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Last Life…Poetic Justice



I — Azazel, have infiltrated the interior of Agreas, and have also successfully arrived at the rear area, but a girl dressed in a black gothic style dress was now standing before me. That girl was standing in front of the two great iron doors to the power room as she waited. In front of me was an extremely wide open space. —The girl who was waiting there was Ophis’ spawn, Lilith. It really wouldn’t be very good for me to fight against her. Moreover, if I actually did attack, I would be easily defeated. Having said that, I do have work to do on the power generator behind…. Because a map of Agreas was prepared in advance, things had gone smoothly since I infiltrated this place. Although there were traps laid by the enemy on the way here, they were meaningless against a trap lifting specialist like me. Sure enough, it was right for me to come here alone. If I was with other people, a lot of time certainly would have been wasted with the traps. I stood in front of Lilith and scratched my cheek with one finger.

“…Hey, you really won’t let me through huh?”

“Impossible. Rizevim said, here, Lilith has to defend it.”

“Is it impossible not to fight?”

“Fight? Lilith, strong. Very strong.”

“…Well, it’s as you say.”

Lilith quickly extended and retracted a cute punch. The gesture was rather cute, but I was afraid that every single blow contained an extraordinary amount of power. Ah, this was truly a problem. What should I do? At a time like this, Ise would be particularly useful…. After all, he is really popular with children. And if it was Asia, what would happen then? Given that she’s such a rare dragon tamer who was originally a nun, if it was Asia, I wonder what she would do against this dragon? …Thinking about that, I suddenly had an idea. I took out a bar of chocolate from my pocket which I had brought along as an emergency food supply. I tore off the packaging, and then exposed the chocolate bar. I extended it towards Lilith.

“Well, I’ll give you a snack.”


As soon as she spotted the snack, her expression completely changed! Mmn! Ophis also had a poor resistance against snacks, so could it be that it was the same for this spawn? I moved the chocolate bar around, up, down, left and right. Lilith’s eyes followed it as it moved. From the looks of it, she was very interested in it. Speaking of which, Ise and the others had met this girl in the town of the Tepes faction, and they also entertained her with a nice meal. …Were dragons greedy?

“Do you want to eat it? It’s very tasty and sweet, you know?”

As soon as I said that, she silently and expressionlessly swallowed.


Her eyes were spinning about chaotically. You’re making me feel as though I’m doing something bad here!

“…If you let me pass, I’ll let you eat this. If you don’t let me, then you don’t eat. So, do you want to eat it?”

“…Want. But, can’t let you pass. …Lilith, what to do?”

The girl tilted her head very cutely as she answered me. …What should be done in the end?

V20 P194

V20 P194

I sighed. …So I really won’t be able to pass. I extended the chocolate bar in my hand towards Lilith.

“…You don’t need to look at me with eyes like that. I know, I know alrerady. Anyway, I’m giving it to you. You can think about whether you’ll let me pass after you eat it.”

Lilith received it.


She silently placed the chocolate bar into her mouth. …She appeared to be very satisfied. I then lowered my head, and held both my hands up. Well, what should be done next? By using snacks as bait, would that be able to lure her away from here? This approach could be quite easy…she is unexpectedly very stubborn.

“…Really, that bastard who made you turned you into this without thinking about anything at all.”

Well, there isn’t much time left. I was currently considering my strategy in front of this dragon girl. Folding my arms, I nodded my head as I thought of different battle plans. At that time, the sound of someone’s footsteps was heard from the corridor that I came from. After a short while, even a voice could be heard.

“……Damn it! That shitty Sekiryuutei brat…!”

Emerging from the corridor while saying that was — that bastard Rizevim, with a ragged look! He, with his head down was muttering and grumbling to himself.

“I really should use Lilith’s power…. No, there’s too much uncertainty so she can only be my shield. If the current Lilith encountered the Two Heavenly Dragons, she may even be killed. Precisely because of this, it was necessary to strengthen and re-adjust her by examining the real one…. …Well, I can only use that then. …Uhehehehe.”

