Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 12 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – The Boundless Overia Sea

Part 1

The week that followed their meeting blew past and was over in the blink of an eye—.

It was now the first day of the month of Taurus. The magical ship Escavaron departed from Ansarivan in the morning. Their destination was the port city of Respighi. It was also the capital city of the Labrock Trade Union which was in the southeast of the continent.

Part 2

The weather today was fine and clear. The refreshing blue sky was so dazzling that Ash couldn’t help but squint. He didn’t feel cold even when standing on the Escavaron’s deck. Because they were travelling toward the south, the temperature also rose along their journey. The Escavaron was now passing over the territory of the Chevron Kingdom as it continued heading southeast. Since they had obtained permission from Queen Oscaia before their departure, there would be no suspicion that they were trespassing through the airspace.

“The climate in the south is really so much warmer.”

It was still quite cool when they set off from Ansarivan. But having reached this point, it didn’t feel cold even when wearing a thin coat. In Ansarivan, it probably wouldn’t feel this warm until the month of Gemini.

“Ah, nii-san! Look, it’s the Overia Sea!”

Linda cheerfully cried out as she admired the scenery beside Ash. At some point, the Escavaron had traversed the continent and approached the sky above the ocean.

“It’s my first time seeing the great sea…!”

“I’m glad that you’re happy…but I didn’t expect that even you would come along with me.”

From Ash’s perspective, it seemed like he was on the verge of giving up. Just allowing Linda to attend the meeting already gave him more than enough trouble.

“Geez, you’re so mean…nii-san! Could it be that…you feel embarrassed when I’m around?”

Linda suddenly puffed out her cheeks. Her pouty expression reminded Ash of when she was young.

“No, I don’t think that you’re getting in the way. I’m truly happy that you’ve come to study at Dragonar Academy.”


“Of course. It’s just that, as a big brother, I don’t want to see my cute little sister in a dangerous situation, you know? In the first place, we’re not here for leisure this time. After all, our destination for this trip is the [Demonic Capital]—”

“D-Did you just say that I was cute!?”

Linda’s expression suddenly brightened.

“That’s what you’re fixed on!?”

Although it had been spoken in the heat of the moment, Ash still felt embarrassed that he had blurted out the words ‘cute little sister’, and so he vigorously began to deny it.

“I didn’t say it! You misheard me! I never said anything about you being cute.”

“Liar! I heard you clearly!”

After a senseless argument between the two of them, Ash heaved a sigh.

“…Geez, I’m worried because the security in Respighi City is quite poor. If anything were to happen…”

“Don’t worry. I know that you’ll protect me if there’s any danger, nii-san. Or…would you rather watch as your one and only sister in this world dies?”


As Linda gazed up at him with puppy-like eyes, Ash was rendered speechless. Faced with his own little sister, for some reason his heartbeat accelerated. It seemed Linda was quite the smooth talker.

“It can’t be helped…”

“Fufu, I’ll be relying on you then, nii-san.”

Just as Linda made a wide grin,

[The ship will now land on the water and begin a trial voyage across the Overia Sea.]

Mirabel’s voice was broadcast via a loudspeaker to the deck.

[According to my calculations, if we switch over to the sea route from here on, we’ll arrive at the port tomorrow afternoon. Ever since that attack a few days ago, everyone has been quite tense, so it’s fine to take this as an opportunity to unwind a little—]

“I’ve been waiting ages for this!”

As soon as Mirabel’s broadcast was over, Linda immediately began taking off her uniform, causing Ash to feel embarrassed.

“Linda! What are you…?”

Ash’s cheeks grew hot and red.

“Fufu. What are you so ashamed of, nii-san? Look!”

Just as Ash felt troubled about where to rest his gaze, Linda stripped off her uniform, piece by piece.

“S-Stop! H-How could a young girl like you…huh?”

Ash widened his eyes — having removed her uniform, Linda had a swimsuit on underneath. Ash couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded upon seeing his grown-up little sister wearing a swimsuit. It was a pink one-piece swimsuit. Her slender limbs and slightly bulging chest could be seen.

“Hehe. Do I look good in it?”

“Y-Yeah…it looks good on you.”

Ash deliberately answered with indifference.

“Though, you already knew that you were going to need a swimsuit?”

That’s because Respighi is a seaside city. So, I thought a swimsuit might come in handy. …By the way, you’re not feeling shy, are you, nii-san?”

“I-I’m not — guh!”

“Hey! You’re a failure of a brother if you’re feeling spellbound by the sight of your little sister in a swimsuit!”

Eco’s elbow slammed into Ash’s side. Eco had already changed into her swimsuit. It was the same pure white one-piece that she had worn during the Selective Training Camp last summer. Perhaps it was an illusion, but her figure appeared somewhat more mature compared to the previous year.

“Oww…your swimsuit is really cute as well, Eco.”

Despite being on the verge of tears due to the pain, Ash didn’t forget to shower her with a compliment.

