Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Volume 8 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Tell Me of the Night We Shared Alone


When he got off the train, all that he could see was a town covered in the pure-white of snow. As Toujou Basara stood on the platform, he could feel the cold and clear morning air wrap around him. As he paused on the spot, he naturally looked up towards the empty sky.

…It feels a bit like the air of the <<Village>> in winter.

The place where Basara once lived was surely also covered in snow at this time. —However, there was a clear difference between where he was now, and the <<Village>>. There existed an air of liveliness around him from the footsteps and conversations of the many people who passed by. This was the fate of any famous sightseeing location. From the train that arrived at the station, there were a large number of tourists aside from Basara who descended onto the platform and made a crowd as they all headed towards the ticket gate. And, having stopped his movements amidst the flow of people, he was left standing there on the spot as if they had left him behind.

“—What’s wrong, Toujou? We should also get going.”

And then, ‘she’ took Toujou Basara’s left hand. Accompanied by her slightly upbeat voice, she exhaled a white breath which was clearer than the snow. She was the beautiful school nurse who had invited Basara to this place — Hasegawa Chisato. Seeing Hasegawa like that


Just like the other people who passed by her, Basara once again felt fascinated by her.

…She’s beautiful.

In preparation for the cold weather in this region, Hasegawa wore a white long-coat today, as well as a warm-looking mouton fur scarf that suited the image of a snow-covered region. Her appearance always seemed so refreshing no matter how many times he looked at her.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Ah, no…I’m sorry. Let’s go.”

As she tilted her head slightly with a puzzled look on her face, Basara thought to himself about how Hasegawa seemed a bit different than usual today. As he quickly lowered his head in a panic, he began to walk towards the ticket gate along with Hasegawa.

Today was the Saturday of the third week of Janurary, and Toujou Basara had been invited to this place by Hasegawa.

—When Basara and the others returned from the Demon Realm, it was just a few days after the third trimester began. Although Maria and Zest told them that they could use magic to alter their teachers’ memories and records, Basara and the others refused since they had to refrain from such actions, lest the Hero Clan take notice of them. Whilst they were in the Demon Realm, they had used a mobile phone with the same special magic chip in the battery as Jin’s to contact the school. They informed the school that they ‘had troubles while travelling abroad, and would return home a bit late’. As a result, even though they went back to school a few days after the opening ceremony, there were fortunately no major problems with their teachers or classmates.

The exception was — the half-vampire Tachibana Nanao who knew about Basara’s circumstances, and became worried when told that they were returning late…upon his safe return to school, the caring Nanao greeted him teary-eyes. On the other hand, Takigawa, whom they recently saw in front of the station just the other day, had also recently returned to Hijirigasaka Academy. However, since he returned to the Demon Realm before the Sports Festival to infiltrate at a different time unlike Basara and the others, he had used magic to alter the teachers’ memories. It seemed as though he had also used that to clear away all of his winter homework so that that there wouldn’t be any issues with his academic progression. Nonetheless, since the memory alterations on the faculty members were restricted to the minimum amount necessary, it was the judgement of Yuki and Kurumi that the Hero Clan would not see it as a serious problem.

While they began to return to their normal everyday lives, Basara went to the nurse’s office…he went to visit Hasegawa. —Before he went to the Demon Realm, Basara had received some good advice from Hasegawa that he kept in mind during the trip. Her advice was not to become short-sighted and to try thinking flexibly — that was why Basara was able to see the big picture without getting caught up in the situation. He came up with a strategy to secretly take Belphegor out before the decisive battle with Leohart, and turned it into a reality. Therefore, since her advice had greatly helped him, Basara went to thank her in person. Hasegawa on the other hand suggested that if he felt a debt of gratitude to her, then it was possible for him to do her a favour in return.

[Say Toujou, let’s go to a hot-spring inn — just the two of us.]

She had said so with a sensual smile on her face. Ever since the Sports Festival which was held in autumn, Basara had started a special, secret relationship with Hasegawa. It was a forbidden relationship between a male student and a female teacher — it was a relationship between a man and a woman, with the only condition being that they could not cross the final line. Even before he left for the Demon Realm, Basara had been forcibly invited by Hasegawa after the Student Council party to visit her apartment bedroom. Hasegawa had been lonely during the entire winter vacation since she was unable to meet him, and he couldn’t possibly refuse when he was asked by her with such craving eyes — that was why Toujou Basara was currently in this place.


The first place that Basara and Hasegawa went to after going through the station’s ticketing gates was the tourist information centre which was located on the station premises. They didn’t go there to ask for directions — it was so that they could drop off their luggage. As soon as they paid a thousand yen together to make it easier to walk around, Hasegawa immediately entwined her arms around his.

“After coming this far, you don’t have to worry about what everyone else thinks now…you don’t mind, right?”

She sweetly leaned her body against Basara’s arms. Almost immediately, Hasegawa’s sweet fragrance tickled his nostrils.

“N-No…of course not.”

Because there were many slopes in this area, Hasegawa wasn’t wearing her usual high-heels today, and instead wore low-heeled boots. Therefore, her eyes naturally gazed up at Basara from a slightly lower angle when she stood next to him and they looked at each other’s eyes. This instantly doubled Hasegawa’s allure. Basara nodded as he blushed, while Hasegawa seemed elated about the fact that they were acting like lovers. After they intertwined their fingers, they left the building — and headed out towards the front of the station.

“So, what are we going to do now, sensei?”

The region which flourished as a hot-spring town was approximately thirty minutes northeast by train from their current location. Of course, there were also some hot-spring accommodations within the vicinity of the station, but this particular neighbourhood was more famous for its sightseeing spots such as historic shrines, world heritage-listed temples, and its lookouts which provided majestic views of natural scenery. It was the first time that Basara had been here, but he knew about the kind of place this was. Since they had purposely dropped their luggage off, there was probably a certain place that Hasegawa wanted to go see. Basara had asked her that question as they stood in front of a roundabout.

“That’s right…there are several places that I want to visit with you, but before that…”

After saying that, Hasegawa tugged Basara’s arm as she lead him towards the right — into a souvenir store that was next to the station.

“First off, let’s tried the fried manju [1] here. They seem to be rather famous and delicious.”

Hasegawa said with a smile. When he looked at it, he recalled that it had been introduced on a famous television program before, and one of its features was its easy-to-find location. Hasegawa handed over some small change to the female clerk who was selling them to buy one. And then

“Here, Toujou.”

The fried manju which was still piping hot in its white wrapping paper was brought towards Basara.

“Well, I’ll have a bite then.”

As Basara said that, he reached over to the fried manju with his hand. However, Hasegawa was a bit sulky as she said

“Idiot…open your mouth.”

She said as she peered up at him. He unconsciously gulped.

“—Or, would you rather I use my mouth?”

After being asked that, Basara decided to open his mouth, and Hasegawa’s hand brought the fried manju towards him. As he took a bite, the soft and fragrant scent came first, followed by the sweetness of the dough which had a bean-paste filling, while the outer layer which was made with soy milk and bean curd skin had a crispy texture.

“It’s delicious…!”

While Basara was impressed by the flavour which had been featured on television and in magazines…

“Fufu, you got some of it on you…”

Hasegawa said as she picked up the small piece which had gotten stuck to the edge of Basara’s lips with her fingers. She then brought it to her own lips instead and lightly kissed it before putting it into her mouth. Perhaps it was because they were away from the public eye and didn’t have to worry about being seen that she wanted to try acting like lovey-dovey couple today to see what it felt like. Then…Basara asked

“—Would you like me to feed you?”

As soon as those words were uttered from his mouth, Hasegawa’s expression filled with delight.

“Well then, please do…”

As she said that, she handed the fried manju over to Basara, and then drew her mouth close while holding the right side of her hair back. She bit into the same place that Basara had. After chewing for a bit and then swallowing, Hasegawa seductively licked her glossy lips and revealed a charming smile upon her face.

“Mmm…it certainly is delicious.”

Even though she simply took a bite of the manju, why did it seem so erotic? The faint colour of Hasegawa’s lipstick was left behind on the manju’s wrapping. Basara was slightly hesitant, as he was ashamed to feel shy about it, so he maintained a calm expression as he ate the rest of the fried manju. And then — Hasegawa suddenly kissed him.


It wasn’t his cheek. It was a lip to lip kiss. Although Basara froze up in surprise, Hasegawa continued to kiss him passionately without any regard for the store staff and other customers. And then, Hasegawa gradually released his lips.

“W-What are you doing all of a sudden…?”

“Because your face seemed to say that an indirect kiss was nothing, I wanted to test if you’d be fine even if it was a direct kiss.”

“…It’s good you got an answer then.”

He was a student, and Hasegawa was a teacher. That was something which wouldn’t change. Even so, when it was just the two of them, sometimes it felt as though he had the initiative.


Most certainly, he was in the centre of Hasegawa’s palm and under her spell. In such a way, Basara was able to indulge in the temptation and appeal of an adult woman. It was something that Mio and the others lacked, and that was why when Basara was faced with Hasegawa, he had this uncontrollable urge to see how much he could get away with. This resulted in a sense of exhilaration and pleasure in testing how far he could go. However, no matter how reckless Basara became and no matter how unreasonable he acted, Hasegawa always forgave him with her usual sultry smile, and even responded to him with delight.

“—Well then, I suppose it’s time we go.”

Basara nodded in response to Hasegawa’s words — and they started to move.


Their choice of transportation means were a bus, taxi, or even a rental car. When Basara asked what they would do, Hasegawa chose the taxi.

“Since modern cars have navigation systems, it’s rare for people to get lost nowadays, but it seems inevitable that the tourist spots will be crowded on weekends.”

Since they had limited time, there was nothing more valuable than a local driver well-versed in knowledge such as the nearest parking spot at a destination, or alternate routes to avoid traffic jams, or even dropping a customer off and waiting in another place. Such things couldn’t be found in guide books. Therefore

“If we can afford to do so, it’s best to reserve a taxi for a fixed period of time so that we can enjoy sightseeing without having to worry about various things.”

He had no objections to Hasegawa’s proposal. They rented a taxi which had stopped in front of the station until the evening, and thus Basara and Hasegawa began to travel around to various different tourist locations. They made use of the time in the morning to see natural scenery such as the lake to the west, and the large waterfall that was situated in the surrounding area. It was currently winter, and the lake surface stood at an altitude of over a thousand metres above sea level. The water surface rippled with the mountain wind that gusted down from the surrounding hills, and the tree branches beside the lake which became wet were completely frozen. The appearance of the area was like a fantasy scene resembling an ice chandelier. The taxi driver that they had hired was an old man, and when they told him where they wanted to visit during this season — he showed them how to arrive at a scenic spot perfect for today’s conditions.

“It’s so pretty…”

Hasegawa cuddled close to Basara as she murmured so, and as Basara followed the direction of her gaze, he forgot about the cold in the face of the beautiful scenery which spread out before his eyes.

“Would you like me to take a commemorative photo of you two?”

The driver said. He had probably helped to capture the memories of other lovers who had visited this area until now. Hasegawa glanced toward him as she said

“…Toujou, shall we indulge in the kind offer?”

“Of course, let’s take one.”

Basara had decided that to do whatever he could to indulge Hasegawa during this trip. When he agreed to it with a smile, Hasegawa gladly opened the camera app on her phone and handed it to the driver. She then walked over to Basara’s side.

“Thank you…Toujou.”

She whispered in a voice that only Basara could hear. So, in order to respond to those feelings of hers, Basara wrapped his arm around Hasegawa’s shoulder and pulled her closer to himself.


Hasegawa seemed momentarily surprised by his reaction, but she quickly became happy about it, and leaned in close towards his chest.

“—Alright, I’ll take it now.”

The two of them smiled in response to the driver’s call. And once the mobile phone was returned after the photo, Basara and Hasegawa couldn’t be seen as anything else but lovers in the photo.



The two of them gazed at the photo, and as they raised their faces from the screen, they realised how close they had gotten to each other. The picture was a reflection of reality. Therefore, when they looked at themselves objectively in the photo, they became even more conscious of each other than before. Moreover, the expression and atmosphere that the photograph captured of Basara and Hasegawa this time was wondrous — and so, the mood between Basara and Hasegawa changed after that point.

“Sensei…over here.”


Since they were away from their usual area, there was a low chance that they would be seen by any acquaintances, so Basara held Hasegawa’s waist in the back seat of the taxi, and they cuddled together. As a veteran of the profession who was able to read the mood, the driver refrained from interrupting them, and no longer talked about the scenery or different points of interest. He simply left those two alone in the back seat. And when they visited the large waterfall which was known as one of the three largest in Japan, the driver remained in the car to wait for them since there was an entry fee for the elevator to get up to the observatory. They walked over to the elevator hall after buying tickets from the reception counter, but there was a long queue in front of the two elevators since it was a weekend. As one elevator came down for a round trip, all of the people who had lined up just in front of them entered, filling it up to capacity…customers spilled out of the adjacent elevator as they had just returned from the observatory. Since there were no other customers behind them, it ended up being just the two of them in the elevator — Basara and Hasegawa. So — as soon as the elevator doors were closed by the staff

“Toujou…mmm, chuu.”

With moist eyes, Hasegawa kissed him, and Basara assertively ensnared his tongue with hers. Although they could be seen in the control room via the surveillance camera, they didn’t care. It would take sixty seconds for them to reach the observatory — and there would be a lot of tourists waiting at the observatory. Nonetheless, Basara held Hasegawa’s waist with his right hand, and used his left hand to lower the zipper on the front of her coat. And then, while he continued to kiss her, he unreservedly slipped his hand into Hasegawa’s clothing and began to fondle her breasts while Hasegawa joyfully twisted her hips.

“Aah…Toujou, chuu…haah, Toujou…mmm ♥”

She sought an even more passionate kiss from Basara. So when Basara poured plenty of his saliva into her mouth, Hasegawa gulped it all down with a lewd noise. They wanted to progress even further than that if possible. However, the elevator was almost about to arrive at the observatory.

“—Sensei, it’s almost time.”