After the sound of his unpleasant laughter, he cried out.

“Lilith! Lilith, where are you!?”

Whilst calling for Lilith, that bastard finally noticed me.

“I was just thinking that my time was running out, and now you show up.”

I laughed at the state of Rizevim body. That bastard didn’t intend to lose to my wicked laughter and returned a grin at me.

“…Oh – oh – if it isn’t Azazel-ojisan? Of course it was you, to get to the power generation room of Agreas first. And of course you were also able to avoid all of the traps on the way here.”

“Truly, you deserve it, Rizevim. To be beaten by Ise and Vali like that. Well, I predicted that it would turn out like this anyway.”

“…To see such an outcome and not be surprised, you are indeed the guiding hand who directs the Two Heavenly Dragons.”

Comparing Ise and Vali to their predecessors, their strength has been rising rapidly and unexpectedly. I couldn’t help thinking that it would one day become like this.

“Regardless of how powerful they are, the people who cause trouble in front of them always have unexpected events occur, and they’re eventually eliminated. For you, that may eventually be the case. It’s just a matter of time. But I put a lot of effort into calculating and minimising our losses that would be caused by you.”

Regardless of whether it was Shalba or Cao Cao, both of them caused some kind of trouble, and were then eliminated. If there’s a first time, then there’ll be a second time, which is why the thought that Rizevim would end up like this naturally became stronger and stronger. Rizevim’s mouth bent into a crooked shape, and he had a look of displeasure.

“…Your words are truly infuriating.”

“No, it seems your malice still exceeds some of my expectations. You have both the Holy Grail and the Forbidden Fruit. However, you’re too impatient. Reaching this point, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that you seem too eager to make this sudden move. Could it be that this is related to the dark eye circles on your face?”

He had dark circles around his eyes. A lack of sleep? For a political agitator like him, is there such a thing that could cause him to lose sleep? Besides, he isn’t the type of person toss and turn uneasily at night just because the path ahead was uncertain. —But contrary to my expectations, he laughed to himself again.

“…Surprisingly, I’m also a delicate person. …Ah, damn it. You were actually thinking of the same thing as me. The most troublesome is not Sirzechs, nor is it the Sekiryuutei or Vali and their kind, and neither is it [DxD]. …But the one in front of me…”

Rizevim narrowed his eyes, and then eloquently stared at me. …Even after suffering such heavy injuries, what was he trying to play at? Just when I had a question to ask — a flash of bright light suddenly appeared within my field of vision. With a closer look, as the entire vast open space was illuminated by that bright light – a Dragon Gate opened! There were also two of them! Both of them were mainly black in colour. Appearing from there was — a colossal winged and three-headed black dragon, as well as a handsome brown-skinned youth who was wearing black vestments. The colossal black dragon with three heads was the [ Diabolism Thousand Dragon ] [1]— Aži Dahāka. Although the brown-skinned youth emerged in the form of a human, I was afraid that he was the [ Eclipse Dragon ] [2]— Apophis. The youth — Apophis said towards Rizevim with a surprised expression

<<—Your methods are too naïve, Prince.>>

The three-headed dragon — Aži Dahāka then laughed.

[It would be better to say that your mental weakness actually brought you here.]

[Mental strength like that of tofu!]

[All you’ve got is an arrogant attitude!]

Right after the middle head spoke, the heads on the left and right sides began to mock Rizevim. In the face of the two Evil Dragons who were renowned and powerful, Rizevim smiled wryly again.

“……Well if it isn’t Apophis-kun and Aži Dahāka-kun.”

Upon seeing Rizevim’s injuries, Aži Dahāka ridiculed him with even more pleasure.

[Ah—, Rize. You don’t look too bad as a salty plum right now.]

[You really look magnificent ☆]

[Ha serves you right!]

