HighSchool DxD SS (Precious of Asia)

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Precious of Asia

CoverCover Text: Every person has something which is precious to them… Even if it has no value or relevance to anyone else. But to you, it’s a treasure which is irreplaceable. After all, everyone loves turnips and vegetables. Uh-huh!

“So, Damascus Steel, was actually something that originated from Wootz Steel—”

I — Azazel am digressing on a particular subject whilst teaching today, while instilling useless knowledge into these students. —Not long after, the bell for the end of class rang.

“Azazel-sensei, next time could you explain your unique view on UFOs please?”

“Ah — could you also talk about the Pyramids that you mentioned before please?”

“It was really interesting!”

After talking to some students after class, I returned to the staffroom. I was hired as one of Kuoh Academy’s teachers, mainly teaching Chemistry. Well, I was always engaged in research and performing experiments while I was in Heaven. In terms of teaching, it’s not a problem. Moreover, I also frequently participate in the teaching activities of other subjects. But, when it comes to languages, geography and history, they give me a bit of a headache. There was a group of fallen angel Cadres that said

“Azazel-sensei? He would definitely make a mess out of teaching things.”

Although they were being sarcastic, I do have a responsibility to fulfil my duties. …Today’s digression occasionally drifted towards impure topics…

“Listen up, the exchange of diaries is not allowed in class; furthermore, male and female students should not be writing anything which is impure.”

The teacher in the next room was lecturing her students. It looks like Rossweisse (Civics Teacher) was currently teaching a pair of male and female students how they should behave. Her angry expression actually revealed a rather cute side. From what could be heard, Rossweisse needed to punish two students for their misconduct during class. This arrangement of indoor staff really prevented me from being excused for some things. Anyhow, it certainly must have been Rias who used her power to have Rossweisse situated right next to me so as to keep me in line. …Seriously, it’s like she can’t trust me…

“I’m really sorry.”


The students apologised. But quickly they reverted and said

“But Rossweisse-chan, do you really need to punish students for this level of behaviour?”

“Yeah, exchanges like this are really common in the other classes.”

Telling students not to exchange diaries during class is only natural, but the content of the diaries themselves is more important. I suppose they are kids in puberty who are probably curious about relationships with the opposite gender. However, the young female teacher very stubbornly refused to budge.

“What you’re saying is insignificant. High school students should put their learning first. Getting into a good university and finding a good job is more important than anything else.”

Ah—Ah— this girl says the same thing every time. I really don’t know whether it’s because she’s less than twenty years old and naïve or simply lacking in experience. Those two students are probably thinking along the same train of thought as I am right now.

“Rossweisse-chan, you’re not getting any younger, if you’re so stubborn, you won’t find a boyfriend.”

They actually said the words which should never be mentioned! This is the most forbidden sentence to her! It was obvious as the kids were frozen stiff, and went completely silent. Rossweisse’s entire body was trembling; she made woeful noises, and even started crying!

“B-Boyfriend…I have one!”

A big lie. I couldn’t help criticising that. Well, she wanted to pretend in front of the students. However, I did hear about the rumour among the students that Rossweisse’s age = length of time without a boyfriend. Had such rumours spread throughout the entire school? Rossweisse didn’t seem to be aware of this situation, and she was especially strict in some areas, so the truth was seen by the students quite quickly. The female students called her ‘tragic beauty’, while the male students called her ‘pure bishoujo sensei’, so she was surprisingly popular. Well, she was also the subject of the female students’ envy for having the quality that ‘even when angry, she’s still cute’, so she was constantly being praised. It can’t be helped Rossweisse, even if this is how you normally are, it’s enough for the students to look forward to…you seem to be an example of someone whose relationships stay at the level of friends. Anyway, speaking about these principles illustrates the importance of a teacher’s job. Compared to those long-winded lessons, this was a better way to convey knowledge.

“Well, let it be, Rossweisse-sensei, just forgive them.”

I said that from the side. Just let the students be. You don’t need to get so involved in this, Rossweisse-sensei. You don’t need to emphasise the history that you don’t have a boyfriend. Although saying this was a bit verbose when coming from another person’s mouth, it could let the other person know that enough was enough.

“As expected of Azazel-sensei!”

The students seemed to be happy about what I said, but Rossweisse turned towards me and said

“I! H-Have a b-boyfriend I said!”

