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Delusion Magazine Night Material Collection – Koneko


Part 1

I, Hyoudou Issei, am currently working hard to complete the unfathomable plan to have a date with every member of the Occult Research Club. It was half past three in the afternoon, and my date partner was—

“…The chocolate parfait here really is the best.”

The person who sat across from me savouring her chocolate parfait was Koneko-chan. She looked incredibly cute in her white one-piece dress. After my date with Xenovia ended, I immediately met up with Koneko-chan and returned to the downtown area. It just so happened to be the time for afternoon tea, so I came along to this store that Koneko-chan often frequented. It always felt as though I could see Koneko-chan snacking on something. She loved desserts, and I often saw her eating in the club room as well. An extra-large sized chocolate parfait sat in front of Koneko-chan. On the store’s menu, it had been marked with the words ‘only those who can finish it should order this’. In front of me, Koneko-chan used a spoon to devour the chocolate parfait bit by bit. Koneko-chan had an enormous appetite, so it probably wasn’t a tall task for her to finish it. Just where does her body store that extra-large sized chocolate parfait? I narrowed my eyes as I stared at Koneko-chan’s body. Perhaps noticing my gaze, her face suddenly reddened.

“…Please don’t stare at me with lewd eyes. Perversion is forbidden.”


I earnestly apologised to her. Was my gaze really that indecent…? I guess it isn’t good for me to stare at a young girl’s body — even though I didn’t intent to look at her indecently. However, it would’ve been certain death if I stared at Koneko-chan with that kind of a gaze. Moreover, I actually preferred looking at and appreciating more bodacious girls such as Rias-buchou and Akeno-san…. Ah, I really want to lay eyes on their erotic bodies! What do I have to do to see them!? N-No, I don’t just want to look at them, I-I also want to touch them! Gah — I got kicked. It really hurts! Koneko-chan kicked me! Koneko-chan narrowed her eyes as she glared at me with a highly disapproving look!

“…Are you thinking about something dirty, senpai?”

S-She’s incredible! As expected of Koneko-chan! She was able to read my mind!

“…Senpai, you always seem to daydream about Rias-buchou and Akeno-san…it just feels somewhat discomforting…how should I put it…”

The volume of Koneko-chan’s voice grew lower and lower, and I could barely even hear her. …Ever since the summer, it seemed as though Koneko-chan’s attitude toward me had eased up quite a bit. Ever since the incident with Kiba and the holy swords concluded, Koneko-chan’s attitude towards me had changed. Well, it could just be me…. As I watched Koneko-chan come close to finishing the chocolate parfait, I asked her

“Umm, you wanted to watch a movie, right Koneko-chan?”

Koneko-chan had mentioned that she wanted to watch a movie with me on our date. It seemed like the movie of her favourite anime was released, and she wanted to watch it with me. …But, the real reason was to get a limited edition fan-item from the theatrical version. Each attendee only received one special item, and I heard that there were four in total. If she went with me, she’d be able to get two specials, so it my role was mainly for convenience. However, Koneko-chan shook her head.

“…That was what I said before, but I want to do something else with you today, senpai.”

Something else huh. I asked again

“So are we going to leave the special item until the next time?”

Koneko-chan gazed at me firmly as she said

“…No, I won’t give up on the special. Everything is for the special. Ise-senpai, let’s go.”

After finishing her oversized parfait, Koneko-chan stood up. Well…I didn’t quite understand the reason, but I decided to follow Koneko-chan first. In the end, we didn’t go to a cinema, but instead went somewhere else to get the theatrical-edition special items.

Part 2

Koneko-chan brought me to a certain game shop. It was a ubiquitous television and video game franchise that was located on a street corner just in front of the station. …A game shop? Did Koneko-chan come to buy game software? It was certainly true that Koneko-chan often played games at home. Because Morisawa-san was a regular client of Koneko-chan, she was naturally rather skilled at video games. Koneko-chan was incredibly familiar with entertainment mediums such as animations and video games. Could it be that she grew to like video games and anime because of her clients? Or did she like them to begin with? There were various doubts. I didn’t actually know very much about Koneko-chan…

“…Please tell the store manager that ‘the white cat has arrived’.”

