Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 11 Chapter 3.5

Continues on from Chapter 3 – Ash’s Little Sister
Continues on to Chapter 4 – Aries’ Onboard Party

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Interlude – Linda’s <Seikoku>

—Because she’s Ash’s little sister, I originally wanted to maintain a good relationship with her…but it ended in a disaster.

That night. Eco stared at Linda’s sleeping face indifferently as she reflected on that. It was already half past eleven. Normally, Eco would’ve been asleep by now.

“Su, su…”

However, Eco found it difficult to remain calm because she was sleeping in the same bed as Linda. Though perhaps due to her accumulated stress, Linda fell asleep almost immediately. As for Ash, he was sleeping with a blanket on the floor just like he used to. He exhaled with a regular rhythm, unaware of Eco’s thoughts. The usual Eco would immediately express her displeasure if she encountered something she disliked. But when faced with Linda, her hands seemed to be tied. As soon as she considered her to be Ash’s little sister, she couldn’t help but act polite.


Suddenly — Linda bit Eco!


Eco exclaimed in surprise and almost rolled off the bed.

“What is this, geez…”

After murmuring so, Eco suddenly frowned.


Is she dreaming of something sad?

Linda shed tears.

“…I want to be onii-chan’s bride. I have to…uh…”

Those were the words that came from her cherry-coloured lips.


Eco was taken aback. She then recalled the story that Ash had recounted to her earlier.

—Don’t little girls always say that they want to be the bride of their father or brother? It’s nothing unusual, and you might even call it a necessary part of growing up.

—Once they grow up a bit, they’ll completely forget about such things. I’m sure Linda’s already forgotten all about that by now too.

Eco’s lips trembled. If what Ash said was correct, Linda should’ve ‘graduated’ from being in love with her brother a long time ago. However, on further thought, upon learning that Ash and Eco were living together, Linda’s reaction seemed a bit…no, it was definitely not normal. As if to fuel Eco’s speculation, Linda continued to talk in her sleep.

“As long as it’s for onii-chan…I’m willing to do anything…”

Her voice was almost like a whine that carried traces of desolation.

“Onii-chan…don’t…don’t leave me…I don’t want to be alone…if I can’t be with you, I won’t be able to live on…”

In that instant, Linda suddenly moved. She buried her face in Eco’s chest. It was as if she treated Eco as Ash. Perhaps feeling gradually relieved, Linda’s sleeping face became peaceful — her sorrowful sleep talk also ceased.

“…Is this Linda’s true nature?”

Eco murmured to herself as she was filled with an inexplicable sense of crisis. Is Linda’s mature attitude all just a façade? What if her sleep talk just now is her true mature? What if Linda is someone to pay more attention to precisely because she’s Ash’s little sister? Just as Eco felt a sense of terror, Linda suddenly rolled over. As she rolled over, her pyjamas lifted, revealing her adorable belly button. Yet, it was most certainly not her belly button that caught Eco’s attention.

“This is…!”

Imprinted on the area between Linda’s upper and lower abdomen was a pattern that Eco had never seen before. It was an extremely large <Seikoku> that didn’t lose to the one on Ash’s left arm in size. It was fundamentally different from an ordinary <Seikoku>. At the very least, it differed from the family crest of Avalon or Nehalennia. What kind of larva did the Mother Dragon entrust to her? Unfortunately, this question — was no longer one that could be asked of Mother.

“What’s going on here…?”

“Secret of Linda ~A.S.B.1366.03~” is closed.

(All 1 of 1 parts) (6/7/21)

Continues on to Chapter 4 – Aries’ Onboard Party

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