She sobbed as she finished that line…you can talk about it again the next time you go out with Ise.

After school.


On the way towards the old school building, Rossweisse continued to pout while walking beside me…she was still dwelling on what happened earlier in the day. I stared ahead with a slightly blank expression as I said

“The next step is to complete that thing from last time.”

“I know that! I’m not angry!”

…It’s not like I don’t have a brain. Well, whatever. We need to call Akeno and Ophis next. But the person in question this time was Asia. What we needed to do was to allow Asia and a certain monster to form a contract. It would be best if the contract could be made smoothly and successfully. However, that girl Asia was too innocent, and wasn’t bold enough. That’s why it was necessary for people who often deal with monsters to help with the job. In fact, forming a contract with a monster was actually a bargaining process. The person needed to have some experience in negotiations. If the other party led someone by the nose, the price would result in a lot of trouble. Rossweisse, who already knew about this frowned as she asked

“But, is this really okay? The other party is Azazel-sensei’s important contract object. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings, Fafnir, which is quite incredible.”

Indeed, I had made a contract with one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, the [ Gigantis Dragon ] [1] Fafnir. He would normally face people in the form of a dragon, but during battle, he would be utilised by me as an artificial Sacred Gear. However, I planned to release the contract. Preparing Asia to inherit this contract was today’s important job. Anyway, I haven’t been directly on the battlefield recently, rather, I’ve been doing more support roles. It would be best if the battle situations could be left to the young Devils and Reincarnated Angels. An old man like me should back down from the front lines and do rear support, I would probably be more useful like that. —Watching Ise and the others, I couldn’t help having such feelings.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with being retired. The Three Factions have a peace treaty, and have now started to join forces with other mythologies. Although there are some hostile forces, it is truly much more peaceful when compared to the past. The new generation is already present, so we old people should make way for them.”

Gremory — no, this was a team composed of members from a variety of factions. Not long ago — last year, this was something that I couldn’t even imagine. To be honest, helping these guys grow and providing advice as a consultant makes me much happier than fighting on the front lines. I really enjoyed this kind of life from the bottom of my heart. Well, the Grigori was originally a group of defectors from Heaven who taught humans knowledge. Hoho, I wonder what extent the Gremory team and Sitri team will grow to become. These growing youths are like a seedbed with an infinite number of possibilities. They’re also my best research material. With Ise in the lead, everyone has been able to obtain unexpected results and growth.

“…Don’t think about strange things again. It’s the same as that time when you taught Ise bad things and were punished by the Grigori. If you have such thoughts, even the Maou-sama will get angry this time.”

Rossweisse stared at me while I was lost in these thoughts.

“That suits me fine. I wouldn’t be one of those in the old group of bastards who betrayed the omniscient and omnipotent God if I was teaching useless knowledge to humanity! I will turn these guys into the strongest team that no one can defeat, and no one can stop me.”

After hearing my speech, Rossweisse simply sighed in amazement. I will also help you to become strong, talented Nordic woman. But right now, the one who would be strengthened was Asia.

“Let m-me…form a contract with the D-Dragon King…!”

Asia was stumbling and stuttering as she spoke because she had been startled. After discussing it in the Occult Research Club; Asia, Rias, Akeno, Rossweisse and I came to the underground training area in the Gremory’s territory on the chosen day, which was today. It was a very spacious area. The Gremory Family, no, Sirzechs had prepared a truly remarkable training space for Ise and Rias as it was both high and wide. In this case, it wouldn’t matter even if things got a little messy. Before we transported here, both Rias and I told Asia what we would be doing. I would rescind my contract with Fafnir, while telling Asia about the matters relating to the monster at the same time. I would then allow Asia to form the [Dragon King Summoning Contract]. Well, since Asia had a rather modest personality, she panicked a bit at the beginning. There were two reasons why I wanted to let Asia use the Dragon King Summoning Contract.

The first was because Asia had successfully formed contracts with extremely difficult dragons as a Devil. Although there were only a few varieties of dragons, being able to form a contract with a [ Sprite Dragon ][2] was incredible. Dragons could be said to be the strongest existence amongst all living things. After all, the only ones in this world who dared to hate and kill gods were dragons. It could be said that Asia was the best candidate to make a contract with a dragon. But, suddenly making a contract with a Dragon King seemed like too much of a jump even to me. However, no one could know what would happen if they didn’t at least try. Currently, the members of the Gremory household all had different growth. Growing in great leaps and bounds was a very rare thing.

