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Life.Lucifer Dawn of the Morning Star [0] —Deathmatch—

Part 1

In the mountainous region of a certain European country, the battle against Trihexa, an army of Evil Dragons, and an army of fake Sekiryuutei began. The forces engaging with them were the Vali Team, Slash Dog Team, and magicians from other organisations who all belonged to the anti-terrorist Team [DxD]. The Vampires also participated in the battle. The Tepes faction and Carmilla faction set aside their differences and joined the battle together. The headquarters of the Church, the Vatican, also came all the way here to send out their Church warriors, and of course, reincarnated Angels also came. The high-class Devils who held territories in Europe also brought along their peerages to join the battle. Amidst them, there were also several Ultimate Class Devils, including the former Dragon King Tannin. As soon as the clash began, the Vali Team and Slash Dog Team took the lead to take on the Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei. From the sky all the way down to the forest, intense fighting broke out. Because it was winter, snow had piled up on the mountain, which made movement somewhat inconvenient. In addition, the appearance of Grendel-type and Ladon-type Evil Dragons further complicated the battle situation. Amidst all of the fighting, an enormous fireball that Trihexa spat out erased an entire mountain. While Vali easily returned the attacks of the Grendel-type Evil Dragons and sent them flying at the same time, he thought.

…The Holy Grail isn’t on this side, but there are still strong enemies.

[—Diabolism Thousand Dragon] [1] Aži Dahāka.

They had fought once before, but a winner was not decided. Even after he was wounded, he still laughed as he fought back; Vali had not forgotten Aži Dahāka’s appearance back then. One of the heads was able to withstand many attacks and continue to laugh while counterattacking. More than anything, he was the most dangerous enemy. It was certain that he was manipulating Trihexa alongside Apophis, but Aži Dahāka by himself certainly had the strength to destroy all of Europe.

—It’ll be good if I can find a chance to settle things.

These thoughts and feelings gradually grew stronger. As he steadily became more and more excited, Vali didn’t really want to fight against the fake Sekiryuutei. He had already recognised that man as his rival. By fighting against these kinds of counterfeits, it seemed like some kind of contamination somewhere within himself, and that generated feelings of disgust and a desire not to touch them. Similarly, while Albion was eliminating these fake Sekiryuutei, he gradually developed a feeling of revulsion. However, since the fake Sekiryuutei were produced using the original as a basis, ordinary warriors were unable to defeat them, so the stronger people mainly dealt with them.

—At that time, Trihexa became entrapped by a powerful barrier technique that had previously not been seen. After Trihexa let out a cry of pain, it stopped moving. Vali immediately understood that this was what Azazel had spoken of, the barrier which was able to temporarily stop Trihexa. The effect of it was evident, as the Trihexa that was about to spit out another fireball had become completely motionless. Once Trihexa stopped moving, the allies fighting on the Japanese side would be able to stop the Holy Grail. What was left on this side was to clean up the rest of the Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei. Since that was the case, now was the most suitable time to get rid of the most dangerous enemy. He then began to search for the most dangerous existence present. After surveying the area in the distance, he discovered that he was standing on top of a mountain some distance away from here.

A person suddenly spoke to Vali. It was Ikuse Tobio. After he sliced apart the Grendel-type Evil Dragons by extending a countless number of colossal blades out from the ground, he said

“Vali, you should go. …The opponent that you want to settle the score with is here, right?”

He and the black dog [Jin] had also noticed, and he looked in that direction. Ikuse Tobio said

“You don’t want them to continue wreaking havoc, right? …If this destruction continues, it won’t just be the major cities of Europe, the damage will even extend to the small towns.”

As soon as he said that, Vali understood that Ikuse Tobio already knew about the circumstances on his side. Indeed, it was just as he said. When he heard that Trihexa had appeared in Europe, what immediately surfaced in Vali’s mind was — the safety of the family living in that small town. He clearly knew that he wasn’t an indecisive person, and having these feelings made him very troubled. However, he was deeply worried about that family. Precisely because of this, Vali understood that the most dangerous enemy here — Aži Dahāka needed to be defeated.

“That’s right. Leave this place to me, Tobi and Va-kun’s friends.”

The witch — Lavinia Reni said that while she froze the Evil Dragons in the air one after the other. At her side was a humanoid ice figure, standing at a total height of three metres. It seemed to be wearing a dress, and had four slender arms. Although its face didn’t have a nose or a mouth, it had six eyes on the left side of its face, while the right side of its face was studded with something resembling the thorns of a rose. —[Absolute Demise] [2], one of the Longinus. It was also an independent avatar type. Once activated, the Ice Princess would appear at the wielder’s side. The Princess would obey the commands of its wielder, and freeze anything. As long as Lavinia wanted to, it could instantly turn the entire area into a frozen world. At its maximum range, it could lock an entire small country within a crystal of ice. Moreover, the wielder Lavinia was originally a witch who was able to utilise various types of magic. Mass-produced Evil Dragons couldn’t possibly defeat her, especially since she had the Ice Princess. Bikou, who was accompanying Ikuse Tobio and Lavinia also smiled as he extended his Ruyi Bang [3] and stabbed several Evil Dragons.

“Kakaka, that’s how it is! Vali, leave this place to us, you go and defeat that bastard Aži Dahāka who’s controlling Trihexa!”

On another side, Arthur used the Holy King Sword to release a massive holy wave which split the barriers that were put up by the Ladon-type Evil Dragons.

“Give us a good show as the leader. You are the dragon that Caliburn and I have chosen, so show me the path of a dragon’s survival.”

Kuroka was controlling a countless number of Kasha, and she mercilessly incinerated the Ladon-type Evil Dragons.

“I always thought that following Vali was a good thing, you know? Thanks to you…I was able to laugh together with my imouto [4] again. Just that has blown away all of the unpleasant things of the past nyan. So—”

While assisting her ani, Le Fay used magic to fight and spoke at the same time.

“The Two Heavenly Dragons of this era are good friends, and I really like it! I think it’s really cool!”

Even Fenrir, assisting Le Fay from the side used its teeth and claws to tear apart the Grendel-type Evil Dragons. The ten metre tall golem — Gogmagog released a laser from its eyes, while firing out rockets from its arms to shoot down the mass-produced Evil Dragons. The members of the Vali Team had come over to support him. His former nakama, Ikuse Tobio and Lavinia, and even his current nakama said that to him. Vali felt moved. At the same time, he thanked them, from the bottom of his heart.

—Thank you all.

It was rather useless that he couldn’t actually say that in an honest manner. But, if he did say it, would he be laughed at again for not acting like himself? Ikuse Tobio still smiled as gently as he did back then as he said to Vali

“You chose your way of live as one of the Two Heavenly Dragons and as a Lucifer. So show this world your answer.”

He took a step forward. The black dog — Jin followed behind him.

“Well, I’m also — going. Jin, are you ready?”

Jin wagged its tail. Then — a world of darkness appeared. All of the shadows, black fog and darkness around Ikuse Tobio, all of the darkness in the world was gathered there, and from there it happened. Then, from his mouth, a curse-like chant was calmly and deeply recited.

<< —Behowlest the slaying of thousands of mortals and principles >>

Ikuse Tobio and the black dog were enshrouded in a jet-black haze. It then spread, and covered everything in the surrounding area.

<< —Besingest the slaying of tens of thousand of goblins and evil omens >>

Their limbs gradually dissolved into the darkness, and turned into something with an abnormal figure.

<< —Mine name, which reacheth unto the farthest abyss, tis the Imitation God beguiling the Polar Night and the Midnight Sun >>

The black dog Jin sank into the darkness at his feet.

<< —Thou shalt be exterminated by our own jet black demonic blade >>

Ikuse Tobio’s entire body was enveloped in darkness. Although his figure retained some human resemblance, it had become something that differed from a human. The head and face had morphed into something resembling a dog. The darkness continued to converge around Ikuse Tobio’s body. It formed forelegs, hindlegs, a tail, and it opened its massive jaws. The gathering of darkness in the surrounding area formed figures one by one. Appearing everywhere around Ikuse Tobio were large packs of <<Dogs>> with jet-black fur.

<< —Thou art merely ephemeral, oh paranormal Creator God >>

After Ikuse Tobio recited the last line of the chant, the <<Dogs>> that were born from the darkness let out a distressing, and penetrating howl that shook everyone’s mind and body to the very core.