After the store clerk asked us to hold on for a moment, they immediately picked up the phone. After the clerk and the manager shared a few words, the store manager then said ‘bring her to that place from before’. After confirming that, Koneko-chan went up the stairs. Unable to figure out the situation, I simply walked up to the second floor along with Koneko-chan. …What exactly does this game store have? As I felt somewhat astonished, I continued to follow Koneko-chan through the second floor, and then up to the third floor. —Don’t customers have to stop at the second floor? The second floor had been stocked with a variety of goods, while the third floor was marked with a sign that read ‘staff only’. But, Koneko-chan didn’t stop there and continued even further up. …Is our destination above it? While I was filled with various doubts, we had already arrived at the innermost room of the third floor.

Koneko-chan knocked on the door, and then a voice answered from the other side of the door. Koneko-chan and I opened the door to enter. The room’s layout was rather simple, and only consisted of a large table. Even though it was a fairly brightly-lit room, the strange items which were placed all around it made it feel a bit creepy. There were totem poles and statues of various monsters in the room. Looking closer, there was even a magic circle drawn on the floor. Could it be possible that this is one of Koneko-chan’s regular clients? A male clerk wearing the store apron sat at the end of the table. He was a roughly thirty-year old man who wore a serious expression. He’s probably the store manager? Koneko-chan introduced the man to me.

“…This is the store manager here, Manager Makita.”

He really was the manager! The manager extended his hand out, and I felt a chill when I shook his hand.

“Hello, Koneko-chan has already explained to me that you are the Gremory’s peerage’s new servant.”

“Ah, yes. Wait, you know I’m a Devil?”

“Well, I’ve been in the care of Gremory-san and have a good relationship with the Devils of the Underworld.”

So he’s an acquaintance of Buchou. There were actually quite a few people in this town who knew about Rias-buchou’s true identity and secretly kept in touch with the Underworld. —Suddenly, I noticed another person in the corner of the room. As I looked at him, he was someone that I recognised.

“Oh, if it isn’t Koneko-chan and Hyoudou-shi?”

It was Morisawa-san! He was an otaku who was one of Koneko-chan’s regular clients!

“Morisawa-san, why are you here?”

When I asked him that, a streak of light flashed across his glasses as he replied

“Fufufu, it was Koneko-chan who asked me to come. She wanted me to come to this game shop.”

I see — so Koneko-chan called him over. Koneko-chan then said

“…In fact, the purpose of our visit today is to play a certain game.”

When the manager heard Koneko-chan’s words, he took out a box and placed it on the table.

“This is it.”

As he said that, he opened the box and something like a board game was placed on the table. The manager lay out a board with various markings on it onto the table, and then took out a card with rules as well as throwing dice. There were also playing pieces for each player shaped like winged monsters that gave off an eerie vibe. The game seemed strange, and more than just an ordinary board game. The manager began to explain

“This can be called the Underworld version of Sugoroku [1]. It’s very popular in the Underworld.”

…So it’s a Devils’ game. No wonder it felt so eerie. Upon closer inspection, the cards and the text on the board were written with Devil characters.

“A-An Underworld game…even though this is a Japanese game shop…”

This was the third storey of an ordinary Japanese game shop, yet there was a Devils’ game here. The manager took out a card as he explained

“Our store is open to the members of the ‘club’ that enjoy the games of the Underworld. This card is for our dedicated club members. There are so many games in the Underworld that I can’t help but feel profound interest in them. It’s also a plus for the Devil society as their culture seeps into human society. The one responsible for supervising this ‘club’ is Gremory-san.”

Everything done here was under the supervision of the Gremory House. This included activities such as humans playing games meant for Devils. It was kind of like a gathering for the practice of black magic. In another era, these people would probably be labelled heretics.

“…Don’t worry. The only games introduced here are the ones that are safe for humans to play.”

Koneko-chan added from the side. Morisawa-san then showed me his membership card.

“I also found out about the existence of this ‘club’ thanks to Koneko-chan. I received this card from the ‘club members’ two days ago.”

So that’s why Morisawa-san was here. It wasn’t just because he heard Koneko-chan’s request.