“T-Thank you…”

Eco’s cheeks became a shade of pink, most likely because she had been complimented without having to ask for it. She was so adorable that Ash had completely forgotten about the pain from being elbowed. Linda raised her eyebrows as she chided her brother,

“Nii-san…aren’t you staring at Eco-san’s body too much? I’m disappointed in you…to think that you’ve become such a pervert!”

“What do you mean? I haven’t been staring!”

“—Oh my, it seems like you lot have totally entered vacation mode.”

At that moment, a voice came from behind — Rebecca and Lucca had also arrived on the deck. Rebecca wore a bright red bikini to complement her curvaceous figure. Her open stance conveyed both her extraordinary beauty and her confidence.


“I feel like there’s no chance of winning…”

It seemed that both Eco and Linda had no choice but to surrender when it came to Rebecca in a swimsuit. This time, Ash became entranced by Rebecca’s physical beauty. Rebecca then cast her gaze to Lucca who was behind her.

“Lucca? How are you going to show off your swimsuit if you keep hiding behind me?”

“B-But…I’ve never worn a swimsuit before, so it’s a bit embarrassing…”

Lucca peeked at Ash from behind Rebecca. Her pointed ears were a faint shade of red.

“Women have to be courageous, Lucca.”

After saying that, Rebecca pushed Lucca in front of herself.


Lucca’s entire body was bright red — her swimsuit was a green one-piece which gave off the impression of a fairy that had gotten lost in the ocean, and it made her look even cuter than usual. And then, even more people appeared at the doorway.

“What a sight for sore eyes. This is exactly what we Dragonars need to recharge!”

“Except you’re not able to call yourself a Dragonar yet.”

It was Raymond and Max who had both also changed into swimmers. As the frame of his glasses glistened under the sun, Max drew closer to Ash.

“By the way, I’m rather curious to see what Ashley looks like in a swimsuit…would you care to try?”


“In fact, I’ve already prepared the wig and swimsuit for Ashley at my own expense…”

“You’re way too prepared!”

Ash began to feel a little worried for Max’s future.

“—Ash-sama! Please take a moment to appreciate my swimsuit too!”

Jessica boldly rushed over, taking Ash’s arm and wrapping herself around him. A soft sensation put pressure around his arm.

“Wait…Jessica! Y-Your swimsuit is too…!”

Ash almost had a nosebleed. Covering Jessica’s voluptuous body was a bikini with exceptionally small surface area. It was so small that it wasn’t so much fabric, but rather like a string.

“Jessica! Do you not have any self-awareness as the new disciplinary affairs officer!?”

Silvia gracefully appeared on the deck as she sharply reprimanded Jessica. Unfortunately, Silvia was still in her uniform. Perhaps due to old-fashioned rigidity, she seemed to have no intention of appearing in front of everyone in a casual swimsuit.

“Fufu. Don’t be so uptight. Resting when it’s time to rest is also part of the mission, you know?”

Rebecca interjected with a wry smile. At some point, she had unfolded a deck chair and began sunbathing.


“Ufufu. Why don’t you hurry along and get changed, Princess-sama?”

Cosette suddenly appeared behind Silvia. She had a smile across her face that was either naïve innocence or mischievous evil. She had also cleverly brought along a blue bikini.


After Silvia lowered her head and groaned, she turned her eyes to Ash.

“Geez, Ash! As the knight commander, you should be lecturing them! Even with Mirabel-anesama’s permission, we didn’t come all the way here for leisure!”

“That may be the case…but I think what Rebecca-san said is reasonable. We haven’t had a good chance to relax ever since the attack by <Demiurge>.”

“What!? Not you too, Ash…”

The serious-looking Silvia raised her eyebrows and stared at the group for a while — and then she finally cleared her throat with a light ‘ahem’.

“Oh…fine. It would be immature of me to be disobliging and spoil the atmosphere.”

“A sensible decision, Princess-sama. Now, let us head over to the dressing room. Ufufufu…”

“Huh!? I didn’t say that I was going to wear a swimsuit!”

A rebuttal was useless as Silvia had already been dragged back into the ship by Cosette.


After a while, Silvia returned to the deck and shyly appeared before everyone in a bold bikini. For some reason, it appeared as though her bountiful cleavage had once again grown in size….

“It’s just as cute as I imagined.”

Cosette praised Silvia with an intoxicated expression.

“U-Umm…does it look good?”

Silvia coyly peered up to gauge Ash’s reaction. Perhaps out of embarrassment, she covered her chest with crossed arms. Despite her innocent and abashed expression, Silvia was nonetheless beautiful.

“Of…of course you look good.”

A smile finally emerged on Silvia’s face after Ash answered as if gasping for breath. And just like that — Ash and the others enjoyed a rare moment of pleasure upon the blue Overia Sea.

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Continues on to Chapter 3 – The Dragon’s Tail, Labrock

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