What appeared there was, a humanoid beast clad in darkness—. Gathered around him were enormous <<Dogs>> that breathed the darkness—. Ikuse Tobio was holding a long and sharp scythe, which had extended out from under his feet. As he swung the scythe, it looked as if he was harvesting the souls of the living, while the pack of dogs looked like apostles of Hell. The phenomena still had not finished yet, as gigantic blades extended out from the ground in the surrounding area, one after another; sharp, thick and long blades. They seemed to be demonic swords capable of cutting gods apart, a symbol of ill omens. The whole place, the entire mountain was covered with blades. Jet-black blades, grew, grew, and continued to grow out without any sign of stopping. With the momentum from their extension, they tore apart the Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei without any further ado. When Ikuse Tobio lightly swung the scythe, the space itself looked like it was cut in half; following that, all of the trees, rocks, and Grendel-type Evil Dragons were sliced into two. Having become a beast of darkness, Ikuse Tobio silently walked through the mountain forest, and when he swung his scythe, the Ladon-type Evil Dragons were cut apart, along with the barriers that they produced.

The pack of black dogs also followed their master; they snapped the blades which had appeared in the forest with their teeth, and then gripped them in their mouths. The pack of black dogs that carried blades in their mouths rapidly cut down the Evil Dragons. The dogs sank into in the shadows, then moved through the shadows, and appeared in the blind spots which were the shadows of their enemies. They followed their master and mercilessly reaped the lives of the Evil Dragons. All that was left of the path that they travelled along were the corpses of the Evil Dragons and a dark aura. There didn’t exist anything that they couldn’t cut—. Even after having faced off against various kinds of powerful beings, the Vali Team were amazed by the scene before their eyes.

Originally, the Balance Breaker that the wielder of [Canis Lykaon] [5] awakened was called [Night Celestial Slash Dogs] [6]. However, Ikuse Tobio had already awakened that Balance Breaker from the moment that he was born, and after he became accustomed to using his Sacred Gear, he finally reached a deeper level. —[Perfectus Tenebrae Lykaon et Fortis Densus Laelaps][7], that was what Ikuse Tobio attained, no, pierced through, by polishing [Night Celestial Slash Dogs] to the limits, the phenomenon exhibited by the Abyss Side of his Balance Breaker. Having said that, although Ikuse Tobio was able to cut anything apart, he was still powerless against Trihexa, because that was the monstrous existence that Trihexa simply was.

Each faction had their own hypotheses regarding Longinus. The hypothesis that the most knowledgeable Azazel proposed was [Longinus are highly scalable and expandable Sacred Gears]. Especially after attaining the Balance Breaker, their power would significantly increase, and the abilities that they could manipulate also increased. Longinus were the kinds of Sacred Gears that greatly transcended other Sacred Gears. Azazel had said before that Longinus absorbed their wielder’s abilities and creativity, and then became a vessel for their realisation.

—The original meaning of Balance Breaker referred to a forbidden move of the Longinus. Azazel proposed that the possibilities of a Balance Breaker could be roughly divided into three types. The majority of Balance Breakers, including subspecies, could be classified as strengthening, evolving to a point of transformation. By pursuing the arrogance of themselves and the Sacred Gear, one would fuse together with their Sacred Gear to produce the Abyss Side. This was the type that Vali and Ikuse Tobio belonged to. Finally, there were those that couldn’t be categorised by this system due to their sudden variation, and those were the exceptions among exceptions. This was Hyoudou Issei, Kiba Yuuto’s Holy-Demonic Sword, Gasper Vladi, and Saji Genshirou; something had happened in relation to the Gremory peerage. In particular, Hyoudou Issei, Gasper Vladi and Saji Genshirou had also reached the Abyss Side. It could be described as an extremely abnormal generation. The phenomenon that was originally impossible began to occur frequently around Hyoudou Issei. Azazel was also quite intrigued by this.

—In this era, interesting Sacred Gears and Longinus that were previously never seen in past generations have appeared. Azazel had happily spoken about that before. Vali’s lips curled up as he laughed, agreeing with what he had said. That was why he, Hyoudou Issei, and those powerful enemies had gained a deeper evolution, as if it had been expected. This one thing was something that he looked forward to. His fight against Hyoudou Issei would one day continue. This was something that they had both agreed on. To this end — the removal of the threats and powerful enemies before him was the top priority. Lavinia said

“Go quickly, Va-kun. This place is soon going to become a world of ice and blades, okay?”

After Vali heard that, he jumped into the air to leave that place. It seemed like she was also going to use her Balance Breaker. After Vali left, the entire mountain was frozen solid, and there were clusters of overgrown blades everywhere. It had truly become the world that Lavinia mentioned. After Tannin and his peerage knocked all of the Evil Dragons in the air down to the mountain forest, Tannin said to Vali

“Be careful of Aži Dahāka’s magic, young Hakuryuukou!”

Vali was surprised by Tannin’s advice for a moment…then he quietly nodded. There would definitely be no problems to leave the army of mass-produced Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei to them and the allies. Vali then searched for Aži Dahāka’s presence, and swiftly flew towards it.

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Part 2

After flying at high speed over the mountain range for a few seconds, Vali found the source of the powerful aura. The other party had also noticed him. However, they didn’t launch any attacks in his direction. Vali stopped and landed near him. Standing before him was a colossal black dragon with three heads. Aži Dahāka looked towards Vali with a welcoming expression.

[Yo—, you came, white one.]

[Yahoo ☆]

[You’re late!]

Then, Aži Dahāka cast his gaze to the area behind him. Indeed, the place he was looking at was the location of the battlefield where [DxD] and their allies were currently fighting against the Evil Dragons. The forest had been frozen over, and many blades grew out of the ground. There were also many black Evil Dragons and red fake Sekiryuutei flying about. There were explosions occurring all over the place. The mountain ranges had already become something completely different—. Aži Dahāka seemed displeased about it. He was using magic to view a projection, through which he watched the Trihexa in various locations, and the battles between the army of Evil Dragons and the various factions. He continued to watch it while asking Vali

[Say, Vali Lucifer. This place and the worlds of other mythologies are facing a scene of destruction — you could call it the scene of the Apocalypse. What do you see?]

[What do you think?]

[Honestly speaking, how does it feel?]

The two dragon heads on each side laughed as they asked Vali. Vali didn’t reply, but Aži Dahāka nonchalantly continued

[If it was an ally of justice, they would’ve said something like “what the hell did you do!” or “Unforgiveable! I’ll definitely defeat you!”, right? On the other hand, if it was someone evil, they’d say something like “Wahaha, this is a truly marvellous sight!” or perhaps “Behold, this is the end of the world that I desired!”.]

[I imitated exactly what Rizevim-kun or the Old Maou Faction would have done!]

[Please don’t get angry!]

Thinking that he would proceed while continuing to laugh, the next thing that he said was actually succinct and expressionless.

[I am different. —Well, so be it. …That’s just my impression.]


[That’s the same as what I was thinking!]

[This so-called destruction started from the era of the gods, and it’s something that never changes. Furthermore, most of the destruction stems from what the gods or monsters like me cause. What’s been done this time isn’t merely the mass destruction of mythologies, it could be said to be something far exceeding that. Anyway, if this goes on, the world will be led to its end.]

While saying that, Aži Dahāka looked up at the sky, and far into the distance. It was as if he was imagining a place that did not exist in this world.

[So, I thought that if another world existed, then there might be existences far beyond my imagination.]

Aži Dahāka turned his head back towards Vali, and said

[—A world where mechanical life forms known as [ExE] [8] fight against spirits. Regardless of legends or literature, something like that has never been described before, could it be completely uncharted territory? Currently, all that is known is that there exists the Benevolent God that governs the spirits, Resetoras and the Malevolent God[9] Melvazoa who is responsible for the mechanical life forms. That world is divided in half and dominated by those two gods.]


This was the first time that Vali had heard about information of another world. Mechanical life forms and…spirits. It was also the first time that he had even heard of the names of the gods from that side. Aži Dahāka laughed cheerfully.

[Kukuku, the world known as [E] is actually located beyond the existence known as [DxD][10], Great Red, don’t you think that’s something rather interesting?]

Upon seeing the legendary Evil Dragon laughing like a child, Vali couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

“Heh, I never thought that you were like a child who adored fairy tales. A legendary Evil Dragon is actually talking about things from an unknown world.”

Aži Dahāka acted almost like a child when he spoke about things from another world. Aži Dahāka then smiled mischievously as he said

[—It doesn’t matter what kinds of fancy words those guys say. Conquering the world, remaking the world, just listening to it makes me laugh. They’re just immature selfish brats with a grand words and are lost in their delusions. I am no different. But, my line of thought is even simpler. I just want to have a fight with strong foes, and if I’m able to see something rare, then that’s even better. If that is called evil, then I’m satisfied with being evil. As an Evil Dragon, that’s enough.]

[Darkness Dragon!]

