HighSchool DxD Volume 19 (New Life)

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New Life

Upon the battlefield where smoke had cleared—.
The Church warriors of the rebellion who fought against us had thrown their weapons aside and surrendered honestly. At the same time, Ewald Cristaldi and Vasco Strada who were considered to be the masterminds had also surrendered.

“We have lost, there will be no resistance.”

That jisan Strada said; because he had to be interrogated, he walked towards a specific transportation magic circle. Walburga was hit…endured my Crimson Blaster without significant injuries. It looks like when she was hit by the attack, she had already created a new defensive barrier. But, because she fainted, she was tied up on the spot and transferred to a certain department of the Underworld. …Although it was discovered after Walburga was defeated…. There were purple flames which fell beside her. Ikuse Tobio-san who seemed familiar with it had to use a special lantern to collect these flames. Ikuse-san said

“This Longinus is different from the other Sacred Gears which will move on to their next host, but there are also circumstances in which it will move towards its host. Although this is that witch’s Sacred Gear, there is also the possibility that it will become someone else’s Sacred Gear afterwards. If anything, this Sacred Gear seems like it is hosted within a person’s will, and has the special ability to change its host. Therefore, if it isn’t collected, it will wander about in search of an owner.”

So that’s what it was. …Such a Longinus exists. So this was an independent type? W-Well, Sairaorg-san’s Lion was transformed from an axe…. Vali’s and my Longinus were also undergoing incredible changes. Longinus contained within them extraordinary abilities beyond ordinary Sacred Gears. However, my nakama [1] were also constantly becoming stronger…. The blades of Kiba’s holy-demonic swords no longer had any shadows [2], a beautiful holy and demonic aura floated across the blade. After Xenovia went through various experiences, she reverted to her original style, and brought her usage of Durandal and Excalibur to the next level. Saji’s Balance Breaker was also becoming more and more frightening, and even Shinra-senpai’s Balance Breaker was quite terrifying…. Arthur who had quickly left was also a swordsman with considerable strength. If Dulio, Vali, and Sairaorg-san were included in that…. …In the case of an emergency, such a team would be able to confront a [God] class opponent without a doubt. While I was thinking about this, that jisan Strada walked up to us then stopped and took something out from his pocket.

“Firstly, I’ll give this to you.”

What he took out was a stack of letters.

“Sister Asia, do you remember me?”[3]

Asia nodded in response to Strada who had asked.

“Yes, we had only greeted each other once.”

“Hmm, you are not only a truly devout believer, yet also a gentle girl. —Please accept these.”

Strada handed the letters over to Asia, and Asia received them with surprise.

“This is…?”

“They’re letters of thanks from the people that you cured with your power.”


Asia was lost for words. …They were letters of thanks from the time when Asia cured people as a nun. The jisan Strada continued speaking

“After you left the Church, these letters still continued to come to us.”

“…Why did you give these to me? Wouldn’t it have been better to dispose of them directly…?”

Strada pulled Asia’s hand, and smiled gently.

“…When I heard that you were going to be excommunicated, I wanted to search for where you would be as soon as possible…but, I did not make it in time. —I’m very sorry.”

These words to Asia — made her well up with tears. Jisan — always wanted to save Asia…!


“I hope that you’ll write back to the people who sent these letters, or go to ask them how they are. —I have already arranged for that. If you want to meet them, you just need to let the Church know.”

Strada stroked Asia’s head as she was crying emotionally, and Asia tried not to make any noise as she cried. I see, what Asia did in the Church to save those lives — it wasn’t in vain! Even just knowing this, I was glad! That jisan spoke to Azazel-sensei who arrived here after the battle next.

Former Governor-dono [4]. It looks like those traitors who has been following us have showed up as well.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I was surprised at the conversation of these two people. Watching from behind, sensei explained from the beginning.