Aži Dahāka’s attitude caused Rizevim’s anger to flare up. But, it was interrupted from the side by Apophis.

<<Sorry, Prince Rizevim. Despite a lot of your care…it ends here. —From here on, allow us to act on our own.>>

Apophis extended one hand forward, and then created a magic circle. A certain object then appeared from the centre of it. —A single cup, it was Valerie’s Holy Grail.

<<I’ll be taking this away with me.>>

“…The Holy Grail huh. I was hiding that in my own dimensional space…you guys asked about that before but now this is how it is.”

Aži Dahāka ‘kukuku’ laughed.

[That’s fine. As long as it’s within the scope of magic, I’m better when compared to you.]

[I’m very good at powerful magic yo ☆]

[You second-rate Maou! Third-rate Maou!]

…That bastard Rizevim, he was being betrayed at such a time. These guys, did they believe that Rizevim was likely to fail in the near future, and were wondering when to rebel? Thus, they took aim at this opportunity, and also took the Holy Grail. As if in response to my deductions, Apophis said

<<As a result of Fafnir’s curse, you experienced nightmares every night. Those dark circles around your eyes are too severe. In order to strengthen Lilith, you eventually became too anxious about preparing the plans for implementation. Even if you are known as a Super Devil, comparing you to the other two Super Devils, the difference is more than just one or two points.>>

“……You really know how to talk, Evil Dragon.”

Rizevim aggressively retorted. …I finally understood. It was that; that bastard Rizevim was suffering from Fafnir’s curse. That Dragon King, in the final moments before he lost consciousness, he turned his own spirit into a curse, and sent it into Rizevim. Moreover, Fafnir’s spiritual body appeared in Rizevim’s dreams every night, and he repeatedly attacked him in his dreams. Rizevim’s dark eye circles were caused by the attacks of Fafnir every night—. So that was the reason why he targeted Ophis. In order to defeat Fafnir, he planned to strengthen Lilith. Aži Dahāka’s mockery of Rizevim intensified even further.

[Super Devil-sama had no resistance in his dreams, so hundreds and thousands of times over and over he was killed by that golden guy.]

[He was completely unable to transcend [3] in his dreams!]

[He simply couldn’t release the curse within his dreams!]

Apophis sighed.

<<And because he himself was being tormented, it caused him to become the stumbling block of his own plan; one can imagine the degree of his mental strength. It’s a fact that the curse was too strong for him. After all, he made a move against many unnecessary things.>>

It really suited his style, everything that he said was correct. After inciting so many people, in the end he shot himself in the foot. And he was also hunted down and cornered mentally. This lead to a series of mistakes occurring, which were really self-inflicted. This was the result of underestimating the opponent too much. Having been mocked utterly by these two Evil Dragons, Rizevim was trembling with anger. I ignored Rizevim, and said to the two Evil Dragons

“Do you think you could give that, the Holy Grail to me, Apophis, Aži Dahāka?”

<<Naturally that is impossible, leader of the Fallen Angels. We are also quite interested in attacking another world.>>

—What! …How could this? I only considered what Rizevim was thinking, and I didn’t think that these guys would be so interested in another world! After Apophis spoke, Aži Dahāka continued

[Going to fight the god of another world is very interesting.]

[It’s so very exciting ☆]

[I really want to take a look at a world that’s never been seen!]

Only their objective was the same. But, they had now severed their ties with Rizevim. In this case though, it’s still a troublesome matter. The thought of these powerful dragons recklessly using the Holy Grail was terrifying. Suddenly, Apophis turned his eyes towards the corridor. He continued to stare at the dark and silent corridor, and then made a slight smile.

<<…It seems that a person has come for your soul. So goodbye for now, son of the Maou. It’ll be good if you die without any worries.>>

An illumination of light appeared beneath the feet of Apophis and Aži Dahāka, and the Dragon Gate opened once again.

[However, we will inherit your vision.]

[Bye bye!]

[Have a miserable death!]