The second was because Asia’s role as a healer was crucial in battle, so the enemy would definitely target her. When Asia played a supporting role, it was necessary for someone to protect her. That was the current state of the Gremory peerage. As a team with overwhelming firepower, it would be wasteful if one person had to stay behind when they advanced. If Asia could protect herself, the team’s movement would become more convenient, and their overall strength would also increase. It would be quite appropriate for the Dragon King to have the role of protecting Asia. I also had a certain reason for advocating this. I turned my eyes towards the side. There was a girl wearing black clothing on her entire body — Ophis.

“What do I need to do?”

The Dragon God-sama scratched her head as she asked! She was exactly the reason why I was supporting this.

“I want to get your support. Well, you just have to support Asia.”

After I replied, the Dragon God-sama in the form of a girl seemed to have a ‘?’ floating above her head. This time, Ophis would be participating as well. Regardless of how it was seen, Asia had been under the care of Ophis. Asia normally had good luck, and often had lucky things occur. Irina was also the same. Circumstances like these were rarely seen in the world. This was the so-called ‘protection from God’. I took out a device that I created myself from one of my pockets, and then pointed it at Ophis. After it locked on to her, it measured Ophis’ aura level, and I then pointed the measurement device at Asia. This testing device was used to investigate mysterious presences and to what extent they affect an object. After seeing the numbers on the device, I felt relieved. A special faint and benign aura was radiated from Ophis’ body towards Asia. This was the truth behind Asia’s protection. This special aura caused Asia’s luck to become better. The ‘God of the Bible’ who was the backbone of our mythology had already died, so the believers of the Church actually had no way to receive protection or blessings (accurately speaking, they were able to receive something similar to protection by using the System in Heaven which was left behind). Asia, who was practically unable to receive blessings from Heaven, was now receiving the blessing of the world’s strongest Dragon God. After having just met, Asia showed kindness to Ophis…and since then, Ophis had been giving Asia a blessing probably without even knowing. Most likely, this protection, which originally covered Ophis, was a token of gratitude towards Asia.

“This contract will take place under Ophis’ watch and with our help.”

Choosing Fafnir to form a contract with Asia was an overwhelming consideration. With the supervision of a Dragon God and our assistance, it would really make her feel more at ease. Compared to having only Asia make the contract by herself, the success rate of forming the contract would now be much higher. After hearing my words, Rias and Akeno both nodded.

“Mn, I will also give Asia a helping hand.”

“Fufufu, Asia-chan really is quite brave to form a contract with a Dragon King.”

After the comments by the [King] and [Queen]—

“I will also use relevant magic or summoning techniques to assist from the side.”

Since even the magical genius Rossweisse said that, the preparations were already complete. However, even with these people here, it was still possible to fail.

“…Although I don’t know how much I can do, I will also work hard to become strong. Please accompany me to the end everyone, please everyone!”

Although Asia was a bit nervous, it was evident that she was determined. Even we could see that this girl consciously wanted to become stronger.

“Good. We’ll first prepare an ordinary dragon. Just talking casually to it will be fine. Before negotiating with Fafnir, it would be better to have some others for practice.”

Asia was not very good at negotiations. Although Asia needed to complete her Devils’ Job, most of the requests were from good-natured people, thus it didn’t require too much negotiation skill. But, against a Dragon King this time, it would be very important to have a certain amount of skill. Moreover, the other party wasn’t a human or a Devil, but a Dragon. In comparison to the humans that she met before, I was afraid that their values and thoughts were very different. It would be best to get used to it sooner.

Asia and Ophis

“I, will help Asia.”

“Thank you, Ophis-chan.”

Ophis conversed with Asia happily. …Well, she was seemingly able to communicate with Ophis. I wasn’t sure if this person would be categorised as a dragon, or as something else. —Rias then said

“Does it matter if we reveal Ophis’ identity in front of the dragons?”

The information regarding Ophis’ presence wouldn’t be disclosed. That was because it wouldn’t be good if it were revealed when summoning the dragons.

“There isn’t a big problem. Ophis’ power has already been reduced as much as possible, so as long as it isn’t a particularly powerful dragon, it won’t be detected.”

In this regard, I had already prepared everything. After hearing this from me, Rias said

“That sounds like it took a lot of preparation.”