[I – am – evil ♪]


Vali was caught up with an indescribable feeling. His opponent was evil. An absolute Evil Dragon. Yet also a legend among legends. He was known as one of the strongest Evil Dragons amongst all Evil Dragons. But why? The malice that he felt in front of him felt more fascinating and dangerous than anything he had felt before. Regardless of whether it was the Old Maou Faction, Hyoudou Issei, Cao Cao or Rizevim, they did everything for the sake of their beliefs or ambition. Their actions held no regard for their own limitations. However, Aži Dahāka…no, Apophis was probably also the same, these two Evil Dragons clearly understood themselves, and used this as a foundation to purely pursue destruction. What Vali had just said to him simply caused Aži Dahāka to mock and laugh at himself.

[Heh, you said I was like a little brat. Indeed, I get told that a lot.]

But, Vali shook his head.

“…No, don’t get the wrong idea, but being so pure and so simple makes me like you a little bit, Aži Dahāka.”

After hearing Vali’s reply, Aži Dahāka laughed with joy.

[Kukuku, Vali Lucifer. Shall we go at it once again? Let’s have a bloody deathmatch. I can’t help but feel excited as soon as I think about my opponent being one of the Two Heavenly Dragons!]

[The one who defeats the Heavenly Dragon gets a medal for being the strongest!]

[Evil Dragons are the strongest!]

After saying that, silence fell between the two of them. Aži Dahāka erased the projection, and aura seeped out from his entire body. His scorching hot aura caused all of the surrounding snow to melt. After a few seconds — both sides disappeared from their positions. They re-appeared in the sky. Vali released several waves of his aura at Aži Dahāka. His opponent put up a strong defensive magic circle and blocked all of the attacks directly. He then released several light magic attacks as a counterattack. Vali had inherited half of his blood from a Devil, so ordinary light magic was much less effective against him, but his opponent was an extraordinary existence, which made things a completely different matter. The light magic that Aži Dahāka released was a product of highly compressed magic, so if Vali took a direct hit, he would definitely be injured. Vali evaded them at high speed in the air, but the light magic seemed to have a will of its own as it continually chased him from behind. Vali planned to use the Hakuryuukou’s ability, and halve their power. But, in order to obstruct Vali, Aži Dahāka continuously released light magic, making it impossible for him to determine the target.


This time, Vali used the ability to reflect to send the light magic that was directed to himself backwards. However, their momentum didn’t decrease even after being reflected, and they reverted back to their original path towards Vali. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Aži Dahāka then used another type of magic. He created a countless number of magic circles in the sky. Fire, water, wind, lightning, and darkness; magic of various attributes were fired towards Vali all at once. The sky above the mountain range was filled with all of Aži Dahāka’s magic circles, and Vali couldn’t help feeling a jolt and chill run down his spine upon seeing this. Even for Vali, it was impossible for him to shoot them all down or halve them. Vali raised his own aura, and then unleashed the ability of the Hakuryuukou all around him.

[Half Dimension!!]

A powerful voice resounded, and the space around Vali became a field where everything was halved. The magic which was fired towards him was gradually halved, its power diminished, and by the time that it touched Vali’s armour, it was so weak that it simply disappeared. Unfortunately, that was only a portion of it. Because magic of an unusual scale had been deployed, its direction was completely unknown, and they flew towards Vali one after another. The halving field was able to halve the magic that came towards it…but there was still a limit. Moreover, the light magic that was just chasing Vali was still present. While staying wary of the homing light magic, he had to continue to keep up the halving field while in-flight, both of which took up a significant portion of Vali’s concentration. Vali eventually showed an opening, and the light magic struck his back! His armour was easily destroyed, hence the light magic burned Vali’s back, and his flesh and blood scattered through the air. The severe pain tore through him and robbed him of his concentration, but he endured nonetheless and somehow continued to maintain the halving field…but Aži Dahāka’s magic still continued! It showed no signs of stopping! All of the magic that he had released over four orders of magnitude, it was fifth-order magic. Even Vali was stunned. The capacity of this Evil Dragon’s magic could no longer be described as simply incredible! It was enough to approach the level of gods! In their previous fight, he had clearly not used magic as intense as this! Even though there were far more magic circles than reason would dictate…they didn’t normally attack continuously like this! At that time, Aži Dahāka exclaimed with glee!

[Well then, I’ll start adding in my forbidden technique now!!!!]

[It’s far from ordinary yo!]

[If you can defend against it, then show me!]

Just as he declared that, the crest of the magic circles that he created began to change! What emerged on all of the magic circles were ancient magic characters, a language that was forbidden. The magic circles emitted a dangerous glow as they distorted, and an electric current crackled through them. What appeared from the magic circles were — purple flames in the shape of a skull, cyclones with curses revolving around them, jet-black lightning, a cursed virgin Mary which was crying tears of blood, a one-eyed giant which seemed as if it would steal your life simply by looking at it, and various other different things…forbidden class attributes, summoning magic, curses, all of the ominous magic that existed in this world had been called forth, and all of it was moving towards Vali! If a direct hit was taken…it would definitely result in a death where not even any bones would remain! Vali raised his aura once again, and then recited the silver chant.

“I, who is about to awaken, am the Hakuryuukou who will take the law down to the darkness! I walk the road of domination with infinite destruction and by piercing through the imaginary dream! I shall become a pure Emperor of Dragon—”

“—And I shall have you obey the silvery-white illusions and the perfect evil ways!”

[Juggernaut Over Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

After Vali quickly finished reciting the chant, he instantly transformed into [Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive] [11]. The armour on his back was repaired. Even if he had an absolute power, it wasn’t certain that he would be able to overcome that forbidden technique! Vali opened his arms, and increased his power again and again. He planned to take on that myriad of ominous symbols directly. He increased the power of halving around himself, and then unleashed it!

[Compression Divider!!!!!!]

This was the ultimate ability that was able to compress all matter, no, it was even able to compress dreams. Moreover, he was releasing it at full power this time. This was the ultimate ability that once destroyed the Ultimate-Class Grim Reaper Pluto. Even Aži Dahāka’s forbidden technique could be compressed. The magic which darted towards Vali was compressed over and over again, until it became so small that it couldn’t become any smaller and was then eliminated. All of the forbidden techniques which pounded down on Vali were destroyed. Aži Dahāka’s magic attacks then stopped. It wasn’t because he had run out of magic energy, but because he felt ecstatic from seeing Vali’s spectacular battle. On the other hand, Vali had forcibly transformed back; as a price for using the power, both his magic energy and stamina had been severely depleted. Even for Vali, he was unable to adapt to this form. He was already breathing very heavily. Vali quietly flew towards Aži Dahāka, and confronted him once again. When Vali landed on the ground, his consciousness became disorderly for a moment, causing him to kneel on the ground with one knee. …The consumption was even more draining than he thought.

—Strong. He’s far above Rizevim.

[Aži Dahāka has already reached the class of a Heavenly Dragon.]

Albion said.

…I see, Albion has recognised that he has already become an existence on par with the strongest Two Heavenly Dragons. That’s why he’s so strong. Like Crom Cruach, who has reached the class of the Heavenly Dragons through training, Aži Dahāka has also enhanced his own strength after being resurrected, and finally reached the level of the Heavenly Dragons. Thinking about it this way, it’s also easy to imagine that the same would be true for Apophis.

He had become far stronger since their previous battle. Although the nakama of his team were present at the moment, they wouldn’t be able to wound him either. He didn’t seem to have the intent to fight right now, as all of his attacks were able to reach him. It was unimaginable that he, the one who had been renowned as the Strongest Hakuryuukou was cornered into a situation where he could only defend right now. The unexpected result caused Vali to smile wryly. Aži Dahāka then happily said

[Since this is how it is, it’ll be fine if you use Albion’s true power. —I really want to see the true power of yours that caused you to be revered as the Poison Dragon Emperor you know, Albion? No, Gwiber?]

[Albion Gwiber!]

[Gwiber is Gwiber!]

…They were actually able to say that name…. Indeed, he was an Evil Dragon that had existed since ancient times. He definitely knew about the Hakuryuukou’s history. Just as Aži Dahāka said, the Hakuryuukou Albion did have the name of Gwiber in the past. In the Welsh language, it meant ‘poisonous snake’. Although Albion and his rival Ddraig had never mentioned it before, the Hakuryuukou, the White Dragon was a dragon that used poison. Despite possessing a beautiful pure white body, he had a hideous poison that even gods were afraid of; it was something within Albion’s body that he hated and cursed.

[…That name and power have already been sealed.]

Albion replied through the gem to deny Aži Dahāka. Aži Dahāka then laughed.

[But, precisely because you had that power, the gods of various factions feared and avoided you, right? Your graceful pure white body had a highly toxic poison that even gods feared…I like that, you know? It’s such an ironic power.]

