HighSchool DxD SS (The Student Council’s Decision)

Note: I do not yet have a copy of DX.2, so honorifics may be incorrect or missing as about half of them were guessed. I am also uncertain about the usage of ‘H’ – it was used in the Chinese text, but I doubt that’s what was used in the Japanese text.

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The Student Council’s Decision

Part 1

It was currently the afternoon of a certain day not long after the school trip. I — Hyoudou Issei and several female students who belonged to the Student Council arrived in front of the door to the Chess Club.

Official inspection [1]! We’re the Student Council!”

I shouted that out while I pushed open the door of the club room. Within the room were male students who were playing chess while half-naked.

“The rumours were true! Playing strip shogi is not permitted by me and the Student Council!”

“P-Please wait a minute! There’s a reason for this!”

Although the panicking boy with glasses seemed to have something to say in response to our sudden appearance, the other female members and I mercilessly took the half-naked boy of the Chess Club away.

“There’s no need for excuses, come with us to the Student Council!”

That’s how it was, I was currently doing the work of the Student Council. Why? Ah, there were many reasons for it….

Going back in time a few hours ago — in the club room of the Occult Research Club after school.

“Could you lend Hyoudou-kun to me for a while?”

From the sudden visitor — that was the first thing that Sona-kaichou said.

“What? All of a sudden?”

Buchou asked in surprise.

Kaichou sat down on the sofa, and then began to explain in detail after taking a sip of Akeno-san’s red tea.

“Saji is sick with the flu. It seems like it’s a cold that only Devils can get, and also a cold that only Dragons can get occurred concurrently.

“…It’s like before, it’s the one that Ise-senpai had.”

Koneko-chan added while sitting on my lap. Ah, it’s that. That was quite severe. It would make people so uncomfortable that they wouldn’t be able to do anything. This world really is full of wonders; there was actually a type of flu that would only affect Devils and Dragons.

“Ara ara, did it spread from the Devil businessmen that kaichou and buchou frequently visit again?”

Akeno-san asked with a worried expression as she supported her face with her hand. Because kaichou and buchou both buy many things from the same Devil businessman, did Saji get infected like I did that time?

“The reason is still being investigated. Basically, the present situation is that Saji is sick and can’t move.”

That guy who’s always full of vitality and busily running around the school also can’t defeat a flu huh. That flu is truly deadly. Kaichou shifted her gaze towards me and continued on that topic.

“So then I thought that I could borrow Hyoudou Issei-kun’s strength, which is why I came over.”

…I’m going to replace Saji? I raised this question, and kaichou continued to explain.

“Simply put, we lack manpower from the males who are responsible for having strength. Although we’re Devils, we have much greater strength compared to ordinary human girls. But, we normally hide this; if we suddenly became very good at jobs which required strength while Saji was absent, it would appear highly unnatural from the perspective of other people.”

Indeed, Devils normally hid their true strength as they progressed through their daily activities. If the girls suddenly gained Herculean strength while Saji was absent, it would be too suspicious.

“So I thought that I could borrow this male student Hyoudou-kun for a brief period of time to fill-in for Saji, which is why I came to ask. In addition, he’s also quite clear about the internals of the Student Council — we’re all Devils, so it also becomes easy to work together.”

Since they needed to borrow strength from male students, it would be best to do so from the Occult Research Club who were also Devils. After buchou listened to that, she looked at me, Kiba, — and Gasper again.

“In Gasper’s case…it doesn’t look like he has much strength.”

“I’m really sorry for being weak and powerless!!!”

Buchou’s merciless comment caused Gasper to apologise. I’ll train you well in the future! Gasper!

“But, why not Yuuto?”

“Some of the girls in my peerage may not be able to work together with Kiba-kun naturally. Speaking of the extreme case, there’s even the possibility of disrupting our discipline. I don’t doubt Kiba-kun. But there may be problems when it comes to the girls under my command. Although I have repeatedly taught them about this, they’re high school girls after all, so they might do something unexpected on impulse.”

Speaking of which, there were several Kiba fans in the Sitri peerage. Kaichou thought that if Kiba was in front of them, those girls wouldn’t be able to stay calm and do their work. After Kiba heard this, he made a wry smile and said ‘that’s quite a problem’. Damn it! This was a problem that simply made people envious! Kaichou shifted her gaze towards me again.

“That’s why Hyoudou-kun is perfect. He’s stronger than Gasper, and he won’t disrupt discipline unlike Kiba.”

“…But, Ise-senpai is very perverted.”

While sitting on my lap, Koneko-chan coldly said such a thing! Yes! Just as Koneko-chan said, I’m very perverted! Kaichou nodded.

“I’m also clear in that regard, but I don’t think that’s a problem.”


I-It was a response truly beyond my expectations. Kaichou actually supported me?

“Ara, you have a lot of faith in Ise.”

Buchou was also quite surprised.

“Eh, he is someone that you chose, so of course I’ll trust him.”

“W…W-W-Wh-Wha…What are you saying all of a sudden!”

Upon hearing Sona-kaichou’s words, buchou’s face suddenly reddened. ..What happened? Why was she blushing like that?

“However, I believe that Ise-kun will definitely be a great help to the Student Council. If you don’t look at him that way, he’s actually very serious towards people.”

