Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 6 Chapter 4

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Chevron Royal Family’s ‘Iron Rule’

Part 1

After lunch, Ash and the others rushed towards Julius Hall.

“Run faster! Punctuality is part of the Knight Country’s basic training, and as a Princess, I’m personally setting an example!”

While running across the campus grounds as other students went by, Silvia was urging Ash and Eco. Although an announcement was made that classes would finish at noon today, the Student Council had agreed that they would hold their meeting in the afternoon. Until ‘Ansarivan’s Five Hundred Years Festival’ successfully concluded, they would hold a meeting every day.

“Seriously, if Oscar didn’t cause trouble all of a sudden, we wouldn’t be in such a hurry right now…are you okay Eco?”

Ash looked at Eco’s face from the side.

“T-This level of speed is perfectly fine!”

Eco clenched her teeth, and then suddenly mustered her strength to speed up. She overtook Ash, and stayed in line with Silvia.

“Hmph! Do you think you can overtake me!?”

As soon as she found out that Eco had caught up to her, a sense of rivalry was sparked within Silvia. She increased the stride of her legs, and her speed gradually rose.

“Hey hey! You two don’t need to compete over something as trivial as this!”

Because of the strenuous exercise after eating, the side of Ash’s abdomen began to ache, but no matter what he said, both Eco and Silvia refused to slow down. Their distance from Ash was also increasing with every step.

“Those two have too much spirit…!”

All that Ash could do was try to match those two and increase his pace. Although he had vaguely noticed the reason behind why Eco and Silvia were so competitive, as soon as he thought about it deeply, the side of his abdomen began hurting again, so he decided to simply focus on running. The race between Eco and Silvia continued all the way until they arrived at Julius Hall. Although it wasn’t a violent showdown in which they were risking their lives, neither of them were able to give up in the middle, and they arrived at Julius Hall at almost the same time — at least in the eyes of Ash, the results were so.

“Haa, haa [1]…I, I won…”

“What nonsense are you saying! C-C-Clearly it was me…haa, haa…”

By the time that Ash arrived at Julius Hall, the two people had an exhausted look on their face as they slumped over on the front porch. The two people sat back to back, breathless. Their bodies were covered in sweat and their uniforms were soaked, but their bodies also exuded a sultry heat. Perhaps because of this heated aura that they radiated, the two of them appeared more attractive than usual, and Ash couldn’t stop his heart from beating a little faster.

“Really, have you two finished arguing now?”

In order to rid these dirty thoughts from his mind, Ash spoke while trying to think of something else.

“I don’t need to be told that by you!”

“It’s not your turn to talk here!”

The two of them immediately retorted, and Ash shrank back like a turtle hiding in its shell. At that time, a nonchalant voice floated down from the window of the second floor.

“This match was won by Silvia due to the slightest difference in the size of her chest.”

When Ash raised his head to look up, he noticed that Rebecca was standing in front of the second floor window. She leisurely crossed her arms over her chest, as she happily looked down upon Eco and Silvia.

“However — the meeting has already begun. You three should reflect on this properly.”

After saying that, Rebecca’s figure disappeared from the window. Although signs of life couldn’t be seen, her cold tone instead made everyone’s hair stand on end, and Ash felt so frightened that he was unable to move.

“A-As a Princess of the Knight Country, I was actually late…how careless!”

After Rebecca announced the victor, Silvia didn’t even have the time to feel happy about it before being cast into the abyss of frustration.

“Fufu, serves you right!”

Upon seeing Silvia’s depressed state, Eco puffed out her chest in triumph while she spoke, as if she was the proud winner.

“Hey hey! What are you so proud about!?”

Ash quickly reproached Eco’s childish behaviour.

Part 2

—The meeting room on the second floor of Julius Hall.

“Most of our members are here, so allow me to explain our task for today to everyone.”

Rebecca put on a serious expression as she looked at everyone.

“You should all know that the Five Hundred Years Festival also has a long-distance racing event. The race route follows the ‘Aries Dragon Riding Festival’ route, and the midpoint of the race will pass through Fianna Forest. So today, we’ll need to go to each of the checkpoints in Fianna Forest, so that we can set up magic incense burners to ward off the beasts.”