“We knew from the beginning that that bastard Rizevim was the one who incited this rebellion. This also shows that there were traitors within the Church who colluded with that guy. So that’s why we wanted them to show up in the fight against the rebellion group. Sure enough, Walburga entered this field right? That is to say, the traitors told those guys about the magic circle technique to enter this field. We had anticipated that, made preparations, and could already narrow down who the traitor was.”

Judging by the situation, it seemed like the traitor had already been caught. Strada said

“Bringing the rebellion group to this place was also to draw out this person. It was trouble for the former Fallen Angel Governor-dono though.”

Well, sensei just said that jisan Strada and the others came to bear the responsibility as the masterminds behind the rebellion with one of the reasons being to lure out the traitor…. Well, when there were shady things going on internally, ending the rebellion wouldn’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be a second rebellion. Between sensei and Strada, there were things that they understood without having to speak about it face to face. Sensei nodded.

“No worries. Well, it was also an opportunity for these young people to fight. But it was also a way to try out Rossweisse’s barrier and sealing technique.”

Rossweisse-san smiled proudly.

“Naturally, it was good that the intruders were caught in one fell swoop, but it’s also fortunate that the field didn’t continue to be destroyed.”

According to what she said, this field’s structure was incredibly sturdy, thanks to which, even after our large battle, it could still remain here without collapsing. …Although it was still being researched, Rossweisse-san’s sealing and barrier technique let sensei know about its issues. The Evil Dragons which were captured after they had their abilities stopped, also for the purposes of research or experimentation, were sent to various organisations. —At that time, Strada fumbled with something in his pockets again, and took out a small vial.

“Former Governor Azazel-dono, there is something that I wish to give you. This is one of the things to compensate for the trouble this time. It wouldn’t hurt to keep it.”

Sensei received the small vial. Inside…was something like a shard of pottery. Sensei’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw it, and then murmured

“…Ah, indeed, it’s this.”

“Sensei, what is that?”

After I asked my question, sensei replied

“…It’s a fragment of the Holy Grail. It’s the real thing.”


This information caught all the members of [DxD] by surprise! Eh, of course we would be surprised by it! He actually said it was a real fragment of the Holy Grail! Was that really true!? Sensei seemed to confirm his own thoughts by asking Strada

“That is the case isn’t it, Strada?”

Strada silently nodded. Strada then turned to look at Rias and Kiba.

“There is also Rias Gremory’s [Knight]. —Isaiah, I heard you were called that by your nakama while you were in the facility.”

After hearing that name, Kiba was extremely shocked.

“—. …Why would you know that?”

Isaiah…. It was Kiba’s name when he was in the facility? That guy, he actually never told us about that. Strada continued

“After many repeated experiments, there were many children who could not return; mainly because they lost their lives that they couldn’t return. —There was only one exception. Tosca; do you have any memory that name?”

Kiba was taken aback, his eyes widened. Then, he could not help nodding. Strada turned his eyes towards his subordinates. Then, a young girl emerged from a group of warriors. It was a girl around twelve to thirteen with white hair tied into twin tails. As soon as she saw Kiba, she frantically covered her mouth, and tried to hold back the tears which were gushing out from her eyes.


The girl asked that question. Kiba was in shock as tears streamed down his cheeks.

“……! I-Is, h-how would…! You’re Tosca…?”


Strada said to the speechless Kiba and us

“Only this one girl with a strong barrier type Sacred Gear survived. It was discovered after the experiment, and Valper was unable to do anything. Although the user was in a state of suspended animation, it wasn’t possible to be released, and researchers had no choice but to place her into a deep hidden chamber within the facility. And she herself, when Valper was expelled, was found during a search of the facility, but we also were unable to release the barrier. However, after the alliance, we were finally able to release that barrier by using the Fallen Angels’ technology.”

…Still alive! One of Kiba’s comrades was still alive! And that person was actually recovered by the people of the Church! Strada said

“Because she was held in a state of suspended animation whilst inside the barrier, her body’s growth stopped, and it looked like she was very weak. Thus, bringing her to this country took some time.”