Kiba smiled as he said that. ‘that way’ isn’t necessary! That guy! Buchou calmed down as she exhaled.

“…I-I know. Ise, I want you lend Sona a hand.”

“Yes! Then, please take care of me, kaichou!”

A slight smile emerged on kaichou’s face.

“Alright. We’ll take care of you, Hyoudou Issei-kun. Thank you, Rias. I’ll be borrowing him now then.”

Although I was a little uneasy about whether someone like me could do the work of the Student Council, I was often helped out by other them, and kaichou was also buchou’s friend. We should help each other out when there’s trouble, so I went to help! —Thus, I immediately arrived at the Student Council office, and participated in the Student Council meeting in Saji’s seat.

“Well, I think our temporary meeting can begin.”

Kaichou glanced at me, and then added

“As I just mentioned, in order to fill-in for Saji, who is sick, I borrowed Hyoudou Issei-kun from the Occult Research Club to temporarily act as our male manpower. Although there may be many things that you’re not used to, the school festival is approaching so everyone needs to work hard together with Hyoudou-kun.”


After the calm response, the atmosphere of the meeting room immediately became very quiet again; it could be said to be the complete opposite of the Occult Research Club. Over there, everyone would be laughing and being lively.

“P-Please take care of me!”

I got up to say that and bowed, and then quickly returned to my seat. That was too scary! What a serious atmosphere! Looking around at the room, there wasn’t a single useless item. There were simply the desks and chairs of each member, bookshelves filled with information, and a single whiteboard. Everyone’s desk was extremely tidy, and there wasn’t a trace of disorganisation in their appearance. There was also a flat-screen TV and several computers which seemed to have little use. There was a tea set, but I couldn’t see any snacks. The fukukaichou [2] with glasses and long black hair — Shinra Tsubaki-senpai stood up from her seat, along with one of kaichou’s [Bishops] — second year Kusaka-san who had her hair in two braids; they stood in front of the whiteboard together. Shinra-senpai began to read the file

“Well, first I’d like to confirm the group events which have been scheduled for the festival in the courtyard.”

Hearing this, Kusaka-san began to write various things onto the whiteboard. Everyone began to write notes in their documents! I also hurriedly opened the file which was in my hand.

“Starting from the groups of the sports clubs, first is the baseball team—”

Like that, the super serious meeting that was least compatible with me began!

Thirty minutes later—.


I-It’s finished. After finishing the meeting, I lay my face down on the table, and exhaled deeply.

“Uh…I’ve never experienced such a serious meeting.”

The Occult Research Club also held meetings, and it could have a rather serious atmosphere depending on the situation. But it had never made me so nervous like just then. Who can possibly stand this kind of ‘writing a single thing down wrong is a big mistake’ atmosphere! …Did Saji always attend such meetings? That guy was truly amazing. Including kaichou, the members of the Student Council all left to do their own work, which left only me and a few other members behind in the Student Council meeting room. When the second year [Bishop] with long wavy hair, Hanakai-san, and the first year [Pawn] with her long hair tied in two ponytails, Nimura-san left—

“Since you’re here to fill in for Gen-chan, you should work hard and seriously.”

“Because you’re here to substitute for Genshirou, you don’t need to ask people for help.”

I had already been told that a lot. Ah, that guy really had the trust of the girls in the peerage. The tall female student — second year Yura-san came over to pat my shoulder, and then spoke to the [Knight] Meguri-san behind me who was also a second year student.

“Alright, we should go, Hyoudou.”

“Go? Where?”

I couldn’t help asking. We needed to go out? Meguri-san lifted up a bag which contained bamboo swords, and replied to me after confirming that there were no problems

“Patrolling and miscellaneous chores. It’s a part of the work that Gen-chan is responsible for. It’s also a job that’s suitable for you.”

…It seemed like some kind of physical job which didn’t require one to use the brain much. Thus, I began to patrol the Academy after school together with Yura-san and Meguri-san…because the two of them appeared very pretty when they were walking, I couldn’t help straightening my back to match them. …T-This could be more tiring than I imagined.

“Hyoudou isn’t good at doing work which required thinking, right? I’m not good at it either.”

Yura-san causually said that. This girl not only looked like a bishounen [3], but even her tone was quite boyish. She was similar to Xenovia. Or was Xenovia slightly more boyish? But, Yura-san was also quite pretty.

“Well, I think that I’m the same as Yura-san and I’m more suited to physical work.”

I completely agreed to Yura-san’s words. For me, moving my body around was more relaxing than working on documents.

“That’s a good reply, which is why we’re going to do some moving work. Also, it’s fine to just call me Yura.”

So that’s how it was, moving things. It was certainly simple and easy to understand. Speaking of which, the Student Council even did these kinds of things huh. Next, me and Yura-san…Yura as well as Meguri-san arrived at the staff room together to receive the teacher’s instructions, which was to move some goods to a certain location.

“Okay, that’s done now.”

After moving a load of goods, Yura exhaled, and I also took a break. Although moving things wasn’t particularly tiring, helping the Student Council out with things was quite tiring. I kept on thinking ‘Although this is only temporary, I can’t do anything strange as a member of the Student Council’, and was rather nervous about it. The two girls flexed their shoulders and wrists. Yura then announced

“Okay, we should get down to business next.”


