Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Previous volumes can be found floating around online in various different places.

Note: I am translating this from Japanese, so the degree of error will be higher, and I will also be much slower. Not sure how far I’ll go with this…I’m just giving it a taste so to say.
I’m a horrible artist, so there will not be any redraws or major edits of the scans…if anyone is interested in this project, I’m happy to provide my scans of the volumes.

Volume 5

Chapter 22 – It seems to be progressing a bit, doesn’t it?
Chapter 23 – Degree of exposure
Chapter 24 – The endpoint of your journey
Chapter 25 – So — let’s go to the end (??)
Chapter 26 – It is impossible to combine!
Chapter 27 – Are you really okay with me?
Chapter 28 – Give me Gunmen!


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