The situation could be left alone now. Thus, we continued with our original plan to summon a normal dragon. In the centre of a magic circle appeared a massive dragon. I gave Asia’s back a light push.

“Go, Asia, talk to the dragon.”

“Yes, okay.”

With a determined look, Asia began to converse with the dragon (practice)—

“…Fire dragons which can breathe fire are mostly good, they have strong and generous personalities. Water dragons which manipulate ice and water are a slightly calmer type…”

In the practice area, Asia conscientiously confirmed her notes. Including me, everyone who was here working together with her smiled. Asia said to Ophis beside her

“Wind dragons are a very free type. Lightning dragons are slightly sensitive when small, but become very sociable when they grow up. Ice dragons like to live peacefully in places where there are fewer people.”

Asia was repeatedly reciting her knowledge of dragons. It had already been a few days since that now and Asia had encountered a variety of different dragons. The type, personality, and values of these dragons were all different, and she had more than a few troubles when speaking to them. With her serious and innocent personality, Asia continued to work hard. In the midst of Asia’s conversations with the dragons, I did my best to lessen Ophis’ power, so that the dragons wouldn’t discover her true identity…if they really found out, there wouldn’t be any conversation, and they would definitely try to make a quick escape out of fear. However, as a Dragon King, Fafnir would definitely notice that it was Ophis who was beside Asia. We already knew about Ophis’ existence, but I don’t think Fafnir would be afraid of Ophis…. Up until now, Ophis had been beside Asia as she spoke to the dragons — the person who came up with such a bold plan was awesome. If the other Cadres knew about this, they would definitely condemn me. Hahaha, it feels like I’ve constantly been in highly dangerous situations recently, perhaps my intuition has gone numb? Well, having received Ophis’ blessing, Asia hasn’t encountered any situations in which a dragon has become irritated or angry. From the perspective of those watching from the side, her conversations were quite interesting. Well, the other parties were dragons after all. In order to match the other party’s speech, Asia was also working hard.

At the same time, I provided Rias and Akeno with guidance in demonic energy. Rossweisse also trained in magic, in particularly, summoning magic. There was a lot to remember in a short amount of time, but their basic ability to learn and magic ability was quite high, and they finally learnt everything within this period. I watched the students while I took notes in my notebook. I had a habit of writing down my ideas. In order to prevent myself from forgetting, I wrote down everything that I thought of, and if there were any that I liked, I would go and research them. That was why, when I was in Heaven before, I had recorded a lot of data on Sacred Gears. Really, after those materials were taken away by Michael during the war, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t understand.

“What are you writing down?”

Rossweisse asked.

“Ah — the next quiz for the next class at school. It’s best to formulate the questions when I’m concentrating like this.”

I replied. Although I had to supervise Ise and the others as well as the situation in the surroundings, I was also a teacher of Kuoh Academy. It was my job to guide the students properly. Rias made a soft laugh.

“What’s surprising is that the students taught by Azazel are particularly outstanding.”

‘Surprising’ is unnecessary. I do what is necessary. All of a sudden, Rossweisse raised her voice.

“While maintaining a slovenly appearance, you finish your job brilliantly and produce results — you actually have such profound experience in the workplace. Your relationship with the other male teachers isn’t too bad either…mn…”

Ah, this young girl doesn’t need to talk about me like that. I’ve actually lived longer than you guys have, so I naturally make more use of my opportunities. Rossweisse-san, you will also be able to do this after accumulating more experience. …Ah, hold on, since Rossweisse has a somewhat more serious personality, it might be a bit difficult. —Putting aside the chatter, we should progress to the next stage today. I said to Asia

“Asia, I’m going to summon Fafnir next, and rescind my contract.”

Although I didn’t spend much time interacting with him, I decided to rescind the contract today. I removed the gem of the artificial Sacred Gear that Fafnir was sealed in. I clicked my fingers, created the magic circle that I used to make the contract, and then placed the gem in the centre.

“The Dragon King like gold, the existence on the other side. Please respond to my call, and appear before me—”

I recited the chant, the magic circle glowed at the same time, and the gem also responded by emitting light. After a dazzling flash of light was released — an enormous golden dragon appeared in the centre of the magic circle. It was a dragon with four legs, he didn’t have any wings, and his scales were shining with a sacred golden glow. —One of the Five Great Dragon Kings, [Gigantis Dragon] Fafnir. He was a dragon who collected treasures. I said to the Dragon King

“Fafnir, I didn’t summon you today for anything else — I want to rescind the contract.”