After hearing my surprised question, a suspicious smile emerged on Yura’s face.

“Hyoudou, for people like us who do physical work, the next task is a critical one. Alright, let’s head over to the club room.”

Meguri-san continued with the topic

“Going to confirm whether suspicious rumours about various groups are true is also the work of the Student Council. Especially since this is the time before the School Festival, it’s best to deal with the groups which plan to conduct improper activities during the School Festival prior.”

“A surprise attack like this is the most effective. Hohoho, we’ll start with the cultural groups.”

It felt like Yura was quite happy. Meguri-san sighed.

“She likes doing these kinds of things the most.”

I-Is that the case? My Occult Research Club could also be considered a cultural club, that doesn’t matter, right? Like that, I followed behind Yura and Meguri-san, and made surprise attacks on the cultural clubs whilst they were making their preparations.

“Official inspection! We’re the Student Council!”

Then, we started with that line each time—.

The story returns back to the beginning.

Yura, Meguri-san and I made surprise visits to each of the various cultural clubs. The bad rumours of each club were exposed by us one after the other — well, investigating further, it wasn’t just the Chess Club at the beginning, the groups who secretly broke the school rules were really everywhere…. I-I was in no position to talk about others, but all of the other guys were really presumptuous. As for the Sports Clubs, after the surprise inspections, we tied them up on the ground (anyone that tried to run away was swiftly caught and brought back by us), and then used the bamboo swords that Meguri-san had to discipline them on the spot. …After all, it was impossible for ordinary people to beat us Devils. Most of the students understood that resisting the Student Council was useless, so there were a lot of people who instantly sank into despair and gave up as soon as they saw Yura and Meguri-san. Well, there were occasionally a few people who tried to resist or escape. Of course, there were a lot of people who could only exclaim “It’s not Saji!” when they saw me. I’m substituting Saji today, so I’m sorry everyone. …Please don’t hold any grudges against me afterwards!

This kind of inspection didn’t seem like it could be done on a fixed date, it was most effective only when it was sudden. If the inspection was scheduled only to occur on the first day of the week or the first day of the month, those guys would only act honestly on the day of the inspection, and would act as they liked on the other days. Giving these people the impression that they were subject to a sudden inspection by the Student Council was very important. Yura and Meguri-san explained this to me afterwards. But, I was able to understand more or less why Yura enjoyed this. Ah, although I couldn’t say that my feelings were exactly the same as Yura, this kind of work in which we exposed the misconduct of other groups in the name of the Student Council really gave us a sense of pleasure. It was nice to borrow such a power and authority. Although it may not be a very good feeling, I enjoyed using the Student Council’s authority like this a bit.

—-Then, we arrived at the Manga Research Club. The rumours were that students were reading H-manga. It seems like they also secretly held an exhibition at last year’s School Festival, because I heard that those H-manga were sold out in the blink of an eye. What kind of H-manga would they sell at the School Festival…I also wanted to see and buy them! So, this was naturally targeted by the Student Council as they thought ‘Would they also engage in that this year?’.

“The Manga Research Club often seems to secretly draw some questionable manga for ordinary students to read.”

Yura said to me. T-Those kinds of rumours. Even I, who was well-informed on the H information of Kuoh Academy hadn’t heard of that!? Matsuda, Motohama, as members of the H circulation network, you guys also didn’t know? …The Student Council is too terrifying! This is such a powerful intelligence network! Arriving before the Manga Research Club on the third floor of the new school building, Yura, Meguri-san and I nodded as we exchanged a glance, and then lightly knocked on the door. Soon after that, a voice replied ‘come in’, and the door was opened.

“Uh! Student Council.”

The male student with glasses was surprised to see Yura, and everyone else within the room began to panic!

“Not good! Hide it quickly!”

Then, the members of the manga club seemed to be busy hiding something—. Yura pushed aside the spectacled boy and shouted

“We’re from the Student Council! I’ve heard that you’ve been making suspicious manga and spreading it around to students, and thus came here!”

Yura strode into the room, while Meguri-san and I followed behind, after which she pointed to a girl who appeared to be the buchou [4] and said

“We need to inspect your manga. Alright, hand over all of the manga in this room.”


The manga club’s buchou replied calmly, and then gave instructions to all of the members. The members then shakily handed over each of their originals. The three of us then carefully inspected each of these originals. Among these were those which ranged from hot-blooded shounen manga to four-koma manga. There was also shoujo manga [5]. But—.

“…It’s ordinary manga.”

Those were Yura’s, and also my thoughts. Mmm, it’s very ordinary manga. Although the quality of the art didn’t seem like the product of a high school student, there were also some ecchi parts, but there weren’t any explicit H works? I was kind of looking forward to it, as I thought that I would be able to see a lot of H things…. Were all those poor rumours about the manga club just lies? At that time, I heard the conversation between Meguri-san and a female club member.

“W-Why is the beast Hyoudou-kun here…?”

“Our member Saji Genshirou has the flu. So, he’s acting as a substitute and has come from the Occult Research Club to work with us.”

