragrance onto Eco’s back. There’s a sweet scent wafting around in the room.”

Although this was what Cosette described, Ash could only smell the fragrance of Cosette’s body.

“Eco, are you still nervous? Let yourself loosen up a little more…”

Lucca’s quiet whispers could be heard.

“…Really…embarrassing…please, stop already…”

Although Eco seemed to be slowly becoming intoxicated by the fragrance of the Ansal, she still seemed to be rational. As if to persuade Eco to surrender, Lucca then continued to say

“It’s okay. You just need to trust me…you’ll be sure to produce a healthy crystal.”

“I-I don’t want to…give birth to that kind of thing……”

“Is it comfortable here?”


It was not known what Lucca did, but Eco cried out even louder. The next moment, Ash sensed that the entire room was bathed in a warm light.


“—Please take a look, Ash-sama.”

After Cosette said so with a whisper, she loosened the grip of her arms around him.

“Is it alright for me to look now?”

With slight hesitation, Ash lifted his head from Cosette’s bosom.

“Princess-sama’s attention is currently focused solely on Eco at the moment. She won’t be distracted by anything else.”

“Thank you, Cosette.”

Ash turned his head, and looked over his shoulder towards the bed. And then he took a deep breath. Eco’s body was afloat in mid-air, hovering at a distance of about five centimetres above the bed. Her nude body was emitting a pink glow. Her body was surrounded by flashing objects that appeared to resemble stars. The luminosity was so intense that it was almost difficult to keep one’s eyes open. But Ash did not close his eyes, he was still closely observing the phenomenon that was occurring on Eco’s body. Those sparkling stars were slowly converging towards Eco’s chest, and they finally fused into a large crystal.

“Oh, how beautiful…!”

It was like a pink diamond, a Bright Dragon Crystal that seemed to emit a sense of solemnity. The radiance finally dimmed, and Eco’s floating nude body ‘pon’ fell back onto the bed. Although she appeared to have just barely remained conscious, her entire body was hot, and her skin had become red.

“Ha, ha…”

Eco lay on the bed with panting breaths. It was a seductive appearance that captivated Ash for a moment, and even his throat twitched due to his nervousness.

“So this is a Bright Dragon Crystal produced by the daughter of Avalon…”

Silvia leaned over, and picked up the crystal that Eco had produced.

“A pink crystal is rather unusual. What beauty…”

By reason, a Bright Dragon Crystal should have become a commonplace thing for a princess of the Knight Country’s royal family, but Silvia seemed deeply impressed by it.

“I can feel…extremely powerful magic.”

Even Lucca, who rarely showed such emotions, appeared to be fascinated by it. This was the first Bright Dragon Crystal that Eco had given birth to. As for exactly what kind of effect was embedded inside, Ash was still unable to envision.

“The Crystal of Avalon ~A.S.B.1365.10~” is closed.

(Part 2 of 2) (21/5)

[1] Night Crawl (yobai): An old Japanese custom that involved a single man sneaking into a house with a single woman to ask for consensual sex. The intruder generally tries to avoid detection, but it may already be known by the family, and was sometimes considered a prelude to marriage.

Continues on to Chapter 2 – Ice Blue Princess Vs Elfin Dancer

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