Leaving these words behind, Apophis and Aži Dahāka transported themselves away from here along with a black coloured aura—. Just after the two ferocious Evil Dragons had left, a flash of silver light like the slash of a sword appeared in the depths of the corridor, and drew near. Flying down into this vast space was — Vali, whose entire body was encased in pure white armour.

“The aura I felt just now was Aži Dahāka. —It seems that the Evil Dragons that you revived dislike you.”

He said that as he stood in front of Rizevim. Rizevim could only smile wryly at the advent of his grandson.

“—Now it’s time for Vali-kun’s appearance.”

“That three-headed Evil Dragon and Crom Cruach aren’t people who can be controlled by someone of your calibre, you’re still too naïve. —You can never underestimate Dragons, Rizevim.”

Vali stretched out his right hand, and gathered a great and dangerous amount of aura in it. Seeing this, Rizevim began to smile apologetically.

“Ah wait, Vali-kun, I was wrong…you see, I’m your grandfather aren’t I? Have a little mercy on me.”

Due to his current injuries, he realised that he was unable to hold up against the power of Vali. At that moment, that bastard began to get nervous. —But.


Vali quietly exhaled, and then began chanting the words to unleash his power.

“I, who is about to awaken — am the Hakuryuukou who will take the law down to the darkness—”

The space we were in began to shake violently. An enormous amount of aura was being released from Vali’s body. The pure white armour gradually changed into brilliant silver, and its shape also changed. Vali only had one response — to recite the chant for [ Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive ] [4]. Although both physical and demonic energy would be consumed immensely, the power obtained could easily kill even one of the most powerful Grim Reapers of legend [5]. —It was a formidable power which could even make the killing of a god possible. Seeing this scene, Rizevim’s eyes widened, and he continued to try persuading Vali.

“These days, one of the necessary skills for young people is to care for the elderly, right?”

“I walk the road of domination with infinite destruction and by piercing through the imaginary dream—”

Vali took no notice and continued to recite the chant. Rizevim put on a pretentious pose and began to apologise.

“Ah—, I understand now! I admit that everything I’ve done until now is wrong! Bullying you all is my fault!”

“I shall become a pure Emperor of Dragon—”

“Hey hey, it’s all my fault! Whether it’s money or a beautiful woman, whatever you want, I’ll give it to you okay?”

However, the grandson faced his grandfather without a trace of compassion, and finished the last line of the chant in a single breath—.

[[[[[“And I shall have you obey the silvery-white illusions and the perfect evil ways!”]]]]]

[Juggernaut Over Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!]

The sound rang out from all of the gems. Eventually, the Divine Dividing Scale Mail changed into a great armour which released a white-silver glow. Releasing a silver aura and a murderous intent from his entire body, that was Vali’s Juggernaut Overdrive. In a fight against Rizevim under normal circumstances, he would be defeated due to the incredible consumption of energy and a protracted battle. But, it was another matter right now as Rizevim was both injured and did not have much strength remaining. With Vali’s strength at this level, the possibility of defeating Rizevim was extremely high. For example, by using a sword created without the power of a Sacred Gear, but simply from the power of magic and demonic energy, it would be possible to cut him. Vali was a genius who could even learn Norse magic, and he was also very talented at magic. Even if a direct attack with the power of his Sacred Gear was ineffective, his physical abilities were greatly enhanced by Juggernaut Overdrive, so he would have a massive advantage against Rizevim in a head-on fight. Rizevim, who realised this point, still continued to smile while trying to persuade him. He even tried pleading to me.

“Azazel! What do you want then!? Regardless of whether it’s money or something else that I can give—”

He wasn’t able to finish his words before I interrupted him.

“Rizevim, you really are the worst. At the very least, you should die honourably at the hands of the Sekiryuutei or the Hakuryuukou that is your grandson.”