These kinds of jobs were also part of the Student Council’s responsibilities, and Ash, who was unaware of this, felt rather surprised. He thought that this would have been a job for the teaching faculty members. This once again allowed Ash to deeply understand just how heavy the responsibilities that the Student Council members shouldered were.

“In addition, we will divide this work into three groups. Although the Student Council members are carefully selected from an elite group, the forest has winged lizards, and it is also the habitat of many dangerous beasts. Recently, there have also been reported sightings of two-headed snakes, so please be sure to increase your vigilance. As for the group arrangement—”

Jessica and Silvia simultaneously spoke up to interrupt Rebecca’s words.

“I want to be in the same group as Ash-sama!”

“I-I also hope…that I can be in the same group as Ash.”

It was clearly the same idea, but Jessica said it without blushing or stuttering, whilst Silvia seemed somewhat hesitant towards it; Rebecca’s response to those two was like that of an adult admonishing a naughty child.

“If everyone is going to pick their own group members, we won’t come to a decision until it’s dark, right? I think that we should draw by lots as a fair way of deciding. Max, bring that thing out.”

“Yes, President.”

As instructed, Max placed a small box on the table, as if it had been prepared for this occasion. The volume of the box was about thirty cubic centimetres, with an open hole at the top.

“Group A will have three people, while groups B and C will have two people. Well, allow me to be the first to draw.”

The group that Max drew was B. He then put on a businesslike expression, and handed the box to Jessica who was beside him.

“I’m going to draw!”

Jessica put her hands together in prayer to Saint Rosa Maria first, and then enthusiastically drew from the box — the result was also group B.


Jessica revealed a bitter expression, and then stared at the creator of the ballot box, Max, from the edge of her vision. Max wasn’t sure if he was the reason for her imposing manner, and seemed somewhat agitated. The next to draw was Lucca, and she drew A. And then Eco also drew A. It was then Ash’s turn to draw.


He could feel that both Eco and Lucca were glaring him with eager eyes. There were three places in group A, so Ash didn’t rule out the possibility that he would draw the last place in that group. Ash nervously swallowed, and then reached into the box with his hand. His fingers touched several strips of paper. Ash hesitated for a moment, before he made up his mind to take one of them.

“I’m C.”

“Aww…what a pity.”

Lucca made a long sigh in dismay. In contrast, Eco scowled back.

“Hey! If you’re my knight, have the courage to draw out A!”

“Don’t be so unreasonable!”


Silvia, who received the box from Ash, murmured ‘muu’ in a low voice, as she did not seem ready to draw.

“Why aren’t you drawing, Silvia? Even if you want to get ahead, you may not necessarily draw the character that you want, you know?”

Rebecca smiled as she joked, and Silvia then revealed a somewhat embarrassed expression.

“T-There isn’t a particular character that I want to draw!”

“Oh, is that so? If you have the luck of drawing C, you’ll be able to be in the forest alone with just you and Ash. That’s rather nice isn’t it, Silvia?”

“I absolutely do not have those kinds of ideas!”

Silvia’s entire face reddened, and she quickly pulled out a strip from the box without any further deliberation. She then carefully unfolded the piece of paper…

“It’s A!”

Silvia revealed an expression of despair as if the end of the world had come, as she gazed at the piece of paper in her hand.

“—It looks like the groups have been decided. Group A is Eco, Lucca and Silvia. Group B is Max and Jessica. And lastly, group C is me and Ash. Well then, let’s all immediately head out for Fianna Forest!”

In contrast to Rebecca’s passionate tone, the remainder of the meeting room was filled with a low mood, as if they were attending a funeral. As the protagonist that everyone was fighting for, Ash was so nervous that he couldn’t stop cold sweat from dripping down his forehead. It was because he had to accompany Rebecca on the same team for this task.

—I have to do everything I can for this job, I can’t weigh Rebecca-san down.