“Mmm…I know, we’ll continue later.”

They understood. So as they reluctantly parted lips from each other, they got out of the elevator as if nothing had happened. —A huge waterfall could be seen from the observation deck, and it certainly lived up to its reputation of being one of the three largest. They looked out from the observation deck at the majesty of the large waterfall and the rapidly falling water from a height of around a hundred metres. As with the previous lake, this waterfall greeted them with a special appearance that could only be seen in winter. A myriad of smaller waterfalls were supposed to run side-by-side like the planks in a blind around the large waterfall — but they had frozen under the low winter temperature and spread like a bird’s wing. Basara was fascinated by the artistic form that nature had created with the beautiful blue ice.

“Umm~…excuse me, could you please take a photo for us?”

The voice of a young woman resounded suddenly as she and her female companion gazed at the waterfall from beside them. Although they appeared to have a selfie-stick for their mobile phones, it seemed as though it was too crowded for them to make use of it.

“Alright, I’ll take it — now.”

As Basara conveyed the timing to them, he pressed the shutter button on the screen. Just in case, he took a few pictures and made sure that they checked so that there weren’t any problems.

“Wow~ you’re a good photographer!”

“So true…it’s like you’re a professional photographer.”

As he was praised by the two women, Basara simply said “Thank you…” as he bowed lightly.

…They seem happy.

In addition to the joy of being able to see someone happy as a result of his actions, he felt pleased that he had been praised more than anything else, since it was in the same vein as his father who was a talented photographer. —Suddenly, Basara could feel words being traced on his back. Although he was wearing a coat, he could understand that the words written were ‘cheater’ and ‘idiot’. She was teasing him again…Basara thought, but as he turned around


But, Hasegawa was not smiling. She was glaring at him with a disapproving expression in her eyes.


Her eyes were the same as on that Christmas night — in the elevator of Hasegawa’s apartment, when she had told him an unforgettable truth. It was a feeling named jealousy.


Basara immediately tried to think about where he had gone wrong, but he had already failed. The way she didn’t say anything but instead just stared up at him was rather cute…without regard for the other tourists in their surroundings, he was tempted by an urge to embrace Hasegawa and kiss her. But….

“Ah, sorry…if it’s okay with you, would you like me to take a photo of you two?”

As the woman said so apologetically, Hasegawa entwined her arm around Basara’s as if to assert her presence. After a photo of the two of them was taken with the waterfall as the backdrop and they looked at the beautiful sight of the winter waterfall once more, they got on an elevator to head back down to the ground. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t able to be alone on the way back down, and the elevator that they entered was crowded.

“—Sensei, over here.”

To prevent other men from touching Hasegawa, Basara guarded her.


Hasegawa moved and tightly embraced him in silence. And then

“Toujou…during this trip, you are mine.”

“…Yes, I’m sorry.”

Basara embraced her in return as he apologised to the somewhat sulky Hasegawa. When they arrived at the ground level and returned to the taxi, it was already lunch time. When Basara asked the driver for a store recommendation, he also listened to their desired schedule for the remainder of the afternoon and then took them to a popular soba restaurant that was known to both tourists and locals. —And so, from afternoon onwards, they explored the art that was crafted by human hands, rather than the art of nature. They went to see a shrine that was registered as a world heritage site.


The place where they headed to was a world heritage site which was frequently visited by many tourists. Although taxis were permitted to enter the site which consisted of two shrines and a temple, Hasegawa requested that the car head over to the southeast side — they went around to the front entrance on foot, and crossed over a culturally significant vermillion bridge. And once all of their sightseeing was over, they planned to contact the driver by phone so that he could wait for them nearby. With that, they slowly began to walk around.


Although he had already been aware of it when the taxi drove to the lake, when they started crossing the bridge, the surrounding air felt clear and fresh again. Originally, the land around this area was a place where spiritual forces were said to be strong, a supposed ‘sanctuary’, but the spiritual density seemed even stronger now that they had come here. As Hasegawa walked beside him

“—Toujou, do you know about the difference between a shrine and a temple?”

“Well, I’ve heard about it once, but…”

As someone born into the Hero clan where some members borrowed power from the spirits or divine beasts, the minimum amount of necessary knowledge had been hammered into him from a young age. To put it into terms which were easier to understand, ‘a place with a torii [2] is a shrine, and where graves are it is a temple’. Although they shared several commonalities, that was simply a rough ‘way to distinguish them’, rather than their actual differences. Therefore

“I have some knowledge about the various theories, but…to put it in rough terms, it is said that shrines belong to Shinto, temples belong to Buddhism, and a shrine is the place where gods reside.”

And then

“Although a temple houses Buddhist statues and the like, and it’s basically not where gods live, it’s more like a place for monks to train…it feels that way.”

Nonetheless, for the gods who bestowed their power upon the Hero clan in ancient times, it would also be incorrect to say that they lived in shrines across various parts of Japan. Of course, there were many spiritual beings in a shrine, and it was also a place where beings of worship could descend. However, they were ideological existences which were invisible to the eyes of human beings, though Basara and the others could somehow feel their presence. The existence of the gods who gave their ancestors power, and the existence of spiritual beings and divine beasts were ‘more humanlike’ or ‘more animal-like’. But those who were once exiled from the gods became demons. Considering them as pairs, it was easier to understand that their existences were closer to human. Nonetheless — among the Shinto gods, there were many human-like existences that appeared in Japanese myths and the like.

Some members of the Hero clan also revered weapons with the same name as a Shinto god, such as Yuki’s [Sakuya]. That was because its existence was rooted in mythology and religion, and many people throughout history had recognised it, thus it easily obtained spiritual power. In other words, the [Konohanasakuya-hime] of Japanese mythology was not exactly identical to the spirit [Sakuya] that dwelled in the sword which chose Yuki as its wielder. However, since it was akin to the origin of its existence, it wasn’t entirely unrelated either…having recognised a clan, there were still some practical problems. Although shrines might allow such spiritual existences to be felt, they also acted as a measure to preserve the spiritual beings so that they weren’t destroyed in battle again demons, stray devils, or disasters. The same also applied to temples. Although the common conception was that they were a place for monks to live as Basara mentioned to Hasegawa earlier, in most cases, they were actually important places involved with the terrain. Like shrines, they often played a role in protecting the land, and acted as a means to prevent ‘impurity’ and to protect the location. That was why when they fought against Takashi’s group who had the spirit spear [Byakko] — it was not in the forest or the mountains where there were few people, but within a boundary which replicated the space in front of the station.

It was similar to the Hero clans in other countries where they reconstructed the existences which appeared in myth and religion, and transferred that to the area of weapons and abilities for battle. They were also responsible for conserving churches, temples, ruins and the like in various places aside from their duties in fighting against demons. In essence, the gods who resided in the Divine Realm and rarely left created existences which could fight against demons in the human world by giving them the ability to recognise spiritual existences and energy which was impossible for ordinary humans. In other words, this was the Hero Clan which the gods had bestowed special abilities upon. Nevertheless, during the previous Great War, it was believed that there were also some gods who made an appearance before a limited number of Heroes. However, there had not been a single report of their appearance after the Great War ended. And so, after crossing the bridge and while climbing a flight of steps up the mountain towards the world heritage temple, Hasegawa suddenly asked as she walked ahead

“Then, since beings such as gods exist…but they don’t show up to help people and animals in this world when they suffer, what do you think, Toujou?”

Basara was unable to peek up her skirt from below since he followed closely behind her on the sloped path, and he was unable to see Hasegawa’s facial expression either. He could only try to infer what kind of expression she had based on the tone of her question. But even so

“Well…there are various theories about that too, but I think if such existences do exist, they must have various circumstances. We may not be aware of it, but I’m sure there have been many times when they’ve surely helped and protected us.”

That was Basara’s reasoning. He raised his face and looked at Hasegawa’s back as she continued to walk in front of him.

“There are also times when some people aren’t aware that others have helped them, right? So, even if they might be invisible…I’m sure that they’re watching over us and helping us without us noticing. It’s just like how the Hero Clan does things — they protect the world from demons and stray devils.”

“……Is that so?”

Hasegawa muttered in a low voice without looking back as she continued walking ahead.

“…Do you think that’s wrong?”

In response to her somewhat melancholic question, Basara seemed slightly worried as he said

“No, that’s not the case…it’s just that I thought you were thinking about something like that.”

As she reached the top of the stairs, Hasegawa turned around and revealed a gentle smile. Hasegawa’s expression was the same as usual — that prompted Basara to pat his chest in relief as he stood next to her again, and Hasegawa once more linked her arms with his. At the same time—


Hasegawa’s lips seemed to open and close slightly, but Basara was not able to hear what she said.


Having reached the world heritage site, the first place that they chose to visit was the large shrine that a general who survived the Warring States period [3] had dedicated to the gods for the sake of the unification of the country. It was a grand structure which had been designed with feng shui and yin yang [4] in mind, but there were also many intricate engravings which depicted various animals and spiritual beasts. There were three famous monkeys and a sleeping cat, as well as a portrait of an enormous dragon painted on the ceiling of the shrine hall. There was also a string of hyoushigi [5] which hung underneath it and produced a mysterious reverberation when struck. The two of them enjoyed their sightseeing side-by-side in the place which was a popular tourist destination. And then — the next place that they made their way to was the shrine which had been built next to it. As they approached the next shrine via a straight path which was lined with cedar trees, they passed through a torii before they arrived at the shrine which had an old history of over a thousand years. Basara and Hasegawa then cleansed their hands and mouths with water at the site.

“…Sorry, but please accompany me for a while.”

Upon being asked that, Basara nodded in acknowledgement. The main deity of this shrine was known as the ‘god who relinquished the land’. They were also famous for a story where they helped a white rabbit which was in pain.

…If I recall correctly, it had something to do with having many children.

There were various different theories, although the most prominent one was that he supposedly had as many as a hundred-and-eighty children between six goddesses who were his wives. The number six was a strange commonality that Basara shared with this male god. Although they weren’t his wives, he did have a deep bond with five people — Mio, Yuki, Maria, Kurumi and Zest. …And, if Hasegawa was also included, that would make it six people who had a deep relationship with him, which happened to be the same number as this male god. Nonetheless, in some other texts and theories, it was stated that he actually had seven wives, and there were also some books which stated that the number was even higher. It was well within reason that this commonality they shared had no particular meaning.

Aside from Basara and Hasegawa, there were many other tourists present, though most of them appeared to be women or couples. The male god was famous for being connected to many goddesses, and also said to command the lands of the world. This was why he was also revered as a god of marriage. Since Hasegawa enjoyed the feeling of being lovers with Basara, perhaps this was the reason why she wanted to visit this place with him. Basara then arrived at the main hall together with Hasegawa, where there were two cedar trees which stood together like a couple. This was where they prayed to the married trees. In terms of desires, there were many things that he wanted to wish for, however—


Hasegawa’s facial expression as she closed her eyes and held his hand was serious as far as he could tell, so he decided to wish for Hasegawa’s wish to come true. And — once they finished visiting that shrine, they encountered a certain group of people. There was a wedding ceremony. In this world heritage shrine, a solemn Shinto-style wedding ceremony was being held. A male priest and a shrine maiden led the groom who wore a decorated hakama, as well as the bride who wore a shiromuku [6]. Following behind them were two pairs of men and women who seemed to be the parents. Hasegawa seemed entranced as she watched them, and she leaned her body against Basara’s as she uttered

“How enviable…”

There were many appropriate ways in which he could have responded to her. However, he did not want to say anything irresponsible to Hasegawa. Therefore


Basara simply tightened his hold on Hasegawa’s waist just a little as he said that. As the two of them watched the wedding ceremony take place, it seemed as though the groom noticed them as he stared back.


The groom had completely turned his face toward them and looked like he was bewitched by Hasegawa. Noticing that, the bride sulkily pulled on the groom’s ear.

“—Well, since we’ve finished praying, should we move on?”

It was cruel that the groom was at fault simply for taking a careless look at Hasegawa. When Basara asked if she was ready to leave, Hasegawa seemed satisfied.

“Ah, you’re right…let’s go.”

After Basara nodded in response, they left the shrine.


Afterwards, they made their way towards the other temples which were classified as important cultural assets, but they were unable to complete their tour as the opening times in winter were shorter. Thus, they gave up on seeing the rest and went back to the taxi which waited for them in the parking lot. They headed back towards the first lake that they visited. It wasn’t because they had forgotten anything. They went to visit a building which sat on the bank of the lake.

“This is an amazing place…”

Basara murmured as he marvelled at the scenery which he could see through the window of the taxi. After passing through the welcoming gate, the area which spread out in front of them had a land size of three-thousand tsubo [7]. Built upon this site was an extremely luxurious inn which was run by a famous resort management company. In front of the entrance to the building, women in traditional Japanese clothing who seemed to be employees awaited them. As soon as the taxi which Basara and Hasegawa travelled came to a stop, they opened the rear car doors.

“—Welcome, we are pleased to see you even in this cold weather.”

Their actions and voices didn’t rest for even a moment as they immediately bowed. After paying and thanking the taxi driver for chauffeuring them around for the day, the female staff members guided them into the inn where they sat down at a sofa and table in the lobby. As soon as they sat down at the sofa, another woman brought them tea. It was an expensive-looking green tea set which was accompanied by a variety of colourful sweets. However, they hadn’t been brought there simply to have tea. As evidence of that, as soon as Basara and Hasegawa took a small sip of their tea—

“Welcome — sorry to interrupt your relaxation, but would you please be able to check-in?”

After saying that, the women presented a notebook with a leather cover and a fountain pen to Hasegawa. Hasegawa then elegantly wrote down her personal information. After Hasegawa finished filling out the required information and returned the notebook and pen, the woman respectfully bowed.

“Thank you very much. Now, we shall guide you to your room if you would like — this way please.”