“Shouldn’t Kiba-kun be the one to come!?”

“Indeed, it should be like that.”

“If it was for a surprise inspection, it would be better if it was Kiba-kun.”

The female members were crying! I’m really sorry, it’s me! Even so, I am the candidate that kaichou picked herself! After inspecting all of the members’ manga, none of us found anything in the end. The manga club buchou showed a relieved expression.

“See, there’s nothing right? Okay, please head out.”

The manga club president began waving her hand to send us away. Just in the moment where it seemed as if the Student Council had to believe the outcome that the rumours were mistaken — Meguri-san’s interest was suddenly piqued by a certain computer tower which sat on the floor as her eyes homed in on it. She walked over to it, and began to examine it carefully.

“Hmm, Tsubasa. This thing is suspicious, only this computer has traces of dust from being moved around.”

She then invited Yura over to take a look. Ah, so Yura’s first name was Tsubasa. Yura and I also walked over and began to carefully inspect that computer, and confirmed that only the dust on that computer didn’t match up…

“I-Inside that is…”

One of the members accidentally let their mouth slip.


The manga club buchou immediately interrupted him; there was a problem in here!

“This response…Hyoudou-kun! Block those guys!”


Hearing Yura’s instructions, I inserted myself between those two and the manga club members, acting as a wall between the two parties. After the computer tower’s case was opened, several thin booklets were found inside. Ooh, so that’s where they were hidden…! Meguri-san had very attentive eyes! That was the power of the Student Council!

“Don’t, stooopp!”

The manga club buchou cried out! Yura opened the thin booklets and examined them carefully.

“…This is the thing that you guys were hiding. I see…t-this is!”

After checking it, Yura opened the booklet and held it up in front of all of the manga club members.

“Found it! Manga Research Club! This is evidence of the rumours!”

Shown on it was — a character that looked like me and a character that looked like Kiba, entangled with each other doing H things! WHAT IS THIS! I quickly ran over and grabbed the booklet from Yura’s hands and looked at it carefully! …A-All of it was me and Kiba doing gay and yaoi [6] things! The title on the cover was [Beast Hyoudou x Prince Kiba-kun 15]! Fifteen!? Could this be the fifteenth series!? This is the fifteenth volume!? This kind of thing is already up to the fifteenth volume!? Putting the shaken me aside, Yura made her conclusion to the manga club.

“This is clearly a homoerotic manga which is in violation of the school rules.”

Hearing this, the manga club buchou began to make excuses.

“A-Are you trying to take away our freedom of expression!? T-This is a violation of the Freedom of Information!”

“I don’t have any opinions on your work, however, I hope that you don’t hand these out to ordinary students.”

“B-But, there a lot of girls in Kuoh Academy waiting for this…the love story of the beast and prince!”

I don’t want to hear that kind of information! This can’t be for real! This kind of manga with me and Kiba has been secretly circulating around Kuoh Academy!? Moreover, it’s already been serialised into the fifteenth volume! That must have required a lot of popularity! The demand for it is too high! Although I was aware that some girls used to see my relationship with Kiba as girl-corrupting, I didn’t think that it had become a manga, let alone that manga being so popular… I see, I know why there was H-manga secretly circulating around the school without me knowing about it now. BL [7] is outside of my information network, so of course something unrelated wouldn’t reach my ears! Only the girls must have known about it! How could this be! I found out about the truth of a situation that I didn’t want to know about!

“In any case, these need to be confiscated, and you’ll need to report to supervising sensei afterwards.”

Yura said that as she confiscated those thin booklets. Yes yes, take them all away! It’s best if they’re burnt right away.

“Uhh…! It can’t be helped! This series became popular since this spring, and now it’s finally succumbed to the authorities!”

The manga club buchou knelt on the floor in tears, and the other members also had regretful looks and moist eyes. Then, that buchou turned towards me.

“Please! There’s only one thing that you definitely have tell me! In that case, I won’t have any regrets! Hyoudou-kun! I’m begging you, please answer my question!”

“So, what is it?”

“In reality, you and Kiba-kun, who’s the attacker and who’s the receiver!? I want to know the truth!”


Help me destroy this BL club! I strongly wished that from the bottom of my heart. I’m really begging you to give me a break…

Part 2

“Haah…. Overall, I felt happy, but also tired…”

I sighed in front of the sink in the nearest men’s bathroom to the Student Council Office. …The Student Council’s work had a very interesting side, but I was also dealt a heavy blow because I found out about the truth of something that I didn’t want to know about. Not even the first day of after school activities was done yet…. It’s fine, I’m just here as a substitute for Saji right now, so I’ll just continue to work hard. —Then, when I came out of the men’s bathroom. I bumped into the bespectacled fukukaichou Shinra Tsubaki-senpai with her usual straight face.

“Oh, it’s Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

“Ah, hello fukukaichou.”

Senpai was a cold beauty above even the kaichou. Although she was a bit of a beauty, her overall impression was slightly scary. Honestly, she was the type that I wasn’t good at dealing with.

“You seem to be taking the Student Council’s work quite seriously. Although I was a little worried about whether you would be able to be a good substitute for Saji…”

“I-I see…”

Up until now, I still haven’t gained this person’s trust? I suddenly saw a flash of light shine across Shinra-senpai’s glasses.