Part 3

Fianna Forest was located to the northwest of Ansarivan Academy. Students often visited here for combat training or routine school activities, so it was a deeply familiar forest to students.

“Good, we’ll descend here.”

While standing majestically on top of Cú Chulainn’s head, she ordered it to descend. Cú Chulainn uttered out a loud roar, and then descended in the southwest corner of the forest. There was a small gap amidst the dense canopy of trees, like a small plaza within the forest. Cú Chulainn’s extraordinarily large body was indeed inconvenient for movement inside the forest. Thus it so happened that this clearing was a good resting place for Cú Chulainn. As soon as Cú Chulainn descended, it lied down on the floor to rest. Although it looked like a mighty and sacred dragon that none could oppose, it was obedient like a dog towards Rebecca.

“Be careful, you don’t want to break the magic incense burners.”

After Rebecca reached the ground with light movements, she turned around to look at Ash.

“I’ll be careful, Rebecca-san.”

Ash carefully jumped down from Cú Chulainn’s head. In his hand was a bag filled with three large magic incense burners. Although they didn’t look too different from an ordinary incense burners on the outside, there were Bright Dragon Crystals inside. Simply setting it within the forest would cause it to activate Dragon Magic, and it would emit a scent that wild animals disliked. But that scent didn’t have any effect on dragons, hence it could be considered to be an essential tool when holding a dragon riding competition in the wild.

“Be careful not to get lost, Ash.”

Rebecca cautioned him with a joke, and Ash couldn’t help smiling wryly.

“Don’t worry. No matter how vast the sea of trees are, my eyes will be firmly stuck to the <Scarlet Empress> because it’s impossible to lose sight of you.


It was rare of Rebecca to stutter when talking. She ‘ahem’ cleared her throat, and then turned her back towards Ash. A fresh aroma could be smelt from her light hair as it drifted in the air.

“I never thought that you were a man who would say such sweet words. Or are those purely words without any intention…”

After Rebecca quietly muttered that, she began to walk along the forest trail.


—Did I say something to offend her…?

With an uneasy feeling, Ash caught up with Rebecca’s footsteps. The smell of the damp earth roused a sense of nostalgia within him. The sound of chirping birds could be heard everywhere. Through the slits between the branches, the autumn sun streamed down from overhead.

—Fianna Forest huh…

Ash could not help recalling those memories. The spring of this year that he could not forget. Whilst Ash was participating in the ‘Aries Dragon Riding Festival’, he encountered Milgauss and Anya. In the instant that he was able to successfully repel Anya, he lost his balance and fell into the valley. And then Eco was born—

“What is it Ash? You look restless.”


Ash was immensely shocked. Rebecca, who had originally walked ahead of him had imperceptibly moved beside him without him noticing, and was peering at his face. Upon seeing that Rebecca’s face was so close to his own, Ash couldn’t stop his heartbeat from intensifying.

“I’m sorry! I was just a little lost in thought…”

“Ho. You wouldn’t be indulging in a strange delusion with me in it, would you?”

“I swear it’s absolutely not! I wouldn’t dare to be so disrespectful!”

Rebecca’s direct words were too sudden, so Ash could not help blushing. The smile on Rebecca’s face seemed to show that she was amused by Ash’s reaction.

“‘Wouldn’t dare to be so disrespectful’ huh…having people respect me so much is certainly something to be happy about, but as a woman, it would be a lie to say that I’m not lonely.”

Rebecca suddenly looked at Ash with a pair of sullen eyes, causing his mind to fall into a commotion.

—As a woman.

When Rebecca said those words, her slightly moist lips radiated a soft and glossy glow.


Rebecca suddenly used force to push Ash down.


The bag with the incense burners inside them dropped onto the ground with a ‘donk’ sound. Without any resistance, Ash was pushed down into a bush, and his body lay on top of the moist soil. In an instant, Rebecca’s body also pressed down on top of his. Their bodies were firmly pressed against each other with one on top and the other below. The warmth of Rebecca’s body was transmitted over from the parts that were pressed onto him. It wasn’t just that. Even the faint sounds of Rebecca’s breathing could be heard.


