Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 11 Chapter 4.5

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Interlude – Linda’s Miscalculation

The entrance ceremony was extraordinarily grand. Following that, there was an orientation party at the girls’ Maeve House dormitory. Linda enjoyed her time in classes, and she made many friends. Everything seemed to be going along smoothly, but — that night, Linda was soaking in the dormitory’s large bath while she worried over something. What bothered her was nothing other than her brother. The scene of Ash and Silvia’s kiss was still vividly burned in her mind.

“Why? Such a noble princess is actually with my brother…”

However, Princess Silvia wasn’t the only problem. There were simply too many women surrounding Ash. Before Linda arrived at Ansarivan Academy, she firmly believed that her brother would not have a girlfriend. It was because of her certainty that there was only one girl in the world who could understand the charm of such an ordinary brother — herself. But she was wrong. Moreover, completely wrong…!


Linda sank her entire head beneath the surface as she blew bubbles in the water.

“Why are you so upset, Linda?”

“You look like you’ve been really tired lately…?”

The ones who spoke to her were her roommates, Rosalie and Selma. Rosalie Thorndike was a slender girl with a model-like figure. Having grown up in the city, she was the daughter of a good family and also acted with elegance. On the other hand, Selma Hamilton was a gentle girl with a figure that was even smaller than Linda’s. However, her breasts were so developed that it was difficult to believe she was only twelve years old. She seemed to have a complex about it, and she currently had a towel wrapped tightly around her chest.

“I-I’m not upset about anything…”

Linda denied it with hesitation, and even she knew that it wasn’t persuasive at all.

“Haha, I’m sure it’s about your brother, right? It must be tough as a younger sister when you have such an incredible older brother.”

Rosalie revealed a mischievous smile as she sank into the bath next to Linda.

“Linda’s brother is amazing after all.”

Selma also followed Rosalie, nervously dipping her body into the hot water.

“Uh, yeah…that’s roughly what it is.”

Linda decided to give vague confirmation.

“By the way, your <Seikoku>…is in a very sensitive place.”

Rosalie suddenly shifted her interest to Linda’s <Seikoku>.

“Yeah. And its style is also completely different to our ones…”

Rosalie and Selma peered down at Linda’s lower abdomen from the left and right. The hot water was transparent and unable to shield Linda’s naked body.

“Wait, don’t keep staring!”

Linda’s entire face went red. Although they were all girls, it was still embarrassing when her lower abdomen was being stared at.


The door to the large bath was carefully opened. The one who appeared in the doorway was an adorable girl with pointed ears — Lucca Sarlinen. She was their senior who had begun serving as the dormitory leader of Maeve House from this year. Lucca was a member of Avalon’s Holy Dragons’ Emperor Knights, as well as the secretary of the student council. She was already quite famous among the freshmen.

“She’s so beautiful…”

Linda and the others couldn’t help but stare at the naked body that was as beautiful as a fairy. All of a sudden, Linda recalled the birthday party. Lucca was also there at the time, but unlike Eco, Silvia and Rebecca, she wasn’t too conspicuous. As far as Linda was aware, she didn’t seem overly close with Ash.

“…At the very least, Lucca-senpai should be different, right?”

Linda softly murmured with hopeful feelings. And then…

“Umm, Lucca-senpai!”

Rosalie suddenly shouted toward Lucca’s back.


Lucca, who had been washing her hair, turned around to Rosalie with foam still in her hair.

“Lucca-senpai, you’re quite close with Ash-senpai, right? If possible, would you please be able to tell us things about Ash-senpai?”

As soon as Rosalie raised this question, all of the other girls who were present swiftly gathered around. The naked girls surrounded Lucca one by one.

“Umm…Ash has a very strong sense of justice. Moreover, he treats everyone well. He’s willing to put other people before himself…”

Upon hearing Lucca’s comments on Ash, everyone unanimously sighed in elation. As if acting on behalf of everyone, Rosalie asked another question.

“Umm, Lucca-senpai…could it be that you also like Ash-senpai?”

“I-I…need to go…!”

Lucca’s entire body grew hot, and she rushed out with a patter of footsteps even though she still had shampoo in her hair.

“How should I put it…she’s really easy to read…”

Rosalie smiled wryly as she watched Lucca depart.

“Linda-chan’s brother is really popular~.”

Selma also said with a smile.

“What brother…I don’t know one!”

Linda sank her head in the hot water once more as she blew bubbles under its surface.

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Continues on to Chapter 5 – The Princess of Darkness and the Mechanical Dragon

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