“…I understand the purpose of this store. But, what was your reason for coming to this store, Koneko-chan? Surely it wasn’t just to take part in the game?”

Thinking about it a bit, it was clear that Koneko-chan hadn’t come here just to play the game. But, she hadn’t come here for the sake of supervising the humans as they played the game either. Koneko-chan asked the manager

“…Manager Makita, what about that thing?”

“Fufufu, this?”

The store manager placed four different key rings on the table.

“Koneko-chan, could these key rings be…”

I almost guessed it.

“…These are the four types of special bonuses given out at the cinemas.”

They were indeed. The store manager said

“Although it was a bit of a hassle, I’ve collected all of them.”

“Actually, as long as I win the game, I can get all four of these key rings.”

Koneko-chan’s eyes sparkled as she stared at the key rings. She really wanted them — Koneko-chan came here because all of them had been gathered. The situation was clear. In order to obtain these special items, we had come here to play this Underworld board game. Koneko-chan asked me once more

“Because this is a game for four people to play, we need your help in order to have the number of required people…can you help me, Ise-senpai?”

The reason was fairly clear. With only Koneko-chan, the store manager, and Morisawa-san, the three of them couldn’t play the game. Morisawa-san then said to me

“I’m playing purely out of interest. Hyoudou-shi, you’re not the boring kind of man who would refuse Koneko-chan, right?”

With pride, I replied

“Of course! No problem! Koneko-chan, let me play too! If I win, I’ll give these key rings to you as a gift!”

That’s right, even my cute junior pleaded for me to do so. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t agree! I swiftly gave my reply to Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan then smiled as she said

“Yes, thank you.”

Alright, bring it on. Things like who my next date partner would be were pushed to the back of my mind. For Koneko-chan, I have to go all out! But, the store manager revealed a suggestive smile halfway through.

“Fufufu, if I win, then I have to receive something of corresponding value from you, do you understand, Koneko-chan?”

Koneko-chan sighed as she nodded.

“…Yes, this is for the sake of the special items.”

…Just what had Koneko-chan prepared of equivalent value? Transactions for Devils were exchanges of equal value. An equivalent output resulted in an equivalent gain. Since the other party had already prepared items, Koneko-chan also had to have something prepared in return. I-It couldn’t possibly be an erotic request, right? Almost all of Koneko-chan’s clients were lolicons. Did the store manager want Koneko-chan to do something dirty? Damn it! I’m so worried! But, it’ll be fine if Koneko-chan wins. At last, Koneko-chan, Morisawa-san, the store manager and I sat around the table and prepared to start the game. Our respective player pieces had been placed on the board. Acting as both the game master and a player, the store manager explained the game’s rules to us.

“The rules are fairly simple. Roll the dice, and then advance your piece by a corresponding number of grids on the board. The first to reach the finish line wins. There are also various ‘events’ to keep in mind.”

The rules themselves weren’t too different from the game Sugoroku of this country. However, it was a Devils’ game. The specific events marked on the map were probably far from ordinary…. After confirming that everyone was ready, the game officially began. Morisawa-san was the first person to roll the dice.

“Now then, I’ll start first.”

After the dice was thrown, the number displayed was four. Morisawa moved his own piece on the board.

“One, two, three, four! What event is triggered here?”

Morisawa-san’s piece was positioned on the fourth grid. The store manager took out the corresponding card and read it aloud

“On this grid is ‘Play a game of dice with a fairy. If you win, you’re safe. If you lose, skip a turn.”

Fairy? Just as I found that word odd, the board suddenly let out a glow and something appeared from it! What appeared before us was a small and cute girl with wings. Oh, a genuine fairy appeared from the board. Morisawa-san contested a dice roll with the fairy.

“Ah, I lost.”

Morisawa-san lost to the fairy, and thus according to the rules, he had to skip a turn. After the event ended, the fairy glowed brightly again as it disappeared. …I see, so this is the kind of game it is. A fantasy game that triggers all kinds of unimaginable things and has players undergo various trials until they reach the end. As expected of a game from the Underworld! —Morisawa-san shuffled over and whispered to me

(You know, Hyoudou-shi, this game has some surprisingly tasty events.)