Rebecca’s body remained motionless while she remained pressed against Ash’s body.


“Be quiet.”

Rebecca used her index finger to seal Ash’s lips. A rustling sound as if a sandbag was being dragged across the ground was heard, as it cut through the silence of the forest. And then, an enormous figure passed by in the corner of his eye.

—…Is that a two-headed snake!?

Ash’s entire body went stiff. He didn’t expect to be here at a time when there were reports of increased sightings of strange snake species in the area. He could see the two long necks of the snake heads beyond the bush. Just the thickness of those necks was comparable to the width of a tree trunk, so it was impossible to imagine just how long the full length of the snake’s body was. Perhaps detecting the scent of two people, the two-headed snake suddenly stopped, and seeing this, Ash and Rebecca froze their bodies like rocks until the snake continued moving on. After a while, the strangely shaped snake disappeared deep into the forest.

“Phew…we’re saved.”

Ash couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, and at that time, Rebecca whispered into his ear

“I didn’t know that you were so bold either…”

Rebecca’s breath carried a subtle heat. Ash was initially surprised, but he immediately noticed the source of the problem.


He was forcefully pushed down by Rebecca earlier, and while they were entangled together, his right hand inadvertently grabbed her left breast. In that instant of surprise, Ash tightened the grip on his right hand, and accidentally squeezed it.


Rebecca suddenly let out a moan. Her cheeks blushed red faintly, as if she was aroused by pleasure. She had never revealed such an expression before. Although there was a layer of clothing in between, he could still clearly feel the softness of her breasts, and it was as if his five fingers were drawn in. She should be wearing underwear right…such thoughts involuntarily surfaced within Ash’s mind. The mesmerising sensation he felt simply by touching it was like the product of a miracle.

“Uhm…I-I absolutely did not mean to do it on purpose!”

Ash frantically tried to defend himself; because his body was pressed down upon by Rebecca, he was unable to adjust the position of his hand.

“Well, I understand that you did not mean it. Rest assured, I won’t blame you.”

After Rebecca replied somewhat coyly, for some reason, she pressed down on Ash’s body even more. Gripped in the centre of Ash’s right hand, her breast expanded and as a result, compressed into a different shape.


“…I have a question that I’d like to ask someone as bold and audacious as you.”

Rebecca used a dreamy tone as she began to speak.

“W-What is it?”

“Well…after listening to my question, I hope you don’t laugh. Everyone praises me for being strong, cool, and capable. Of course, hearing such praise doesn’t make me unhappy, but I am still a girl in her youth. S-So I also want…to hear people praise me for being very cute and the like. Is it so strange for me to worry about such problems?”

Although her appearance was like that of a young girl, the expression in her eyes was dead serious. Ash immediately understood that he absolutely could not use a lame excuse to answer to her question.

“Of course it’s not strange.”

While replying in that manner, Ash still felt the sensation of his hand on Rebecca’s breast.


“Yes. Rebecca-san is very cute right now.”

Ash decisively said. After Rebecca gasped in surprise, her cheeks became dyed red like a rose.

“Please, could you repeat what you just said?”

Although the unexpected request made him puzzled, Ash still did as she wished and said it once again.

“Y-You’re very cute!”

Ash was embarrassed to death, and his entire body heated up as if it had caught fire. Whether it was his own body heating up, or the warmth of Rebecca’s body being transmitted to him…Ash was also uncertain. In short, his entire body was incessantly getting hotter.

“…Thank you, Ash. You’re the first person who’s said such a thing to me.”

After Rebecca showed a satisfied smile, she finally lifted her upper body away from Ash. The soft touch of her body and her sweet fragrance also drifted further away. At the same time that Ash dropped his tension, he inevitably felt some regret, but he soon felt a biting cold air.

Thunk, thunk…

The sound of familiar footsteps could be heard from the depths of the forest. The sound of those footsteps were clearer and more distinctive than any of the wild animals living in the forest. It wasn’t an Asia [2] either. Guessing from the way that the ground was shaking, it should be a Maestro. And it wasn’t just one of them. Deducing it ground the sound of their footsteps, there were two of them.