After saying that, she invited them towards the back of the building. The quietness of the Japanese-style hall had a certain tranquillity about it, and only their footsteps could be heard as they slowly advanced over the tatami floor through the corridor. Soon, they reached a particular room. It was more spacious than the entire size of the Toujou residence, and the most luxurious suite in the entire inn. There were two Japanese-style rooms situated next to each other, along with a living room and two western-style bedrooms. There were also two wash areas, basins and toilets in the bathroom, which gave it the potential to accommodate up to six people at once. As they sat down at the Japanese-style chairs and cushions at the table, the lady who had guided them thus far poured them tea. She then placed a cup each in front of Basara and Hasegawa.

“Once again, we welcome your stay with us tonight. I am the proprietress of this inn.”

She said as she lowered her head with a deep bow while kneeling on the floor. As Basara looked at the proprietress, he thought

…It’s good that I got some experience in the Demon Realm before this.

Since Basara had received a similar level of hospitality in Wildart along with Mio and the others, he didn’t feel shaken by the luxurious rooms or the generous hospitality of the proprietress. Sitting calmly across the table from him, Hasegawa asked

“And our luggage that we sent ahead of time?”

“Yes. We received them earlier and they have been placed over there.”

The proprietress pointed towards the living room where they could see the luggage that they dropped off at the train station earlier. What the two of them paid for was not simply luggage storage — it also included a delivery service that could send their luggage to their accommodation. Indeed — this wasn’t simply a day trip. Basara and Hasegawa would be staying overnight at this inn.

“Umm…if you don’t mind me asking, is today an anniversary or a special occasion?”

“Yes. Please do allow us to treat it like one.”

After Hasegawa answered the proprietress’ polite question, she took out a small envelope from her handbag with a smile. It was most likely a gift envelope containing a tip. As soon as the proprietress noticed, she said

“No…I cannot receive something like that. The service of our inn is covered for by our accommodation fees, and we have already received more than enough from you, Hasegawa-sama.”

“This is separate from that. If you are confident in your services, then it should not be a problem. And, so long as you provide the best hospitality that you can, then it’s fine.”

When Hasegawa put it gently in that way, the proprietress conceded.

“…Then, I gratefully receive it.”

She said as she received it. After putting the envelope away into her pocket, her expression became serious again.

“Now then…as I mentioned earlier, I will do my utmost to provide our best service.”

The proprietress said as she began to explain the various facilities available at the inn.

“—Please feel free to make use of our facilities.”

After lowering her head towards the floor with her hands placed in front of her once again, she quietly exited the room. Thus


Basara finally let out a deep sigh as he looked across the room. Not only was it spacious, but it also had a gorgeous view of the lake at sunset which could be seen through the window. That was why he thought

…I’d like to bring them here someday.

He suddenly thought about Mio and the others whom he had left behind at home. —When Basara told them about the fact that he would be staying overnight, as expected, Mio and the others seemed reluctant. It wasn’t because he had told them about Hasegawa. In the first place, his relationship with Hasegawa was a secret from them. He had told them that he would be spending a night away in order to take a rest from the fierce battles in the Demon Realm. Mio and the others were purely worried about his safety since he would be alone. From their perspective, they probably wondered about the reason why they couldn’t accompany him. However — Mio and the others didn’t say anything, and simply saw Basara off. The things that Takigawa said when they met in town the other day “And if you mistake the meaning of the word ‘worry’ for ‘shackling down’, he might abandon you” was probably stuck in their hearts. Although they could find each other’s locations using the Master-Servant contract in case of an emergency, Mio, Yuki and Zest hadn’t covertly done anything like following him. Although he did not have a Master-Servant contract with Maria and Kurumi — Basara was currently capable of discerning their locations as well.

…It’s all thanks to Sheera-san.

Basara dropped his gaze to the mobile phone which he had taken out of his pocket. Just like how Mio and the others were worried about Basara — Basara also cared for them and worried about them. Sheera understood his feelings, and among the souvenirs that she gave Basara back when they parted, one of them was a special chip that could track the magical energy of Maria and the dark elemental that Kurumi had received. Once inserted into a mobile phone, it became possible to track the two of them like points on a GPS. Currently, those five girls were definitely in Tokyo. Basara was able to confirm that with the GPS on his phone, and they were also able to grasp his location via the Master-Servant contract. In fact, he had also sent them a few emails whilst he was with Hasegawa. Since Mio and the others knew what his location was, and they also had correspondence from him, they probably weren’t worried. That was what Basara thought.

“—Even when you’re with me, you’re thinking about other women?”

Hasegawa playfully said as she leaned over the table.

“You spent a number of nights overseas with Naruse and the others over the winter vacation. During that time, I was thinking about you, all alone. Of course, I don’t mind if you contact Naruse and the others to give them some assurance while you’re staying with me like this…but you should otherwise think only about me.”

In response to her graceful and sensual smile, Basara simply said ‘yes’ as he nodded. And just as he was told — he thought only about Hasegawa during the time that he was with her.


There was still some time until dinner. That was why Basara and Hasegawa decided to head into the hot springs first. Although there was a traditional cypress wood bathtub in their room, the large public open-air bath was the true highlight of the inn. Although there were yukatas in their room, the proprietress had mentioned to them that some had also been prepared in the changing rooms of the large public bath, so they left the room as they were. Because the building was so spacious and vast, the hallways were shrouded in a calm silence.

“—Alright, I’ll see you later.”


As they said that, Basara and Hasegawa walked towards the male and female baths separately. And so, Basara proceeded through the curtains to the male bath where he took his clothes off in the changing room, and put them into a locker. He attached the wristband with the key to his wrist, and then opened the door to step into the large public bath.

“…This is amazing.”

He spoke aloud to himself. White steam drifted above the entire hot spring bath, and it was so spacious that he gazed it the space in admiration. Although the size of this bath alone was already magnificent, there was supposedly also an open-air bath. Basara had the male bath all to himself.

…It’s this empty even on a weekend.

It did seem like a rather luxurious inn, and that was likely why there were few people who stayed here. Or perhaps, people who stayed at such inns preferred to use their private baths instead of the public one. While such thoughts crossed Basara’s mind within the large Japanese-style bath, he sat down on a stool in the washing area close to the wall to wash his body down first. Suddenly — someone’s presence could be felt from the changing room. Apparently, there seemed to be other customers who also wanted to enjoy the large public bath aside from Basara. Basara stroked his chest in relief as he continued to wash his body, but that customer came into the bathing area shortly afterwards. It was Hasegawa.


He couldn’t help but leak an exclamation of surprise. The person with a towel wrapped around her head to keep her hair together, and with a bath towel around her body was undoubtedly Hasegawa Chisato. Upon finding Basara in the washing area, she said

“Did you wait long, Toujou…?”

With a smile on her face, she approached him while treading across the hot water which had spilled onto the floor.

“W-What are you doing, sensei!? What if other customers come in—”

Basara had sensed that Hasegawa looked forward to bathing with him, but he did not think that she would go so far as to follow through with it in the large public bath, rather than the private one in their room. He was glad about her feelings, but there was a serious risk that her bare skin could be exposed to the eyes of other men. However

“Don’t worry. No one else will come in — no other customers, and of course, not the staff either.”

Hasegawa swiftly declared.

“I’ve reserved this place, for both today and tomorrow.”

“This large public bath?”

Could she have done that? — Basara wondered.

“No…this inn.”

Without hesitation, Hasegawa let that response slip from her mouth.

…Now that I think about it.

It wasn’t just the changing room or the large public bath. Ever since he set foot in this inn, he hadn’t seen any other customers at all. Moreover, before the proprietress left their room, she had said things like — “Please feel free”. Normally, it should have been along the lines of “Please take your time”, or “At your leisure”. —However, the proprietress permitted this ‘freedom’. When Hasegawa tried to give her a tip, she said “we have already received more than enough”. Perhaps that wasn’t just out of politeness and humility to a customer.


Just how much did it cost to completely reserve a luxury inn for the weekend? As Hasegawa stood before Basara’s eyes, she undid the knot on her bath towel to reveal her nude body. She then sat down in the stool next to his and began to use hot water from the shower to wash her body down. Basara had bathed with Hasegawa and did various other things with her after having a delicious meal prior to the Sports Festival, and there was also that time when he was indulged in her bedroom on Christmas night. Being reminded of those occasions, Basara reacted involuntarily. And then, Hasegawa noticed his condition.

“…Fufu, you’re certainly fast.”

“No, this is…”

Basara’s words got jumbled up as he spoke while narrowing his eyes in delight. Hasegawa opened the bottle cap of the body soap and slathered the contents onto her own chest. And then, once the liquid overflowed and trickled down from the valley of her breasts, she rubbed her breasts together with her hands, and her nipples also began to grow erect. As he understood what Hasegawa was doing, Basara called out to her


“If that doesn’t go down, then we won’t be able to have dinner…so leave it to me.”

Hasegawa then revealed a seductive smile as she circled around behind him. She pushed her large breasts which were covered in foam against Basara’s back, and she stretched both of her hands around towards the front of Basara’s body. There was still plenty of body wash left on her hands. The next moment — Toujou Basara’s erect rod was in the custody of Hasegawa’s hands.

“Incredible…you’ve gotten bigger again. Toujou…mmm.”

While sliding her foamy breasts against his back, Hasegawa squeezed and stroked his cock with lewd movements, and it was clear that they were both feeling aroused. The truth was

“…During the winter vacation, various things happened…”

Thanks to the effects of the tonic that Sheera had given him in the Demon Realm, perhaps that was why Basara had grown bigger there. As Hasegawa serviced him lewdly with her hands, Basara leaked a pleasant moan.

“Is that so…then, I’ll be sure to make it plenty big tonight.”

Hasegawa giggled as she said so, and accelerated the motion of her hands.


As Basara’s sensation of pleasure increased, he channelled strength towards his lower half.

“You don’t have to hold back…release yourself, and enjoy it.”

Hasegawa whispered into his ear with hot breath, and she heightened the intensity of her hand movements — that was why Basara allowed himself to be indulged by Hasegawa’s words. He unleashed the torrent of pleasure that he had been holding back into her hands. Not all of it could be contained by Hasegawa’s hands, and the cloudy white liquid from Basara spurted onto the upper half of the tall mirror in front of him. As a result, Hasegawa’s face which was reflected in the mirror was dirtied by the white liquid, and her hands which had been holding onto Basara’s rod tightly became gentle.

“Hmm…fufu, you certainly came a lot…”

Hasegawa giggled as she seemed satisfied with it. Perhaps out of regret that he had done that with her, Basara gently glanced behind to try and understand what her intentions were.

“The expression on your face…it’s still before dinner.”

Although she chastised him like that, Hasegawa seemed to have forgiven Basara. Therefore, when Basara reached towards Hasegawa’s breasts with his hands and gently fondled them


A sweet moan instantly leaked out from her mouth. In response to Hasegawa, Basara said

“…Isn’t this all because of you, sensei?”

Basara then lewdly moved his hands, and squeezed the tips of her pale pink nipples.


Hasegawa was so sensitive that her body trembled just because of that — Hasegawa’s reaction further heightened Basara’s excitement, and he put his arms around her waist to bring her body closer to himself.

“Before dinner…let’s both climax once.”

Held in his arms, Hasegawa seductively responded to his proposal with

“—I understand.”

As soon as she replied to Basara with a nod, he fully immersed himself in the sensation of her breasts and buttocks. Whilst he massaged her breasts and butt at the same time with both his hands, Hasegawa’s pleasure instantly increased, having already become aroused by servicing Basara earlier — she gradually began to move her hips with lewd motions, and Basara sucked on Hasegawa’s nipples, causing her to climax lightly. While she tightly embraced him, Hasegawa’s sweet moan echoed within the bath — and once her sensation of climax subsided, she gazed straight into his eyes.

“Haa…Toujou…mmm, chuu…♥”

She kissed him as her eyes wandered into delirium. In response to that, and before he even realised, Basara had pushed Hasegawa down onto the floor of the large public bath — they lustfully entangled their legs together, and dreamily became infatuated with each other.


Ultimately — even though it was only supposed to be once each it ended up being three times each. Somehow realising that any more than that would have been bad, they managed to calm their raging excitement, and they changed back into yukatas in the changing room so that they could return to their room. Hasegawa had tied her hair up when she put on the yukata, and her skin was flushed from the pleasure of the bath while the nape of her neck was stained with a cherry-blossom colour.

…This is bad.

Basara had become incredibly aroused by her sex appeal, and he shook his head as his desperately tried to calm himself down. And, when they arrived back at their room, they were just in time for the dinner that had been prepared for them. On top of the large table, a variety of tasty-looking dishes were lined up. There was a pot of shabu-shabu oysters, assorted horse sashimi, and steamed turtle in an earthenware pot. An ordinary man would be somewhat taken aback by such a menu, however, the loli-ero succubus who was in charge of the Toujou residence’s kitchen had made many similar dishes, and so Basara wasn’t particularly concerned.

“It’s quite luxurious…”

“We are humbled by your words…the chef of this inn did his best to create this.”

As one of the staff members who acted as a waitress said so with a polite tone, she slowly bowed to them.

“However, I apologise for how unsightly it looks on the table…”

And then she apologised. There were a large number of dishes laid out on the table, and just as she said, the table surface did seem somewhat tightly-packed. Hasegawa shook her head lightly as she replied

“I don’t mind…even though you don’t offer room service, you’ve already fulfilled my impossible request.”

On the contrary, it seemed as though Hasegawa chose to have this kind of high-class kaiseki [8] cuisine delivered together with the next course, which was western-style so as to cherish the time between just the two of them. —And so, the complete meal was ready shortly afterwards. Although the dishes had originally been placed so that they could be eaten face-to-face, they were arranged so that they sat side-by-side at Hasegawa’s request. When Basara inquired about her intentions, Hasegawa simply whispered sweetly into his ear

“It’s easier to eat with each other if our bodies are closer, right?”