[I want to see the poisonous you!]

[I want to see the deadly poison!]

While Aži Dahāka was provoking him, Albion was in a complex state of mind that even Vali noticed. Albion denied himself as one who had once used toxic poison, and even hated speaking of it, not even Vali was allowed to bring that topic up. Vali himself believed that even if he didn’t have that power, the Hakuryuukou’s power was enough, which is why he had never mentioned it…. But, even though he hated his sofu [12], he still proudly carried the name of Lucifer and at the same time, Vali also felt that Albion’s own values and ideas had begun to change while he was with him day and night. The deeper reason for that was the current Sekiryuutei; the figure of Hyoudou Issei was beyond common sense and that had a great influence on Albion. Thus, he also suffered from a sickness of the mind. But—. The opportunities for him to communicate with Ddraig had increased as a result of the exceptional contact between Vali and Hyoudou Issei. In that regard, Albion’s view of the world changed. Seeing Vali’s expression, Aži Dahāka tilted his head and said

[…I’ve always felt that you and the Sekiryuutei resemble each other in some way, you know? —If I had to state the reason, it would be that both of you have the eyes of wanting to protect something. Moreover, it isn’t about wanting to protect your own pride, you have those eyes only because you want to protect someone special to you. —Is it a woman?]

…I never imaged that an Evil Dragon would see through me.

Vali slightly curled the corner of his mouth as he laughed.

“…If you’re saying it’s a woman, then it is indeed. However, she’s not a lover. She’s just, someone…who has care of me before. I won’t be like Hyoudou Issei and try to protect so many people. I’ve also never thought about it in that way.”

When he came to this place to fight, that person and that family kept appearing within Vali’s mind. It was a very happy looking haha, imouto, and otouto— [13]. If this was to continue, Trihexa and Aži Dahāka’s malice would surely reach that side. Such a thing — he could not allow. It was something that he absolutely could not allow. Vali continued

“But there is a small human family, which has the people that I want to protect. Do you disdain me? Or do you think I’m just an ordinary weakling? I personally think that having such thoughts isn’t too bad.”

Aži Dahāka made a wry smile. It wasn’t a smile of ridicule. He joyfully accepted what Vali had said.

[Kukuku, I’ve fought against people like you who believe in their minds that they are the last line for those precious in their minds several times. —Without exception, all of them were formidable enemies. So, I don’t feel a trace of contempt for you at all! In fact, I think you’re someone even stronger than they are!]

In an instant, Aži Dahāka created a magic circle. The surrounding landscape was completely rewritten. Vali readied his stance…but he immediately realised that this wasn’t the type of magic used for direct attacks. The surrounding scenery…continued to distort. Vali was then absorbed into it….

—Finally, Vali entered the illusionary world that Aži Dahāka created.

(Part 2 of 5) (14/6)

Part 3

—He awoke to realise that this was a strange room that he had never seen before. He also understood that he was sleeping on a bed.

—Suddenly, he felt his body become heavier. It felt as if someone was sitting on top of him. Looking towards that place, he saw that a boy was sitting on top of him. It was a boy that looked very similar to him. When the boy saw that Vali had awoken, he looked at him with a smile.

“Onii-chan woke up!”

It was a very cheerful boy. After that, a girl then entered the room. She also looked quite like himself. The girl scolded the boy

“Mou! You can’t forcibly wake onii-chan up like that!”

While Vali remained confused, the boy pulled Vali by the arm as they exited the room.

“Onii-chan! It’s time to eat! You can’t stay in bed all day!”

Vali was still puzzled, but nodded ‘ah…’. The boy then walked in front, while he followed behind. The destination was the living room. The sound of running water could be heard from the kitchen. Someone in the kitchen then noticed Vali, and came out to the living room. Upon seeing that person, Vali felt so nervous that he stopped breathing.

“Ara, Vali, you woke up? You were preparing for your exam until quite late last night. University students really have it tough.”

The haha who showed a smile — stood in front of him.

…So that’s it, I understand now.

The true identity of the boy who woke him up and the girl — they were his younger brother and younger sister. Yet at the same time, he realised that this was all an illusion. But, when looking at his haha’s face, he felt pained somewhere in his heart. Regardless of whether it was talking to haha, or realising that this was just an illusion, it made him feel distraught.

“I’ll go and prepare the food.”

Mother said that, and then returned to preparing breakfast.

Vali sat down at his seat. And like a sandwich, his otouto and imouto sat on each side of him. Placed on top of the dining table was very ordinary home cooking. Bread and soup, potato wedges, salad, all of these were items that Vali had seen before on television.


After saying that, his haha, otouto and imouto began eating their breakfast. Seeing that Vali still looked confused, his otouto asked

“Oni-chan, are you not eating?”

Haha tilted her head and asked

“Ara, could it be that you don’t have an appetite?”

“N-No, itadakimasu.”

Vali picked up the spoon to drink the soup, and began to feel emotional.

—It’s so warm, and delicious.

While eating his breakfast, the voice of the Evil Dragon was heard.

[This is the false world that I created. This magic barrier will create the world based on the deepest desires of your heart. The scene before your eyes is the world that you truly desire.]

The voice resounded through his mind. Indeed, this was an illusionary world—. Moreover, this was the world that he wanted—. Aži Dahāka continued

[I see. Known as the strongest Hakuryuukou in history, what you want is, an extremely ordinary, and common family.]

……Vali didn’t have any reply to that.

…In the inner depths of my mind, I actually wanted to have a family….

After finishing breakfast, his otouto pulled Vali’s hand.

“Onii-chan! Let’s go out to play soccer!”

This time, his imouto also grabbed hold of Vali’s hand.

“You can’t! Onii-chan is helping me to study today!”

“Play with me!”

“Study with me!”

Seeing his otouto and imouto pulling Vali’s hands, haha laughed.

“Come on, if you two don’t stop, you’re going to pull onii-chan’s arms off, you know?”

His own otouto and imouto were competing over him, and his haha was laughing as she watched all of this—. In the end, he helped imouto study first, and then went to play soccer with onii-chan afterwards. After helping his imouto to study history, he played soccer with his otouto until evening, and following that, the three siblings washed the dishes together with their haha. Seeing the figure of his haha and otouto conversing happily with each other in front of him, Vali also began to smile at some point. At that time, Aži Dahāka’s voice was heard again.

[If you want to continue living in this world, then it’s possible, you know? This barrier was made for that purpose. When the world that they so strongly sought was placed in front of them, dozens, hundreds, and thousands of strong warriors fell like that.]

…I see, so Aži Dahāka used such powerful magic.

While immersed in combat, the warriors and heroes each had things that were precious to them, or perhaps once had. Being able to reproduce it to this extent — it was understandable that some people’s willpower would crumble. Vali had spent a night in this world. At night, he slept together with his otouto and imouto on one bed. It was the first time since Vali was born…that he slept together with his family. It was actually so tranquil that he felt deeply moved. The next day, he got up early and they ate breakfast together. A family of four was eating as they conversed with each other. All of this buried his loneliness…. After breakfast, the family of four sat together and played board games. While his otouto and imouto were arguing, haha amusedly laughed. It was such a gentle and peaceful world—. There was no fighting, it was just time spent happily together with his family members—. Time flowed by gently, and from the depths of his heart, a smile emerged on Vali’s face, and then — he stood up. His otouto and imouto were surprised.

“Onii-chan? What’s wrong?”

“Onii-chan? Are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

Two people looked up at his face.

—At some point, Vali could no longer hold back the emotions welling up inside of him, and he began to cry.

So there really is such happiness…. This is…the ordinary happiness obtained from an ordinary family….

This was the first time that he had ever received—. But, regardless of whether it was fortunate or unfortunate for Vali, he was able to clearly realise that this was an illusion, it was a false and never-ending power. The time that elapsed in here was nothing but a few seconds in reality.

Immersing myself in days like these, how fortunate would I be—.
Immersing myself in a world like this, how happy would I be—.

While shedding tears, Vali tightly hugged his otouto and imouto.

“…I am…”

I don’t even know your names—.
I can’t even call out to you—.

So, I know that this is a false world. At that time, I didn’t meet you; saying this is ironic but that has also become an important factor in denying this world.

Vali spoke gently

“Onii-chan has somewhere that he must go. He can’t be with you…I’m really sorry for not being able to play together with you. —Sorry.”

A dream is fine.
An illusion is fine.
Even so, we met each other. We also touched each other. It’s the first time since I was born that I was able to spend time together with an ordinary family.

“Even if this is a dream, or an illusion, to be able to meet you…and speak to you is truly good. With this, I — no matter how many thousands or ten thousands of years, I will continue to fight on, and survive…!”