After listening to my words, Fafnir opened his thick and heavy mouth, then said

“Azazel, you want to give up your contract with me?”

“Ah, I’m already old, and I want to retreat from the front lines. So I want to rescind the contract with you.”


The Dragon King did not respond…well, it didn’t matter for this guy anyway. In order to rescind the contract, I had called him out of his residence, yet that guy seemed to have an indifferent look. Perhaps rescinding the contract was simpler than I initially thought. I cleared my throat and then said

“Although I’m somewhat sorry about this, I’ll introduce the next contract person to you…how is that?”


Really, he was still silent. Speaking of which, I initially said ‘I’ll use the treasures that I have personally collected as the price, form a contract with me’. In the end, the contract was completed when he simply nodded silently. My lips were trembling and I was smiling slightly.

“Yes, it’s a very cute girl. Don’t worry.”

“I have my own interests.”

Ho. He actually said something like that. Dragons don’t care what race the other party is, but they’ll like them as long as they’re female. In this world, there aren’t any stories about beautiful girls being offered as sacrifices to dragons. I introduced Asia who was beside me to the Dragon King.

“This is the person to form the contract today, Asia Argento. What do you think, cute right?”

Asia’s whole body was trembling intensely as she was nervous, but she tried her best to introduce herself.

“H-How are you? I am Asia Argento.”


The Gigantis Dragon inched closer to Asia and stared straight at her. His eyes suddenly opened wide and showed the reflection of Asia within them. Asia seemed to be very nervous, and she was trembling slightly while she smiled. Asia could interact with a Dragon God and a Heavenly Dragon quite well, but she was inevitably confused in front of a Dragon King that was indifferent to people.

“Come on, talk about what you think now. You still don’t talk much.”

I said to Fafnir.


He suddenly made such a comment. This guy only has gold in his eyes. The treasures that he’s collected are all gold items. Gold is his favourite thing.

“Yes, golden hair. A golden-haired girl who is also a nun. She’s very popular at school.”

After hearing the word ‘nun’, Fafnir eyes widened even further. Hey, are you interested in nuns? He really could have interests in such things. Rias and I both watched the Dragon King’s reaction. The word nun seemed to have caught his interest.


…Eh? What, did I hear wrong? Did Fafnir just say ‘tan’ [3]? Hold on, how could it be such a nonsense thing? This guy is one of the Five Great Dragons Kings [Gigantis Dragon] Fafnir. How could he possibly use such a childlike honorific? While I was thinking about this, the Dragon King then dispelled some of my doubts, and suddenly wagged his tail left and right as he said

“Golden-haired girl Asia-tan, I, think she’s very cute.”

—I didn’t hear that wrong at all.

He added a ‘tan’ on to it…seeing this unexpected response, my expression went stiff. On the side, Rias also had a ‘??’ confused look. No, this could actually continue. Having a good first impression is a good thing!

“T-Thank you for your praise.”

Asia lowered her head in acknowledgement as she smiled. Seeing this, Fafnir began panting, and his tail was also waving about.



“—Want to lick.”

Eeeeeeeehh— This dragon kept on repeating that towards us while we were unable to understand the situation.

“Asia-tan, lick, cute, lick.”

I covered my face with my hands. What a waste, this is truly a waste. This is a waste of a dragon… Just because of ger hair! This guy was going too far! This Gigantis Dragon actually likes to lick strange things!

“…Does he mean that he wants to eat Asia?”

Rias tilted her head. That’s a rather innocent way of thinking! If Ise saw such an innocent Rias, he would certainly be irritated. S-Slow down! Slow down! That guy seems to have taken a liking to Asia! I exhaled and then said

“Well, Fafnir, your next contract person, Asia, isn’t bad right?”


Although he didn’t say anything, that guy’s tail was still swaying from side to side, he really liked her. Speaking of which, the Dragon King is like a dog! Now it was time for the next step.

“Do you want to make a contract with this girl at a price?”

When making a contract, there were two types, paid and unpaid. These two methods were fundamentally different. In the case of a price, Asia would have to pay Fafnir what he wanted in order to have him serve her. The price to be paid could be very broad. If it was just a very expensive item, then that would be fine. If he requested a part of the contracted person’s body or the soul as the price, it would be very difficult to negotiate with Fafnir. Well, it would be good as long as that guy didn’t make such requests.