At this point, it was actually…rather pathetic. The son of Lucifer, who had incited all kinds of people, was now begging for his life in front of us. Moreover, it was towards the opponents that he had been fighting against the whole time. Seeing him this way, let alone pity, I was simply amazed. Vali released the gauntlet on his right hand, and then created a sword with magic. It was a magic sword which didn’t have the power of a Sacred Gear added to it. While pointing the tip of the sword towards Rizevim, Vali said

“You’re wrong, Azazel. This guy — he was just defeated by a very ordinary human family. …The thing that I don’t possess, Hyoudou Issei does. …For this guy, that is where how he lost above.”

…Hearing this from him, it wasn’t difficult to imagine the scene of the battle which occurred above. …I see, Ise, you’ve let your parents know about your true identity now. Yet, your parents still accepted you. You must be truly happy. You must have been trembling with joy. Such a thing happened; it wasn’t difficult to imagine that kid excitedly allowing the Sacred Gear’s power to explode. A Sacred Gear would, after all, continue to become stronger and stronger along with its user’s feelings. —Rizevim was cornered by the love of the Hyoudou family. Both his birth and upbringing was that of an ordinary teenager. Neither of his parents possessed any special ability, they were common, ordinary people. What was generated from the very ordinary life of this family—. It was something that Rizevim could not possibly understand. …And also the thing that Vali desired. That was why it led to his defeat. …How ironic, Rizevim.

“……No no, how can this be?”

Rizevim didn’t seem to understand Vali’s words, and then began to cry out

“Liiillliiiiith! Lilith-chan! Hurry up and protect me!”

He was calling Lilith! After Lilith, who was intently watching us from the door heard Rizevim’s call, she went towards him.

“Protect, Rizevim?”

After seeing Lilith make a stance to protect him, Rizevim once again revealed an extremely wicked smile.

“Yes, that’s right! Come and protect me! You need to hang on to me! Guard me! Use the power of Infinity to bury that Hakuryuukou and Fallen Angel! Hyahyahyahyahyahyahya!”

Since he now had Lilith as a shield, the situation had quickly turned around and a nasty smile resurfaced on Rizevim’s face. Vali confronted Lilith, and in a soft voice said to her

“Spawn of Ophis, could you step aside? I…do not want to attack you. Is protecting the guy behind you the purpose of your existence?”

Vali was also the same as Ise, and still attached great importance to Ophis. That was why Lilith was presently of equal importance. Lilith seemed to be slightly puzzled by Vali’s gentle words. It was the same as that time with Ise, perhaps only when conversing with the Two Heavenly Dragons, her emotions would function?

“But, Lilith. Have to protect, Rizevim. My job.”

While staying behind her, Rizevim nodded in agreement.

“That’s right, it’s your job! It’s your job! You’re really a good child, Lilith-chan! You’re worthy of having my mother’s name!”

…He had quickly reverted back to his usual self. What incredible trash, Rizevim. However, Vali spoke even more calmly.

“Well, come with me. —If you come with me, you’ll be able to see Great Red as well as another you, you’ll be able to meet Ophis. …Hyoudou Issei, you’ll also be able to see the Sekiryuutei.”

Great Red, Ise — the name of the Sekiryuutei as well as Ophis had been announced, and Lilith displayed a reaction which was different to any other that she had shown before.

“…Great, Red? Another…Lilith?”

Vali pointed to the dragon shaped accessory which was on Lilith’s dress.

“You only have that right? If it was that man, he would definitely give you something better. It would definitely be hundreds of times better than what you have there—”

In order to interrupt Vali’s persuasion, Rizevim shouted out

“Heeyy! Hey hey hey hey! What is this, are you trying to have a policy of appeasement!? This is my Lilith! And my dedicated ace! To be able to do this right now, I had to shape her attitude —”

I sighed, then took out a chocolate bar from my pocket again and said to Lilith

“Right now, I’ll also give you snacks okay?”