After the staff finished the preparations for their meal, they bowed and retreated, allowing Basara and Hasegawa to begin their meal. As expected of a luxurious inn — all of the ingredients were first-class, and their work was both diligent and precise. The taste was elegant, and it was also delicious on Basara’s tongue. Although they were aware that it was poor etiquette to do so, they fed each other and poured sake for each other, just as Hasegawa wanted, and that made her truly happy…she intentionally flirted with him using her breasts, demanded a kiss from him in the middle, and she seemed pleased when Basara responded in kind. Hasegawa’s expression conveyed pure joy. After they finished their meal, Basara sat on the western-style sofa, with Hasegawa on his lap while he held her waist from behind as they took a break. As they gazed at the scenery outside the window, Hasegawa leaned in and left her body in his care.

“What would you like to do after this? Would you like to use the cypress wooden bath in our room, the large public bath again…or would you like to try the women’s bath this time?”

She asked him as she looked over her shoulder — therefore

“Sensei…before that, there’s something that I want to ask.”

“Yes, what is it?”

In good spirits, Hasegawa prompted him to continue.


“Yes — sensei, I want you to tell me what you know about my birth.”

With a calm voice — Toujou Basara broached the topic that he had kept silent on all day. However, Hasegawa maintained her smile. She simply narrowed her eyes slightly.

“—While you were over there, did Jin tell you something about me?”

That was all she asked. So in response, Basara shook his head slightly.

“No. When I met my old man again in the Demon Realm, I learned from him that my mother was the younger sister of the former Demon Lord Wilbert. And, the fact that I also have another mother aside from her.”

“If that’s all you’ve heard, then how did you arrive at the conclusion to ask me about it?”

The tone of Hasegawa’s voice didn’t deny it, which meant that it was the truth.

“In order to fulfil my purpose in the Demon Realm, I had to compete against people who were much stronger than me…that’s why I asked a succubus to create a drug for me, so that I could activate the demon blood which flows through me.”

And then

“When I drank it, a part of Brynhildr’s memories flowed into me. I guess it’s because of the evil spirit that possesses the demonic sword. When I activated my demon blood, my synchronisation with the demonic sword Brynhildr was enhanced.”

That was when Toujou Basara found out.

“The reason why demonic swords and spirit swords can possess a user is because of the link that is made when one is chosen by the spirit or divine beast that resides in the weapon. But, the way that I became the wielder of Brynhildr is totally different to how Yuki was chosen by Sakuya.”

Because he saw that tragedy from Brynhildr’s point of view, he understood.

“At the time of the tragedy five years ago…my power went out of control, and I erased everything in my surroundings except for Yuki and Brynhildr. But, I was only trying to protect Yuki at that time, and I couldn’t afford to protect Brynhildr as well. Even so, Brynhildr remained without disappearing because it escaped inside me. And from then on, Brynhildr has continued to live on, inside me.”

And, on the day of the Sports Festival.

“Ever since I met Mio and the others, my life has been in danger when I’ve fought in battle several times, but at that time — when I was defeated by Sakazaki, I temporarily drifted to the boundary of death. If I died as the host, then Brynhildr also would have disappeared. Brynhildr instinctively realised that it was a crucial situation that posed a threat to its own existence, so it manifested when I lost consciousness, and defeated Sakazaki with my body and power…and so—”

“I see…”

Once she heard Basara’s words, Hasegawa muttered as if she finally realised.

“When I stopped Brynhildr who had taken over your body and went out of control — you found out about the conversation I had with Ornis while you were unconscious.”

It was that time when Brynhildr took control of Basara’s body, and used it to overwhelm and attempt to kill Sakazaki. Hasegawa had restrained both Basara’s body and Brynhildr’s rampage. At the time — Basara was still unconscious, but—

…Even though Brynhildr was restrained, it still remained in a conscious state.

In order to return safely from the Demon Realm, Basara had intended to become stronger by synchronising with Brynhildr further so that he could master its strength.

“Rather than Jin telling you, to think that it would be Brynhildr…”

Sakazaki revealed his identity as Ornis and tried to kill him. That was why Hasegawa didn’t hesitate to use her form and power as one of the Ten Gods, Afureia, to destroy Ornis. Basara wasn’t aware of the exact circumstances or situation of her conversation with Ornis, and most of what he understood was mere fragments. But, having been born and raised as a member of the Hero Clan, he undoubtedly knew of the meaning and existence of the divine race and the Ten Gods. …Moreover, after learning from Jin in the Demon Realm that he had two mothers, he was able to derive the truth by gathering the various pieces of information together. And Basara noticed — the door to reach the truth, as well as its key, lay with Hasegawa. As Hasegawa sighed and slowly blinked, her demeanour and facial expression turned into that of a bitter smile. She could no longer deceive him — so, Hasegawa Chisato slowly began to speak.

“…I made a promise to Jin. Aside from if he told you himself, if you found out on your own, then it was up to my discretion on whether or not to tell you the truth. But, knowing how much you adore and respect your father, even if you did find a way to find out more of the truth beyond what you heard from him, I didn’t think you’d pursue it…what made you change your mind to ask for my support?”

“Indeed…certainly, if I was still the same as I was a while ago, I would have accepted my father’s decisions unconditionally, and wouldn’t do anything unnecessary.”

However, Basara continued

“But right now, I have something that I want to protect…something that I absolutely cannot give up. Of course, I may never be able to surpass my father when it comes to battle. But, I don’t want to remain an existence who’s always just protected by his father. —So, please tell me.”

That was Basara’s way, and his determined words to leave the protection of his father.

“—As a woman who is precious to me, I want to know what your raison d’etre is, sensei.”

And so he asked again. Therefore

“……How much did Jin tell you?”

“During the previous Great War against the demon race, he and mother — he met Wilbert’s younger sister on the battlefield.”

Up until that point, Jin’s words could be trusted. So, Hasegawa turned towards the front as she began to talk about the details that Basara wanted to hear about.

“This is a story that I heard, but…one of your two mothers is a demon woman named Sapphire. She was an excellent commander who led troops on the battlefield. Among those who fought on the frontlines during the Great War, she was one of the best when it came to battle.”

That also meant that she had killed many of those from the Hero Clan, but Hasegawa didn’t mention that.

“I guess she had a strong sense of responsibility…late in the war, I heard that she volunteered for a vital role when Wilbert began marching his troops in the Demon Realm.”

That was how — their fateful encounter was born.

“Around that time, Jin and his comrades had been pursuing and launching attacks on the demons…Jin and her had already encountered each other on the battlefield before that, and they had already fought against each other several times already.”

“Several times…that means—”

“Yes. It seems that as the younger sister of Wilbert who was called the strongest Demon Lord, she had the ability to fight on equal footing against Jin. And this time, she wanted to quickly withdraw her subordinates from the area while Jin wanted to avoid the risk of harm to his comrades, so it soon became a one-on-one fight. There were no other heroes or demons who could have stopped them.”

Hasegawa then changed her tone.

“However…as the two of them began to fight on the battlefield, there was one person who joined to stop both of them.”

After taking a breath, she said ‘her’ name.

“That other person was the one who would eventually become your other mother, my cousin — Raphaeline.”

She was a goddess who had previously been dispatched from the Divine Realm to watch over the Great War between the Hero Clan and the demon race. Raphaeline had become one of the Ten Gods before Hasegawa.

“The holy sword Balmung that Jin used during the Great War was something that Raphaeline had secretly given to him after observing and evaluating him….”

However, while she lent power to the Hero Clan, Raphaeline loved peace, and she looked favourably upon Wilbert’s decision to bring his army in to create a truce — therefore, she also intervened in the battle between Sapphire and Jin. However

“They were in an abnormally tense state due to the battle, and because they saw Raphaeline as a nuisance, Jin and Sapphire-dono attacked her separately.”

Although Raphaeline first attempted to persuade them, she gradually became emotional towards both of them.

“—Before they realised, it had become a three-way battle.”

Hasegawa bitterly smiled. Jin was touted as a God of War, Sapphire was able to fight evenly against him, and even one of the Ten Gods, Raphaeline, had joined their clash. The shockwaves generated by the all-out clash between the three parties was tremendous, resulting in a huge dimensional distortion that all of them got caught up in.

“The dimension that they fell into was like an absolute prison that was isolated from the flow of time. Although they argued for a while, they eventually began to work together to escape.”

 Hasegawa didn’t know how much time they actually spent in there. But, it was no surprise that special emotions were born as they mutually acknowledged each other. While the three of them lived there by themselves — they faced serious problems.

“That space was…the nest of the ancient dragon Fafnir.”

Dragons were special creatures that belonged to a higher order, and were completely separate from both gods and demons. Among them, Fafnir was classified as one of the strongest evil dragons, and also one of the oldest dragons. Fafnir attacked Jin and the other two as they were intruders on its territory.

“—In the end, it seems that they were somehow able to repel Fafnir. Moreover, by defeating Fafnir, they were able to cause cracks in the dimension, and from there they were able to create a portal to return to their original world. But—”

While they tried to return to their original world — there was an existence that prevented their escape.

“Fafnir had more than one body…”

The dimension that Jin and the others entered was a nest that belonged to Fafnir, which meant that all of the other bodies which remained pursued them in order to avenge their comrade. There were twenty of them — it wasn’t an extraordinarily large number, but it was more than they could handle. That was why they couldn’t escape from the dimensional hole to the outside world. If they tried to, they wouldn’t be able to close the dimensional hole, and the swarm of Fafnir would be let out as well. So when Sapphire and Raphaeline gave up on escaping and tried to close the dimensional hole instead, they were roughly pushed out and returned to the outside world — to their original world. It went without saying who had done that.

“And — Jin was the only one who did not escape.”

That decision was made for the sake of preventing Fafnir from reaching the outside world. That was why Jin destroyed the dimensional boundary from the inside after Sapphire and Raphaeline escaped, and he alone remained inside the dimensional along with the swarm of Fafnir. Stunned, Raphaeline and Sapphire joined forces to rescue Jin, and they desperately tried to reopen the corridor to that dimension. However, although it was possible for them to make a tunnel to that dimension, they couldn’t open a tunnel to the one that Jin was in unless they had his power as well, since he was with them when they all first entered.

“But — the two of them still cooperated, and continued to combine their powers.”

Raphaeline was eventually able to detect the aura of the sword Balmung which she had given him, and she continued to discern the exact location of the space that he was in while Sapphire produced distortions in space using her gravity magic.

“At that time, they didn’t care about their status as goddess and demon…they wholeheartedly just wanted to rescue Jin.”

And so, they finally succeeded in creating a route to the dimension that Jin was in. The two of them instantly rushed into the dimensional boundary in an attempt to ascertain whether Jin was safe. They did so with absolutely no regard for their own lives.

“But…after the two of them rushed in, Jin had already defeated all of Fafnir’s body by himself.”

Raphaeline and Sapphire stood there in shock as Jin said “Yo, are you okay?” while he smiled. That was why they couldn’t hold back anymore.

“When Raphaeline and Sapphire returned with Jin to their original space…they became tied to each other as both of them desired Jin.”


As a result of connecting with each other, Sapphire soon became pregnant with Jin’s child. —If the existence of a child between a hero of the Hero Clan and the younger sister of the Demon Lord was to be discovered, it would be a major problem. On the other hand, if raised carefully, he had the potential to become the hope of the next generation. However, it was impossible for Saaphire to give birth to the child of a hero in the Demon Realm.

“So — Raphaeline took over the task of carrying you, and she decided to give birth to you in the Divine Realm.”

As one of the Ten Gods who held great power in the Divine Realm, she could give birth to a child. In this way, it also became a child that belonged to all three of them, and that made her happy. So, Basara was transferred from Sapphire’s womb to Raphaeline’s, and they had decided to split their roles up after taking their respective situations into account. After they finished discussing what to do, they made a promise to meet again before returning to their respective worlds. Jin returned to the human realm, Sapphire to the Demon Realm, and Raphaeline to the Divine Realm.

—Soon afterwards, a truce was reached between the Hero Clan and the Demons. Jin secretly entered the Demon Realm, and was successfully able to establish a cooperative relationship with Wilbert and Sheera through Sapphire, which helped in arranging an early truce. Everything had proceeded well up until that point. However, there was one person who had failed to keep their promise. It was Raphaeline. She had lied to both of them. Even if she was one of the Ten Gods…no, precisely because she held such a high position, the act of having the child of a demon as well as a human was absolutely forbidden. Even so, Raphaeline gave birth to their child, and after spending a short time together…her actions were punished as a first-class crime, and the sentence handed down to her was an erasure of her memories, as well as the freezing her soul.

“Aside from myself, there were two others who sided with Raphaeline, but all of the others agreed with her punishment…there was nothing that I could do.”

As a result, Raphaeline’s soul was extracted from her body, and bound to an eternal prison in the Divine Realm — in front of Hasegawa’s eyes.

“And, I brought you to the human realm and entrusted you to Jin. I told him about what had happened to Raphaeline, and also told him about her will.”

Raphaeline understood what kind of man Jin was. She knew what would happen to herself, and that was why she wanted to stop Jin from going to the Divine Realm. —However, there was a possibility that they would lose their child of hope if he did that.  

Please cherish a future together with that child where humans and demons no longer fight — that was Raphaeline’s wish. Hasegawa looked back at Basara as she told him a single fact.

“Toujou…your name, Basara, was one that Raphaeline chose.”

After being entrusted with his child Basara by Raphaeline — Jin did not want to betray her will. However, Hasegawa still clearly remembered the red stream of blood that flowed out of the fist that Jin had clenched so tightly at the time, as well as the sound of his molars as he clenched down so hard.

“Afterwards…Jin secretly travelled to the Demon Realm and told Sapphire-dono about Raphaeline’s will that I told him about. She had been looking forward to reuniting with him and secretly living in the human realm with everyone together, but she couldn’t bring herself to enjoy happiness with Jin by herself, so she chose to live alone in the Demon Realm, and it seems that she even disappeared from Wilbert. Taking into account that she was connected to a member of the Hero Clan and one of the goddesses, she probably didn’t want to be a danger or a hindrance to Wilbert.”

After talking about all of that, Hasegawa let out a long sigh. She knew that the day when she had to tell Basara the truth would eventually come, and she had thought over how to tell him this story over and over again. Realising that one of her key responsibilities was now over, she glanced up.


