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Reference Tooltips
Lets you read translation notes within the body of the content. Simply hover your mouse over the word with a reference to see the corresponding note. Try it out!

Email Updates
Should send you an email letting you know when I have an update. It is separate from ‘following’ my blog. Sign up in the sidebar or here. I’m limited to 250 emails per hour so newer subscribers will receive updates slightly later (~2 hours) but it should still remain within a reasonable time frame.

Currently active across the site. The comment editor now has more options such as font style, font characteristics, and some common editing functionality. Comments can be edited for 15 minutes after they are posted. You may also request deletion. Spoilers are also available with this spoiler code: [spoiler title='Title']Text[/spoiler]

RSS Feed
Feed URL:

Night Mode
On the right sidebar, between the email updates and archives section, a new section entitled “Toggle Night Mode” has been added. Clicking the button will toggle between ‘night mode’ and ‘day mode’, two different CSS configurations. Let me know if there are any functionality or  readability issues with the dark theme. This feature uses browser local storage to keep the theme persistent across visits.

Three-layer Firewall
Not a front-end available feature, but it is possible to test whether it’s working or not by posting lots of spam or otherwise unnecessary content in the comments! Hooray for lifetime bans!

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8 Responses to Site Features

  1. 993948gf says:



    There is an error in EPUB file you uploaded for highschool dxd volume 23 in OEBPS/TEXT/Body.xhtml at line 1716 refrencing Image2.jpg which is actually named image2.jpg in OEBPS/IMAGES and othe codings, I have fixed for myself but it would be better if you change Image2.jpg to image2.jpg OEBPS/TEXT/Body.xhtml for others so that it can be used.

  2. Alfred David says:



    Hi I was wondering if you would keep the links good i.e PDF’s for High School DxD Light Novels please?

  3. Arturas says:



    Hey zxzxzx!
    could you make it so that email updates also include the link to the current chapter (or at least the website)? It’s a minor thing, but now after getting the email, you need to open the website from favourites/etc.