“Ah, yes.”

“I think you’re excellent as a Devil. After all, you’ve experienced the battles with Loki and in Kyoto and have even emerged victorious.”

Ah, I’ve been praised. That was rather unexpected. As I thought that, fukukaichou frowned as she continued

“But, having strong sexual desires is not a good thing. Don’t you think that as a male high school student, you should have the appropriate mind and body? Seeking only to raise your perversion by developing related techniques, it’s simply stupid. You’re already the peerage member of a high-class Devil, so don’t you feel that you have an obligation to make your master appear more honest and wise in front of others?”


She seems to have accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction towards me…Shinra-senpai really was a typical honour student, the class representative type. Her expression was one which seemed as if she completely missed the point of a fun topic, and she certainly wouldn’t have a boyfriend.

“Originally, as the master of the Gremory peerage, Rias-san is too bold and too cheerful, she’s simply too indulgent on her free-spirited peerage, and not just those in her peerage, but also to other people—”

“Oh? It’s Ise-kun — and Shinra-senpai.”

Shinra-senpai’s eyes trembled unstoppably like a machine gun, as a handsome guy appeared behind me.

“Ah, Kiba.”

Yes, it was Kiba. It was quite a coincidence to encounter him here. The pitch of Shinra-senpai’s voice suddenly increased.

“K-K-K-K-Kiba-kun…. Ahem, if it isn’t Kiba Yuuto-kun. What have you come here for?”

Senpai deliberately cleared her throat so that she could change her tone of voice, it seems like she’s quite shaken. …T-This is really quite a fresh reaction. Kiba made a wry smile then answered

“No, I’m just a bit worried about Ise-kun. So I came over to the new school building to take a look, but there isn’t anything else to do here in particular.”

He’s still the same guy with a great sense of obligation. Or perhaps I just make people worried? Shinra-senpai reluctantly put on a smile.

“T-There’s no need to worry about that right? Hyoudou-kun is doing a very good job. He’s been a great help to the Student Council! The boys of the Occult Research Club are really strong and worth relying on!”

…Shinra-senpai, isn’t that completely the opposite of what you just said? Speaking of which, she’s been acting rather strangely ever since Kiba showed up. Her trembling face has become really red, could this reaction possible be…? While speaking with Kiba, Shinra-senpai appeared to be like a young deer prancing around, and her attitude was the complete opposite of when she was speaking to me. Shinra-senpai was really like a maiden in love, as she pointed her two index fingers against each other in front of her chest and asked

“…I-I have something that I’d like to ask.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“…K-Kiba-kun, right now, do you h-h-h-ha-have any girls that you’re in an r-relationship with…?”

Ooh! She asked about it directly! Even I could see Shinra-senpai’s feelings at a glance in that moment! It was too obvious! The Shinra-senpai who seemed so serious and intellectual also had a maiden in love side like this to her! It’s true that one can’t judge a book just by their cover! Kiba maintained the smile on his face, but he lifted his eyebrows a bit with a slightly troubled expression.

“That…I don’t have anything like that.”

Kiba’s reply caused Shinra-senpai’s face to light up. Ah, senpai is so cute like this.

“Y-Yes, I see! I-I understand! Ahem, it’s really fortunate that I was able to speak with Kiba-kun and Hyoudou-kun today. I still have some work to do so I’ll go first, good afternoon.”

After Shinra-senpai said that, she walked with joyful steps towards the other end of the corridor and disappeared. Midway, she even turned back and waved at us, so it seemed like she was really in quite a good mood. …Even though her tone and attitude when she saw me before was quite serious….

“Hahaha, ever since the match with the Sitri peerage, Shinra-senpai always spoke to me quite gingerly, could it be because I said too many things about the aura of holy swords to her during that battle…”

Kiba scratched his face and said such thoughtless words.

“I think that an intellectual beauty is also pretty good.”

I replied like that to him as I pat his shoulder.

Part 3

“Ah, Tsubaki-senpai’s mind is filled with just Kiba now.”

Yura took a sip from her bottle of water and then said that to me.

After that, we returned to the Student Council Office; including kaichou, the majority of the members had returned, and work had finally come to an end so everyone each went off to rest. Yura and I, as well as the [Bishop] Kusaka-san went to a corner of the cafeteria together and sat down at a table. At this time, there weren’t many people in the cafeteria and there were many available seats. Meguri-san stayed back in the Student Council Office to report on the various groups which underwent a surprise inspection, and wasn’t currently here.

“Tsubaki-senpai, wasn’t she defeated by Kiba in the Rating Game? She’s been like that ever since then.”

Kusaka-san said to me. Ah, it looks like what Kiba said was right. After that match/battle with the Sitri peerage, Shinra-senpai attitude greatly changed every time she saw Kiba. After Yura took another sip from her bottle, she continued.

“Originally, Tsubaki-senpai liked those younger than her, and guys who would make her serious, so in that sense, Kiba is a match.”

“But, she didn’t like Kiba before the Rating Game.”

“It’s not unusual that people treat the person who first defeats them as their crush.”

Yura asserted. …Hmm, there was such a thing? I don’t really understand the heart of a maiden.

