HighSchool DxD SS (Fantasia Heroine 2016)

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Fantasia Heroine 2016 Calendar Book

Azazel: “Hey, Chronos-shi. Thank you for coming here during your visit to the country.”

Chronos: “Good day, Governor of the Fallen Angels. I am Chronos, the one in charge of time for the Greek Mythology. Ah, though I may have the same name as the agriculture God, Chronos-senpai, please note that we are not the same existence. I am his junior, and to speak of why I was born in the first place—”

Azazel: “Ah, I am already familiar with the situation, so there is no need for you to explain. I invited you here for a different matter today. This dragon girl wants to see what the kids that I teach looked like back when they were young. I want you to let us see what happened in the past.”

Ophis: “I, am always treated like a child by them. So, I want to know about when they were young.”

Chronos: “I see, I see. I do not have much time, so let’s get started.”

Azazel: “Thank you for agreeing to our request so quickly. Ah, it sure it nice to have alliances.”

Chronos: “Now then, the past will be projected before you as a visualisation.”

Ophis: “I, am looking forward to it.”

Azazel: “Oh, Rias is first. She’s in the castle.”

Okita Souji: “Please listen carefully, Princess. In Japan, ninja will appear beside children who do bad things.”

Young Rias: “N-Ninja can appear anywhere, and they could sneak up behind me at any time?”

Okita Souji: “That is correct. Ninja are a group of secretive super-humans who can show up whenever and wherever. For the sake of keeping peace in the world, they constantly monitor wicked people. They are cold people who eradicate all those who harbour malicious intentions. Even if those people are mere children, they will appear beside them and take their lives.”

Young Rias: “A-Are there ninja in the Underworld too?”

Okita Souji: “Yes, there are.”

Young Rias: “…Are they stronger than Souji and onii-tama [1]?”

Okita Souji: “—Yes, I’m afraid so. If you do anything wrong and the ninjas notice, we may not be able to protect you, Princess. That is why you must remember to always—”

Young Rias: “…Uuhh, onee-tama, ninjas are scary.”

Grayfia: “There there. Ahem, Souji-san? Could you please not tell strange stories to my sister-in-law?”

Okita Souji: “Hahaha, please excuse me.”

Azazel: “…That samurai seems to have given Rias a rather bad impression of Japan…”

Chronos: “Onto the next one.”

Azazel: “Oh, Ravel huh.”

Young Ravel: “Onii-sama, give me a horsey ride!”

Riser: “Geez, it can’t be helped. Come on, get up. Listen, you’re the only person who can make me do such things—”

Young Ravel: “Run, run!”

Riser: “Yes yes, giddy-up!”

Azazel: “…I really want everyone to see that.”

Chronos: “This one is next.”

Azazel: “Oh, so this counts as when she was young…a few years ago?”

Rias: “Koneko, Yuuto, we’re going to a ranch for a cow-milking experience today.”

Akeno: “I’d like the owners to turn freshly-squeezed milk into ice cream.”

Kiba: “You can do it, Koneko-chan.”

Koneko: “……(silent nod).”

Rias: “Now, squeeze and squeeze. Don’t do it too hard. Do it gently and carefully.”

Kiba: “Gently…carefully…. Ah, milk…it’s coming out!”

Akeno: “Ufufu, so this is what it feels like.”

Kiba: “…Wow, so animals also feed their children like this huh.”

Rias: “Humans are the only ones who squeeze milk. When it comes to calves, they simply suck it.”

Koneko: “…We can’t suck it?”

Rias: “You can’t. We have to speak to the owners later so they can pasteurise the milk. Ah, Yuuto. Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Kiba: “Ah…I wasn’t paying attention…I’m sorry.”

Azazel: “Ise would be happy if he saw that. He’d say something like [Kiba is good at milking!].”

Ophis: “…I, want to suck.”

Azazel: “T-This is bad. I stimulated her appetite.”

Chronos: “Next.”

Azazel: “Ise and…Irina when they were kids, huh?”

Young Irina: “Ise-kun, Ise-kun, let’s play!”

Young Ise: “……Zzz…zzz.”

Young Irina: “Ah, he’s asleep. …I’ll sleep too then. Ehehe, I’ll sleep next to Ise-kun.”

Young Ise: “…Mmm mmm, onee-san. …Oppai…”

Young Irina: “…Ise-kun really likes breasts huh…I wonder if my breasts will become big when I grow up? It’d be great if they do.”

Young Ise: “…Oppai, want to suck…”

Azazel: “Should I call that a touching scene between childhood sweethearts, or is that just Ise being his usual self? Huh, what? That dragon girl, when did she disappear!?”

Chronos: “She just left the room, I believe? She said something along the lines of [Holy-Demonic Sword wielder is good at milking, I also want to suck with Ise] as she walked out…”

Azazel: “It’ll be a big misunderstanding again if she says that kind of stuff in front of them! …Well, that could be a good thing? No, I’d best stop her. Or…they’ll get mad at me! Hey, wait!”

Ophis: “I, understand. Both children and adults seek breasts.”

(Part 1 of 1) (19/6)

[1] Cute ‘baby talk’ which arises when young children can’t pronounce properly yet.

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