HighSchool DxD Volume DX5 (Infinity Underwear.1)

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Infinity Underwear.1

On a particular weekend—.

I, Hyoudou Issei, relaxed on the rooftop of the Hyoudou Residence which consisted of six aboveground floors and three underground floors. There was a table and chairs that anyone could make use of on the rooftop. Drinking some cola by myself there, I dreamily gazed up at the sky. As the [King] of the Hyoudou Issei peerage, as a member of the anti-terrorist team [DxD], and as the [Oppai Dragon], every passing day was so busy that I occasionally wished for some time alone. Although it was nice to be relieved of stress by spending time with Rias and the other girls, I’d recently come to enjoy sipping on cola while I gazed at the sky by myself. I also enjoyed being alone in my room to construct robot figures. I was participating in the International Rating Game Tournament [Azazel Cup] as well, so a warrior’s rest was important. Perhaps because all sorts of people had gathered by my side, I actually wanted to spend some time on my own. While I gazed at the sky with such thoughts streaming through my mind, a few people came up to the rooftop.

—It was my mother, along with Ophis and Lilith. Mum had brought a laundry basket with her, and we shared a moment of eye contact.

“Oh, Ise. Were you resting on the rooftop?”

“Yeah. Sometimes. Even I like some time alone occasionally.”

“What are you saying when you’re still just a high school student? Really.”

While she laughed, mum began to hang the laundry up onto the drying rods which were installed on the rooftop. Ophis and Lilith also helped out.

“Yes, Phis-chan, Lith-chan, and then you do this.”

“I, hang up panties.”

“Panties, hang dry.”

Ophis and Lilith (standing on stools) hung up the underwear that mum handed to them. Ophis and Lilith’s panties huh…. They looked like rather cutely designed underwear, and it somehow helped to loosen my mood. …Besides, why was I feeling relaxed at seeing Ophis and Lilith’s underwear? Was it because I often looked at rather stimulating lingerie?

—I abruptly noticed a particular pair of panties. It was the first pair that Ophis had bought. They were cute black panties that had no sex appeal at all. …Yeah, it was almost a year since we had bought those panties…. …I suddenly recalled an incident which occurred last year — when we went shopping with Ophis.

(All 1 of 1 parts) (4/9/20)

Continues on to Life.Infinity (ORC)

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