(Tasty events?)

With a lecherous look, Morisawa-san continued

(You can do various titillating acts with cute fantasy girls! That fairy earlier was just one of them!)


All of a sudden, a shock rippled through my body…doing perverted acts…w-with fantasy girls…? For real? Instantly, imaginations of beautiful fairy girls with long ears and glamorous horned women surged through my mind! What a blessing! Just what kinds of events are waiting for me!? Koneko-chan ignored me as visions of eroticism constantly cycled through my mind, and she began to roll the dice.

“…The next one is me.”

After moving her piece according to the dice roll, the store manager read out the triggered event.

“The card says ‘Defeat the serpent!’”

As soon as the store manager finished those words, a giant snake with a length of around six or seven metres appeared within the room—.


Koneko-chan’s fist abruptly made a swift movement, and the serpent disappeared. …I should be careful if there are events like that which can be triggered.

“I’m third.”

The store manager was third in the order, and he threw the highest dice roll of six.

“I’ll move forward six steps. The event at this spot is, oh ‘Elegantly pass by while enjoying some tea’, a safe card where nothing happens.”

No event was triggered at all. In a sense, that was ideal. But, I didn’t like that. Having discovered the true nature of the game, how could I possibly end the game without even encountering a girl!

“I’m the last to go.”

“…Five huh. Good, let’s go forward!”

I moved my piece forward, and an event was triggered at the same time.

“This card is ‘Elf—’”

Elf? The store manager’s words caused my eyes to light up. What will happen with an elf? I’m so excited! The store manager continued—

“‘Embrace a Big Foot with elf-like ears’ it says.”


As a flash of light erupted, a gorilla-like monster with pointy ears appeared. A gorilla with elf-like ears stood before me.

“Uhoo uhoo uhoo uhoo.”

No, what is up with that!? The other day, I encountered a snow gorilla named Yeti completely unlike the description of a Yuki-onna [2]! This time it’s a Big Foot with elf-like ears? Why do all these gorillas have a grudge against me!? Why do I have to hug this monster!?


It stinks! It really stinks! It hurts with an embrace that tight! I can’t stand it! After being defiled, I returned to the game. In the second round, we all rolled the dice except for Morisawa-san who was skipped. It was my turn again. Having just been hugged by a gorilla, I dejectedly rolled the dice again.

“…T-This time, I’ll surely have an erotic experience!”

I moved my piece according to the number rolled, and then triggered an event.

“This grid is ‘A beautiful female Youkai—’”

—A beautiful female Youkai! After that much was revealed, it had to be a beautiful Youkai woman! When I heard the word ‘elf’ last time, I was a bit impatient. This time, surely—. The store manager read out the remainder of the card.

“It says ‘Talk about life and spar with a Chinese warlord who was a beautiful female Youkai in their past life’.”

With a flash of light, a stubborn-looking old man with a moustache and Chinese armour appeared.

“—What troubled times we live in!”

This Chinese warlord who was a beautiful female Youkai in their past life slowly said in a low and solemn voice—.

“I want to lie on the table and cry! What kind of joke is this!? A Big Foot with elf-like ears? Who the hell knows that the Chinese warlord was a Youkai in their past life!? This is cheating, cheating! Damn it!”

I materialised my Boosted Gear and began to spar with the military general as we conversed!

“I’ll surely triumph over Kan’u the next time. My sworn brother!”

“I’ll definitely become a Harem King — sworn brother? I’m a sworn brother? Ah, please let your past-life speak to me.”

While the warlord and I shared our dreams, Morisawa-san returned.

“Hahaha, you certainly have poor luck, Hyoudou-shi. Take a look at my skill!”

Morisawa-san laughed as he rolled the dice and moved his piece. The event that he triggered was—

“‘—A Sahuagin [3] counsellor appears to talk with you about life. Rest for three turns.’”

Summoned into the room was a fish-like humanoid monster. The Sahuagin took out a business card and greeted Morisawa-san.

“Hello. I am a Sahuagin counsellor named Kaibara. Pleased to meet you.”

 The counsellor had a Kansai dialect! I didn’t know how to react!

