Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Volume 8 Afterword

Continues on from Chapter 3 – Tell Me of the Night We Shared Alone

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To everyone who has already read through the story, and to those who are about to read it, thank you for picking up this book. It’s Uesu Tetsuto here.

Now, this eighth volume has both a limited edition and a regular version. Aside from the slightly different cover illustration, the limited edition also comes with an OVA.

As a change from Mio and the other heroines, it details the service scene with Hasegawa which would have been difficult to show in the TV anime. If you purchased the limited edition, then by all means, please enjoy it. And so, the second season [Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha BURST] will soon air in autumn. Please continue to watch it!

Now, from here on I’ll go into a few of the details of this volume. The first chapter acts as a sort of epilogue for the Demon Realm arc which concluded in the previous volume, and some of the content starts to touch on the important parts of [Shinmai Maou]’s setting. The second chapter which follows it is entirely about everyday life. As Basara and the others return from the Demon Realm to their new life of cohabitation, the loli-ero succubus Maria becomes the main focus here. And the third chapter is about the secret love getaway with Hasegawa. Even here, we touch on Jin’s past and its relation to Basara’s birth, an important plot detail and backstory which precedes the events of the first volume. And since there seem to be many fans who are enthusiastic about Hasegawa, I tried hard with the service scenes to meet that expectation, and even I was surprised by the way it finished. Ideally, I wanted to write a story about how the half-vampire Tachibana Nanao and vice-president Kajiura Rikka changed after that Christmas lunch in this volume…hopefully I’ll be able to slot that into the beginning of the next volume.

So, both Yuki and Kurumi had fewer appearances in this volume, but as you can see from the preview, I plan to have them play a very major role in the next volume. —Now, I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the production of this work.

Ookuma-san of Nitroplus, thank you very much for all of the delicious illustrations this time as well despite getting busier with your schedule! Miyako-sensei…the time for you to draw Maria has finally come! I earnestly agonise over her cuteness every month. Kiso-sensei, I was pleased that I could greet you at Hakusensha’s party. From now on, please go wild and enjoy the mature magazine [Shinmai Maou Arashi!]! To all of the anime staff, thank you for working tirelessly and doing your best on the OVA and now the second season! To the managers and the other related parties, sorry for my terrible progress this time as well…even though I’m grateful to various others, I always end up apologising. And now, to all of the bookstores and everyone who bought this book, I offer you my utmost gratitude. So, please continue to look forward to the next volume of [Shinmai Maou].

Uesu Tetsuto

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    Thanks for translating this novel! I am surprised this is still alive up to this day! Well coming from a previous translator of this novel, you already did a great job, really. Quite sad that this novel is going to be dropped again, for the same reason I had too. Well, good luck on your other novels!