“—Hey, you’re still not at the set up point? Hurry up and finish this boring work.”

Blaring into Ash’s eardrums was undoubtedly Eco’s voice.

“Hmm, if you can’t even get work of this degree done in such a timeframe, you’ll damage the reputation of the Student Council. Continue, Lancelot!”

The next to ring out was Silvia’s voice.

“Umm…this area is the responsibility of group C, so…”

The person who meekly pointed out this problem was Lucca. Based on that, the other Maestro should be Gawain.

“What did you say!?”

“How is that possible!?”

Eco and Silvia both responded at the same time. Evidently, group A’s task was not going well. Logically speaking, while having Lucca, who was more familiar than anyone with the forest in the group, it should’ve been rather easy; however, Eco and Silvia seemed to be constantly unhelpful. Ash didn’t find it difficult to imagine that Lucca was having a hard time because she was being dragged around by those two, and he couldn’t help exposing a wry smile. However, his smile was immediately frozen upon hearing the following dialogue.

“Speaking of which — I wonder what Ash’s group is up to right now?”

Eco suddenly spoke with a tone of displeasure.

“His group member is President Rebecca, so we shouldn’t need to worry about them.”

Silvia answered calmly.

“Hold on, what does that ‘we’ mean? Why are you also worried?”

“I-I also like Ash! What’s wrong with being worried!?”

Silvia replied as if it were only natural. Perhaps because she thought that Ash wasn’t present, she didn’t try to hide her feelings. It was previously impossible for Silvia to have such an attitude.

“Eh? Silvia, you…also like Ash?”

Lucca was probably confused by Silvia’s sudden change in attitude. After all, Lucca was kept in the dark about the events which happened over the summer vacation, so it was hard to blame her for being confused.

“Anyway! If he dares to do anything strange with Rebecca, I’ll crush him in one step!”

Eco’s relentless words reverberated throughout the forest. It was almost as if she were giving a loud warning to Ash, who was somewhere within the forest. The three people in group A turned around and headed towards the eastern side.

Thunk, thunk…

The sound of Lancelot’s and Gawain’s footsteps gradually faded into the distance.

“—Fufu. Ash, congratulations on escaping unharmed.”

Rebecca revealed a playful expression as she whispered softly. Seeing her devilish smile, Ash almost felt like his soul was being sucked away. In order to calm himself down again, Ash leaned over to pick up the bag which he had dropped near his feet. He inspected the contents inside, and confirmed that the incense burner was safe. Unintentionally, Ash had discovered something even more significant.

—Thinking back about it now, if I brought out the magic incense burners to use when the two-headed snake appeared…we wouldn’t have had to hide from it in such an embarrassing way, right?

“What is it, Ash?”

Rebecca, who was about ten steps ahead of him suddenly turned around, causing Ash to panic. The sudden doubts that he had were also tossed to the back of his mind.

“I’ll be right over!”

Part 4

“This is the last one.”

“Good work, Ash.”

Ash set down the third magic incense burner at the marked location on the ground. After touching the built-in Bright Dragon Crystal, the Dragon Magic activated. Aside from emitting a light, no particular change could be detected in the Bright Dragon Crystal, but with this, they wouldn’t need to worry about dangerous beasts appearing in the vicinity of the route. The burner would generate a scent that was almost impossible to detect for humans, and only dangerous beasts would be able to perceive the unpleasant odour.

“Since it’s been such hard work, do you want to relax a bit?”

While saying that, Rebecca’s fiery red hair floated in the wind. Through the lush forestry, it was possible to catch a faint glimpse of Rubina Lake. The sun shone on the surface of the lake, forming a glimmering reflection, which was like an enormous mirror.

“That would be nice, given that we haven’t had a rest for so long.”

Ash said so without a second thought, but the view of the autumn shoreline was beautifully picturesque, and if he rested with just him and Rebecca at such a place, it would feel as if they were on a date. Date — the instant that he realised this word, a wave of embarrassment, shyness, nervousness and other emotions flooded his mind like an avalanche, causing Ash to immediately panic.