“……Great Red, another Lilith…Sekiryuutei…snacks…Great Red, snacks, another Lilith, snacks…snacks with the Sekiryuutei…”

Ooh, knowing about Great Red, Ophis, and the Two Heavenly Dragons who would give her snacks, Lilith was becoming lost in confusion. She really was a cute little one. Comparing her to Rizevim, she really was cute and easy to understand. Lilith truly was a valuable existence. Seeing that Lilith had become confused because of us, Rizevim became anxious again.

“Y-You want snacks huh!? Snacks are more important than me!? W-Well, I’ll prepare an extra-large cake and chocolate or marshmallows for you! I’ll also give you—”

Whilst Rizevim was talking animatedly, his left arm was suddenly sliced off—. Vali had swung his magic sword down without a shred of mercy.


Rizevim cried out in pain. Because of the surprise attack, he wasn’t even able to evade the sword. Due to Vali being in Juggernaut Overdrive, his physical abilities had sharply increased. Rizevim had also been distracted because of his ace, Lilith. That was why his left arm had been cut off. While watching Rizevim, who was bleeding profusely above his left arm, Vali still spoke with a chilling tone

“Since the moment that you got distracted, it was already over for you. Lilith was also distracted because she was in this confused state. Just like that, as soon as there was an opening, I attacked you.”

While holding the section of his arm that had been cut off, Rizevim’s face distorted with anger.

“……Fucking…! It’s because I had to maintain those emotions that it led to this!”

I see, so that bastard had to maintain a slight level of emotion with Lilith? As a result, Lilith’s emotions had also leaked out. It incurred such an outcome. Anyway, if it’s this bastard, he’d definitely mess around with a playful attitude. In the end, he was the one who tripped himself over. Vali raised the magic sword, and instantly slashed it forward.


In the instant that the sword was about to make contact — Vali suddenly let go of the sword. His hateful expression also disappeared. While shaking his head, he exhaled heavily.

“……After Hyoudou Issei has pursued you so far, it’s no good at all if I kill you. Only tasting the sweetness of victory doesn’t fit my principles at all. —Also, the person who really wants to kill you is here.”

Vali then turned his gaze towards a certain place. Most likely, he had felt that presence, and so he had a new idea. —The Dragon Gate opened within this space once more. A golden aura was released from within the Dragon Gate. Seeing this, Rizevim became even more nervous, and was at a loss for words.

“……You’re kidding.”

The figure which emerged from within the Dragon Gate was — the Dragon King with golden dragon scales. His body was still a bit weak, and it looked like the injuries that he had sustained in Heaven had yet to heal. But, he had a powerful pressure, and a clear intent to kill; the Gigantis Dragon [6] — Fafnir moved while dragging his body out.

[……I’ve finally found you.]

Looking at the enemy, Rizevim, standing before him, Fafnir spoke with vigour. Rizevim still looked as though he was in disbelief, as he shook his head — while at the same time trembling in fear.

“…Argh! Why…! Why would you be so persistent…!? Even in my dreams you’ve been biting onto me without letting go!”

Rizevim was haggard and had lost his calm reasoning because he had been constantly attacked by Fafnir in his dreams, and constantly chased. These humiliating situations had been occurring in his dreams tens, hundreds, and possibly even more than a thousand times. That’s right; he had been killed in his dreams constantly, which pushed him into a corner mentally.

[…You made Asia-tan cry.]

Fafnir’s ferocious eyes were glowing as he moved closer to Rizevim with each step that he took. Anger, hatred, and loathing were continuously being released from the Gigantis Dragon body—. Being stressed by the force of an overwhelming pressure, Rizevim’s face turned pale. —But, because his injuries were too severe, his body fell to the floor. At this time, Fafnir shortened their distance little by little, and was eventually directly in front of him. Rizevim extended his hand out, and forced on a smile.

“…Wait! Please wait! That was…you see! It was a performance! For a super lively atmosphere! After all, for Lucifer’s son to get inside Heaven—“

GOON! Together with that blunt noise, the sound of bones being crushed resounded throughout this space. Fafnir’s huge claws, without any mercy and ignoring Rizevim’s pleas were completely trampling over his legs.