The girl walked to Kiba’s side, and then extended her hand out to caress his cheek.

“Isaiah, you’ve already grown up…. …We were clearly the same back then.”

The girl stood on her tiptoes to look at Kiba. Kiba held her hand which was stroking his cheek, and shook his head tearfully.

“…It’s okay, it’s okay…. …This is fine.”

After reuniting after such a long time, they hugged each other—. “It’s too good. Isaiah is alive and well.”

“—. ……Ah, I see…. That explains it…. You, you guys, I…alive…being alive is everything….”

……. …Neither I nor my nakama who were lost for words, could do anything but shed tears for their reunion. …Kiba, it’s truly great. What you’ve lived for until now, it exists! Because you’ve lived until now, you were able to see this girl again! That’s right, you should celebrate for being alive as long as you can! It’ll be enough as long as you can continue to live happily! Because those children never thought about revenge! That jisan Strada said as he watched that scene unfold

“Take this child with you. If she’s kept with the Church, there might be people who would want to take advantage of her.”

Kiba said as he was hugging the girl

“Your Eminence Strada…I…”

Strada shook his head.

“You don’t need to forgive me, Knight. If you forgive me, it’ll make your blade dull. Let the space between the holy and demonic become the source of your power.”

“…Your Eminence Strada.”

That jisan Strada also touched Xenovia’s head.

“Warrior Xenovia. Your fight alongside Sekiryuutei-kid…was very elegant. —Love, maiden Xenovia. Durandal also seems to be more forgiving because there is love.”

After saying that, Strada walked towards the transportation magic circle because he had to be interrogated. I—called out to the jisan and asked

“Wait a minute…you, the first thing you did was give Asia those letters, and then there’s Kiba’s comrade, as well as the fragment of the Holy Grail; did you prepare all of this before the battle started?”

Strada remained silent. He simply revealed a smile on his wrinkled face, and then lifted his right fist into the air. I could only watch that jisan’s tall back — it faded into the receding light of the magic circle. Vasco Strada—. The father of the Church warriors—. Asia, Kiba, and Xenovia were people who were distressed as they found themselves caught between the Church and themselves. The Cardinal who embodied power appeared to give them an answer—. He was truly a great man—.


A few days after that battle—. It was the day after Ravel left for the Underworld. It was finally the day where the candidates in the Student Council Election would give their speeches! After all the teachers and students of the school were gathered in the gym, they would listen to the candidates’ final speeches before voting. This would be the most crucial moment for Xenovia. As the candidates spoke one after another, Saji, who was running for Vice-President stepped onto the stage.

“That, my reason for running to be the Vice-President of the Student Council is—”

Saji spoke about reasonable things through the microphone. Well, it was really down to earth stuff that he would talk about. The response from the students was alright.

“Yo, we’re looking forward to the star of the sports clubs!”

Although there was the sound of some booing, there was some laughter, but it was still a commendable speech overall.

“—To sum up, while I am continuing the policies of the former President, I plan to operate the Student Council in a flexible way. Those of the sports clubs, especially the boys! Even if you vote for me, if you don’t properly listen to what I say, I’ll be very troubled; after I’m elected, please listen to at least two thirds of what I say.”

The sound of laughter from the students continued until the end, and Saji’s speech concluded. Oh, the students’ response was good. With that, it should ensure his votes.

“Next up, the speeches from the candidates for Student Council President. Hanakai-san, if you please.”

Hanakai-san got up from the chair on the stage when she was called, and stood before the microphone. Hanakai-san spoke with a quiet voice.

“The reason why I am running for Student Council President is — I’ve always been watching and following Sona-senpai’s model closely, while succeeding the former President’s will, at the same time, I want to build a new Kuoh Academy together with everyone.”