In that instant, a gust of wind suddenly swept through the forest, and an object like a piece of white cloth just so happened to cover Ash’s face. It felt somewhat warm, and it had a soft texture. An odour like that of sweet perfume entered his nostrils.

“I-I can’t see in front!”

Ash hurriedly grabbed the piece of cloth from his face. And then he was astonished for a moment.

“Uwah! How did this kind of thing appear here…!”

Ash’s entire face blushed red. No matter how he looked at them, it was a pair of ladies’ underwear, and based on the quality of the silk, it was probably a fairly expensive item.

It’s probably the personal underwear of some aristocratic lady, right?

…Ash thought. The point was, why did this kind of thing get blown over here by the wind?

“Don’t say anything, Ash.”

Rebecca suddenly used a low voice which carried a sense of tension to warn Ash. She slowly crept closer to the lakeside. Ash also followed Rebecca’s movements, while tightly holding onto the lukewarm underwear in his hand. Rebecca paused at the junction between the forest and the lakeside, hid her body behind a bush, and then carefully observed the situation near the lake. Ash also followed Rebecca’s gaze as he looked out. He could see a graceful figure bathing in the shallow area of the water.

—Taking a bath in a place like this? This person is too lacking in wariness…

The person bathing in the lake had dark black hair which stretched down their back, and their lower body was soaked within the lake. Because their back was facing Ash, he was unable to recognise them, but their slim figure and certain elegance gave Ash a familiar feeling. Their drooping shoulder line was gentle like a work of art.


Ash inadvertently discovered—

That there was a ferocious looking Maestro that was leisurely lying on the grass next to the lakeside having a nap. Its enormous body was in no way inferior to that of Cú Chulainn’s. After seeing the black crystal embedded on its forehead, Ash was shocked to realise that that Maestro was actually Tristan.

“No, hold on…if Tristan is in a place like this, then that means…”

Ash was momentarily stunned. Indeed, the person who was bathing in the lake rather happily was Oscar Brailsford.

—So…too beautiful…

When he found himself inadvertently thinking about such things, Ash was greatly surprised.

—Hold on hold on, that guy is a male! Why the hell am I so fascinated by a man…

Just when an internal conflict broke out within Ash’s mind, Oscar turned around, showing his side profile.


In that instant, Ash was struck by immense shock, as if the centre of his chest had been hollowed out. Upon Oscar’s chest stood a pair of double peaks that a man could not possibly have. Every single movement she made caused her breasts to sway; it was a highly stimulating sight. Her enormous breasts were like an abundantly growing fruit. What was more surprising was that she had a method of disguising her substantially large bust considerably well. Her cherry-coloured tips perked slightly upwards. Oscar’s breasts were not only large, but their shape was also very beautiful and attractive.

“W-W-What’s going on here, Rebecca-san!? If you look closely, that guy Oscar is totally a woman!”

“Haah…it looks like I can’t cover it up any more, a student aside from me has found out about it.”

Rebecca made a long sigh.

“So you mean to say that you already knew about this, Rebecca-san?”

“Based on her body shape and behaviour, I could vaguely detect an air of femininity. Even if she was able to fool the eyes of ordinary teachers and students, she wasn’t able to escape my discernment.”

“So Oscar also knew that Rebecca-san had seen through her as well…?”

“That’s the reason why Oscar was forced to take the position of Vice-President, because the secret of her gender was uncovered by me. And the reason why she acted unpleasantly to me before, and insisted on me marrying her was probably because she wanted to contain an insider like me, it definitely wasn’t because she fell in love with me.”

As if recalling the past, the expression in Rebecca’s eyes seemed to become emotional.

“But why is Oscar a girl pretending to be male…?”

Although I haven’t heard it directly from her myself, the reason isn’t difficult to imagine. To this day, the Chevron Kingdom still has not given women the right to inherit the throne. In other words, unless Oscar abandons her identity as a woman, she can never become King—”

“Who’s there!?”

