HighSchool DxD SS (Pawn Identity)

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Pawn Identity

Note: This short story was originally released in the March 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine, but was recently re-released as a Melon Books special for purchasing the Harem King Memorial and Dragon Magazine November 2018 together.

“I’m the one who is most adored within my peerage!”

“No! It has already been decided that it’s me!”

My name is Hyoudou Issei, a second year high school student, and also a genuine Devil. I was in the midst of a verbal battle with my friend Saji Genshirou. The trigger for this was a trivial matter. As both of us were Devils, we each had our own masters and fellow peerage members. So, who is the one who receives the most love from their master and fellow peerage members? That was how this began. The initial topic was something like [Which one of us receives more love from their peerage?]. Saji puffed out his chest as he said

“There are only girls in the Student Council! So when it comes to my peerage, they’re all girls aside from me! How about that!? It’s incomparable to you!”


Indeed! Aside from Saji, all other members of the Sitri peerage were girls! A-Aside from myself, there were other boys in the Gremory peerage’s Occult Research Club…

“—Kuh! I think about how nice it’d be if Kiba and Gasper were girls every day!”

I shed tears of regret! Kiba was known as the most handsome prince of the academy, and the idol of all female students! Although Gasper looked like a girl, he was actually a cross-dressing boy! What a tragedy! It was at this time that I decided to use my ultimate weapon!

“But, I’ve seen Buchou’s oppai! Have you seen the President’s bare chest, fully nude? No bra! Her naked breasts?”


My words caused Saji to shut up and twitch the edges of his mouth in resentment.

I win! Saji, this is where the difference between us lies!

“Ara, what are you talking about there, Ise?”

A red-haired oneesama — Rias-buchou appeared.

“Yes. I was discussing the concept of love within a peerage with Saji.”

Mmm~. The warm and soft sensation of breasts smothered my face! Buchou gently embraced me!

“How is that? Has my love been conveyed?”

“Yes! It feels great!”

Aaaaah! My Buchou! My oneesama! Sure enough, I’m important to her as one of her servants! Watching this unfold before his eyes, Saji stared at me with an indignant look. Hahaha! Saji! Did you see that!? That’s what the master-servant relationship between us is like! You don’t have the chance to enjoy your master’s oppai with your face!

“Now Ise, I still have something to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

After Buchou gave me a pat on the head, she walked off. And then, the person who appeared in front of a bitter-faced Saji this time was the President!

“Saji, have you had lunch yet? There were extra ingredients left over from my lunchbox, so I also made yours. If you don’t mind, why don’t you eat this?”

“R-Really!? Y-Yes! I’d love to!”

Having received a lunchbox from the President, Saji smiled proudly at me. Damn! He turned right around just because of a lunchbox! Just as I clenched my teeth, Kiba and Gasper showed up.

“Ah, Ise-kun, I made some hamburger steak during cooking class. If you don’t mind, why don’t you try some?”

“I-I also baked some cookies in the morning. Why don’t you try some, Ise-senpai?”

“Y-Yeah, sure.”

I had no reason to refuse. Hmm, it was a complicated emotion though, as I wasn’t sure if I felt happy about it or not.

“It’s still too early to settle the score, Hyoudou!”

“Bring it on, Saji!”

We glared at each other while eating the food we had both received. This time, a female student came up to us.

“Saji-senpai, this is where you were?”

It was a cute-looking girl, a first year student of the Student Council who was Saji’s junior. She was the one who was always with Saji, and often followed behind him.

“Oh, Nimura. What is it?”

“Next Sunday, can we go shopping for the Student Council together?”

The Student Council’s Nimura-san seemed a bit fidgety as she said asked Saji.

“Yeah, of course.”

“Thank you so much!”

Saji’s swift response caused Nimura-san’s cheeks to turn red, and she also had a wide smile…what kind of youthful scene is this!? It was clear that the flowers were in full bloom between Saji and Nimura-san! A younger girl has a crush on him!? Aaarrgh! That damned Saji! B-But, I also had a girl who was my junior! I also had a cute girl! Just as I stared at Saji with envy, the figure of a petite girl came into view. Ah, it was Koneko-chan! Koneko-chan ran over to me. Perfect timing. Saji, this will be the decisive blow! I get along pretty well with Koneko-chan now, you know?

“Koneko-chaaan! On Sunday, go shopping with me—”

I took advantage of the opportunity that presented itself as Koneko-chan ran towards me — kuh! I took a blow to my face!

“…Gross. Please don’t get too close to me.”

Koneko-chan dealt me a ruthless blow. While I lay on the floor, she even stepped on my face. …Ugh, you didn’t give me even the slightest chance…Koneko-chan…but, the outcome isn’t clear yet! I immediately stood up and said to Saji

“Saji! Next up are Akeno-san and the Vice-President, a battle of the [Queens]! But the battle with those in our year isn’t over just yet.”

“Interesting! Obviously, it’ll be my victory since I’ve won over the absolute trust of the Vice-President! I’m not going to admit defeat!”

“Don’t underestimate my Asia-chan! She absolutely trusts me!”

“That’s because Asia-san is too gentle! You ero Devil!”

“Shut up! You’re the same too! Alright, let’s go you pervert!”

“Hold on, you bastard! You’re the real pervert! Speaking of which, hurry up and teach me Dress Break! What do I need to do to learn that!?”

“You have to see a bare chest first, and then we’ll continue from there!”

“Then how do I see a bare chest!?”

Like this, we charged forth in search of our fellow peerage members! —Indeed, that was where our oppai were!

“…The double pervert combo is pretty terrifying.”

Behind me, Koneko-chan seemed to say something, but I couldn’t hear it very clearly.

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