Her speech was rational, and straight to the point, which allowed the students to easily understand its meaning. Hanakai-san candidly recounted her thoughts and experiences when she was closely watching Sona-zenkaichou, and with the attitude and expression in her eyes that the next Student Council should have, she clearly and concisely described her new vision for Kuoh Academy to the students. It was an interesting speech which made the students feel Hanakai-san’s sincerity towards the Student Council.

“—The person who was just described, the concept that the new Kuoh Academy Student Council should be was raised by Hanakai. Please give her a round of applause.”

Many students applauded. …Everyone was quietly listening to her speech…. If this continued, all of the votes would go to Hanakai-san! Then, the last person to get up from their seat on the stage was—.

“Finally, it’s Xenovia-san who is also running for Student Council President. Please begin your speech.”

It was Xenovia! It was also the finale! Woah, I was feeling nervous even before she was in front of the microphone!

“Xenovia-chan, you’ll be fine!”

“I-I’ll still cast a vote for Xenovia-san even if she doesn’t do well in her speech!”

Sitting on my left and right, Matsuda and Motohama were shrouded with tension as her fans. …In fact, last night, I let Xenovia practice her speech with me. The content was perfect. Asia, Irina, and Kiryuu also helped her, making a summary of her main points; the content was beautiful and the speech was easy to understand. —But, it felt as though it wasn’t Xenovia’s style of writing. If it was her…it should be more in line with her, and it would be good if it only had what Xenovia would say. Although I thought that, I was still waiting for Xenovia to stand before the microphone. Finally, Xenovia stood before the microphone, and looked at the entire school. She then took her speech out, and was about to begin. —But, as soon as she opened her mouth, Xenovia plunged into a brief moment of thought. Following that, she put her speech back into her pocket. Then, after adjusting her breathing, Xenovia began her speech.

“…Before this age, I was someone with little knowledge of the world who was brought up in a Church-related facility. Before I came to this school, I didn’t have the chance to apply the word ‘student’ to myself. In terms of my education of this country, I have about ten years’ worth of time, not in school, but receiving education in the Church.”

The sudden speech caused the students to make a commotion, but even so, Xenovia continued speaking.

“I’m running Student Council President because my life in this school was very happy. I attended school for the first time since I was born. Here, I never felt bored. The various subjects were good, engaging with classmates during break was also fun, the activities of the Occult Research Club were also fun, sports and cultural activities were also fun, the school trip to Kyoto was also great; all of it was very fresh, and I felt joy from the bottom of my heart. Although my way of expressing this isn’t very good, I think I like this kind of school the most. I like it so much that I ponder every time — is it really alright for such an interesting place to exist in the world? Also, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all the students in this school who helped me. For taking good care of me even though I was ignorant of school life and many worldly things, thank you so much. Thus, the reason why I wanted to run for Student Council President is for this school, as well as a form of gratitude to be able to attend this school with everyone.”

That could be said to be a speech that was totally not for someone running to the Student Council President, rather, it was simply like someone’s personal feelings towards the school. Nonetheless, all of the students were listening intently. There was not a single person who looked down on or even ignored Xenovia.

“I want to leave something behind at this school. Being the first school that I attended since I was born, my first experience of school life, the place which has given me something precious, I want to leave behind proof that I was once here. After becoming the Student Council President, for this school, for everyone in this school, perhaps this is a rather simple idea, but I came to this very naturally. I will become a Student Council President with a different style to the former President, and it will also feel as though there are many things which are not done as well. However, if you think so, then don’t hesitate to complain to me about it, and vent your dissatisfaction. I will do my best to respond to it! If there are any problems, I hope that you’ll be able to trust me! I will definitely try to help you! I will definitely use my position as Student Council President to protect everyone in this school! In the past year, this school and its students have given me ten years’ worth of happiness as I was unable to attend school previously. Because of this, in the space of my remaining year, I want to do my best to protect this school, and protect the students that I am grateful to! I want to create a Kuoh Academy that will be loved by everyone!”