“I, want a price.”

He did indeed say it. Taking into account the immaturity of Asia and that her relationship with the Dragon King Fafnir was not equal, in order to make up for the difference, words of praise, gold or other similar things were necessary for the contract. However, by being cautious, the contract could be completed as long as a price was paid. Good. I didn’t actually expect it to get off to such a smooth start. Asia said with a slight sense of trepidation in her voice

“B-But, I don’t have any money or treasures which I can pay the Dragon King…”

Of course, I knew this. For Asia, who had not been a Devil for very long, the presence in front of her was immense, it was completely out of her reach. I said to Asia

“I will help out in this regard, Rias as well right?”

Rias nodded.

“Yes, you can leave the price to me. You’re one of my peerage members, and also my cute sister.”

Rias placed her hand on top of Asia’s shoulder, smiled, and then showed a sort of motherly expression. She is truly one of the Gremory Family who have deep love for their servants.

“Rias-oneesama…thank you.”

Asia thanked her several times repeatedly. In terms of the treasures, it would be fine for both Rias and I to prepare them, and then Asia to give them to the Dragon King. Asia was an irreplaceable team member of the Gremory household, which fought against terrorists. Those who understood Asia also understood this point. …In a Rating Game, there was nothing that could be done because there were rules and restrictions. After all, this being was a Dragon King.

“Well, Fafnir, what do you seek from Asia? Gold? Or would you want treasures like you asked of me?”

I asked. The Dragon King didn’t even stop to think and replied

“I, want the golden-haired girl’s treasure.”

It was the same as with me, he demanded treasures. In legends, this guy was a madman that collected treasures. He really wanted to collect all of the world’s gold and treasures. Among Dragons, there were many legends in which they collected and guarded treasures. In particular, Fafnir was famous because of his abnormal obsession with it. I then said

“What do you want exactly? Legendary weapons? Rare metals — mithril or perhaps orichalcum?”

Mithril…it was possible to buy it from the Nordic dwarves if the price was right. But, orichalcum was somewhat more scarce…. Because of work needs, there were several requests for the Grigori to obtain these metals, but…. Even if the Gremory Family possessed many riches and assets, these rare items were very difficult to obtain. I would have to get it from the Grigori’s top item storage vault to give it to him…but, even if I gave it to him, would he really be satisfied? While I was thinking deeply about this, Fafnir expressionlessly opened his mouth and said


…. Eeeh!? Eh, hold on, what was that? J-Just then, what did he say? Everyone furrowed their brow as they could not understand the word that Fafnir said.

“I misheard it, right?”

Rias also wondered whether she heard that incorrectly.

“I-It’s pantea, right? …A kind of tea that Dragons like?”

Asia’s interpretation was simply too strange, and she said out the name of a word that she didn’t even know the meaning of. A tea like that doesn’t exist! I looked over to the Dragon God-sama.

“Hmm, want a benarlya [4]?

She was eating so many bananas that even her cheeks were bulging out. Hey, that’s too relaxed. Fafnir once again spoke amidst our silence.

“I want Asia-tan’s panty. —Please give me panty!”

—He even added on that honorific! Everyone aside from Ophis was rendered speechless— I coughed a bit, and then smiled.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter right? That’s good, isn’t it?”

Midway through, came Rias’ accusing tone of voice.

“As if that’s good, Azazel! Did you use some kind of strange spell or techniques when he was sealed in the artificial Sacred Gear? Furthermore, p-p-pan…cough cough”

After coughing several times, Rias continued.

“…Have you ever of getting someone’s panties? Did you do something again?”

“This is my fault?”

Even I was so surprised that my eyeballs nearly popped out. I was being glared at by Rias, Akeno and all the Gremory household members here! How terrifying!

“Wait, hold on, give me a break, I didn’t do anything like that…”

While I was explaining…hmm! I felt as though I had a slight clue in my mind…

“This Dragon King seemed too stubborn as a dragon, so I performed many experiments.”

Could this be the result of one of the strange experiments I did that time…no, no…it really couldn’t be, right?


I stuck my tongue out in a way that didn’t fit my age towards them.


Rias immediately shrouded her entire body in a crimson aura; the Crimson-haired Ruin Princess was angry now! Akeno also looked at me as if she was looking at a cockroach.