There was a single thing that overflowed and streamed down from the left eye of the boy that Hasegawa held most dear to her. Quietly, Basara was crying. When she saw that, Hasegawa was driven by a thoughtless urge to embrace him. However, she held back the right arm that she had extended and endured it. Having deceived Basara, she was no longer qualified to do such a thing. However, there was still more to the story.

“Even so, Sapphire-dono had promised Jin that she would come to both you and Jin in an emergency. And — she proved that those words were not a lie.”

Hasegawa continued

“After the tragedy five years ago… Jin left the <<Village>> with you and began to live in the city. At that time, you met her for just a while.”


As Basara raised his face to look at her, Hasegawa smiled as she said

“It was around that time when Jin had just started out as a photographer. At the time, you were still unable to recover from the shock of the incident at the <<Village>>, you locked yourself up at home, and didn’t go to school. Worried about you, Sapphire-dono was no longer able to endure. To be honest, it seems she actually wanted to rush to your aid immediately when problems occurred in the <<Village>>, but it was not possible for her to enter the village of the Hero Clan as a demon. However, she could secretly meet you if you left the <<Village>>. That was why she came to check on you in the form of a human. While you continued to suffer and blame yourself for the tragedy, she remained by your side. But, she decided to return to the Demon Realm once you settled down a bit, and she used magic to erase the memories of your meeting with her.”

The rest was just as he knew, Hasegawa said.

“Jin tried to get in touch with her while Wilbert’s plan to reform the Demon Realm was underway, but her whereabouts had become unknown…there’s no need to worry though. If Jin gets serious, he will surely be able to find Sapphire-dono.”

So — her own role was now finished. Hasegawa faced the front again as she said

“That’s everything…the story that I told you.”

Her body seemed to become weak as she said so.

“——That’s a lie, isn’t it?”

Basara quietly spoke as he declared so.


Toujou Basara gently wiped his tears away with the back of his left hand and kept his eyes fixed on Hasegawa’s as she sat on his lap. Her expression was a mix of confusion and surprise.

“I’m not saying that the story you told just then was a lie…but, there’s still something that you’re hiding from me, right sensei?”

“What are you saying…”

“—There’s more to that story than what you just told me about my father.”

Basara interrupted Hasegawa. However, it wasn’t just that.

“Have you forgotten? I already know about the conversation between you and Sakazaki that Brynhildr heard. But, you should have known about that a while ago, sensei…and the story about my old man is something you wouldn’t want to lie about anyway.”


“You loved the mother who gave birth to me like a sister, and you blamed yourself for being unable to stop the heavy punishment that was equivalent to losing everything that was precious to her…and that’s why you didn’t mention it.”

After a pause.

“You also — protected me in exchange for the status and power of the Ten Gods.”


The silence of Hasegawa was confirmation of Basara’s words. It was only natural. The topic had come up during the conversation between Hasegawa and Sakazaki — therefore, Toujou Basara continued.

“Moreover, when you mentioned that my demon mother was worried about me after I had just left the <<Village>>…it’s probably true that she was still worried about the <<Village>>, me, and my old man at the time. It would have been difficult for my mother as a demon to stay at our house.”

If her identity as a demon was discovered, that would have put Basara in danger. Sapphire probably had to make a difficult decision when she went back to the Demon Realm. But — just as Hasegawa said, it was also true that Basara’s mental state had slowly begun to settle down, and Jin was busy with his work. If that was the case, then

“On behalf of my demon mother, the one who stayed by my side until I completely settled down was you wasn’t it, sensei? If you’re a goddess, then you would have been able to lie about your identity to the Hero Clan. And since you were there, my mother was able to return to the Demon Realm without having to worry.”


“After you brought me to this world…you mentioned that you didn’t return to the Divine Realm. You protected me even though you had to abandon your position as one of the Ten Gods, and you’ve helped me up until now with your advice and blessings. Even though you entrusted me to my father, you remained in this world. I don’t think that you simply stood by and did nothing in this period of fifteen years, and that’s because you cherish my other mother who saw me as a beacon of hope more than anyone else.”

The lie that she most likely told was that rather than staying close to his mother, she thought that staying close to Basara would bring her more salvation. That was the case for Hasegawa Chisato — Afureia of the Ten Gods. She had continued to think dearly of Basara up until now.

What Basara said to Hasegawa was the truth.


Hasegawa Chisato felt surprised as she gazed into both of Basara’s eyes. They were the same colour as her own — and, also the same colour as Raphaeline’s. The eyes which Basara had inherited from the wise Raphaeline saw through and exposed the truth which she tried to hide as she gently touched her left earring — something that she herself had inherited from Raphaeline.

“……I’m sorry.”

Hasegawa offered those few words of apology as she hung her head and muttered. —Hasegawa Chisato had kept quiet about her own identity all this time while interacting with Basara. Hasegawa had her own circumstances, but those circumstances had absolutely nothing to do with Basara. It was clear that the story of Jin, Raphaeline and Sapphire was something that she could never lie about. However, Hasegawa thought that there was no need to insert her own existence into that story, and that there was no room for her in it. That was only natural. In that story, Hasegawa — Afureia of the Ten Gods was only able to watch on as Raphaeline, someone like an older sister to her, received a sentence that eradicated her existence…and, that was everything. At the very least, all she could do was lessen Basara’s pain by a bit. So when she told the truth about Jin and the others — she had interwoven falsehoods about herself. However, that was something Hasegawa had chosen to do. From Basara’s point of view, weaving in lies into an important story was akin to dishonesty and betrayal.

…However, Hasegawa was okay with that. For her current self, Basara was an existence more important than anything else. Just as Basara decided to do things for the sake of Mio and the others, Hasegawa likewise decided that she would do anything for Basara’s sake. Even if — that meant lying to Basara. That was why Hasegawa had been able to build up a relationship of trust, and a bond with Basara that was different from Mio and the others as the school nurse — that was an undeniable truth. There were times when Basara sought her advice on important things. There was also the time when Basara had made her aware that she was a woman. There was also that time when they completely lost their reasoning and they wildly desired each other. Every time, Hasegawa trembled in delight as she responded to him. Being someone needed by Basara was Hasegawa Chisato’s everything. …But, that everything would soon be lost. While it was possible for her to modify Basara’s memories, the way he smiled at her — the way he desired her, all of that would vanish. Although she long been prepared for this day, when Hasegawa thought about her relationship with Basara ending, energy simply vanished from her body.


All of a sudden — a gentle arm embraced her from behind. And so, while sitting on top of Basara’s lap, Hasegawa turned around so that they were face-to-face.

“—Please don’t misunderstand.”

While holding onto her waist, he spoke with a gentle voice and expression.

“Did you forget…I asked ‘sensei, I want you to tell me what you know about my birth’ didn’t I?”

Basara continued

“I also said ‘As a woman who is precious to me, I want to know what your raison d’etre is, sensei’.”

“Yes…that’s why I…”

Basara smiled bitterly as he looked at Hasegawa in front of him.

“But, you only told me about my parents, sensei. Of course, I’m grateful that I could hear about things that I hadn’t known until now, and I’m also happy to hear that I was cherished by all three of my parents, but…that wasn’t what I wanted to hear the most.”

So what was it supposed to be then? Basara’s words drifted around in Hasegawa’s head as she tried to discern his true intentions.


She finally let out an astonished exclamation. She realised something. —Basara wanted Hasegawa to tell him about what she knew of his birth. —Basara wanted to know what Hasegawa’s raison d’etre was, as one of the women that he held dear to him. Basara didn’t ask to hear about Raphaeline or Sapphire, he wanted to know what Hasegawa felt as she embraced him.

“It seems I made you misunderstand, but…it’s good that I know what you true feelings are, sensei.”

After Basara said that, he quietly embraced Hasegawa tightly again.

“Thank you…for thinking about all of us until now.”

He said so with a tone of certainty. However


Hasegawa suddenly couldn’t find anything to say in return. She didn’t understand why either. What he wanted to know was not the truth about his mothers, but about Hasegawa’s true feelings. Therefore


As she asked that in surprise, Basara smiled as he said

“Please don’t think of it as something strange. You’re the one who’s in front of me right now, you’ve protected me many times up until now, and you’re also someone precious to me right now — it’s no one else but you, sensei.”

As if it was only natural, Basara spoke the truth. So — she understood the meaning of Basara’s words. No, the moment she understood


Hasegawa was no longer able to hold back the tears which had begun to moisten her eyes. She was relieved that Basara didn’t hate her. Moreover, she felt rewarded for everything that she had done for Basara up until now — as soon as that thought arose in her mind, tears continuously and unstoppably overflowed from her eyes.


The moment that Basara gently wiped her tears with his finger, Hasegawa Chisato — Afureia could no longer hold her own feelings back. So — she entrusted her entire body to Basara in that moment. Both Hasegawa and Basara’s bodies were bathed in a dazzling golden glow.


“S-Sensei, what is this?”

“The beginning of a contract ceremony…between you and me.”

Hasegawa replied in response to the surprised Basara. It was different from the Master-Servant contract that Basara had tied with Mio and the others. It was a contract for Hasegawa as a goddess to lend her power to someone whom she deemed to be worthy. Still wearing her yukata, Hasegawa had returned to her original appearance as Afureia, a goddess with blonde hair and blue eyes.

“You will feel that all of your senses become elevated at once…right now, this entire building is in a barrier to become the place of our contract.”

And then

“Right now, I can still exercise my power as one of the Ten Gods for your sake — so”

“No, I know that…but, why?”

Basara seemed puzzled by the sudden change in the situation, but Hasegawa said

“Didn’t I tell you?”

She then continued

“Right now, I am someone who exists for your sake…if you think of me as someone precious to you, then I want to be of even more use to you. Even though the problem with the demons has settled down for now, it’s not a perfectly good or worry-free situation. In case you run out of trump cards when you go to the Demon Realm—”

After a pause

“—I want to give you a new trump card using this contract with me.”

She had said those words at such a close distance that Basara could feel her breath against his skin, and Basara unconsciously inhaled her breath. —Indeed, contracts were relatively popular among the members of the Hero Clan. They way that Kurumi borrowed the power of the spirits was a form of contracting with them, and Yuki had also been selected as the wielder of [Sakuya] through a contract. The Hero Clan itself was a group of human beings who had been granted power by the gods, and some of them had succeeded in contracting with gods in the past. However

“But, a contract with sensei is…”

Essentially, in order to forge a contract, it was necessary to face the subject of the contract for a long time in order to recognise them as a suitable entity for a contract — that was a contract ceremony. Of course, the length of time required to be recognised increased in proportion to the strength of the target. Among those who engaged in reckless contract ceremonies, it was even said that some spent their entire lives on it, and were still unable to complete it. Moreover, Hasegawa was a supreme being among the divine race — she was one of the Ten Gods. It was on a whole new level compared to all of the contracts that he had formed so far.

“Don’t worry…there is absolutely no way that a contract between you and me would fail.”

“Is that so…?”

When Basara asked that, Hasegawa said ‘yes’ as she nodded.

“I started this contract ceremony because I wanted to be of use to you…but the magnitude of the power that I can lend to you via the contract depends on how far you can mentally push me.”

“As one of the Ten Gods, you’ll be my opponent…”

It seemed unreasonable, and almost impossible. Basara’s expression distorted slightly, but his lips were suddenly sealed.

“Mmm…chuu, haa…Toujou…”

Basara froze up due to the sudden kiss, after which Hasegawa gently parted from him.

“You’ll be fine…although it’s a contract with me, it’s essentially the same as the Master-Servant contract rituals that you’ve performed with Naruse and the others. You don’t have to think so hard about it.”

She smiled gently as she continued

“—In any case, haven’t you already done things like this with me several times?”

“That’s…no, please wait.”

Basara was stunned.

“Then, when you said that you wanted to establish a secret relationship with me, is this what you anticipated, sensei…?”

“I thought that if you forgave me…but when I think of you, it also becomes painful as a woman. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have forgiven me, right?”

As she said that, a flirty smile emerged on Hasegawa’s face. Hasegawa had been waiting for this for a long time. Therefore


Toujou Basara felt as though the shackled emotions which he had desperately suppressed were released. —Hasegawa wasn’t the only one who had been patient so far. Of course, there were times when his reason left him and he lusted for her, but up until now, Basara had never tried to conquer Hasegawa like Mio and the others. The intent of his secret relationship with Hasegawa was not meant to hurt her. …But, while he thought of Hasegawa as someone precious to him, he had repeatedly wanted to make her belong to him at the same time. Even so, Hasegawa was an older woman, and Basara had been obedient and sweet to her up until now, believing that it was what she desired as well. However — things were different now. The Hasegawa before his eyes…Afureia of the Ten Gods strongly desired to be subjugated by Basara. If he responded to her feelings, and could also borrow an amount of power from her at the same time, Toujou Basara no longer had any reason to hold back. He would relentlessly force Hasegawa Chisato to submit to him.

“It seems like you’re in the mood now…so come over here.”

The colour in Basara’s eyes changed, and Hasegawa leaned over as she took his arm and invited him to the adjacent room which lay behind a set of sliding doors. And over there, a futon had already been laid out, most likely because she had asked the staff to — and the moment she stepped into the room…. The appearance of Hasegawa who had been leading him by hand reverted back to her original appearance as Afureia.


Hasegawa Chisato directed a gentle smile to Basara’s confused face.

“You don’t have to worry…once the contract ceremony begins, even if you subjugate me while I have this appearance, it won’t stop me from lending you my power.”

So, when Hasegawa lay down on the futon, she spread open the top of her yukata so that her chest lay bare. At the same time, Hasegawa undid the hook of her bra. Her large breasts had become stained the colour of cherry blossoms, and they bounced out as they became exposed before his eyes.


Hasegawa seemed happy that Basara gulped upon seeing her figure.

“Rather than my appearance as Afureia of the Ten Gods…it would be easier for you to subjugate me with my usual appearance, wouldn’t it?”

While her naked body was lewdly illuminated by the indirect lighting of the lantern which was placed on the floor, her seductive smile was incredibly provocative to him. Naturally, it was in order to make Basara’s desire to subjugate her even stronger. However

“That’s not the case…but I’m relieved.”