Everyone understood that it was a heartfelt speech with all her effort. Seeing Xenovia who tried her best to convey her deepest thoughts through the microphone, everyone was able to understand that they were her genuine thoughts—. Finally, Xenovia said with a wide smile

“Everyone, make this become a happy Kuoh Academy. No, I’ll do it. So, I’d like everyone to please take care of me.”

An intense wave of cheering and applause erupted — reverberating in front of Xenovia who was bowing.


“Xenovia-chan! That was amazing!”

“So reliable, Xenovia-san!”

“So cool, Xenovia-senpai!”

“I’m voting for you! Yeah!!”

The sound of cheers rang out unlike before. Even when the teachers reminded everyone “Quiet! Quiet”, the students’ excitement did not drop! Hanakai-san previously spoke about her love for the Student Council. But, in contrast, Xenovia — spoke about her love for the students and the school. I thought that that was the most notable part of their speeches. Looking closely, whether it was Asia or Irina, or even Kiryuu — they were shedding tears as they offered their applause.

After the speeches ended, and the voting also ended, I saw someone familiar as I was on my way to leave the gym. After catching up to them — I realised that it was Sister Griselda. She had been using a handkerchief to wipe her eyes, and seemed to have noticed me approaching.

“…Griselda-san, you also came.”

“…Hmm, I’m older yet still immature, I actually cried because of that child’s speech…. I really am weak when it comes to tears.”

Although Griselda-san’s cheeks were wet from her tears, she still continued

“…Even the [Slashing Princess] who would raise her sword against anyone actually revealed such a bright smile…”

“It was a wonderful speech.”

After I expressed my thoughts wholeheartedly, the sister smiled proudly.

“—Because she’s the [imouto] [5] that I’m proud of.”

The person who appeared then was Xenovia.

“Oh, Ise. Sister Griselda as well! You came!”

“Wouldn’t it be a problem if you leave the gym?”

After I asked, Xenovia cheerfully replied with

“I came to get some fresh air.”

Xenovia grabbed my arm as she replied, and then said to Sister Griselda

“Yes, exactly! I’ll take this opportunity to tell you directly! Sister, I also want to use the room that Irina got from Michael, what do you think?”

—! T-This giiirrll! After giving such a wonderful speech, she actually said something like this! And this sister — her emotional state immediately changed. With her temples throbbing, she revealed an oppressive smile, and used both her hands to pinch Xenovia’s cheeks.

“…You child! Return my excitement!”

“…Ahh ouch, no, but, I think that I should let sister [as my sister] know…”

“You really are a disastrous [imouto]!”

Hahaha, what should I say, it really suits Xenovia’s style. Since that day, Xenovia used — Quarta as her surname. It showed once again that Griselda-san really considered her to be her [imouto], while it also showed again that Xenovia treated her as her [ane] [6]. Then, the results of the Student Council election were announced at a later date—. Aside from the position of Student Council President, most of the other positions could be predicted by their speeches, but the dramatic competition for President was decided only by a narrow margin. After knowing the outcome of the results, Hanakai-san said with a smile —

“I think this is good. Because this is just like Kuoh Academy.”


New members of the Kuoh Academy Student Council

Student Council President / Xenovia Quarta (second year)
Vice-President / Saji Genshirou (second year)
Secretary / Meguri Tomoe (second year), Kamo Tadami (second year), Nakiri Ouryuu (first year)
Treasurer / Kusaka Reya (second year), Nimura Ruroko (first year), Miraka Vordenburg (first year)

[1] Nakama: Close friends, comrades or companions.
[2] Both literally and figuratively here.
[3] Strada continually addresses Asia with a very respectful tone/manner.
[4] –dono is used as an honorific to indicate respect towards an individual.
[5] Imouto: Younger sister.
[6] Ane: Older sister.


Continues on to To be continued…

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