“It really was you. No wonder. After all, it is Governor Azazel. I’ll have to report this to my otou-san.”

How strict! Only Akeno was that strict with me! Ah! You don’t give any of the love that you show to Ise or your otou-san to me! But I treat you like a lovely niece!

“I knew this would happen! Azazel-sensei is truly the chief villain!”

Rossweisse confidently pointed to my nose as she criticised me.

“Azazel, you evil beast.”

Ophis, you’re also bullying me? No! What strange beast!? Hold on! Surfacing within my mind was a theory about Fafnir. That’s right, Fafnir, who had once been defeated by the demonic sword Gram, was revived by the Norse Gods. It was then that he became confused, so it must be that! It was the mythology of that perverted geezer Odin! Such a thing happening wasn’t surprising! That’s how it was! It wasn’t impossible since Ddraig and Albion also had some subtle perverted tendencies as well. Perhaps because the contracting person was female, Fafnir displayed his true desires like this!

Ophis Azazel Asia

“…W-Well, are those pantea things really such expensive things?”

Up until now, Asia still did not understand the situation. She really was an innocent girl. Akeno moved towards Asia’s ear, and then told her the truth. After understanding the truth, Asia immediately showed a flustered and embarrassed face.

“…H-How, my…under, you want my under…wear!”

She was shocked by the truth. Until now, Asia had received all sorts of training, but the truth just then was far from those topics. Rias felt that that request was somewhat inappropriate, and then said to Fafnir

“That is really a bit too much. Is there anything else? I will prepare something more valuable than underwear.”

If the Gremory Family was serious, they could really bring out all kinds of treasures. However, the Gigantis Dragon shook his head.

“—I want the golden-haired girl’s panty, it’s something that cannot be bought with gold, a high-class product!”

—Too deep! These inner thoughts are too ridiculous, Fafnir! You actually said such passionate words which only a man could understand…! Being infected by this mysterious emotion, I turned to the side to look at the Dragon God-sama, she took something out and gave it to Fafnir.

“My panty, give you.”

Where did that come from! That’s her underwear!? Did they come off? Did you just take them off?


Fafnir silently moved his nose towards the underwear in Ophis’ hand. —Sniff sniff, he was sniffing the scent of the underwear. Really, this is ridiculous! The Dragon King was smelling the Dragon God’s underwear? What is this!? Was it sacred? A legendary scene? This was too nonsensical!

While he was in the midst of expressionlessly smelling the scent of Ophis’ underwear, Fafnir suddenly shouted


Hey, deal with your dripping nose first—. Oh, did the smell of fruit that Ophis was just eating get onto her hands? How did he even smell that!? I see, so the Dragon God-sama’s underwear actually smells fruity! No, hold on, Fafnir! Didn’t you have any questions when Ophis took out her underwear for you to smell? Why did you just naturally try to pick up the scent of the underwear!? But, when I thought about it, this was a bargain sale now. Simply by using one pair of underwear, Asia could form a contract with the Dragon King, this was incredibly exceptional especially for a beginner like Asia!

“Just using a pair of underwear to forge a contract with Fafnir is very cost-effective. Don’t you girls also feel that way?”

I said to all the girls present (Rias, Akeno, Rossweisse).

““”As if!”””

It was actually rejected.

“To actually give out the underwear of my cute Asia…”

Rias had rather mixed feelings.

“But to make the innocent Asia-chan do such dirty things…”

Akeno and Asia seemed to show some resistance against this situation. Usually, Rias and Akeno treated the younger members such as Asia like younger siblings.

“The statement just now is no longer something someone can be considered.”

Rossweisse-san, you would also buy cheap underwear to give to the Dragon King, right?

“If I can, then I’ll give my underwear to you.”

Ophis said. Indeed, the one in question was that Fafnir… Looking at our confusion, Asia shouted

“I can’t keep giving O-Ophis-chan, and my one-samas trouble! Akeno-oneesama! Please transport me back home! I’ll bring all of the u-un-underwear here!”

Asia had already made up her mind! That scene between Ophis and Fafnir must have really provoked Asia. That girl was under the influence of Ise and Rias, so her values had undergone a wonderful change.

“I understand. Since Asia-chan also said that…”

Akeno seemed a bit troubled about agreeing to Asia’s request. Just like that, Asia began forming the contract with the Dragon King with the price being her underwear—

“I order you in the name of Asia Argento! As an ally of mine, respond to the call of the contract!”