“But, if I had to speak of the people among us who had crushes, it would be Hanakai Momo-chan and Nimura Ruruko-chan.”

Kusaka-san made a playful smile as she said that to me. Hanakai-san and Nimura-san?

“Those two are secretly trying to get close to Genshirou and have started a battle between women.”

“Say Yura, Genshirou means Saji, right? You mean someone…wants to get close to Saji and started a contest between women?”

With a delighted expression, Kusaka-san replied to me

“That’s right, Hyoudou-kun. The love story around Gen-chan has already started within the peerage.”

“Love story, you mean Hanakai-san and Nimura-san, with Saji…?”

In response to my question, Yura and Kusaka-san nodded in agreement. What! Something like this happened within the Student Council! Although I knew that the Student Council and we of the Gremory peerage similarly had a close relationship between members, I didn’t think that there were even romantic relationships…. Speaking of Hanakai-san, she was the [Bishop] who held a blood bag and continually drained my blood during the match. To me, she was a girl who was slightly hard to deal with…. Nimura-san seemed to have appeared at the beginning of the match with Saji, and was the [Pawn] who stood in front of me and Koneko-chan, but was defeated by Koneko-chan in the end. I see, they both had feelings for Saji. It was also those two who told me that. They specifically emphasised that I was a substitute for Saji. Ah, so there was actually another layer of meaning to that? Kusaka-san continued with a straight face

“But, it’s ironic that Gen-chan only has kaichou in his eyes, and for kaichou, Gen-chan is an existence like that of a little brother. Although, to some extent, this is a good thing for Momo-chan and Ruruko-chan…”

That’s right, Saji’s goal was kaichou. All that guy thought of was just kaichou. He heard that I was getting along very well with buchou’s family, and the memory of his shocked face was still fresh in my mind. It’s just that kaichou only saw him as someone like a little brother. Saji, you still have a long way to go. But, even so, we still have to forge ahead, right? Even though I haven’t been encouraging you in that regard!

“…Hanakai-san and Nimura-san, they’ve both been attracted by Saji. But, if I remember, wasn’t Hanakai-san one of Kiba’s fans?”

I asked that. During the match against the Sitris, I once used [Bilingual] to listen to the voice of Hanakai-san’s heart, and at that time, she clearly had a liking for Kiba. Nimura-san…I confirmed that she was already attracted to Saji by that time, and it seemed to be from when she found out that that guy was worth relying on. Kusaka-san nodded as she replied to me.

“Yes, Ruruko is a first year student, and was given a lot of help by Gen-chan when he began doing Student Council work, and from there it began very traditionally.”

Yura went on to explain

“Momo-chan — Hanakai Momo was just as you said Hyoudou, she could only think about Kiba Yuuto. But, after she saw Genshirou Saji’s passion when he fought against Hyoudou and his constant endless training, she unknowingly began to turn to that side. Compared to the handsome guy who was far away, she chose the hot-blooded youth who was in front of her. Although that girl has a side which likes to chase after an idol like a young girl, she’s also quite realistic.”

Haah—, so that’s how it was. Although her target was originally Kiba, she gradually began have her heart stolen away by Saji who was beside her, without realising. Mmm, a maiden’s heart truly is difficult to understand. Kusaka-san’s eyes shone again as she said

“But I always stayed true to Kiba. Although I’m not as passionate as fukukaichou, Kiba really is like that in that you just can’t get enough of him. He’s even become a bit friendlier now than before, so he’s also easier to talk to.”

Ever since that incident with Kokabiel, it was true that Kiba had softened and was a lot friendlier to people than before.

“That guy Kiba, he’s really popular even here. W-Well, how about my popularity?”

I finally asked that. I thought that Yura and Kusaka-san would be dismissive about it, and didn’t expect that they would strain their minds seriously to think about it, which was quite unexpected.

“If someone were to make a move on Hyoudou-kun, I think they would be killed by Rias-senpai or Akeno-senpai…. Although, I think that your face looks pretty good, and your future looks quite promising. But, the girls around Hyoudou-kun are all too strong. …Rather, the girls in the Occult Research Club are too abnormal.”

I-I see. So that’s how other people saw us. …Buchou and Akeno-san, I didn’t’ think that they would appear so scary in the eyes of the people beside me…. I thought that all of the Student Council members disliked me, but this was quite a common and fair evaluation! It’s the first time that girls outside of the Occult Research Club have said that! Not good! I feel like I’m about to be moved to tears! Also, the girls in our club actually gave others the impression of being like abnormalities! But, people like Xenovia and Irina-san would certainly make others think like that! While I couldn’t help feeling moved by that, Yura suddenly said

“I might like you more than Kiba and Genshirou.”

—! I found it hard to contain myself with the sudden confession! I immediately stood up and even my voice sounded quite flustered.

“R-Really!? Yura!”

Yura nodded.

“Ah, I might like the types of boys who get dirty after a fight…. Compared to Kiba and Genshirou, Hyoudou’s overwhelming strength is more masculine.”

“Is that meant to be a compliment to me…?”

While not knowing how to respond, Kusaka-san laughed cheerfully and said to me

“Tsubasa-chan is always praising Hyoudou-kun. Kaichou and fukukaichou also praise you quite often. The resistance against Gen-chan is becoming more and more passionate.”