Once more, he tightly hugged the otouto and imouto within the illusion.

In order to firmly remember this warmth—.

“…I’m really sorry that I didn’t call out your names. —But, I need to go now, so that I can protect you—”

After separating from those two people, Vali turned around to face the door. He wanted to tell his saddened haha.

Even if this is an illusion, it’s good that I was able to speak with you one more time, and be able to spend time with you—.

“Kaa-san, we probably won’t be able to see each other ever again…we won’t be able to speak to each other ever again, but I will protect you from afar, and watch over my otouto and imouto.”

If he hugged haha right now, he definitely wouldn’t be able to return to reality.

So…so, I can’t touch you. If I touch you, then I’ll….

Vali showed mother his most earnest smile.

“So, thank you. You were able to talk to me one more time. Even if this is an illusion, this is enough for me. I will definitely protect you—”

Vali turned the doorknob.

“—Goodbye. I’m heading out.”

—Goodbye, my family.

After opening the door, waiting in front of him was the figure of his chichi. It wasn’t the chichi who abused him, nor was it the chichi of his otouto and imouto. It was probably the ‘chichi’ that Vali truly desired and that was reflected by the magic technique.

Indeed, looking closely—.

No matter how much he verbally denied it, he confirmed in his mind once again what he truly thought. However, it was not uncomfortable.

“Are you going?”

“Yes, I need to go, Azazel. I always thought that meeting you in reality was one of the best things that happened to me. I am — Vali Lucifer.”


Return to the world where my nakama, rival, and Azazel are waiting for me—.

(Part 3 of 5) (14/6)

Part 4

The false world collapsed, and what appeared before his eyes again was the scenery of snow-covered mountains. The three-headed Evil Dragon standing in front of Vali asked

[…That was a nice dream, right?]

Vali replied with a splendid smile

“……Yeah, it was the best dream.”

Aži Dahāka’s attitude immediately changed, as his expression became very serious while he expressed his respect towards Vali

[Hakuryuukou Vali, you were actually able to get away from my techniques. I deeply apologise for putting you into that lowly technique of mine. I recognise you as my greatest and most worthy opponent!]

When Vali noticed that Aži Dahāka’s attitude was completely different to his previous playfulness, he began to feel pumped up with fighting spirit. Aži Dahāka knew that this powerful illusionary world was capable of siphoning a warrior’s willpower away, and fascinating them. The people who were able to return from there were truly brave people.

“The same goes for the both of us, Aži Dahāka. I also feel from the bottom of my heart that my battle with you has a lot of pride! I will defeat you, all of you guys, and definitely protect that family!”

As Vali shouted that out, he began to feel happy, as the uncertainties that previously occupied his mind were blown away, and had now become clear.

—I need to protect them.

Swearing upon that, Vali began to feel excited both physically and mentally, and then noticed a sudden and dramatic within his own heart.

[Vali. Within the illusionary world, I gained insight into your consciousness. —So, I think that I will also pick up the name the name, that I once discarded, again.]

Albion also accepted himself—. All of them gems on his armour released a gentle warmth and bright glow which had never manifested before. While being submersed in this light, it also caused him to remember the warmth that he received in that illusionary world. At that time, a certain voice echoed out from the depths of the Sacred Gear.

[—li, Vali, my voice, can you hear it?]

It was Ophis’ voice. She should be recuperating in the Gremory territory of the Underworld. However, ignoring all of this, Vali heard Ophis’ call. It was probably her consciousness being transmitted over while she was asleep. Ophis continued

[Ise and I have chanted together before. So now it’s Vali’s turn. —Chant together with me.]

—Chant, huh. If I’m going to chant together with you, it must be something great.

[It is different from the time when Ise used my power. Vali has recognised himself, and Albion has also accepted himself, so this is my encouragement. All I need to do is lend a hand.]

It was truly reassuring that the Dragon God-sama would actually extend a hand to help him.

[—Vali, thank you for talking with me.]

At one point, Ophis was the leader of [Khaos Brigade]…but regardless of whether it was Shalba or Cao Cao, all they gave Ophis was loneliness—.

If you’re satisfied with me, then I can be your conversation partner anytime—. That hasn’t changed even now.

Ah, I see. Perhaps these are the so-called ‘friends’.

[I will also chant, Vali, Ophis.]

Albion added in from the side. And so, this was the chant of a trio of friends and partners, a Dragon God, Heavenly Dragon and Lucifer—.

“The pure White Dragon dwelling within me, rise up from your supremacy—”

The silver armour that exceeded supremacy — gradually began to form jet-black patterns on it.

[The silvery-white Morning Star I possess within me, claim the throne of Dawn—]

In response to Albion’s chant, the wings of light on his back — became infused with black. Following that, pair after pair of new wings extended out from his back.

“—The jet-black God of Infinity”

Vali’s line came after Ophis’ line.

[—The mysterious and unfathomable father of Devils]

Twelve jet-black wings grew out of Vali’s back, all of the edges of his armour sharpened, and became something with an organic form. Vali’s and Albion’s voices then overlapped with each other.

“[—We shall transcend the limits to accept the oath]”

The crest of Lucifer appeared on all of the gems of his armour, and unleashed a dazzling brilliance! The final line was chanted by Vali, Albion and Ophis as a trio.

“[[—Thou shalt kneel down before our bright and glorious existence!]]”


The sound that echoed out from all of the gems seemed like a malfunction. And then, a powerful and majestic voice rang out!

[[Dragon Lucifer Drive!!!!!!!!]]

As if in response to that, his entire armour emitted a dazzling radiance, and his aura also swelled up! …After his aura finished rising, what appeared in its place was a brand new Hakuryuukou with twelve jet-black wings. The armour was composed of silvery-white and jet-black tones, and part of it was also like the flesh of the Dragon of Supremacy. Its smooth and beautiful exterior was enough to cause one to fall into a daze simply by looking at it. With dense silver and black aura, aura waves of the Hakuryuukou and Lucifer were radiated out from his entire body. Vali said

“The power of the Hakuryuukou Albion Gwiber and the power of the Maou Lucifer, this is the form that I have awakened by combining these two as one…Aži Dahāka, I will defeat you!”

Aži Dahāka became even more ecstatic upon seeing Vali’s transformation.

[If the Sekiryuutei has undergone Dragon Deification, then this is the Hakuryuukou’s corresponding Maouification!]

Indeed, if Hyoudou Issei’s transformation was called Dragon Deification, then his transformation was Maouification. As the possessor of the power of the Maou Lucifer and the Hakuryuukou, he awakened both of them and then embedded his own oath into the chant. That was because when he began this chant, Vali had the strong determination ‘to protect someone’ in his heart. Upon seeing Vali’s transformation to become an even more formidable opponent, Aži Dahāka conveyed his admiration.

[…Truly strong, this is the ultimate power. That idiot Rizevim was just an imposter of the Maou Lucifer. You are the true Lucfier. I was right about that. The successor of the [True Maou], Vali Lucifer!]

“—Yeah, I can stand tall and say that proudly from the bottom of my heart right now. I can say it with certainty.”

Vali spread open his twelve jet-black wings as his armour released a silvery-white lustre and he shouted

“—My name is Lucifer. The inheritor of the Maou’s blood, Vali Lucifer!”

After hearing that, all three of Aži Dahāka’s heads let loose a deafening roar. In order to elevate himself to his strongest state, the legendary Evil Dragon opened his two wings.

[Indeed! Even if you share the name of Lucifer, when compared to that idiot Rizevim, I definitely like you more, Vali Lucifffeeeeeeeeerrrr!]

“—What a coincidence, me too, compared to Rizevim, you’re a hundred times better!”

Both sides flew into the air at the same time! The Maouified Vali flapped his twelve wings of Lucifer, which caused all of the snow in the surrounding area to melt instantaneously, and even the rock below became exposed. The Lucifer and Aži Dahāka flying above the ground began to clash with each other in mid-air. Vali sharply thrust his hand out and released a jolt of demonic energy. Aži Dahāka instantly activated teleportation magic, and evaded it. —But, Vali decimated the entire mountaintop that Aži Dahāka had evaded to. Under such circumstances, it was possible to cause mass destruction simply by unleashing his demonic energy towards his direction, and due to his immense power, even escaping from it was highly difficult. While relying on teleportation magic to increase their distance, Aži Dahāka felt surprised by Vali who was easily destroying mountaintops, but at the same time, he also felt joy.

[This is seriously amazing! That previous attack was way too relaxed.]

[This is really quite scary!]

[What outrageous power!]

Vali channelled his power into his wings of Lucifer.