At the centre of a large magic circle for making a summoning contract, Fafnir and Asia began the ritual for the contract. This was different from the contract that would not require a price, as Asia was entering a give and take contract right now. …The price, which was also placed in the centre of the magic circle — Asia’s underwear, began to emit a glow. The magic circle projected a golden flash of light, and then returned to a calm state. The summoning contract was now complete. Fafnir and Asia had now formed a give and take relationship. While Asia was in the middle of healing her comrades, she would be able to summon Fafnir to protect herself. This meant that Asia could take on a healing role during a battle. Hahaha, their fighting strength has now increased by quite a lot. He was one of only five in the world — counting Tannin as well, it should be six — one of the Dragon Kings. This was not an ordinary protective barrier. Extremely few people would be able to break through the defence of this fierce Dragon King. —Suddenly, Fafnir’s eyes began to glow, and he turned his eyes towards the underwear that were in the magic circle. The underwear vanished in an instant. Where exactly did the underwear disappear to — I looked towards that area, and stopped at a certain spot. …The underwear was actually sitting in a corner on top of the Dragon King’s head! It’s actually s-stored there! I really could not say anything about this Dragon King’s interests.

“Ah! My underwear…is actually there! It’ll be seen during a battle!”

Upon hearing Asia’s exclamation, Fafnir obediently removed the underwear — no, that didn’t happen.

“Asia-tan’s underwear, I accept. My treasure, very happy!”

That bastard displayed a look of satisfaction.

“Anyway, the contract has been completed, so be grateful.”

I changed the subject. Next was the main event. I actually predicted that the contract would be successful so I prepared something in advance.

“Haha, as congratulations, I have a present for you, Asia!”

I waved my hand, and then created a transportation magic circle. From there, a mechanical dragon emerged. It was a mechanical dragon that I created by using Fafnir as the prototype.

“T-This is!”

Rias was surprised upon seeing this, and I revealed a mischievous smile.

“This is my secretly developed mechanical Dragon King — a mechanical Fafnir! Asia! I want you to perform a test since you just successfully completed your contract! Use Fafnir to defeat this mechanical Dragon King!”

Come, my student! Go through my trial!

“You’re misusing the funds of the Grigori again! Your experiments are getting even worse in this advisor position.”

Rossweisse pressed her hand against her forehead with a look of disbelief. Well, I suppose you are right!

“Now, let’s fire first!”

Simultaneously with my command, the mechanical Dragon King began to move. The mechanical Fafnir’s eyes fired a laser — Fafnir stood in front of Asia, and acted as a shield for her. That’s a good response, Dragon King! He was also unharmed!

“Asia-tan, protect! I also want underwear.”

Fafnir appeared to be very firm. Before fighting against the mechanical Fafnir, Asia had also resolved herself.

“Y-Yes! So, Fafnir, please defeat that robot!”

While the Dragon King followed Asia’s command to begin fighting—

“Hello, is this otou-san? Azazel made something weird again. Hmm, it’s a mechanical dragon.”

Akeno reported me to the organisation. —Ah, I’ll be scolded by Shemhazai again. Oh, whatever. No one can get in the way of my fun! As long as you’re still students of Kuoh Academy, I’ll do everything I can to let you grow! Seeing the real Dragon King send my mechanical Dragon King flying, I felt grateful that I could allow my students to grow!

The day after tomorrow, I had something I was slightly concerned about, so I went to ask Fafnir

“I want to ask something; what do you think about Asia’s underwear?”

“—Priceless, it can’t be measured in value with gold, that’s what I think.”

—Those were such deep words. This guy has his own philosophy. Uh! Before, he clearly looked as if he didn’t care about anything! The Dragon King’s name wasn’t used just for show! You’re a dragon that won’t even allow a single underwear to be unaccounted for! Seriously, these legendary dragons really take these things seriously! Ah, as a former host of Fafnir’s artificial Sacred Gear, I thought that.

[1] Also known as the [Golden Dragon King], Fafnir.
[2] The Sprite Dragon is referring to her familiar, Rassei.
[3] –tan is a variation of the –chan honorifc typically used to show a young child’s mispronunciation or to emphasise on cuteness.
[4] She can’t say banana properly because her mouth is stuffed with them.

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