S-So that’s how it is huh. Kaichou, and even that fukukaichou praise me! This actually…makes me feel embarrassed.

“E-Eh…hearing these thoughts about me from these girls is something quite new. I’m not even sure if I should be happy or embarrassed. …Ah no, of course I’d be happy.”

I couldn’t even speak properly! I-I see, the Student Council’s evaluation of me was quite good! Or should it be said that they had a good impression of me? Ah, looking at it this way, going through all of those difficult battles might not be a completely bad thing. While I felt embarrassed, Yura continued

“But, for Hyoudou, comparing us and the girls of the Gremory peerage, who’s better?”

“That, of course! I’ll say it clearly right now!”

It was true that the girls in the Gremory peerage were very precious to me. Compared to the Student Council, I’ve interacted with them for longer, and we often do things together. But, if they were separate things, I would be even happier!

“That’s right, you can’t not pay attention to Rias-senpai and Asia-san. You pervert!”

Kusaka-san didn’t say that as an insult, but said that to me with a playful tone. Yura moved her face closer to me, and asked me in a whisper

“…Anyway, of the girls in the Gremory peerage, does Hyoudou like a particular one?”

“Eh? A-Ah, regardless of whether it’s buchou, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, or Xenovia, I like them all? Rossweisse-san is also a bishoujo that I like. What’s wrong…?”

She suddenly asked that sort of a question…. Yura and Kusaka-san sighed simultaneously.

“That really is…they really have bad luck.”

“That’s right…this might be even more excessive than our Gen-chan.”

W-What the hell, making that kind of response! The two of them looked at me in amazement!

“Yes, there’s also something I’ve noticed that I want to understand…”

“Ah, I also wanted to ask Hyoudou-kun about that clearly. Say, Hyoudou-kun—”

The two of them moved even closer! W-What do they want to ask this time? Please don’t ask any more about my personal feelings! As I was feeling more confused, the two of them said

“In the end”

“Hyoudou and Kiba”

““Who’s he attacker and who’s the receiver?””


For an instant, I didn’t understand what they were saying. After I understood it, I immediately trembled and then shouted back

“Kiba and I haven’t done that kind of thing!”

These girls, they’ve already been corrupted…! I really couldn’t stand it any longer!

Part 4

A few days after that, during Saji’s sick leave, I was busy doing various things after school every day with the Sitri peerage as a member of the Student Council. Normally, I couldn’t speak very well with the Student Council members while they were working, but their appearances when doing so was quite fresh, and we all chatted and laughed quite casually whilst working. After talking to the strict Shinra-senpai, Hanakai-san, and Nimura-san, I realised that they weren’t particularly fearsome people, they were simply born as rather scrupulous girls. Honestly, there were so many girls who were willing to talk to me seriously about things, and it kind of touched me. Tomorrow, Saji would be reinstated, following his recovery. My assistance would end today. These past few days, although I went through a lot because I did a lot of work for the first time that I was unfamiliar with, I felt fairly happy about it! After finishing the work for today with a slight sense of loneliness, I returned to the Student Council Office and saw — a huge cake!

“T-This cake is…?”

I couldn’t help asking that. Ah, looking closely, on top of the cake, it had ‘Thanks for your hard work, Hyoudou Issei-kun’ written on it! Sona-kaichou walked out from behind the cake.

“This is the cake that was specially prepared for Hyoudou-kun.”

What! This cake was prepared for me!

“In order to express our gratitude for your work in substituting for Saji, I made this cake.”

What! There was actually a special surprise at the very end! That strict Sona-kaichou actually made a cake herself! It was also made just for me! Ah, even my tears are coming out! As a serious student of the Student Council, she actually prepared something like this for me at the end, it was really quite touching! While I felt joy, the faces of the girls of the Student Council beside me became pale. Kusaka-san asked kaichou

“T-This was made by kaichou personally?”

“Ehh, that’s right.”

Kaihcou’s reply caused Yura, who was beside me to cover her face, and with a difficult expression, she said

“How can this be….”

W-What happened…?

Shinra-senpai also tried to explain towards the gazes which seemed to be blaming her.

“I, I tried to stop it…”

…Hearing these words, I felt somewhat uneasy; kaichou calmly cut the cake, and then placed a slice onto a small plate and handed it to me.

“Come, Hyoudou-kun, please use it.”

She even gave me a fork. It would be bad if I didn’t eat it. But, it appeared to be a top-class chocolate cake… I didn’t quite understand, but said

Itadakimasu [8]

And then placed the cake into my mouth. Then—.


