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Life.1 A [King] From Now On

Part 1

It was now the end of Spring—.

While the games of the tournament continued in full swing, our work as Devils also began, and our new school life as third year students was also progressing steadily. Standing upon the podium was the homeroom teacher of the third year’s B class — Rossweisse-san.

“In summary, the ball tournament is imminent. We cannot lose this inter-class competition!”

In an energetic manner, Rossweisse-san had become our class’ homeroom teacher. In the same class as me, Matsuda and Motohama also grinned as they watched Rossweisse-san.

“Rossweisse-chan, you’re so fired up.”

“Well, it’s her first time taking on the role of a homeroom teacher, so of course she doesn’t want to lose.”

Matsuda and Motohama were having a discussion beside me. I was also in the third year’s B class now. Upon advancing to the third year, my classmates changed again as well. But even so, there weren’t any major changes. In addition to Matsuda and Motohama who have always been my classmates, familiar people such as Asia, Xenovia, Irina, and Kiryuu were also present. Aside from our new homeroom teacher, Rossweisse-san, Kiba had also become my classmate. This arrangement was made in consideration of Devil-related events or [DxD]-related events, so that we would be able to assemble together immediately. All of the third-year students related to the Gremory household had been gathered in one class. Similarly, the C class included Saji, as well as all of the third-year students of the Sitri household. In any case, I really hope that we’ll be able to have peace and quiet until we graduate! I turned around to speak to Kiba who was sitting behind me.

“Regardless of whether it’s the inter-class competition or club activities, we can’t lose either, especially as the new Occult Research Club.”

“Indeed. If we lose this year, we won’t be able to live up to the expectations of the graduates.”

Kiba replied enthusiastically. His style of speech was very becoming of a vice-president, but in response to his words, I burst out in laughter.

“W-What is it?”

Seeing me laugh, Kiba looked puzzled.

“Hehe, I was just thinking about the ball game tournament last year.”

Due to the Holy Sword Incident, Kiba had become quite distraught. Back then, his mind was completely preoccupied during the ball tournament. When Kiba remembered how he acted at that time, his face suddenly became red.

“…Don’t mention it, Ise-kun.”

At a nearby table, Xenovia apologetically said

“I’m sorry. I’ll have to participate as a member of the Student Council team.”

Although Xenovia was a member of the Occult Research Club, she was also the current Student Council President. Since that was the case, it was understandable. It would not be justifiable if she did not participate in the ball game tournament as a member of the Student Council. Irina did a thumbs-up in front of Xenovia while she said

“No problem at all! I’ll just defeat Xenovia and the others!”

After a brief pause of silence, Xenovia responded to Irina’s challenge.

“Well, then Irina is the only one that we have to defeat thoroughly.”

“What did you say!?”

Ah, sparks flew out as the two of them bashed their heads against each other. It was also a year ago when I had met them. I never would have imagined that they would become my classmates after a year, let alone one of them becoming the Student Council President. When we first met, we had been enemies with each other…. Life is truly unpredictable huh.

“Well, if we’re going up against each other, then let’s decide the winner fair and square.”

I said as I watched Xenovia and Irina.

“…That’s right, we won’t lose.”

Asia quietly chimed in. Somehow, it felt as though she was a forceful person. Like someone who would charge into a dead end, as both her voice and expression became rather stiff…. Kiryuu rubbed Asia’s cheek, and asked with worry

“Asia, you’re acting a little strange right now, is everything okay?”

“L-Leth’s go! W-We won’t be deheated [1]!

Wait…. Isn’t that rather strange? Speaking of which, she seems to have a rather pensive expression both at home and at school lately. She’s always the last person to leave our clubroom after activities as well….

“…That’s right, because I’m Buchou.”

—Just like that, Asia seemed to whisper to herself.


Xenovia and Irina who were originally locked in an argument now also looked at Asia with worry.

“Listen up. We can do this, B class! Let’s aim for victory!”


The lone sound of Rossweisse-san’s enthralled voice was accompanied by the voices of a group of unmotivated students as they echoed throughout the classroom—.

(Part 1 of 4) (20/6)

[1] Asia seems to stutter and mispronounce a few words.

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