As Basara stood at the entrance of the room, his expression was gentle.

“Now that I know the truth, I was worried that you might quit being a teacher, and you’d interact with me as one of the Ten Gods from now on, sensei.”

“Why would you think that…?”

Relief and worry — when Hasegawa interrogated the meaning of Basara’s words that she hadn’t been able to understand, he said

“Because…well, it would mean that the relationship, trust and memories that I built up with you until now would become naught, sensei.”

However, as soon as Basara approached Hasegawa on the futon, he lowered his body and aligned his gaze with hers.

“If you continue being the way you’ve been up until now, sensei…then we can move on without having to give up on anything that we’ve built so far.”

Basara accepted Hasegawa’s lies and everything that she had from before. And as for what Hasegawa cherished the most, he also cherished that and didn’t want to lose it — he had said that there was no need to give it up. Those words were enough to send Hasegawa’s emotions into a spiral.

“Wha — sensei!?”

When Basara suddenly raised a puzzled voice, Hasegawa had already pushed him down on the futon, stripped off the yukata that he wore, and also dragged his pants down in order to insert his rod in her mouth. —She understood that she had to have Basara subjugate her. However, her strong feelings for Basara overflowed and she could no longer hold back. So only at the beginning — just this once, Hasegawa voluntarily performed fellatio on him so that she could convey that.

“Hmm, chuu…chuu, haa…Toujou, slurp…Toujou…chuuu ♥”

Being the first time that she had forgotten about herself, Hasegawa obsessively sucked on Basara’s rod, and that quickly caused it to become stiff and sturdy within her mouth. As she had already mentioned to Basara, their senses were dramatically elevated within the barrier, and that heightened pleasure applied not only to Hasegawa, but also to Basara. While moving her head up and down, she slowly sucked on his rod while making lewd sounds, and stroked his shaft with her left hand as well. In the blink of an eye, Basara was almost about to reach his limit — but.

—I want Toujou to feel even more.

Such feelings overflowed from her and she was unable to stop them, so Hasegawa moved her right hand underneath Basara’s butt. During the winter vacation, she had learned how to give Basara the utmost pleasure. And just this one time, she could unilaterally express her feelings for Basara — that was why Hasegawa Chisato performed that erotic technique. She gently inserted the middle finger of her right hand into his butt just as Basara leaked a groan, and she used her fingertip to stimulate his prostate by rubbing against it. In that instant—


With a silent exclamation, and a shudder that was brought on by the sudden bounce of his hips, Basara ejected a hot load right into Hasegawa’s mouth. He had shown such a reaction just from a light stimulation because all of his senses had been elevated within the barrier. However, the same could also be said for Hasegawa — Hasegawa experienced a sweet ecstasy as Basara’s cock rampaged and pumped a load into her mouth as it rubbed against her tongue and throat.


Hasegawa rapidly shuddered all the way from her buttocks to her back. As she swallowed his load, she began to drown in happiness. Womanly nectar began to overflow from Hasegawa’s secret place as she soaked her underwear so much that her juices then overflowed from the side and slid down the inner side of her thighs. The contract ceremony between Hasegawa and Basara — began with the climax of both of them.


After that fierce climax — when Basara opened his eyes, he found himself on top of a bed.

“This place is…”

Morning rays perforated into the familiar room while a naked Hasegawa lay beside him. Toujou Basara recognised that the place he was in was the bedroom of Hasegawa’s apartment.


He was certain that he was just in the bedroom of the inn. It seemed unbelievable that the contract ceremony ended just like that, after Hasegawa attacked him and he lost consciousness — as soon as that thought crossed his mind, Basara jolted up.

“Relax Toujou…our contract ceremony isn’t over yet.”

As Hasegawa cosily lay next to him, she opened her eyes and giggled.

“The room that we stayed in had capacity for six people, and it had two main purposes…in other words, it was too big for just the two of us. There were two bathrooms inside the barrier, so I made a duplicate of my apartment in the room after that door. However, because the space itself hasn’t moved from the inside of the inn, there’s no problem even if Naruse and the others check on your position with the Master-Servant contract.”

“Creating a duplicate space…why?”

Basara was unable to understand the situation that had been thrust before him.

“By forming a contract with me, you want to obtain as much power as is possible. As I have said already, you have to push me mentally…but, I was a bit careless and just caused you to lose consciousness. That’s why I lowered the flow of time within this barrier to one thousandth of its original speed. It’s already morning within this barrier, but in reality, not even a minute has passed since then.”

Hasegawa then showed him the screen of her mobile phone. As he looked at the LCD screen, the time displayed on it was still just nine in the evening of the night before.

“Since there is such a large difference in the flow of time here to that of the outside world, it’s almost as if time in this space has been stopped…but our perception of time remains unchanged, so we will still grow older within the barrier. When you get used to it and return to the outside world, it is possible that your mind and body may not be able to bear the load of acceleration, and in the worst case, there is a risk that your very existence may not be able to endure. In order to avoid such risks, it’s best to stay at the current speed.”

“I see…thank you.”

Basara pat his chest in relief that the contract ceremony with Hasegawa was still intact.

…In other words.

Basara instantly calculated how much time was left. The check-out time for the inn was noon tomorrow. At worst, if they declined breakfast and he gave Hasegawa the minimum amount of time to groom and prepare herself, it meant that they had until eleven in the morning, or about fourteen hours. Multiplying that by a thousand would make it roughly fourteen thousand hours — or about five hundred and eighty three days. As Basara silently carried out those calculations in his mind, Hasegawa seemed to misunderstand.

“Don’t worry. If you don’t want to spend that much time, we can return to normal speed at any time.”

“Ah, sorry…that’s not the case.”

It wasn’t that he disliked the notion of spending time alone with Hasegawa. In order to form a successful contract with one of the Ten Gods, it was something that was normally impossible within a lifetime, and could even be impossible with further generations. If so, five hundred and eighty three days was too short, and by factoring in the amount of time that Hasegawa spent watching over him — far from just five hundred and eighty three days, it was more than fifteen years. She had been waiting for an incredibly long time, and Basara wanted to respond to her feelings by forming a contract through which he could borrow more power from Hasegawa. However, there was a major problem in that.

“—What about meals and everything else?”

Because the space inside the barrier was a replica of actual space, there was still food in the kitchen of the inn, as well as in the refrigerator and cabinets of Hasegawa’s apartment, but there were limits to how much was there.

“That’s why I duplicated the space within my apartment…other than us and our mobile phones, I’ve made it so that everything else in the space is restored whenever we cross between the inn and the apartment.”

In essence, whenever they returned to the inn, the apartment would return to its original state, and if they moved from the inn back here, the space on that side would also be reset. In this way, they didn’t have to worry about food, washing, or cleaning. Everything could be solved just by travelling back and forth between the inn and the apartment. In other words, the inside of this barrier was designed to be a space where they could simply engage in their contract without having to worry about anything else.

“In a contract with you, there’d be no reason for me to make such an elementary mistake, right?”

Hasegawa smiled as she told him that everything was fine. There were no problems in the space within the barrier. It was also possible for them to return to their original flow of time at any time. It was such an elaborate setup that he couldn’t hope for any more — after coming this far, it was no longer possible for him to back down. Therefore

“I understand…then, let’s continue the contract ceremony as is.”

As Hasegawa approached his face, she smiled as she pressed her index finger against his lips.

“There’s no need to rush…let’s have breakfast first. Besides, while I’m a bit reluctant about it, don’t you think it’s necessary for you to make a phone call to Naruse and the others?”

“…Y-You’re right.”

Mio and the others had said that they wanted to hear his voice over the phone, and not just receive text messages from him. Hasegawa made a wry smile as she said

“I’ll return the speed of time here to the same as the outside just once. But, please do finish while I cook breakfast, okay? Even ten minutes multiplied by a thousand would be equivalent to a week.”

Hasegawa said as she kissed his cheek and then left the bedroom. Basara then used his mobile phone to make a call to the Toujou residence’s landline. The phone was picked up immediately—

[—Yes, Basara-sama.]

A woman answered the phone with a respectful tone. In addition to waiting for Basara’s phone call, they probably recognised his number on the LCD screen as soon as it was displayed. Realising that, Basara laughed as he said

“Zest, sorry for calling so late…how are things going over there?”

[Yes. Everyone has been waiting for word from you since a while ago, but we took turns bathing, and now Mio-sama and Maria are in the bath. I’ll pass you over to Yuki-san and Kurumi-san now…. —Hello, Basara?]

After a brief interval, Yuki’s voice was heard. She sounded a little uneasy.

“Yuki, sorry for worrying you…did anything happen while I’ve been away?”

[It’s okay. There haven’t been any problems.]

The tone of Yuki’s voice on the phone seemed to soften as she felt relieved upon hearing his voice. After continuing to talk with her for a while, the phone got passed over to Kurumi. Basara once again apologised for contacting them so late, and then let her know that he had safely arrived at his accommodation.

[Well, we were able to figure that out based on your mobile GPS signal and through Mio-sama and the others, but…it seems like you’re staying at a really expensive inn.]

“—Yeah, even I think it’s a little too extravagant…”

He couldn’t say that Hasegawa was the one who made the arrangements, so Basara made sure to be careful with his words.

[Well, that’s good once in a while, right? Even Maria bought a large bath…and especially you, since you’ve always been fighting, Basara.]

Kurumi gently said.

[How are things over there? That place is famous for its spiritual leylines, so the air must feel different there.]

“Yeah, that’s right—”

Basara nodded as he spoke to Kurumi about how he felt after coming here. —Then, Hasegawa returned to the bedroom after she finished preparing breakfast. Hasegawa wore a ‘naked apron’ as she carried a single plate with enough food for the two of them into the room. There were various items such as French toast, ham, eggs, salad, and so on. When she noticed that Basara was still on the phone—


She looked at him with disapproval. Panicking slightly, Basara checked the time on his mobile phone screen and realised that he had already been talking on the phone for more than fifteen minutes. Hasegawa walked up to him without saying anything, though it seemed clear that she was losing patience. She then placed the large dish with breakfast on it down on the night table that was at the side of the bed. As she gently crawled up onto the bed, Hasegawa began to slide her tongue down his side.


[Basara? What happened?]

“No…it’s nothing.”

As soon as Basara answered Kurumi, he sent a reproachful gaze down towards Hasegawa, but she simply revealed a mischievous smile in response. She slowly glided her tongue from his side to his stomach — and the proceeded further down.

“(W-Wait, sensei…?)”

“(It’s your penalty for taking so long on the phone…if you don’t be quiet, they’ll find out.)”

After she quickly whispered that to him, Hasegawa lightly kissed Basara’s shaft. She slid her tongue up and down it, slathered it with her saliva, and then used both of her hands to stroke it, causing his erection to become even stiffer. Since his senses were elevated within the barrier, he instantly jerked his hips even though he had suppressed his voice.

[Ah, wait a minute — Mio’s come out of the bath so I’ll pass it to her.]

After Kurumi said that

[—Hello, Basara?]

By the time that Mio had picked up the phone, Toujou Basara was already in the midst of receiving a full-on blowjob from Hasegawa.

“Mmm…chuu, haa…slurp…hmm, chuu…mmm…chuu ♥”

While moving her head up and down, she sucked on his rod with lewd noises. As Basara looked down, he placed one hand on top of Hasegawa’s head. Perhaps out of joy that she was making him feel that way, Hasegawa intensified the motions of her hand and mouth as she gave him a blowjob.


Despite his best efforts to endure, he was unable to stop himself from feeling the pleasure — Basara decided that it was impossible to hold back any longer, and so he blew his load right into Hasegawa’s mouth. Then

“Mmm ♥ mmm…mmm…chuu, haa…chuu…♥”

Hasegawa gulped as she swallowed all of Basara’s semen, and it seemed as though she found it delicious. And so, Hasegawa then licked up the cloudy white liquid that overflowed from Basara’s tip gently with her tongue.

[Basara…hello, can you hear me?]

“…Yeah, did you just get out of the bath?”

[Eh? Yes…but…]

Mio replied to his question with a hint of shyness.

[It’s a hot spring over there, right? It’s amazing isn’t it?]

“Yeah…it’s amazing, really…”

Basara subconsciously gulped as he nodded and replied. Hasegawa had started performing fellatio on him again, even though it was difficult for him to finish the phone call.

“Chuu…slurp, mmm…haa…chuu, chuu…haa…chuu ♥”

She continued to suck on his cock with her hot mouth, and she also entwined her tongue lewdly around his rod. This caused Basara to unconsciously jerk his waist.

[The hot springs sound nice…Basara, let’s go together with everyone next time.]

“Yeah, that’s right…together next time…!”

While he spoke to Mio, he released his load into Hasegawa’s mouth again.

“Hmm ♥ mmm…mmm…haa, hmm…chuu…mmm ♥”

Hasegawa received everything that he released in her mouth and she drank all of it while making a sweet moan.


After Basara promised to go to the hot springs together with everyone else next time, he said to give his regards to Maria who was still in the bath before hanging up. It was because he felt as though the succubus Maria would probably see through his act. Hasegawa then removed her lips from Basara’s cock and looked up at him.

“…The breakfast that I prepared is getting cold.”

“I’m sorry…but please stop being so reckless, sensei. What if Mio and the others find out?”

“Don’t worry. Right now, only my contract partner can hear my voice.”

Hasegawa said. The flow of time within the barrier slowed down again.

“As expected, you’re really nice to Naruse and the others…if I want to get the same special treatment, should I do this as well?”

As she said that, she held Basara’s right hand. And then


A familiar crest emerged on the back of Basara’s right hand. He blinked his eyes in doubt, and the crest quickly disappeared — instead, a collar appeared around Hasegawa’s neck, and she moaned sweetly ‘mmm… ♥’ as her hot breath tingled his skin.

“Sensei, don’t tell me…?”

“Yes…I analysed the energy of the Master-Servant contracts within you that you made with Naruse and the others. The spell that will be tied between us will have the same characteristics. With this, you won’t be able to leave me alone, right…?”