“Hey, I’m not going to talk to a fish monster!”

The Sahuagin hugged Morisawa-san’s shoulder as he trembled.

“Well, there’s no need to say that. Let’s relax a bit and talk about whether you’ve encountered any troubles lately, shall we?”

Before I realised, a conversation had begun in a corner of the room…. Leaving Morisawa-san aside, the game was still in progress. The finish line was close. In first place was the store manager who had been safe every turn.

“Fufufu, I really look forward to my moment of victory, Koneko-chan.”

The store manager looked at Koneko-chan with excitement! Damn it! I won’t allow your perverted plan to succeed! All of the pieces other than Morisawa-san’s were also moving towards the end. Suddenly, I felt someone behind me.


“Sworn brother, be careful of Zhuge Liang’s traps.”

The elf-like gorilla and the warlord who had been a beautiful Youkai in a past life didn’t immediately disappear after their events, but stayed behind me instead…it was really quite overwhelming….

“Why won’t these guys disappear!? Why is there a Big Foot and a warlord standing behind me!?”

I shouted! Why didn’t they just disappear!? But, the Sahuagin hadn’t disappeared either and was still conversing with Morisawa-san. The store manager said

“Occasionally, there are situations where these fantasy monsters become fond of the player and decide to stay. It’s a form of love that transcends time and space!”

No! I don’t want that kind of love! I just want to be intimate with a real elf or a real beautiful female Youkai! This gorilla with elf-like ears and warlord who was a beautiful Youkai in their past life, they’re frauds! I no longer knew how to vent my anger or despair, but I happened to overhear the conversation between Morisawa-san and the Sahuagin

“Yes, your life won’t be easy.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Nothing good will come of anything I do…! Summoning Devils to escape from reality has become my only pleasure…!”

“Yes yes. Say everything that you want to say. I will stay by your side today.”

…It seemed like Morisawa-san’s conversation with the Sahuagin was going pretty well. Well, Morisawa-san also seemed to have various things to say to the Sahuagin. Since Morisawa-san had essentially been removed from the game, it was Koneko-chan’s turn now. As she moved her piece forward, the store manager was extremely surprised upon seeing the grid which her piece stopped on.

“I think that one was…it is!”

The card that he read out was—

“‘If the player is female, a miniature fairy will send the player’s piece to a grid six places away from the finish line’. Wow, you’ve hit the jackpot, Koneko-chan!”

The situation had suddenly been reversed! A small figure appeared from the board and carried Koneko-chan’s piece to the designated location. Oh, Koneko-chan is almost at the finish line! However, the store manager chased after her with another roll of six.

“Watch me rush to the finish line! The event is… ‘If another player is taking a break, move forward another two places’. Morisawa-san is in a life counselling session, which satisfies the conditions of the event. Haha, the finish line is right before me.”

A special event like that happened! I didn’t expect that to happen, and judging by the number on the dice, it seemed likely that the situation would turn in favour of the store manager! The store manager who had a smooth run until now had a high chance of winning! But, his victory wasn’t certain yet! It was finally my turn! Aside from Morisawa-san, I was the slowest one. …The dice roll was…

“One!? Aww, come on!”

After all this, I only got a one. However, as the store manager picked up the card to read it out, he became so surprised that even his face turned pale.

“…‘In this round, if there is a player with an elf and a warlord following them, they can jump straight to the finish line. Other players must rest for four turns’!”

An elf and a warlord following me, and I also threw a one…? I-I-Isn’t that me? Although it’s a Big Foot, it does have elf-like ears! A warlord (who was a beautiful female Youkai in a previous life) is also present! My strange situation actually coincided with the conditions of the event. My piece could jump straight to the end! When my piece reached the end, the board glowed with a colourful brilliance and a horn resounded at the same time. What an odd game! T-This is the celebratory performance for reaching the end…? I-I won with a massive reversal!?

“We won, Ise-senpai.”

Koneko-chan happily grabbed my shoulder. The Big Foot and warlrod behind me disappeared. That was what happened when the game ended. Thank you guys for being useful at the end! I don’t want to see you two again though! This is only going to happen once! Seeing this, the store manager clapped.

