HighSchool DxD Volume 23 (Each impression)

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Each impression

After we finished watching the game, I — Kiba Yuuto and all members of the Rias Gremory team fell into silence due to the defeat of Ise-kun’s team. Rias-neesan’s expression also seemed to show that she was lost for words. Rudiger Rosenkreutz-shi narrowed his eyes and spoke on his own

“I see, Nakiri Ouryuu and Xenovia Quarta’s ultimate techniques, Bova Tannin and Shidou Irina’s growth, and the strengthening of the Karnstein family’s daughter as well as Asia Argento who almost lacked defence—”

Rudiger-shi smiled in a self-critical manner.

“For someone slightly clever like me, it was a very effective move. Hyoudou Issei has truly met a very good group of friends.”

Rias-neesan shook her head.

“No, your tactics have caused Ise and the others to be defeated. …Rudiger Rosenkreutz-sama, your ability has made me realise that.”

Rias-neesan extended her hand out.

“Well, to each their own. He is truly a wonderful companion. He is sure to become a strong foundation for the future of the Gremory House.”

Rudiger-shi shook Rias-neesan’s hand as he spoke.

“Ise has stated that you are one of his goals. I’m sure this will leave a deep impression in his mind.”

After Rudiger-shi heard that, he answered with

“It is an honour.”

And then stood up. As he prepared to leave, he looked at me and asked

“I’ll ask again, not to Princess Rias, but to the holy-demonic sword boy there. After watching that game, what are your thoughts?”

—Hmm. …My impression of the match. He was asking about what I felt about that game.

“…Fighting, in a Rating Game, it’s a collision of your own and your opponent’s ‘heart’…that’s all I can say, and it would be nice if it was that simple.”

Rudiger-shi looked back towards the large display, and shown on that was the image of Ravel-san’s face which appeared to maintain a strong resolve as she exited the venue.

“If you told Ravel Phoenix that she lost simply because her ‘heart’ was lacking, I wonder if that would be enough to console her…. That game just now, it would be so easy if you had to sum it up just in terms of ‘heart’.”

His eyes seemed to be filled with a complex emotion that couldn’t be expressed in words—. Rias-neesan said

“I hope that we’ll be able to accept your teachings next time in another place outside of the tournament. Ise certainly has his own reasons for admiring you.”

After Rudiger-shi finished his preparations to leave, he gave a slight smile.

“You flatter me too much, Princess Rias. —I, all I want to do is to make Dulio Gesualdo win because my son believed in him.”

After saying that, Rudiger-shi walked towards the doorway. Before he stepped through the door, he looked back and said just one last thing.

“All members of the Gremory team, if we meet on the tournament stage, then I shall give you much guidance then. Well then, I shall excuse myself.”

…Hailed as the [Upsetting Sorcerer], he didn’t speak much about his personal circumstances. However, his team had demonstrated that outcome. But, that outcome — for us in the future, as well as for Ise-kun and the others in the future, it was a tremendous gain.

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Continues on to Junior’s preparation

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