What spread within my mouth was — pain!? Ouch! Hot! Bitter! Various different flavours were melded together within my mouth! What on earth was this!? Cake!? It didn’t have the taste that a cake should! Having said that, I couldn’t even taste the slightest bit of sweetness! What was this rough sensation which was left on my tongue!? Looking closely, it appeared to be made of whipped cream! It didn’t taste like chocolate at all! So what was the black stuff that was in the cake!? Was this really edible!? ‘crick crack’ and ‘kara kara’ noises were made between my teeth, they were noises which definitely weren’t made when eating a cake! It was unpalatable! No matter how it was explained, it was simply inedible! How could such an incredibly difficult to eat cake exist!? As kaichou’s friend, Rias-buchou’s cakes were definitely much more delicious! Where would one even learn the knowledge and skill to make such a cake!? My face turned pale as I tried to hold back the urge to throw up, my eyes became watery, and beads of cold sweat were perspiring all over my body. Kusaka-san whispered in my ear

“Hyoudou-kun! You have to endure and finish eating it! Kaichou’s self-made cakes have the power to kill people! She’s a genius who uses various ridiculous ingredients to bake cakes which only appear to be highly delicious! Kaichou bakes cakes whenever she’s in a good mood, and she’ll suffer a great blow when she finds out that it’s not to our tastes!”

Yura also whispered into my ear

“Kaichou is unexpectedly very slim! She thinks that she’s very good at making sweets! Genshirou always endures every time until he’s finished! Also, because kaichou’s older sister really likes the taste of her cakes, if you break her heart, that Maou will come to condemn you!”

Is that for real!? This is very difficult! This is really too difficult, Sitri sisters! Leviathan-sama actually likes this taste! What is wrong with those sisters’ sense of taste!? Anyway, you’re too respectful Saji! You can actually eat this cake with a forced smile!? This has the power to kill a Dragon King — no, it’s a cake which has the power to kill a Heavenly Dragon!


Kaichou was silently staring at me! Not good! At this rate, finishing this cake would be a million times better than being attacked by that Maou! And this was also specially made for me by kaichou! T-There was no choice but to continue eating!

“Thank you very much! I’ll be digging in then! Fuahhh!”

I took a deep breath, and began my attack against the massive cake! Seeing my like this, the girls in the Student Council trembled as they shed tears.

“You’re too fierce, Hyoudou!”

“Ahh, Hyoudou-kun is so cool like this!”

Although such praise constantly came from them towards me, I was no longer in the mood to respond….

Part 5

That night, because of my stomach’s incredible discomfort, buchou looked after me. …That cake was really too harsh on the digestive system. Buchou smiled wryly as she told me

“You actually ate an entire cake that that Sona made…. That girl, she’s on a destructive level when it comes to baking cakes.”

Yes, it really was destruction classed. Afterwards, when Saji found out about what happened, he sent me a short message.

“Thank you for taking my place in doing the Student Council’s work. I also give my sincere respect to you for eating that kind of cake.”

Ah, I really ate that entire cake, Saji…. I also can’t help but admire you, since you still have to continue to eat that kind of cake. Buchou gently caressed my head, while I lay down to rest atop the bed.

“Anyway, you’ve worked hard, Ise.”

Ah, just receiving this person’s care and consolation makes me feel as though it really was a good thing that I was able to go over to help the Student Council. I also had a deeper understanding of the Student Council members, so it was quite a great gain. However, I really wouldn’t want to eat that kind of cake a second time!

[1] Archaic language is used here to mimic the language which would have been used in the late shogun period by the Shinsengumi, a special police squad of the time.
[2] fukukaichou: Vice-President.
[3] bishounen: Pretty boy.
[4] buchou: Club President.
[5] Shounen manga is aimed at a young male audience, four-koma manga is a comic strip with four panels, and shoujo manga is targeted at a young female audience.
[6] yaoi: Manga usually aimed at a female audience, focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters.
[7] BL: Abbreviation of Boys Love and a synonym of yaoi.
[8] Surely you’ve heard of this one. Means something along the lines of “Thanks for the food.”

(Parts 1 to 5) (12/5)

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    Four legal wives:Rias,Ravel,Asia,Sona

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          She’s only considered their aunt. He’s not married to her and she’s not in his harem nor are they romantically involved in the future. The children also refer to Gasper as their uncle, and I think Vali too keep in mind, it’s the same situation for Sona and probably other close friends like Kiba. Sona would need to be referred to as a mother by the children for her to be in his harem.

          Also, Issei makes a point of keeping a romantic distance from girls he knows like other guys or that guys like. For example he later tries to help Shinra with Kiba and he considers Valerie a romantic interest for Gasper and he is constantly supporting Saji in his romantic goals and he’d never betray him. Not to mention Sona’s position is too similar to that of Rias and as such its doubtful the two of them could both be in the harem, both being Kings and such.

          Also Sona really only sees Issei as a good guy friend and nothing more based on their interactions and vice versa for him. With all of this to go on, it’s pretty clear that Sona is not in his harem in the future.

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        I thought that too ,but I remember in ‘strike the blood ‘ which is another harem genre anime based on LN ,MC’s daughter came from future and referred to a blonde girl as ‘aunt’ ,and after checking on wikia I found out that the blonde girl was MC’s another legal wife





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            Also, as Zxzxzx has said, all of Ise’s kids refer to all of Ise’s wives as “mother,” even if she isn’t the biological mother of that kid.  They all refer to Asia as “Asia-okaasan” for example.

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          To add: In Volume 22, [spoiler]Ise proposes to Rias and Akeno, not just to Rias.  This means that Akeno will also be one of the legal wives.[/spoiler]

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            Oh yeah you are right. He got triana after Kyuoto so he was still calling her Buchhou.