HighSchool DxD Volume 23 (Vidar & Apollon)

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Vidar & Apollon

“Vidar, have you seen the new tournament combinations?”

“Oh, Apollon? Of course I’ve seen them.”

“After all, all of the gods who control fate among the mythologies have been secretly manipulating the tournament.”

“Well, it’s understandable that you have such ideas…but I don’t think the God of Destruction is the type to do such inconsiderate things. However, it isn’t harmful. As gods, it isn’t a bad thing for us to occasionally dance with fate.”

“Well, from your perspective as the [Fenrir Eater], what are your thoughts on this combintation?”

“Don’t call me by that name. I’ve never had any interest in eating wolves. …But, I did believe that I would one day encounter him because of politics or other matters. So it’s not a bad thing to have an early battle against him. I feel a bit bad for stepbrother [1], but this is fate.”

“Well, we should get in touch with Typhon then. It would be best to hold a strategy meeting earlier.”

“It’s truly something to look forward to. As comrades who have been forced to take up the next generation, this should let us make a bit of a rumble, right? —Hey, [High School DxD] [2]. I’ll be treating you the same as a god-class enemy.”

(Part 1 of 1) (8/3)

[1] Alternate reading was Vali.
[2] Alternate Reading was Sekiryuutei of Kuoh Academy.

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6 Responses to HighSchool DxD Volume 23 (Vidar & Apollon)

  1. For Academic Purposes says:



    Roll credits

  2. kenchan223 says:



    Wow… to think that the name of the novel is the name of our MC and his adventures of becoming the harem king and the strongest being.


    This is insane!!

  3. Anonymous says:



    I did some research on vidar even though thor is stronger than him but he is still thor’s equal when thor dies or this case gets sealed vidar takes his place and he kills fennir without taking any damage from him in the Norse story this is who issei has to fight

  4. Diabolos Crown Prince says:



    Lmao! So… all along… “Highschool DxD” is the MC’s Alias name! What a plot twist! More power to you zxzxzx!

  5. Nematoda says:



    never ever the name of this novel become alias of the MC…


    even Chief God acknowledged as “God-Class Enemy”

    now wait till the world accept him as “God-Class” Dragon

    • wal123 says:



      somehow, this gives an impression that if one wants to be acknowledged as a God class, then one has to be at least as strong as Issei when he use Deification