At that moment, Oscar suddenly threw a dagger which had been concealed along the lakeside somewhere in advance. A flash of silver light darted over Ash’s and Rebecca’s heads.



The sharp blade embedded itself deeply into the tree behind the two of them. Ash felt goosebumps all over his body, and he froze his body in shock. Her technique was staggering. If one hadn’t diligently practiced day after day, it probably wasn’t possible to obtain such an accurate throwing technique.

“Well, since she’s discovered us, I guess we can only come out and show ourselves.”

Rebecca didn’t seem to feel guilty about anything at all, and she calmly stood up.

“Hmph…so it was Rebecca. If it’s just you then that’s fine…”

Oscar showed an expression of relief, but immediately after seeing Ash slowly stand up from the bushes, she was so flustered that she almost lost her sense of balance.

Part 5

“Uwaaahh! How can this be!”

While wearing only a towel around her body, Oscar wailed out. Although all of her important places were covered up, her slender arms were still highly sexy and seductive, which caused Ash to be at a loss as to where to look. Ever since the identity of Oscar’s gender was exposed, Ash felt drawn to the enchanting charm of every one of her actions. Ash was actually surprised that he was unable to notice it before. Even the sound of her voice now sounded a lot sharper than it was before.

“Damn it, I didn’t expect that in addition to Rebecca, even Ash Blake now knows my true gender…how could I be so careless!?”

“If you’re going to blame someone, shouldn’t you blame yourself for coming to a place like this to bathe?”

“I don’t have a choice! You can’t expect me to take a shower in the public bath in the boys’ dormitory!”

What she said was certainly correct, and Ash could understand her difficulties.

“So that’s why you normally take a bath here?”

“…Yes, exactly.”

“But since it’s such a delicate secret, you should be more careful, and at least order that eye patch maid to be your lookout, right? Speaking of which, where is that maid?”

“Celes went to buy ingredients for cooking…”

“You don’t seem think things through enough.”

“Eh, shut up shut up! Since you know my secret now, I’ll just have to kill to shut you up! Otherwise…”

Oscar’s eyes pierced through him, as they fixated on Ash.

“Be my bride!”

“What? You want me to be the bride? How is that possible!?”

Using some sort of strange logic, the only conclusion was to ‘marry her’? It was completely baffling. Without showing any mercy, Oscar suddenly pushed down the confused Ash.

“Kuh! What do you want!?”

Ash tried to struggle free, but Oscar’s arm strength was surprisingly strong. It was truly unbelievable that a girl’s slender arms could actually exert so much force. The current situation was almost like a strong female leopard had suddenly thrust him down. Moreover, it was possible to see the deep cleavage of her chest from that position. Her voluptuous/voluminous/abundant breasts seemed as if they were ready to spill out of her towel at any moment.

“You don’t need to worry, you’ll be fine as long as you cross-dress as a girl. I promise to give you the position of second queen!”

“Stop dreaming, how could I possibly cross-dress as a woman!? And if I’m the second, then who’s the first?”

“Of course it’s Rebecca!”

“Since when did you decide that!?”

“Ah, that really is a great idea! If a male dressed as a female and a female dressed as a male get married, they’ll be able to have children normally. Like this, the problem of continuing the family line with an heir will be solved! Speaking of which, Rebecca may be outstanding, but two women can’t have children!”

“What kind of sophistry is that!?”

“Don’t worry. Even if the roles of man and woman are reversed, it’ll be fine as long as they can make the combination!”

“What is this combination!?”

“Hey…are you really trying to make me say that out loud? You pervert!”

Ash was rebuked by Oscar in return.

“Seriously, this is the so-called ‘Avalon Knight’? An indecisive man…since you’re so unwilling to cooperate, you have the freedom to choose right here whether or not you die. Stabbed to death, beaten to death, strangled to death, or being eaten by Tristan — say it, how do you want to die?”

“Of course I don’t want any of those, do you even have to ask? And who are you trying to scare with the last option!?”

“If you don’t want to die then marry me!”