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Bastard! You bastard! DAMNED DRAGON!”

While screaming out resentfully, Rizevim lifted his upper body in the midst of the pain. However, both of his legs were already being stepped on by Fafnir, and it was impossible for him to escape now. Fafnir’s face, which was dyed red with anger faced Rizevim as he said

[—How dare you bully Asia-tan. I definitely won’t forgive you! Definitely not!]

The Dragon King’s voice, expression and aura were overflowing with rage. Fafnir’s obsession already exceeded common sense, and he had finally cornered the bastard who was known as a Super Devil. I said towards Rizevim who was looking at me with imploring eyes

“Rizevim, you’ve aggravated dragons too much. —This is your retribution.”

—Poetic justice. In order to satisfy his own desires, he had incited all kinds of people from various different factions. Regardless of the number of victims, this bastard only continued for the sole purpose of his own desires. Now, everything was being returned onto his own body. The most ironic thing was that at the bitter end, not a single dragon was even interested in fighting against him.

Speaking of which, Fafnir’s treasures are—. Dazzling gold and silver treasures, as well as some of the rarest weapons in the world. And on top of that, the most important thing was a bright girl with whom he shared a bond—. As long as he had that, Fafnir would be completely satisfied. As long as he could see Asia’s smile, that would be more than enough to make him happy—. Within Fafnir’s eyes, the reflection of Asia’s bright smile was there. —But that bastard had hurt her without any hesitation. He did the same to Ise as well. Originally, that guy and his nakama were living a happy and enjoyable life. Vali was also like that…he was originally able to live a peaceful and quiet life with his parents. Rizevim you bastard, you interfered in things that were more precious than anything else; you acted against the things that were irreplaceable. Your actions inevitably led to resentment. You trampled over too many such things. I relentlessly said to Rizevim.

“It’ll be good if you learn before you die. Child of the Great Maou. There are places in this world that absolutely cannot be touched. But you repeatedly violated these places. This is the reason for your death.”

As a result of my words, Rizevim became angry, and then spoke without remorse.

“……Hmph! What a bastard…”

Rizevim made a final struggle as he continuously released bullets of demonic energy from his hand. Fafnir’s scales were instantly hit, portions of his flesh were blown off, and he was bleeding, but he didn’t care. The Dragon King stood imposingly and dignified, this was the absolute will of a Dragon King—. Fafnir ruthlessly opened his large mouth, and it looked as though he intended to give the final blow. Upon seeing this, Rizevim’s face was filled with despair. Finally, he screamed—.


…The Gigantis Dragon’s jaws crunched down on the son of the former Maou and crushed him. As Vali watched on, it looked like a burden had been lifted from him, but at the same time his face was also filled with sorrow.

“Rizevim, you disgraced the name of Lucifer. You have polluted it too much. But you can rest assured. I shall inherit the blood of Lucifer. At the very least, I’m more suitable to be Lucifer than you were.”

That was the end of the political agitator who incited various people against us, the Super Devil Rizevim Livan Lucifer. Vali’s heart didn’t clear up until the end, but he had a look of relief on his face now. Well, whatever…. At the least, you’re definitely more suitable than that bastard to become Lucifer. After all, you’re a lot less foolish—.

[1] Kanji was Forbidden Dragon of Demonic Origin, kana was Diabolism Thousand Dragon.
[2] Kanji was Primordial Darkness Dragon, kana was Eclipse Dragon.
[3] A Super Devil is also known as a Transcendent Being.
[4] Kanji was Silver Dragon of Great Supremacy, kana was Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive.
[5] A reference to Vali defeating Pluto easily with Empireo Juggernaut Drive in volume 12.
[6] Kanji was Golden Dragon King, kana was Gigantis Dragon.

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Continues on to The Beast 666.

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