“You’re…being so reckless again…”

Basara seemed to put the blame on himself as he said that to her.

“It’s alright. Until we form a Master-Servant contract through the ceremony, I can be connected to you with two bonds…”

Hasegawa said so happily.

“Besides, this isn’t even reckless at all. Surely you don’t think that I would yield to a mere curse like this, right?”

That was certainly true. Even if Hasegawa, one of the Ten Gods, was subjected to the effect of an aphrodisiac, and the curse placed a burden on her both physically and mentally, there was no risk of danger to her life. However


Basara remained silent. The Master-Servant contract magic that had been used with Mio, Yuki and Zest was more than effective on them, and while it had put a burden on them, it had also become an important bond that had saved them time and time again since it increased their combat potential. Of course, Hasegawa had said that there was nothing to worry about. However, he didn’t find it amusing that she had thought so lightly of it. Therefore

“—I understand. After we have breakfast, there’s something that I’d like to try.”

After Basara declared so with a smile, the two of them began to eat the breakfast that Hasegawa had prepared. And after breakfast — Basara lead Hasegawa back to the space in the inn. Although the time inside the barrier was equivalent to morning, the darkness of the night had remained the same behind the sliding doors of the Japanese-style room. Hasegawa only wore a single pair of underwear so that they didn’t cross the final line, and she sat on the futon that had been restored to its original laid-out state. Basara took a small vial out of his luggage in the living room, and then drank the contents of it in front of Hasegawa.

“Fufu…is that what you said you wanted to try?”

“Yeah…so, let’s get started.”

Hasegawa still seemed somewhat calm as she smiled while Basara sat down in front of her and then pulled her into an embrace as he forcefully sealed her lips. He slipped both of his hands from the back of her waist down into her underwear. Since Hasegawa was in a state of aphrodisia due to the curse, the inside of her underwear was so hot that it seemed like she would melt. Basara then roughly caressed her butt

“Mmm…chuu, haa…chuu…mmfuu…aah…mmm ♥”

Hasegawa sweetly twisted her waist as she entwined her tongue with his, and she also used her hands to begin servicing his crotch. While Hasegawa’s hand made his shaft grow bigger, Basara removed only his right hand from her underwear and bent his index finger into an upright ‘V’ shape as he inserted it into the side of her crotch. And as he pulled his finger which had been swallowed up towards himself, lewd sounds were made. After making a gap in the side of her underwear, he said

“—I’m going to put it in.”

After briefly declaring so, Basara inserted his rigid shaft into Hasegawa’s underwear. Having Basara’s rod inserted into her underwear, Hasegawa’s sensitive region was rubbed by Basara’s shaft.


It had only been a slight movement, but she raised her voice and her buttocks trembled as she flung her arms around Basara’s neck and clung onto him. She was sitting face-to-face with Basara on top of his lap when his right hand dove into her underwear again front the backside of her waist. Once he had grabbed onto Hasegawa’s butt with both hands, he began to pound her up and down from below.

“Haaa, mmm…yaan, Toujou…aah…haaah ♥”

Hasegawa matched the movements of her waist to Basara’s movements. Her long black hair swayed chaotically due to the intense pleasure at her crotch that almost felt as though it was burning, most likely because she was in a state of aphrodisia. As a result of the pleasant sensations, the fact that Basara had ingested some kind of drug completely disappeared from Hasegawa’s mind — but

“Yaa — fuaaaan ♥ Wh…!?”

By stretching both of his arms around her back, Basara was able to gently fondle her breasts, and Hasegawa arched back and looked up at the ceiling due to the unexpected pleasure. Then


Basara was the one who was there. All of a sudden, something had happened and she no longer understood what was going on.

…Something like that, but….

When she looked in front of her, Basara was certainly the one who was there inserting his rod into her underwear while fondling her butt — however


She saw the smile that emerged on Basara’s face in front of her.

“It couldn’t be…the drug from earlier…yaa, aaaaaaaaahhh.”

Hasegawa wanted to say something, but her words were drowned out by her own cries of pleasure. From behind, a hard object pushed its way into her underwear, and it began to rub against Hasegawa’s opening. At the same time, both her front and rear openings were stimulated as they rubbed against him.

“Yaa, mmm…no…haaa…how, two of…haaaaaah ♥”

While in a state of aphrodisia, Hasegawa was pushed towards a climax, causing her womanly juices to pour out like a shower. At the same time, the two Basaras sandwiched her in between them and released their loads, filling Hasegawa’s underwear up with plenty of their hot and milky fluids. While resting her chin on the left shoulder of the Basara who was in front of her, she said

“Yaa…uh…mmm, haa…ah…Toujou…this…?”

While Hasegawa drowned in the lingering sensation of her fierce climax, she finally realised the truth. She was sandwiched in between two of Basara — and there were also four other Basaras who stood around her.

“It’s a souvenir that I received from a lady succubus in the Demon Realm. A drug for when Mio and the four others all need a partner at the same time…but, no one said that I couldn’t use it on a single person.”

While embracing the stunned Hasegawa, the Basara who was in front of whispered into her ear with a tone that made her feel powerless.

“Now let’s continue, sensei — our contract ceremony that is.”

As soon as he said that, the six bodies of Basara surrounded and towered over her.


At around midnight, the staff went to the room that Basara and Hasegawa were staying in so that they could start to clean up the dishes from dinner. It was only because Hasegawa had asked in advance for them to arrive so late in the night. —Hasegawa had wanted them to clean up quietly, and at a time that wouldn’t be a disturbance to them. There was a significant amount of food in the various different dishes, yet both Basara and Hasegawa had somehow managed to completely finish all of it off, leaving the plates bare. In relief, the staff members immediately returned to tell the chef about it.

“—But, they’re incredible guests, aren’t they?”

Someone murmured. They couldn’t believe it when they received a notice from their headquarters a few days ago which stated that the entire place had been reserved for both today and tomorrow. Since it was a well-known luxury inn, celebrities from various different fields had stayed here before, but it was the first time that a customer had reserved the entire place. In addition, since the inn accepted reservations well in advance of the date of stay, it would’ve been natural if their reservations for the weekend already filled up. They also had some regular VIPs and others. Although the inn was reluctant to accept the inconvenient decision that was handed to them from their headquarters, headquarters had already settled on the fact with the guests in order to reassure them. Since there weren’t any direct disputes against them, there probably weren’t any major issues. They didn’t know how much the woman named Hasegawa had paid, but it was certainly enough for all of the staff members to receive a large bonus. In order to avert disapproval from their regular customers, money had probably been spent to soothe them as well — it simply meant that she had enough money to do so. The proprietress had also given them a strict order to provide perfect service. That’s why they were as quiet as possible… the staff had made arrangements to tidy up the dishes and divide their labour while also trying not to approach the futon that they had laid out in the room next door, as well as the bathrooms or bedrooms. After putting all of the empty dishes in the room into a cart that they had stopped in front of the room, they quietly shut the door and left the room. After the staff left the employee’s office, quietly cleaned up Hasegawa’s room, and returned to the kitchen to drop off the dishware, it was almost twelve-thirty. —At that time, over four months had passed within the barrier.

However — the contract ceremony was still ongoing. In a corner of the men’s public bath that was filled with rising white steam, a single young woman stood in the midst of a group of boys who all shared the same appearance.

“Aah, mmm…chuu…haa ♥ chuu, fuu…haa…fuaan ♥”

The woman straddled the waist of a boy who fondled her breasts from behind, and she let out sweet moans as she turned to kiss him over her shoulder. Every time she lewdly twerked her white butt up and down, lewd wet noises were emitted from her crotch. The boy behind her had inserted his own hardened rod into her underwear, and he was stimulated by each and every movement of the woman’s hips.

“Mmm…haa, mmm…chuu…mmfu, aah…chuu…haaa ♥”

While the woman kissed the boy and drowned herself in pleasure, she extended both of her hands out at the same time towards the boys who stood on her left and right. She stroked their cocks with both her left and right hand. As she used the tips of her index fingers and thumbs to stimulate their shafts with lewd noises, they gradually began to swell up. So, the woman accelerated the movements and obscenity of her hand motions even further.


The boys on both her left and right ejaculated at almost the same time, and the woman in the middle was sprayed with a cloudy white liquid which covered her skin all the way from her chest down to her navel. As she felt the warmth of his semen on her skin, she felt comfortable.

“Aah ♥ mmm, aah…haaah ♥”

The woman quivered sweetly with an expression of pure ecstasy, and the boy behind her who had been thrusting from below said

“H-Hasegawa-sensei…me too, I’m almost…!”

He yelled out with a loud voice — so

“Mmm…aah, Toujou…again, come as much as you want…”

Hasegawa responded as if she was pleading him to do so, and she slid both of her hands away from the Basaras who stood to her left and right, inserting them into her underwear instead. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft of the Basara who was behind her with both hands and began to stroke it intensely. Every time she stroked Basara’s rod up and down with both of her hands, the tips of her thumbs rubbed against her own sensitive womanly regions. At the same time, the Basara who was behind her unleashed a powerful ejaculation of semen that spurted up like a fountain.

“——Aaaaahh ♥”

Hasegawa’s sensuality also surged at once, and she secreted love juices from her womanly opening. Then, the Basara who was behind Hasegawa gently embraced her while fondling her breasts.

“Sensei…I think it’s almost time for us to move on to the next stage of training.”

“Ah…aah…mmm, I understand…Toujou…as you wish…haah…chuu ♥”

While immersed in the sweet lingering sensations of a climax, Hasegawa entwined her tongue with the Basara who was behind her as they pressed their lips together. —Basara had taken a drug that produced copies of himself. He could produce five bodies at the most — in other words, it was for Mio, Yuki, Maria, Kurumi, and Zest. Although it was possible for them to have Basara’s true body plus four of his copies, it meant that one of their partners would end up being the real Basara, so he had taken into consideration the possibility that the other four would feel jealous. The copies created were just like Basara himself — however, it was meaningless to use the drug in battle. Although there did exist various abilities to split oneself, the drug was an adult good produced by a succubus to begin with, so there were certainly restrictions in the powers of the copies, and as such these copies didn’t have any fighting power. —However, they were more than enough to provide sexual pleasure.

They had been going strong for around eight hours now, and thanks to the characteristics of the barrier that Hasegawa had created, every time they crossed the between the space of her apartment and the inn, the vial that Basara had taken from his luggage to use was restored to its original state. However, since there was only one of Hasegawa, there was a limit to how many partners she could handle at the same time. Therefore, after a few different trials, Basara judged that it was best to use his real body along with two copies to make a total of three of himself. Even so, in order to force Hasegawa into submission more easily, he could make five copies of himself to completely encircle her — and so, Basara used six of his bodies to single-mindedly make Hasegawa surrender through climaxing.

The place chosen was the men’s public bath. Since the environment would be reset every time they crossed between her apartment and the inn within the barrier, there was no need for cleaning or laundry, though that wasn’t necessarily the case for their bodies. In that regard, since there was a large amount of hot water in the public bath, they could conveniently wash off their sweat, and if they used the outdoor bath, it was also possible for them to cool down there.  When she was brought into the male bath with six of Basara again and made to surrender, Hasegawa’s senses deepened, revealing various things within herself that she had been unaware of. After continuing to carry out various erotic acts for more than four months, Basara had finally said that he would take Hasegawa to the next stage of training today.

And — the next day, Hasegawa was once again trained to advance her sexual service to Basara. Hasegawa entwined her body with Basara’s bodies from morning till night, and she learnt how to serve him in all kinds of ways that ranged from fellatio to titty-fucking, and handjobs to thigh-fucking. She learnt everything from scratch. Hasegawa gradually began to understand how profound it was — every time Basara lead her to an even higher climax, she felt as though she had grown as a woman who could make Basara feel good, and she steadily began to awaken to the true pleasure of sexual service. In doing so, Hasegawa had steadily grown in her abilities to sexually service him, and Basara once again used several copies of his body to subjugate her — however, since Hasegawa’s technique had improved, she was now able to take on four of his bodies as partners. So, Basara used his remaining two copies to suck on Hasegawa’s breasts — and at last, Hasegawa could be trained by all six of Basara’s bodies. Every day that she continued to please Basara’s bodies, she felt truly happy — and by that time, she noticed that the seasons outside the window had already changed from autumn to summer.


—From that point onwards, the lustful days that Basara and Hasegawa shared together continued without end. Although she could be overwhelmed and made to yield by six of his bodies, since Basara only had one genuine body, there was no meaning unless she could be made to submit under normal circumstances. Therefore, Basara stopped using the drug from that point on, and he began to train her with just his real body. By that point, every part of Hasegawa, from her breasts and buttocks to her lips and tongue had transformed into something obscene that had the sole purpose of making Basara climax faster.

“Mmm…chuu, haah…Toujou…chuu ♥ chuu…chuu, mmfu…mmm, chuu…aah…chuu…chuu, hmm…slurp…chuu ♥”

Even if she was simply praised for her service and her cheeks or hair was stroked, she raised her voice. Every time she saw Basara climax, she felt such pleasure that she trembled. While she lavishly performed the techniques which she had used on six bodies on a single man, she wholeheartedly expressed her love for him. Hasegawa had completely become a captive of sexual subservience to Basara. And then…

…I can’t believe I’ve really been dominated and controlled by Toujou to this point….

Within the barrier, snow piled up outside the window of the inn on a certain evening — she had completed her training for the day, and so Hasegawa rested her head on his arm while they lay upon the bed of a western-style room. She gazed at the side of the boy’s face as he lay next to her.

“…Sensei, you can’t sleep?”

Basara suddenly noticed her gaze on him, and he seemed concerned as he asked Hasegawa that.

“Yes…that’s why I was watching you.”

A smile emerged on Hasegawa’s face. It had almost been a year since they began to spend time alone in the barrier…Basara’s face had become somewhat more assertive, his body had matured, and his both his hair and height had grown as well.

“—Would you like me to help you fall asleep?”

He said as a smile floated onto his face, and that alone made Hasegawa’s body begin to heat up.