A faulty-sounding noise once again blared out from the gems of his armour. Then, his twelve wings parted in the middle, and were ejected out from Vali’s back. The twelve wings which had been ejected began to change in appearance and form. —They were exactly like Hyoudou Issei’s Dividing Wyvern Fairies of the Hakuryuukou. This was the materialisation of the power of the Hakuryuukou that the Sekiryuutei used by obtaining one of his gems. Vali used that as a foundation to use his wings of Lucifer to attack. When his armour evolved into its new form, Vali realised this possibility. Perhaps he had subconsciously taken notice of Hyoudou Issei. Wherever he was, he still strongly acknowledged his rival, and thus Vali began to laugh underneath his armour at the irony of it. Small-sized dragons — wyverns. A total of twelve were currently circling around Vali.


Heeding Vali’s command, they moved in accordance with their master’s intentions and the wyverns darted towards Aži Dahāka. The body of one particular wyvern changed into a cannon, and from there — it fired a powerful shot of Lucifer’s aura! The three heads of Aži Dahāka each emitted a strange glow. Miniature magic circles expanded out from his eyes, and they completely blocked the aura that had been fired out by the wyvern. It was almost the same as what Gasper Vladi could do. No, it was different. Perhaps this was a reproduction of the original magic of the Demon God Balor’s Evil Eyes.

Being able to use magic of various attributes, he was an Evil Dragon that was even capable of freely using space and time magic, and Vali had no choice but to commend that. However, Vali still continued to allow the wyverns to fire out the aura of Lucifer. Aži Dahāka easily dodged the attacks in mid-air. But the wyverns which appeared behind him reflected the attacks back towards him while emitting the sound [Reflect!!]! However, the Evil Dragon had already prepared defensive magic circles behind himself, and they securely protected him. A kite-pattern then rotated in mid-air, and deployed a variety of magic circles in the air, which caused the entire sky above the mountains to be covered in magic circles once again.

[How about a taste of this!]

Aži Dahāka combined various attributes and types of magic as he released more than a thousand of them all at once. Magic of a fifth-order level swept across the entire area at full power. Vali ordered the wyverns to stay in front of himself so that he could face the situation, but—.

[There’s still more to come!]

Immediately after unleashing a full-powered blast, Aži Dahāka vanished without a trace through the use of space teleportation magic. When he reappeared, a dozen, twenty, and eventually more than a hundred clones produced from illusion magic had been made! Moreover, each of these clones looked exactly the same as the original as they activated a countless number of magic circles, and released an immeasurable number of attribute magic attacks. There were even forbidden techniques included within them. From the very beginning when his initial attacks started out, up until the magic that was released by his clones afterwards, the aura of magic could be felt from all of them. Which ones were illusions? No, if this was the magic expert Aži Dahāka who was second to none among dragons — then it wouldn’t be surprising at all if all of these were the real thing! After coming to such a conclusion, Vali explosively increased his own power, and when it reached its peak, he instantly released it from his entire body!


[Satan Compression Divider!!!!!!!!!!!!]

What Vali released was the ultimate blast of demonic radiance. Silvery-white and jet-black streams of light were interwoven with each other, and all of the magic that Aži Dahāka and his clones released — was instantly compressed over and over again, and eventually eliminated. Even all of his clones had been blown away, leaving behind only the original.



[T-That’s completely cheating!!]

Seeing the outcome of that, Aži Dahāka was genuinely astounded. He was originally full of confidence. The magic that he had released just then would’ve at least been able to cause fatal injuries even if it was unable to defeat Vali. He had also used illusion magic to make more than a hundred clones, which each used magic, so he thought that the result would’ve gone according to his plan. —However, the ultimate demonic energy completely destroyed all of it. That…wasn’t a special technique and nor was it an ability, it was certainly nothing technical. It was simply the light released by Vali, the successor to the name of Lucifer. Vali didn’t stop attacking, as he gathered demonic energy into his right hand, and aimed it towards Aži Dahāka. Aži Dahāka also realised the danger of the demonic energy in Vali’s hand, and moved away from his current position — but the wyverns which flew towards him used the ability of the Hakuryuukou.

[Half Dimension!!]

The wyverns used the power which caused all matter in their surroundings to be halved.

[Shit! Even the small ones can use that!?]

Even Aži Dahāka failed to think that the wyverns were able to use that absolute power. Having been obstructed by the halving field for a moment, that moment was enough to ensure that Vali would be able to successfully strike him with his demonic energy. But just in the nick of time, Aži Dahāka avoided a direct hit by using teleportation magic to escape. Vali’s blast of demonic energy lost its target, and collided with the tall mountain in the distance. With a loud boom, the five thousand metre tall mountain was instantly decimated—.

Vali turned his gaze towards Aži Dahāka, who had managed to increase the distance between them. —One of Aži Dahāka’s heads, his left head had been blown away, and he had also lost his left wing. It seemed like he hadn’t safely evaded that last attack. While floating in the sky, Vali proudly spread open his twelve wings of Lucifer, and released a silvery-white and jet-black light. Aži Dahāka couldn’t help muttering to himself.

[—Dawn of the Morning Star.]

That was a name that embodied Lucifer. When Aži Dahāka saw the current Vali, he clearly addressed him as such. Vali’s current power was already far beyond Maou-class. It had become Heavenly Dragon-class, and this power which was pushing Aži Dahāka into a tight corner could no longer even be compared to the first generation Lucifer. However, Aži Dahāka, who was capable of fighting with Vali as an opponent was also an absolute monster. It was not surprising that this Evil Dragon was not one to simply bow down to someone like Rizevim. In addition, both Vali and Aži Dahāka were enjoying the thrill of battle, as they each held respect for each other. As enemies, they both enjoyed the calibre of each other’s strength.

—At that time, something out of place flew towards this battlefield. They were mass-produced Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei. They had probably detected the commotion occurring here and deliberately flew over. Seeing this — Aži Dahāka seemed unusually annoyed.


While shouting that out, he activated a magic circle, and various types of magic flew towards the Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei that were his subordinates.

[……Damn it, not even these things can understand the essence of a fight. I never thought that Grendel would interfere with us again!]

Indeed, when he first fought against Aži Dahāka, Grendel interfered, and so their battle had only gotten halfway before it was hastily ended. At that time, Aži Dahāka looked quite displeased, and Vali hadn’t forgotten either. Aži Dahāka even forgot about Vali, as he let his anger explode out towards Grendel. This one time, Vali agreed with Aži Dahāka. He sent the wyverns out towards the mass-produced Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei. The wyverns approached the mass-produced Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei, and then oozed out a dangerous aura.


A dreadful sound rang out. Appearing around the wyverns was a dense curse that was clearly visible. Shortly afterwards — the mass-produced Evil Dragons writhed about in mid-air painfully, and then finally spurted out big mouthfuls of blood as they fell to the ground. Upon seeing this, Aži Dahāka seemed immensely interested.

[All of the Evil Dragons are experiencing immense pain? …Ho, then this is…!]

Vali said

“What you wanted to see, Albion’s…Gwiber’s poison — that is [Reduce].”

Albion’s abilities are — to ‘halve’ any object, with the ‘halved’ portion being ‘absorbed’ as his own, as well as being able to ‘reflect’ his opponent’s power. In addition, there is also ‘reduce’. Albion…no, Albion Gwiber said

[My poison is able to reduce all existences aside from inorganic objects. As long as it’s a living being, its blood, bones, organs, and soul can be cut down bit by bit, so even for extraordinary beings, everything in their bodies can be ‘reduced’.]

After the mass-produced Evil Dragons were tainted with the poison that the wyverns released, everything within their bodies began to be ‘reduced’. As a result, they received fatal injuries, and fell to the ground. This was the poison of Albion that even god-class beings feared—. Albion continued

[The single existence that this poison is ineffective against is — the [Welsh Dragon][15] Sekiryuutei Y Ddraig Goch.]

Because he was said to be invincible and poisonous, he was always lonely. Because no one wanted to get close to him, no one was his rival. More accurately, even without the use of poison, Albion was an overwhelmingly powerful existence, and there were very few opponents who could stand equally against him. However, after meeting Ddraig, Albion’s thoughts and values changed.

—There was actually such a powerful dragon, and I want to become stronger with him. I want to become a brave and fearless dragon on par with him.

Albion thought about becoming a powerful dragon directly, instead of resorting to poison. To Great Red and the still infinite Ophis, that poison was useless. However, aside from existences such as them, it was effective even against gods, and Albion knew that with certainty. Even so, Albion — pursued abilities other than poison. They were [Divide] and [Reflect]. Looking at the results, Albion had successfully developed new abilities without relying on [Reduce]. If he had not encountered Ddraig, Albion would have been a dragon who only had the ability of the poisonous [Reduce]. Precisely because he encountered Ddraig who was immune to poison, Albion improved himself, changed himself, and progressed to the next level. This was the same for Ddraig. Precisely because he was a worthy opponent, he always remained in pursuit of further strength. Hence, these two dragons eventually became renowned as the Two Heavenly Dragons—.

