Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Volume 7 Afterword

Continues on from Epilogue – Consequences of the Necessary Path

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Hello, readers who have already finished the book, as well as those who have started reading from here. Thank you for reading this book, I am Uesu Tesuto.

The first thing to talk about is obviously this topic! Not long after the release of this book, the TV animation of <<Shinmai Maou>> will be broadcast. All of the relevant personnel have spent a lot of effort on this animation, so please be sure to watch it! Speaking of the animation, I have a bit of news about the eighth volume of the light novel. It seems like it will include a limited edition OVA, and it will also be a two-disc treat. The content will capture the sweet daily life of Mio, Maria, and Yuki as well as Hasegawa-sensei’s section that the animation company said could not be broadcast on television, and was dangerous even as an OVA! For those who wish to see it, please be sure to pre-order! This ends the promotion of the animation, and from here on will be more discussion on the contents of this volume.

As the readers who just finished reading will know, this is the second half of the Demon Realm arc. Because there were so many different perspectives, the various accounts of the story thus increased, and so this has become the thickest volume so far. However, I’ve finally written in the final scene that was originally planned, so I am quite satisfied. The prologue of the next volume will cover some of the process of the war’s aftermath, and will also expose more new truths (planned). Then, the stage will return to the Human Realm, and the characters who could not have a role in the Demon Realm will debut with their bright performances…I hope.

Next, I would like to thank all of the relevant personnel for this volume. Nitroplus Ookuma-san, thank you for drawing so many amazing illustrations again this time despite your busy schedule! Basara’s last illustration in particular was incredibly striking, it made me very excited! Miyako-sensei, thank you for publishing the manga every month throughout the year, this time the fourth volume of the manga and its bonus gifts for the agreements with particular stores has increased your work, so thank you for all the hard work! The tissue cover is the best! Kiso-sensei, congratulations on the urgent reprint of << Shinmai Maou Arashi>>, and thank you for your hard work at the same time! When I heard that there would be a special issue in Young Animal, I was also rather surprised!

And now, I would also like to thank all of the animation staff for all the effort that you’ve put in during this time! Although everyone may be incredibly busy right now, I still have to say this, I look forward to working with you in the future.

My editor-in-charge, and all the other relevant staff, uh…I really made things quite chaotic this time, I’m really sorry. I’m very grateful to everyone for putting in their best effort so that the book could be released on time.

Finally, I would like to dedicate my greatest gratitude to the readers who have purchased this book. Because of everyone’s support, this work had the opportunity to make it to the TV screen. Please continue to support me in the future, thank you!

Uesu Tetsuto

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