“As expected of a Devil of Gremory-san. I didn’t expect a last-minute reversal. Very well, this is the four-piece special as promised.”

I received the key rings from the store manager, and passed them all along to Koneko-chan.

“Thank you.”

Seeing the smile on Koneko-chan’s face, the store manager made a wry smile.

“By the way, I would have asked to extend my game time with Koneko-chan by an hour if I had won…it’s a pity.”

Ah, so that’s what it was. I didn’t expect it to be so ordinary. I had secretly thought that it was going to be some kind of perverted lolicon request. For some reason, the Sahuagin didn’t disappear after the game ended, and it put its arm around Morisawa-san’s shoulder as they left the room.

“Let’s go drinking after this. It’s my treat!”

“Yes! I’m going to drink lots today!”

…Morisawa-san probably had the most fun today.

Part 3

When the game ended and we walked out of the store, it was already past five in the afternoon. It was a truly strange experience. I didn’t think that such a game existed in the Underworld. But, I never ended up meeting a beautiful fantasy girl! …Well, I guess my daily life is good enough since I live together with female Devils. I’m satisfied. But, I still want to see elf girls and beautiful female Youkai. While I sighed, Koneko-chan expressed her gratitude to me.

“…Thank you for coming with me today.”

“No, really, I didn’t do anything.”

As I thought about things, today almost seemed like a miracle. I had played a game with a bunch of old dudes for an afternoon (plus Koneko-chan).

“No, if I didn’t have Ise-senpai, I wouldn’t have been able to get these four special items. This is all thanks to you, Ise-senpai.”

I felt that it was worth it since I got to hear that from Koneko-chan. Then, Koneko-chan said to me with a serious look

“Ise-senpai, not only do you help Asia-senpai, you also help Rias-buchou, Akeno-san, Yuuto-senpai and Gya-kun.”

“We’re all comrades and members of the same peerage, so it’s only natural.”

For the sake of my comrades, I’d fight with my life on the line. To me, it was natural. Everyone had helped me a countless number of times, so I had to do the same in protecting them.

“…If I’m in a pinch like today, will you come to save me?”

“Of course.”

I immediately replied. Hearing me say that, Koneko-chan’s cheeks turned red.

“…Then, senpai, do you—”

Just as Koneko-chan said that, she was interrupted.

“Ah, it’s Ise-senpai.”

The person behind us who suddenly called out was Gasper, and Kiba was beside him.

“Hey, Ise-kun, Koneko-chan.”

I didn’t expect them to appear at this time. Koneko-chan quietly sighed and then said

“Well, it’s Yuuto-senpai and Gya-kun’s turn next, isn’t it? I’ll leave you to them.”

After saying that, Koneko-chan carefully placed the key rings into her bag and then left my side. …What did Koneko-chan want to say to me earlier? I was very curious, but the current situation didn’t allow me to pursue the matter.

“Yeah, I guess it’s time for the boys…”

I instantly became depressed because those by my side were both male — Kiba and Gasper. Kiba revealed a bitter smile as he said to me

“There’s no need to be that disappointed, Ise-kun. Besides, I would actually like to hit the town with you.”

Gasper also said to me with a bit of unease

“That’ right, the outside world is scary, but I’ll be happy if I can walk around and go shopping with you, Ise-senpai.”

Gasper cross-dressed even on an outing! Even though it’s very fitting…. Well, I suppose it isn’t bad to hang out with them occasionally. If the Gremory boys hang out and deepen their friendship, I’m sure it’ll also help boost the morale of our team.

“I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s go then.”

Like this, my outing with Kiba and Gasper began. …Actually, where do these guys plan to take me?

(All 3 of 3 parts) (14/11)

[1] Sugoroku: A traditional Japanese board game very much alike to Backgammon. This Underworld version could probably be likened to Snakes and Ladders, with special events on each tile.
[2] Yuki-onna: A spirit or Youkai of snow or ice in Japanese folklore typically envisioned as a beautiful woman.
[3] Sahuagin: An amphibious fish-like humanoid monster that seems to originate from Dungeons & Dragons. Kinda like the creature in The Shape of Water.

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