[You’re not going to use it on me?]

Aži Dahāka asked Albion.

[I’ve already told you before. This is a power that has already been discarded. Ddraig and I rely on our claws, fangs, ambition, and aura; we rely on our pure power to fight and enhance each other! Since I’m known as one of the Two Heavenly Dragons alongside Ddraig, poison is not a necessary thing to me!]

Vali briefly laughed.

“That’s right. We believe that our current power is enough. Or is there something that you’re not satisfied with about our current power, Aži Dahāka?”

Vali’s defiant question caused Aži Dahāka to — laugh loudly. It was more clear and concise than words. Both sides once again resumed their battle in mid-air as they hurtled towards each other! Aži Dahāka’s magic covered the surrounding area, and the aura that was released from Vali’s light of Lucifer deeply carved apart the mountains. The mountains in this area suffered from immense damage as a result of the battle between Lucifer and the Evil Dragon. Although Vali’s power of Lucifer was overwhelming, Aži Dahāka’s magic was also incomparably powerful. The flames of the forbidden techniques spread across Vali’s armour, and a section of it burst apart. —Nonetheless, Vali wasn’t the only one to be on the receiving side of damage. He fired out the demonic energy of Lucifer towards Aži Dahāka’s right head. When their distance was shrunk as close as it could possibly be, Vali channelled demonic energy into his fist, and performed a flurry of punches. The Evil Dragon’s abdomen suffered a series of continuous attacks. Aži Dahāka spat out large volumes of blood. But his will to fight didn’t decrease at all. As a counterattack, he kicked Vali and knocked him back a fair distance. In order to cause even more damage to Aži Dahāka, Vali—

[Half Dimension!!]

He activated the halving field. Because he had been immensely weakened, Aži Dahāka knelt down on one knee under the pressure of this powerful field…but he still activated a magic circle to fight back against Vali! Vali controlled the wyverns, and a large amount of Lucifer’s aura erupted from them. Aži Dahāka withstood all of it; he didn’t activate any defensive magic circles, but instead used attribute magic to counterattack. Even with his entire body covered in blood, Aži Dahāka did not stop attacking. He immediately used healing magic to regenerate his heads, and heal the rest of his wounds. Healing magic…there were very few people who used it, but it also belonged to the highest class of magic. Particularly magic which was used to regenerate parts of the body that had been lost, if one didn’t possess an abnormal amount of magic power and use forbidden techniques, it was absolutely impossible. In other words, Aži Dahāka used both of these at the same time. Of course, there was also a great risk. The power to regenerate body parts should require some kind of sacrifice. Was it lifespan, or—. However, for the powerful Evil Dragon in question, something like lifespan was meaningless. While using the power of Lucifer, although Vali felt that his stamina was gradually being depleted, he didn’t hesitate and liberally used the full force of the Maou’s power to attack Aži Dahāka. Because Aži Dahāka had to defend against such intense attacks, or perhaps due to his own previous attacks, his magical energy was rapidly being exhausted. Even if he did possess what was renowned as a limitless reserve of magical energy, it was constantly being cut down under the power of this new generation Maou Lucifer—.

In the end, Aži Dahāka no longer even had enough magical energy to use healing magic—. His left and right heads which had been blown away several times no longer regenerated. Both of his wings were also full of holes. Kneeling down with one knee on the ground, he was breathing heavily and strenuously. …Vali was also breathing heavily, and his armour had not been able to repair itself. The enemy before him was so challenging that he didn’t have enough headroom to repair his armour.

[It’s not over yet!]

Aži Dahāka speedily flew over, and used his last remaining head to bite Vali. If he couldn’t use magic, then he would use his body! This persistent will to fight surprised even Vali. Vali attempted to evade, but the enormous stamina consumption on his body from using this form was too great, so he was a step too late and was unable to dodge the attack. Aži Dahāka chomped down on Vali. His razor sharp fangs caused his armour to be crushed, and they mercilessly dug into his flesh. The thought of death flashed across his mind. This was the last move that his opponent had made in order to determine the winner. In that moment, what appeared in Vali’s mind were — the faces of his haha, otouto and imouto.

—I can’t lose. I can’t afford to lose!
—Because I swore that I would protect them!

Vali — increased his own power, and dedicated it all to settling the match in one final attack! He spread open his black wings of Lucifer. The armour on his chest and abdomen rattled as they separated and slid open. What appeared there was — the muzzle of a cannon that was ready to fire. Oooo…it quietly emitted a charging sound as aura gathered at the muzzle of the cannon. In order to prevent him from escaping, Vali grabbed onto Aži Dahāka tightly. His fangs dug in even deeper into his body, and the pain pulsed throughout his entire body…but even so, he continued to focus his aura towards the muzzle of the cannon. After a vast amount of demonic energy had been gathered, Vali said to the legendary Evil Dragon

“This is the end.”


A loud voice boomed out!

[[[Satan Lucifer Smasher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]]

The massive bombardment of silvery-white and jet-black aura was fired out from the muzzle on his abdomen—.


After Vali’s final attack ended, the mountains and earth had been torn through, leaving a wide fissure in the middle. The bombardment of aura just then had travelled several kilometres, no, it went as far as the edge of the horizon. The path that the aura travelled through was covered in the remnants of the jet-black demonic energy of Lucifer, and was completely barren. Despite all that, Aži Dahāka was still alive. No, he was on the verge of death, and about to breathe his last breath. Only a single head was left.  Vali moved towards the only head that remained of Aži Dahāka. Even in the face of death, the legendary Evil Dragon still showed an irreverent smile.

[…Orya, don’t you think that was a wonderful fight? …Don’t worry, I’m an Evil Dragon. An extremely persistent dragon…]

Aži Dahāka’s head began to crumble bit by bit.

[I will be resurrected again after some time…just wait about two, or three thousand years…I will definitely revive and find you for a fight…]

The crumbling didn’t stop, and his head was already riddled with holes, until finally….

[…Someday, once again, let’s fight once more, Lucifer—]

Leaving behind only these words, the legendary Evil Dragon, the [Diabolism Thousand Dragon] — Aži Dahāka’s body disappeared. …But, even if only a tiny piece of an Evil Dragon’s soul remained, they were able to remain within this world. There would eventually come a day where he would fight against his worthy opponent, as an evil spirit, and also as an Evil Dragon—. He truly was a powerful enemy. A formidable Evil Dragon. It was the first time that Vali had felt such a profound emotion of victory. To speak of the reason, it was because he could have lost during that battle, even after Maouification.

“…Yeah, I sincerely look forward to it. My worthy opponent, Aži Dahāka.”

The death match finally ended.

(Part 4 of 5) (20/6)

Part 5

Vali returned to the battlefield where his nakama were fighting. Looking towards that location from the sky, there were massive black blades everywhere, and everything had also been frozen. The Trihexa which had been halted was still intact, but it was motionless. His nakama were currently still fighting against the mass-produced Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei…but a certain phenomenon did not occur. Indeed, originally, the Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei that had been cut down to a certain number would be restored to their original amount. But, if he didn’t think wrongly, their numbers were indeed being reduced one by one.

“…The Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei…haven’t increased any further?”

While Vali muttered that to himself, a voice answered from behind him.

“Yeah, that was reported a short while ago. —Gasper and Valerie succeeded. Now, the Evil Dragons that are attacking various territories will be defeated all at once.”

Looking back — Azazel had imperceptibly joined the battle at some point.


All of a sudden, Vali remembered the illusion that Aži Dahāka had shown him again.


Vali shook his head. …However, it was understandable that he would think like that right now. Upon seeing Vali’s new form, Azazel was both surprised and happy.

“So this is the appearance that you’ve chosen huh. It’s truly amazing. It seems even more like Lucifer than Rizevim.”


…I wonder why?

When Azazel said ‘like Lucifer’, he felt a little bit embarrassed, yet also happy. Vali turned around as he said

“Aži Dahāka also told me the same thing.”

After Azazel heard that, he burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, it seems like Rizevim would be considerably annoyed. Also, there isn’t anyone who could possibly like him!”

Bikou then flew over, riding on his cloud.

“Hey Vali, former Governor! Wow, you powered up again!”

Seeing the change in his own leader, he was so surprised that even his eyes popped out. He then began to laugh. Looking closely, the Vali Team and Slash Dog team below them had gathered together and came towards them. Vali, Bikou and Azazel all descended together. Both teams happily greeted Vali. Kuroka revealed a fearless smile as she came over to ask

“Well well, did you use your full power to fight?”