“Yes…please do, Toujou.”

Hasegawa pleaded to him with moistened eyes, and she leaned on his lap and embraced him as he sat up so that they could be face-to-face with each other. Hasegawa took off her negligee, leaving only her underwear on and she pressed her lips towards Basara with heat-filled eyes.

“Chuu…haah, mmm…aah…Toujou… ♥”

She began to wrap her tongue around his and kiss him lewdly. And then, while Basara responded with his tongue as well, he also began to softly fondle her breasts. He wasn’t as intense as he normally was during their training sessions, and that was because he intended to bring a sweet sensation of joy to Hasegawa. —Even though he had given her unilateral training, he still hadn’t completely conquered Hasegawa yet. However, aside from the time that they spent eating and resting, Basara had spent every other moment on making her yield to him, though Basara occasionally spoiled Hasegawa as well…that was why Hasegawa appreciated the love that Basara poured into her, and she felt immense pleasure at being trained by him — she was completely infatuated. At the beginning, Basara should have captured her and delayed the flow of time inside the barrier as much as possible in order to obtain as much power as possible — their positions had quickly become reversed, and now Basara had completely become Hasegawa’s captive as well. Although she could already lend a considerable amount of power to Basara by completing the contract ceremony, Basara’s training for Hasegawa wasn’t over yet.

…Maybe it’s because of this.

Even though it would soon be a whole year — the collar of the Master-Servant contract still remained around Hasegawa’s neck. That said, it was something which would not completely disappear until the servant was in complete submission to the master. No matter how much pleasure he drowned her in, and no matter what Basara did to her — Basara never gave up and continued to train her unworriedly even though it was potentially impossible for him to make Hasegawa completely submit to him since she was one of the Ten Gods.

“Mmm…aah, haaaah ♥”

As they parted lips from each other in order to breathe, Basara gently sucked on her nipples, causing Hasegawa to cry out sweetly. While she looked at Basara’s face as she held onto him with both hands, she was reminded of the cute baby who drank Raphaeline’s breast milk. His body had grown so much that he was even larger than Hasegawa now, and he continued to suck on her nipples lewdly.

…With Toujou, I also….

The moment that vague thought entered her mind — something within her chest pulsed as it became hot. And then


Amidst her surprise, Basara released his mouth from her breast, and swallowed something from it.


From the tip of her left nipple which had been sucked by Basara, she saw a white liquid lewdly stream down — the moment she understood what that meant…

“T-That can’t be…that’s…”

Hasegawa Chisato turned red as she panicked. It wasn’t as though she was pregnant — to begin with, if she was pregnant with Basara’s child, she would’ve been genuinely happy rather than flustered. Hasegawa was in her Ten Gods form when she activated the contract ceremony, and that meant Hasegawa could exercise that power for Basara. Because Hasegawa had been subjected to Basara’s training for almost a year, the mere thought of him drinking her breast milk had changed the constitution of her body even though she was not actually pregnant. Due to the unexpected shift in the situation, Hasegawa shyly hugged her chest with her arms.

“—Move your arms away, Afureia.”

A command was issued to Hasegawa in a low voice. Hasegawa’s body immediately jolted and she trembled as she looked into his cold eyes. Basara had been so gentle to her just earlier, but his eyes had become cold now, something she hadn’t experienced so far during her training.


Basara had continued to call her ‘sensei’ up until this point, but he now called her ‘Afureia’ — as she understood the meaning of that, Hasegawa involuntarily gulped. He had seen her break into embarrassment after she began to produce breast milk, and perhaps that was why he decided to make Hasegawa completely subservient to him right now. Hasegawa had the same premonition. It was useless for her to try and run away from Basara’s subjugation right now.



Hasegawa then realised that Basara’s cock was standing erect at a size that she had never seen before — she realised that resistance was useless when she saw it. After undergoing training for nearly an entire year, the pulses that Hasegawa felt within her had an absolute meaning.


So, Hasegawa slowly lowered her arms which were hiding her chest, and she followed Basara’s instructions.

“…I’ll relieve you now.”

Basara said so quietly with dark eyes, and then gently pressed his lips against her breast — right after that…


Hasegawa had her left nipple sucked on lewdly and she reached an intense climax as Basara drank her breast milk. At the same time, breast milk also began to trickle out of Hasegawa’s right nipple, and womanly juices also oozed out from her crotch.

“Kya…aah…hyaaah ♥”

As she drowned in the intense pleasure, Hasegawa began to find it difficult to breathe, and her body continuously quivered in sweet ecstasy. The face of one of the proud Ten Gods was no longer there, and all that remained was the indecent face of a euphoric woman who had just accepted herself and become a prisoner to the pleasure that Basara could give her. That was the moment Hasegawa Chisato — Afureia of the Ten Gods completely fell. Basara had once again taught her the joy of indulging in pleasure, and she instantly became aroused — by the time Hasegawa realised, she was in the outdoor bath of their room, and Basara was sucking breast milk from her nipples. Out of all the sexual techniques that she had experienced thus far, there wasn’t any other that made her feel more helpless and frightened than the having breast milk sucked from her nipples.

“Haaah, Toujou…a-amazing…aah…more, mmm…fuaa…haaaah ♥”

Every time Basara sucked on her nipple, breast milk also gushed out of Hasegawa’s other nipple and spilled into the hot bathwater. Hasegawa’s breast milk lewdly streamed out like a fountain, and the hot water in the bath which originally should have been transparent was dyed milky-white in the blink of an eye. When Hasegawa thought about how her breast milk wasn’t just feeding Basara’s mouth, but also penetrating his entire body through his skin, she became even more aroused than the time when she was in the male bath with Basara’s six bodies. As Hasegawa recalled that, she completely drowned in the pleasure and succumbed to Basara.

Hasegawa’s erotic figure eventually caused Basara’s reason to be cast aside as intense arousal overtook his mind. Basara pulled down Hasegawa’s underwear which had become completely wet from her own love juices and breast milk in the bathtub — no, having discarded his rationality, Basara wildly tore her underwear off.

“——Aah ♥”

But even so, Hasegawa was immersed in pure pleasure right now, and Basara pressed her against the side of the bathtub as he placed both hands on her shoulders. And then…


While breathing roughly due to his arousal, he appealed to Hasegawa. What Basara sought from Hasegawa was obvious. In order to protect the promise that they wouldn’t cross the final line with each other, Basara hadn’t taken her underwear off even during their training sessions — but, Basara had now broken that rule. Therefore


Hasegawa trembled with joy. If they crossed that final line, they wouldn’t just be breaking their promise — that would also hurt Mio and the others. Basara valued those girls more than anything else. Nonetheless, the current Basara gave priority to his desire for Hasegawa over his feelings for Mio and the other girls — for the first time, Basara wavered with his feelings of immorality and his sense of virtue.

“…Come on, over here Basara…”

Hasegawa smiled seductively as she slowly spread open her own opening with both of her hands to expose it to Basara in the open-air bath that allowed him to see well despite the lack of electrical lighting.

It was — like an indecent physical health education lesson by a school nurse who was just too beautiful. Hasegawa’s erogenous secret place which had love juices spilling out of it was illuminated by the moonlight, and the sublime manner in which her fluids glistened seemed incredibly salacious.


As Basara gazed at its appearance, he swallowed his own saliva. As Hasegawa opened her slit up for him…a strand of her womanly honey drooled out like a thread. Its colour was a lewd shade of pink. Hasegawa still had an annular membrane just behind the entrance which served as proof that it had remained untouched by a man, and it was almost as though it looked forward to being penetrated by Basara’s cock. Hasegawa didn’t say anything else. She simply raised her hips up a bit more as if to show it off.


She let out a seductive giggle. In that instant—


That only caused Toujou Basara’s rationality to completely crumble — with his erection standing up to its limit, Basara pushed himself towards Hasegawa’s entrance. Hasegawa’s entrance had been ready to welcome him, and it made a sweet and pleasant sound in the process…as Basara thrust his hips forward, the tip of his cock began to push Hasegawa’s entrance open, and his own rod began to become enveloped by it. And at last, Basara’s tip touched Hasegawa’s annular membrane — and at that moment…

“—Mmmaaaahh ♥”

Hasegawa’s body quivered as she let out a sweet moan, and her body arched as her womanly shower gushed out. The reason why Basara did not penetrate deeply into Hasegawa was the result of the timing with which she raised her hips, and that was nothing short of a miracle. Hasegawa experienced a sensational climax unlike anything that she had ever felt before.

“Haa…ah…T-Toujou…haa, mmm…aaah…♥”

Hasegawa was in a daze, and she panted as her consciousness almost seemed to melt into a completely different dimension of pleasure. —For Naruse Mio, it was her breasts. For Nonaka Yuki, it was her butt. For Zest, it was her ears. The first time he made each of those girls surrender, Basara relieved their curse marks by attacking their weak points to initiate a Master-Servant relationship with them. However, despite training her for nearly an entire year, Basara had been unable to find Hasegawa’s weakness. Nonetheless, since Basara still gave her plenty of pleasure, Hasegawa wasn’t really concerned about it. But now, the hidden truth had finally been revealed.

…So, this is my weak point….

Although she found it acutely difficult to believe, the reverberations of the climax which enveloped Hasegawa told her that it was the truth.


Eventually, Hasegawa slowly lifted her body, and moved herself closer to Basara — she spread her legs apart and pressed her butt towards him. Her secret womanly place was absolutely dripping with hot and viscous juices.


And then, Basara slowly extended his hands towards her.

“Mmm, I don’t want your fingers…Toujou.”

Hasegawa sweetly begged him, and she led his right hand towards her own crotch.  —Just from that, he understood what he had to do. Basara took hold of his manhood with his own right hand — and Hasegawa began to lewdly push herself against his crotch. Basara held onto her perfect body from behind, and then extended his hands forward as he began to fondle Hasegawa’s breasts.


Hasegawa suddenly let out a sweet moan as breast milk oozed out of both of her breasts, but she continued to stroke Basara’s cock even faster nonetheless. As a result of the intensifying pleasure that Basara felt, his manhood gradually swelled up, growing in both size and hardness.


The moment Basara cried out with a frantic voice — Chisato Hasegawa led Basara’s cock towards her own entrance, and thrust it into herself. —She made Basara ejaculate directly into her hymen.


Toujou Basara saw a dream. In that dream, he watched himself perform various erotic deeds with Hasegawa every single day. Even in his dream, Hasegawa was incredibly beautiful, and he had thoroughly trained her. And, while Hasegawa was in the midst of lewdly performed fellatio on him


Basara suddenly woke up and found himself in the Japanese-style room of an inn where a futon had been laid out. Then

“Haa…chuu, mmm…chuu…chuu…fufu, so you’re awake now, Toujou…♥”

A nude Hasegawa said so with a seductive smile while she sandwiched his cock in between the valley of her breasts. Therefore

“…Good morning, sensei.”

As Basara said that, he stroked Hasegawa’s head and then picked up his mobile phone which was nearby to check the current time. It was almost eight o’clock in the morning.

“Sensei, how long have I been asleep since you deactivated the barrier after the end of the contract ceremony?”

He asked in order to check that the year which he spent within the barrier with Hasegawa was real.

“Mmm…chuu…haa…mmm, probably less than two hours…mmm ♥”

“So — have you been doing this the entire time, sensei?”

“Fufu…yes, when I saw your sleeping face, I couldn’t help myself.”

While she switched to completely serve him with her breasts, Hasegawa acknowledged the extent of her own lust. Her eyes were completely obsessed with pure lust…it was no longer possible for her to make any excuses. —After sharing a long contract ceremony, they had been tied together with a new bond. Toujou Basara had completely turned Hasegawa Chisato into his own sex slave. She was no longer a god, and that was an undeniable fact.

“It’s okay…I already belong to you. This was what I wanted, and you responded to my desires. You haven’t broken your promises with anyone. So we can think about our future later…for now, indulge me just a bit more.”

Didn’t he promise?

“Until you return to Naruse and the others — during this trip, you belong only to me.”

Hasegawa said so as she smiled, and she used not only her breasts, but also her tongue and her hands to provide him with sexual service — that was why Basara indulged Hasegawa.

…She already belongs to me, huh….

Having said that, Hasegawa continued to serve Basara with immense joy. Their new relationship — although it was certainly what Hasegawa wanted, Basara was the one who chose to respond. —He could no longer turn back. He had made Hasegawa Chisato his own — the blessing of Afureia of the Ten Gods was his new trump card. That was the choice that he had made in order to protect his everyday life.

Afterwards — when the staff came to prepare breakfast, they didn’t say anything even though they noticed the clear change in their appearance, as well as the changed atmosphere about the two of them. They simply told them to spend their time freely until check-out…to indulge on those words, Basara confirmed his newly formed bond with Hasegawa in the large public bath. Afterwards, the proprietress and all of the staff members sent them off as they got into a taxi which had been called for them. Hasegawa then enjoyed seeing the world heritage temple that she had been unable to see yesterday. In the evening, they purchased tickets and boarded a train back to Tokyo. And until they arrived back home — he kept the promise that he had made to Hasegawa.

(All 11 of 11 parts) (8/10)

[1] Manju: A type of Japanese sweet which consists of an outer bun made from a mixture of flour, while the inner filling is usually some form of bean paste.
[2] Torii: Traditional Japanese gate used at places of worship to symbolise the transition into a sacred place.
[3] Warring States period: Period from the fifteenth to seventeenth century in Japan marked by social upheaval, political intrigue and near-constant military conflict.
[4] Designed with ‘invisible forces and energy’ in mind which play a role in the luck and auspiciousness.
[5] Hyoushigi: A Japanese musical instrument made from wood or bamboo and connected by rope. When struck together or against a surface, they produce a clapping kind of sound.
[6] Hakama are traditional Japanese trousers, while a shiromuku is a traditional all-white bridal gown.
[7] A traditional unit of measurement. 3000-tsubo is approximately equivalent to a hectare or 106,750 square feet.
[8] Kaiseki: A traditional multi-course Japanese dinner which is considered to be the most luxurious and also a form of culinary expression.

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