“I don’t want to marry you either! Besides, Eco and I are like a single being! As long as you want Eco, you can’t take my life!”

“Hmm. As you just said, that is indeed correct. How about this then, you and I will enter a contract.”

“Contract? What are you saying…”

“Didn’t you understand what I said? There’s only one type of contract between man and woman — combine with me right now.”

“Are you crazy!?”

“Y-You can have my ‘first time’! Surely there’s no disadvantage in it for you, is there?”

Oscar blushed slightly, and she suddenly averted her eyes. For some reason, Ash suddenly felt that Oscar was rather cute, and he couldn’t stop his heartrate from rising. Faced with the sudden and absurd request, Ash was barely able to maintain his reason.

“Wait a minute! Rebecca-san is right next to us and watching!”

“No, it doesn’t matter, it feels quite interesting anyway, so you two don’t need to pay any attention to me.”

Rebecca revealed a cheeky and playful smile, as she replied casually.

“Wait! Why are even you following along!?”

“Hey, the person you’re combining with is me, you’re not allowed to be distracted by other women! Come on, prepare yourself mentally!”

Oscar placed her hand on top of Ash’s belt. She seemed like she really was going to take Ash’s pants off.

“I’m telling you to stop it!”

Oscar was trying to take Ash’s pants off—

Ash was desperately doing all that he could to resist—

Just when the two of them were in a stalemate, the towel that was wrapped around Oscar’s naked body lightly floated down. While straddled on top of Ash, Oscar’s naked body was laid bare like a stone statue.


A piercing shriek rang out across the lake.

“D-Don’t look!”

The previously bold Oscar acted almost like a completely different person, she shyly crossed both of her arms over her chest to cover the important parts.

Perhaps taking the initiative to attack a man, and having a man see her naked body unilaterally, was in a sense, two different things?

Although such thoughts momentarily burst into Ash’s mind, his mind was currently blank, as a result of seeing Oscar’s naked body in front of his eyes.


A few minutes later. After Oscar neatly put on her uniform, and tied her hair to the back, she returned to being the usual dashing noble. However, after finding out that she was actually a girl, it was no longer possible to see her as a man. Ash actually began to doubt himself on how he was unable to see any of that from her. In addition, he clearly saw Oscar’s naked body. As soon as he recalled that scene in his mind, he found it difficult not to have a nosebleed.

“By the way, Ash Blake.”

Oscar spoke to Ash with an uneasy expression on her face.

“What is it…?”

A sense of caution was raised within Ash, and he put himself on alert.

“When I was putting on my clothes before…umm, I couldn’t find my underwear no matter where I looked. With no other choice, I simply put on my pants without them.”

“So what? It’s most likely been blown away by the wind…”

Ash answered rather indifferently, but after learning the fact that ‘Oscar is currently not wearing any underwear’, his sanity was shaken.

“Excuse me for asking, but what is that thing sticking out from your pocket?”


Ash hurriedly check the pocket of his coat. There was a bit of white cloth protruding from his pocket.

“This is…!”

Ash finally remembered. After setting the last magic incense burner in the forest before, a pair of underwear was blowing in the wind. Afterwards, when he hid behind the bush with Rebecca, he thoughtlessly stuffed the underwear into his pocket as if it were his handkerchief. Oscar’s face went red as she retrieved her underwear from Ash’s pocket.

“Listen up, Ash Blake! I swear! I will definitely take you as my bride!”

She then jumped onto Tristan’s head, and flew away hurriedly.

“A Beauty in Male Attire ~A.S.B.1365.10~” is closed.

(Parts 5 of 5) (24/8)

[1] SFX of strenuous breathing.
[2] Kanji was Ground Dragon.

Continues on to Chapter 5 – Oscar’s Deeply Laid Plan

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          Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

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          She’s finally convinced of her femaleness by a fujoshi supergenius with a highly biased and erroneous anatomy knowledge (what facts didn’t manage, a big mistake achieved), but still strives to become “manly” (and has been convinced by another of the members that her aspirations to become a “good man” have not become hopeless just due to the fact that she’s beaologically female).


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