Vali replied

“Yeah, I fought at full power just like you said. But Trihexa will eventually start moving again, right? It doesn’t seem like it’s over with just that.”

Indeed, the feeling of a premonition still remained. He could still feel a strange pressure being exuded from Trihexa, even though it had been stopped. Not only Azazel, but his other nakama also turned their gazes towards Trihexa with eyes of caution. Azazel said to everyone

“If everything ended just like this, then the Imperial Beast of the Apocalypse would really be too kind. It doesn’t matter, I’ll think of a countermeasure when the time comes. For now, just wipe out all of the Evil Dragons and fake Sekiryuutei around us. Can you guys do it?”

Everyone strongly answered with ‘Yeah!’ in response to the Fallen Angel. When the battle resumed again, Vali noticed that Azazel’s attitude was concerning.

—Absolute determination.

That was all he could feel. Of all the people present, he was the only one who could understand that. Although they had not spent more than ten years together…he was able to read something out of Azazel’s expression. He would notice his facial expressions and attitude when interacting with Azazel rather naturally. He never understood what he wanted to do. He was unable to fully understand that genius who naturally loved mischief.


Whenever Azazel wanted to do something, he could feel it. Vali felt that the current Azazel ‘felt satisfied by being resolutely prepared for something’—.

(Part 5 of 5) (20/6)

For those who don’t already know, kanji are the characters used to define the meaning, whereas furigana (kana) is used as the intended reading, or to clarify the specific usage of the kanji.

[0] Kanji was Dawn of the Morning Star, Kana was Lucifer. Morning Star and Bringer of Dawn are often associated with the name Lucifer.
[1] Kanji was Forbidden Dragon of Magic Origin.
[2] Kanji was Eternal Ice Princess.
[3] The magical staff which can extend and contract.
[4] Younger sister.
[5] Kanji was Dog God of the the Black Blade.
[6] Kanji was Mad Blade Dog God of the Glowing Night Sky.
[7] Kanji was Dark Demon Beast of the Abyss, Dog God of the Hero’s Eternal Night Blade. The kana reads as latin, with a very rough meaning being something along the lines of: Perfect Darkness Werewolf and Brave Dense Laelaps. Laelaps is a Greek mythological dog that never failed to catch what it hunted. Zeus turned it into stone and cast it into the stars as the Canis Major constellation. Thank you: Wiktionary.
[8] Kana was Evie Etoulde. Closest guess as neither word seems to have any significant meaning or matches. All instances of ExE are read as Evie Etoulde.
[9] Kana was Jashin. Keeping this in line with EX for consistency.
[10] Kana was Dragon of Dragon.
[11] Kanji was Silver Dragon of Great Supremacy.
[12] Sofu: Grandfather.
[13] Mother, younger sister, and younger brother respectively.
[14] Can be interpreted as: Thanks for the food.
[15] Kanji was Red Dragon.

Note: I have reduced the number of ‘L’s that are in the text when that sound is made because it’s flowing off the page and getting cut off for some reason. I’ve tried to keep it proportional, and the actual number of ‘L’s will be used when I upload this to Baka-Tsuki.

Continues on to Last.DxD

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          Maouification is Vali’s equivalent form in which he brings out the full potential of his Lucifer bloodline.

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        As far as it’s been shown in this series, that’s not the case. Every half-breed shown inherited the weaknesses of their non-human parent (as well as the strengths).


        Also, in this reality, Devils and Fallen Angels are two different kinds of beings, so Lucifer, a Devil, cannot be a Fallen Angel (also, Fallen Angels seem to be weak to light too, even if they themselves can use it).

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      The intended meaning was that he was half human, so light magic is weaker against him in comparison to a pure blood. Sorry for the late reply, currently relying on free public Wi-Fi.

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        I find the second word very interesting, since the combination トウ is not very common, with トー chosen instead for most cases (andトゥー for very specific, foreign-sounding cases, like Death March’s MC’s name). The only places I found that combination where in On reading explanations (that is, entries where the chinese reading of a kanji is shown) and words where the “o” and the “u” don’t assimilate, which would leave the reading as “EVI- ETO’URUDE”.


        The first part is more often than not rendered as “evie” (with the remaining ptions being “evi”, “ewi” and “ewie”), while the second, besides the “u” being read, has the following possible versions (I just show which syllables may change):

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    • DragonOsman2 says:



      You don’t “become” Dragon Deification or Maouification.  They themselves refer to processes of becoming a Dragon God and a Maou, respectively.  And it’s “Ophis,” not “Oppis” (and if you sound out the latter, what does it remind you of? O.o).

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      The kana for the title doesn’t yet make sense, but I’m sure it’ll be explained in the chapter. I might even be able to get a portion of it done before I leave in a few days…

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            @Anon: I think you’re onto something here.

            @TripleZerox: That sounds right.

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    @TripleZerox: Thanks for this update.  Much appreciated.

    This is a great chapter and I also liked finally seeing Vali’s version of the DxD mode in action.  And there’s also something in here that I found to be quite interesting, that Ophis had said: Her giving power to Vali is a bit different from Ise getting the power because Albion has fully accepted himself and Vali has also recognized himself.  I guess once Ddraig gives Ise his special flame ability and accepts his nickname again like Albion did his, Ise’s DxD mode might show some kind of a change.  Or maybe it’ll fix Ise’s condition – or at least start to, if Ophis will have to fix it directly on her own somehow the rest of the way.

    It was also good seeing Vali use the Wyverns.  Nice.  This is how it should be, since it was a power Ise got from the one gem of the Hakuryuukou that he took.

    I also love the fact that Vali’s transformation is called “Maouification”.  I agree with Vali and Aži Dahāka about the former being the true Maou Lucifer, and being a better Lucifer even compared to Rizevim.  And it’s also good that Vali in this form has reached Heavenly Dragon level.

    There are some typos I noticed that I’d like to point out, though:

    That was a name that embodied Lucifer. When Aži Dahāka saw the current Vali, he clearly addressed him as such. Vali’s current power was already far beyond Maou-class. It had become Heavenly Dragon-class, and this power which was pushing Aži Dahāka into a tight corner could no longer even be compared to the first generation Lucifer. However, Aži Dahāka, who was capable of fighting with Vali as an opponent was also an absolute monster. It was not surprising that this Evil Dragon was not one to simply bow down someone like Rizevim. In addition, both Vali and Aži Dahāka were enjoying the thrill of battle, as they each held respect for each other. As enemies, they both enjoyed the calibre of each other’s strength.

    The bold-faced part there; it should be ” . . . simply bow down to someone like Rizevim,” shouldn’t it?

    Also, here:

    As if in response to that, his entire armour emitted a dazzling radiance, and his aura also swelled up! …After his aura finished rising, what appeared in its place was a brand new Hakuryuukou with twelve jet-black wings. The armour was composed of silvery-white and jet-black tones, and part of it was also like the flesh of the Dragon of Supremacy. It’s smooth and beautiful exterior was enough to cause one to fall into a daze simply by looking at it. With dense silver and black aura, aura waves of the Hakuryuukou and Lucifer were radiated out from his entire body. Vali said

    The bold-faced: The it’s should instead be its.

    • Anonymous says:



      Where does it say the Ddraigs special abilitie was flame? Or was that your opinion? I personally think that Ddraigs special abilitie has something to do with domination.


      • DragonOsman2 says:



        I’m sorry, that’s a spoiler.  It’s revealed later in the volume that Ddraig’s special power is [spoiler]flames that can incinerate anything and anyone except Albion, Great Red and (complete) Ophis.  Very powerful flames.[/spoiler]

    • zxzxzx says:



      Thanks for the corrections DragonOsman2. To me, I’m not sure if Vali’s form actually relies on Ophis much. It seems as if Ophis simply helped Vali to unleash his and Albion’s full potential as the silvery-white is clearly Albion, but the jet-black could be Lucifer.

      • DragonOsman2 says:



        The jet-black could also be from Ophis.  Lucifer’s color seems to be white, as it’s “the Dawn of the Morning Star”.  And if you recall, Ise’s DxD mode also has crimson and black armor, similar to Vali’s silver-white and black armor.

        • zxzxzx says:



          Yeah, that might be the case. It just seems like Vali’s power-up is him bringing out his full potential, with Ophis helping him, whereas Ise actually borrowed Ophis’ power.

          • DragonOsman2 says:



            Ise didn’t just borrow Ophis’ power, he had some of it in him already.  Ophis probably helped him unlock that and also lent him some more power (probably).  If not for him having Ophis’ power inside him already, he’d have to borrow power from her each and every time he uses DxD mode, but I really doubt that’s what happens.

  21. Snos says:



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      • dragonosman2 says:



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